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Ho hum

April 19th 2010 6:09 pm
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Well, I don't have a photo or mummy or new toys, MOL. I've been doing what I do day in and day out (say that 5 times!) - that's right, Squirrel Hunting!!! MEeeeeeeeeeeowwwwwwww! That's my passion in life and boy am I good at it. I have the fat squirrel afeeeerd of me. He's so afeerd thathe waddles up the tree. MOL. I'm teaching him to get close and then WHAM! I pounce on him! In my imagination that is. Otherwise the window would hurt.

I helped papa make dinner and momcat do the dishes. They had that jalapeno cheese I love so much and I got a little piece when I helped clean up. Nice huh?

I've been hacking up hairballs now and again cause I'm shedding. Is anyfur else shedding?



Rainy day

April 17th 2010 7:26 pm
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It was a rainy day so my squirrel "furriends" weren't around which was boring and sad. The pawrents were home half the day which was weird. I've been a Hotch tonight as usual but that's just cause I'm tired. I've just been hunting and sitting on Papa, showing him he's my God, MOL.



Shurrrrimp anyone?

April 11th 2010 11:13 am
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l.ast night people came over again. I could tell it was coming because the humans were cleaning and getting stuff together - furry unusual for them. The people were nice and one guy let me sit in his lap allll night long. Then I got tired of it and bit him. Momcat suitcased me but I just walked it off.

But then, when I was being good again, momcat and a nice lady gave me shrimpies!!! I was so pawfully excited because I'm on a special diet so I don't get treats often. But I was being a good fur and so I got some shrimpies. Mmm mmm good.

Now I've been hunting chipmunks from the back window. I wanted to take a video since Kitty Pryde asked for it, but my assistant can't find the batteries. I'll have to fire her and get a new assistant here this week.



They're baack!

April 8th 2010 6:11 pm
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My dadcat came back and I was so happy. I only cried once when he was home. Then momcat came home last night and I did my happy dance. I didn't sit down until we went to bed cause I was so excited to have my people and routine back! Then tonight I got to go in the basement which was really cool cause it smelled like mice. Mmm, mmm they smell yummy! Any other fur like mice?



Spring fever!

April 1st 2010 5:20 pm
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Boy have I got spring fever! It finally stopped raining and I was bored. So when momcat came home, I was absolutely determined to get outside. So I squired, jockeyed for position and went up and over her guard. She tried so hard, MOL. I went next door and head butted the neighbors' stoop and then momcat grabbed the cruchies. I called her bluff but I was really hungry and they looked mmm, mmm, yummy.

Dadcat hasn't come home yet. Momcat said he was away and that she was leaving soon too. She hasn't said who's going to feed me yet and I don't think she has anyone yet! She'd better find someone fast I told her!

So I may not be online for 4 days or so since the humans taking care of me won't know to turn the catputer on for me.




March 30th 2010 6:16 pm
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Catster is so much fun! I mean, who does a virtual Easter egg hunt... Catster that's who!!!! I haven't started looking yet but it sounds like oh so much fun!!! We even got baskets from Catster!

I was busy being bad today. I have grass momcat grows for me so I eat a little bit at a time. Well, today I ripped up all the grass by the roots and somehow tipped the pot over. There was dirt efurrywhere and it was a nice mess. It was a lot of fun.

Then, I wanted to eat something in the garbage can really bad. I wouldn't leave it alone. Momcat got so mad she grabbed the bag and brought it out to the garbage. I was sad because my snack was gone...

So then I went back to taking care of dadcat. It's nothing super serious but he can't talk because he hurt his vocal chords. So I've been sitting on him and getting mad if he moves when I don't want him to.



Nails anyfur?

March 24th 2010 4:19 pm
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So it seems that none of us furs like our nails clipped. Here are a couple tips in case this helps you.

Rule #1 (and most important!): Never keep your paws still. This makes it furry hard for the humans to get a good grip on your paw and it gets them really mad so they quit.

Rule #2: Run like the wind to get away and hide in a place humans can't get to.

Rule #3: Combine rules #1 and #2 and repeat as necessary until the humans give up. It's hard work but it's worth it in the end.


PS as my furriend Indy pointed out, this could also work furry well for medicine - yuck!!


Pawticure anyfur

March 23rd 2010 6:04 pm
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I love Catster's new buttons and layouts - I mean it makes it easier to use. Purr, purr, purr.

The other day momcat and papa were watching me groom. I groom a lot. What can I say, I'm very into myself! Then they noticed I was biting my toe. I told them there was nothing to look at. I was just giving myself a pawticure. I even got that sheath thingee off and left it as a prezzie for momcat. I mean, who else is going to make my toes all pretty? Certainly not momcat chasing me with the clippers, that's for sure!!



Pawwwrty animal

March 21st 2010 12:30 pm
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I was celebrating my DDP and I got yet more prezzies! Thank you to Sally and furmily, Charlie and furmily, Muppet, and the 6 M's fur the bunny, trophy, crown and heart - wow!!!

Last night we were celebrating my DDP honor and had 17 people from the shelter I was adopted from, over to celebrate. It was great to see all of them, especially my favfurrite guy. I snuggled on his leg and sat next to him. They all said I look better, that my coat is a lot smoother - even though I eat exactly the same food I ate at the shelter. Mama said it was the stress that got to me at the shelter.

Boy is it hard being a pawwrty animal though. I slept in until noon, came downstairs and then took a nap. I'm wiped from all the pawrtying I did last night! Momcat even made me take a nap by locking me in her bedroom in the afternoon. She didn't want me being a cranky butt when the shelter people got here - MOL.



The best day evfurr

March 19th 2010 4:16 pm
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I'm cat diary of the day today!!! I can't believe it!! Thank you to my pawsome furriends for your comments, furiend requests, pawmails and prezzies - it's overwhelming!! I got a kitty from Buzz, bunny to chase from Chef Rooster and furmily, Tate McCuppycake, Hooch and Tobykins and furmily, an egg from Tony and furmily and Yoda and furmily, a killer weak trophy from Ka-zar, and an Easter basket from Samoa.

I haven't gotten a comment in over a month so I made momcat check her junk mail. There they all were! It's so hard to find good help these days wouldn't you agree?

Today I was eating dinner and a strange thing happened. Momcat opened the back door and revealed... a screen door! So I can sit there and hunt squirrels and birdies in surround sound! How cool is that? I've been going nuts and running around because I didn't think hunting could get any better!

Thank mew again,


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