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Happy St. Patty's Day!!

March 17th 2010 5:17 pm
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I got a ring, hat and mug o'elixir from my furriends Bearbutt, Kitty P. and Ava. Thanks guys!!
Unfortunately my furriends Hazel Lucy and Kitty Pryde have been barfing all night. I hope they feel better AND get DDP, MOL. Feel better ladies!

A few nights ago momcat was moving too much and I was annoyed. I started attacking her - while she was in her pjs. Her shin didn't have a lot of material on them so I clamped down...HARD. I left a round puncture wound in her shin and she was yelling something fierce. I always win fights around here.

Like tonight dadcat yelled at me 6 times to get off the kitchen counter. The fourth time I sprinted to my perch on top of the cabinets so dadcat couldn't reach me. MOL, hey when you're good, you're good.



I'm a baaad boy...

March 16th 2010 6:24 pm
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This morning momcat came downstairs and noticed a large mouse ate through the bread's plastic bag and ate some bread. I have a confession to make.... that large mouse was me.... So then after momcat got over it, I walkedby the bread like didn't care. So momcat left it out to show dadcat. Well... I was bad again and ripped a second hole in it and ate some more.

Dadcat was home today which was nice but he got in my way while I was Squirrel Hunting. I did give him some kisses though. Then I ate the grass momcat grew for me and boy did I eat it! I mowed that grass and then some. But unfortunately it came back up *baaarrrfffffff* and dadcat had to pick up my puke.

Other than that I just hunted and brought Duckie downstairs.



On the couch

March 15th 2010 6:37 pm
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Last night we did my favfurrite thing... movie time. It's my favfurrite because at least one human is laying down on the couch. That means I get to sit right on them and suck their heat out. Then they put the blanket over my head so I can sleep. Mmmmmm, yesssssss...... I was out cold because it was a super long movie. So then momcat got up and put me on the afghan. So I had the afghan under me and the trankie blankie on top of me. I was in heaven! So much so that I stayed there fur hours which I've never done before. I eventually came upstairs and woke dadcat up to let me under the covers.

The humans came home late tonight. I don't mind except that I get lonely. I played a little tonight and now I'm lounging while I type.

Oh, I did rip open my catnip heart though and it made a big mess in the back corner. Momcat thought I barfed a lot but it was really all the catnip - MOL!



All in a day

March 12th 2010 4:00 pm
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I've so enjoyed reading about my furriends' lives and how we're the same and different. So I'll write about my day too. After sleeping with the pawrents - under the covers with them - all night, I get up about 6 am. On the weekend a lot of times I like to sleep in until 8:30.

Once one of the humans get up and around they feed me, which I eat in 3 or 4 rounds. Then the hunting begins... I sit by the back slider door with the curtain behind me and hunt squirrels, birds and anything else that moves. I've even been known to hunt leaves that move.

I hunt until I can't take it and then I nap in the hallway to wait for the humans. When they get home I'm right behind the door. I don't try to get out anymore but the humans don't chance it either.

Then I get dinner and I get tired. I get crotchety and yell at the pawrents a lot. Eventually the humans go to bed. About 20 minutes later I come in, bring Duckie if needed and get on the bed. Dadcat lets me under the covers and I only like to go in over there. Then I clean myself and fall asleep before the next day comes.

How does your day go?


Time flies

March 10th 2010 6:09 pm
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Time flies when you're having fun squirrel chasing. I've been so busy squirrel chasing and readng my furriends' diaries that I haven't written in my diary for awhile! My furriends have had so many honors this week it's pawsome.

I've become a real presence in the kitchen. Whether it's chocolate, pasta, chicken or anything else I'm trying to get into it to eat it. After the casserole and other stuff I've stolen, I'm looking to improve mytrack record in the kitchen even more.




March 8th 2010 5:48 pm
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I got sooooo much sleepies yesterday that I was all revved up today. So when the humans got home I got under the tin foil (momcat purposely close cause of me) and stole chicken outta the casserole. Mmmm, mmm, mmm it was yummy! Not as spicy as the lime chicken from the other week but still mmm, mmm good!!!! Then I grabbed the twist tie and batted that around till I exhausted myself.

Now I'm snoozing on any laps that will stay still long enough.



The Squirrel Hunter

March 6th 2010 10:49 am
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I've been up since 6 am hunting squirrels from the windows..... and I'm still going strong. Grandmaw's coming over soon but I'll keep hunting until then. The humans call me The Squirrel Hunter, MOL. Last night I was hunting so late I was exhausted and attacked momcat for moving while I was sitting on her lap. I ran and bit her 3 times. She suitcased me 3 times and then I went away to pout.

Ok, gotta go hunt some more!!



February 28th 2010 1:54 pm
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So papa was unassumingly making himself lunch. It looked really good so I jumped up on the counter, got under the tin foil and snagged a piece for myself. Papa yelled at me to get down and he thought I dropped the chicken. Do I look like I was born yesterday? I scurried under the coffee table growling while eating my yummy lunch. Who knew I liked chili-lime chicken so much? It was super yummy!

Momcat said that's not good because she doesn't want the crystals to come visit me. But she did say she thinks Angel Ivan's watching over me and making me do bad things - MOL.

Now I'm watching the hockey game with the pawrents. I'm actually watching it on tv!

Licking my baaaaad lips,



I'm chipped!

February 26th 2010 3:59 pm
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Dadcat brought me to the vet today and I was sooooooo good. The vet tech. said so! Dadcat asked them if they chipped the wrong cat, MOL. So now if I run away again I can be found. Momcat says I could still end up fox food though if I'm not careful.

So I'm listening to my furriends and staying inside. Thanks for all the great advice. I don't try to get out anymore. I'll just sit on the couch and groom myself some more.



Can you see my halo?

February 24th 2010 4:43 pm
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Can you see the halo on my head tonight? I haven't tried to run outside after being out all day earlier in the week. Tonight I've been prowling around trying to get in the garbage. Ok, so maybe my halo started falling off my head a little, MOL.

After I got out Momcat put my collar on me while I was eating. Now let me tell you, when they first got me here, they put that collar on. And I got it off faster than a red hot mad bull flips a rider off at a rodeo. I got it off all by myself too. But after I got out something changed and I didn't try to get it off.

Momcat says she made an appointment for me to get microchipped Friday. Not sure what that entails but I hope it's not bad..... Lots of my unfortunate furriends have been at the vet's recently and I hope there aren't any more.


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