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Who pooped on the floor? Who, who?

August 11th 2012 7:19 am
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Well it wasn't mama or papa, MOL!!! The pawrents came home from breakfast and mama said they were trying to see if I know their car and come running or if I just come running when I hear the garage close. Well luckily (she said) she was watching out for me so when she opened the door she saw it. A clump of turds right in front of the door. She couldn't even open the door all the way, MOL.

Well not only did I do it, I sat there with my ears pinned back to show them why I did it and that I was NOT happy with the current living situation. You see, papa cleaned out my litterbox but he left the garbage bag by the door for 2 days. So gross! So I had to send him a message to let him know this was not acceptable.

But it sure did work cause the bag went right out, MOL. Do I run this house or what? That's the way it should be in every fur's home.

Happy pooping,




August 9th 2012 6:28 pm
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Wow that diary chick must be bored and I'm super excited cause this is my second DDP of the week!!! I'm getting a bit tired of pawrtying but that doesn't mean I'll stop. A huge thanks to Smiley Cassanova and Angel Buddie's gang for helping me party again this week.

Know what else I did to celebrate? I hid the remote on papa. He spent over an hour looking for it and it was under my udder ooze the whole time. MOL, isn't that clever??




August 7th 2012 4:55 pm
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OMC I'm DDP today! Thank mew to Smiley and Angel Buddy and furrmily for celebrating with me today! Papa even came "home sick" and has been snuggling with me which is furry exciting of course.

No mousies to report, sometimes I hear it and then I sit and "point" to let the pawrents know where it is. But it hasn't been spending much time here. It has learned how to take the peanut butter off the traps though and then escape, MOL. I helped the mousie learn that so I have a play toy to play with during the day.

Speaking of critters the Papa brought home a lobstah the other day and wanted to know if I wanted to play with it. I wasn't impressed cause it wasn't as much fun as the mousie but I was nice to it. I got a small piece of it but it wasn't very good cause I likes the raw fishies better. So mama handfed me lobstah until I ate it, yuck! But I was polite and eventually ate it all just to make her happy.



I'm Officially a Mouser!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 30th 2012 5:16 pm
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This is one of the happiest days of my life! Ironically it started out by meowmy not feeding me right away. She said, "Sparky, you can not train me to feed you right away. I'm going to wait awhile."

Well, that's when the fun started believe it or not. I saw/heard it out of the corner of my eye while waiting with meowmy. And I took off like a bat out of someWHERE after it and sat by the shoe closet door.

Meowmy knew something was up because I never do this and I never sit in front of doors unless I'm pointing out that a mouse is in the house!

Mama called Papa down and he opened the closet door. Papa and I are a furry good team. He let the mouse out and I caught it - slap!! I caught it in my mouth, put it down and batted it around for fun. It even jumped up and down trying to get away from me, MOL.

While all this was going on, my useless humans were yelling what to do. Mama said "open the back door and get them outta here!!" with panic in her voice (MOL). Papa said "no way, then Sparky'll get out and we won't get him back."

I can't believe she said this next part, mama said "I don't care, just get the mouse outta here!! We'll get Sparky back!!!!!"

(I should also mention that mama was yelling this while on the kitchen counter - feet and all. She's a pretty useless mouser as Papa and I found out. If this was the Olympics she wouldn't have made it out of the driveway.)

Well they went to get a box and I got a little bored so I let the mouse go. I know where it went but the pawrents... don't know... where it is... Isn't mousing a fun game??? MOL

Anyway, I'm furry proud of myself and went back to fake hunting the back door for birdies. But it sure was fun real hunting for a change!



Growing back

July 29th 2012 10:37 am
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Well, my fur is growing back, thanks so much fur all your notes of support about humans being kinda stuuupid. I'm not totally bald and thanks to Newman's ice cream cone, I was able to lick that without my fur coming out, MOL.

My buddy Tate's furrmily is away on vacation and he had a killer pawrty. And boy was I glad thongs were optional, as they hurt my butt. My fursuit is much more comfortable, bald spot and all, MOL.

Besides that the humans have been away a lot and when they're home they've been watching a lot of sports lately for some reason. I watch basketball with them cause I like seeing where the ball goes all over the screen.

OH, I almost furgot! Meowmy caught me twice this week looking at the kitchen cabinets which I never do. I just sat there and she caught me mousing in the kitchen! It's kinda fun cause I hear things and I wait for them to come out. Meowmy got little traps but said I'm not allowed to go near them. She even got one made specially for kitties to not get into. In the meantime I'll keep mousing around in case they ever come out of the woodwork so I can catch 'em!



I wear short shorts????

July 27th 2012 4:11 pm
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So a few weeks ago meowmy had stinky stuff on her legs in the morning. Well as I usually do I marked her quick when she wasn't looking. She noticed but I didn't mark her really hard so it didn't really matter.

Well a half hour later papa found this gunk on me and yelled, "go get a wet paper towel. Hurry up, before he licks it!!!"

Well I didn't know what was going on but all of a sudden my fur was being washed and whatnot. It got sudsy and mama started just rubbing my fur with a dry paper towel.

I didn't understand the hubub, but mama said the gunk takes off fur for people who want to wear short shorts and stuff!!! So my fur started coming out a little bit and it still feels rough - what did mama do to me?????

Plus I told her, I don't want to wear short shorts of any kind. That's why I have fur (duh!), so get this junk off me!!!

I still have my rough fur patch but I'm hoping it will grow back and be nice and smooth again soon. Humans, geez...



Wet People!

July 9th 2012 4:44 pm
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MOL, my sprinkler security system rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today I was hanging around and papa was home (annoying), and I heard the sprinkler go off. Pffffffffft, spritttttttttttttttttz...

Then I saw a guy running away - he's the landscaper guy who takes care of my condo. cage outside and he got wet - MOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank mew to Tate for my beachie ball and Tyson for my luckly ladybug - looks like she works - thanks!



Thank mew, *bowing*, thank mew

July 5th 2012 6:43 pm
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Thank mew furry much for my DDP honor - how exciting!! To celebrate I've been sleeping, playing with my beach ball from Tate the cuppycake king, singing my poem/song from Angel Buddie and crew which I loooooove, and a furry nice note from Smiley Cassanova. What a great day!



Security System Update

July 3rd 2012 7:08 pm
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Wow, I love all the 4th of July photos everyfur has been putting up! Very festive and Happy 4th of July everyone!!! Hope your howliday is a great one.

So, my security system has been working grrreat. Things move out there and they get sprayed. But not me - it's purrrrfect!

Mama says she hasn't seen a kitty since she hooked it up but I've seen them across the street. But the big difference is I got to relax with the screen door open alllllll night last night with the pawrents and no scary furrs came up to the door! Isn't that pawsome? I was so relaxed that I just chilled all night till it was time to go to bed.

Mama said even down the street she saw another cat she's never seen and that everyfur should be neutered cause we kitties are everywhere and then we all need homes.

Anyway, enough about mama and her boring views she talks about, have a great holiday!



My security system

June 29th 2012 5:41 pm
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A huge thank mew to Angel Ollie and Finnegan for my pretty prezzies!

So my life has been stressful (for me) lately with all the strays in the backyard. The pawrents got so fed up they got me a Scarecrow motion sensor sprinkler/sprayer in the backyard to spray any critters moving.

It's gone off a few times so far, but mostly on mama and papa when they were setting it up, MOL. Papa said "where's the sensor on this thing?" and I heard psssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht, and he got nailed! MOL.

Well the Scarecrow sure does work cause I'm furry scared of it. When mama sets it off by accident I sure do go running! I eye it suspiciously cause I know it's made to keep kitties away, MOL. Plus it sounds scary. I haven't seen other furs get sprayed yet though but I'm keeping a watch out for them.


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