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Hunting away

June 23rd 2010 4:35 am
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I've been suuuper busy hunting squirrels and such from my window. So much so that I was exhausted last night and attacked mama..... twice. She was not happy with me and still isn't really talking to me, but that's ok. MOL. Nothing much new to report other than mama brought home a new plant and I like to eat it even though I'm not supposed to. Meeoww!


Finally rested

June 15th 2010 4:56 pm
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I haven't been on Catster lately because I've had so many squirrels to hunt down. A loose cat has been coming to our back door and I go nuts too. I've been so rattled I haven't been able to type! I jumped and jumped and was all in a tizzy. So much so that I attacked dadcat by accident too.

This weekend we had visitors and they had a little human with them. Momcat says that was my guinea pig. Not sure what she meant but guinea pig sounds good doesn't it?

The little human was ok but it moved kind of fast and I didn't like that. I scratched it, got scruffed and went under a chair. One night I got really tired and momcat locked me in the bedroom, which I thought was really mean.

Gotta go hunt more squirrels!


Tuff guy

June 5th 2010 5:35 pm
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I got so many prezzies over the last week I haven't been able to keep up! My furriends spoil me way too much mama says.

The neighbors have noticed that I am a very good watch cat. I wait in the window and make sure the neighborhood is in order and everyone is where they're supposed to be. Tonight mama brought my box down so dadcat could clean it.

It was raining so hard with thunder and lightning outside. Mama opened my back door cause she said I needed to know that outside was bad and scary. It was sooo loud and pawful that I hid under a chair! Then I got brave enough and I got wet from the rain. Well I did not like that so I walked away.

When they looked over, I was in my box taking a poopie doop. MOL they were laughing so hard but I didn't know why. MOL.


DDP and ice cream

May 27th 2010 4:02 am
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So last night was 90 degrees here (about 30 for my Aussie furriends) and I was hot. I mean I had it with being stuck in a warm house. So when mama got her ice cream out I told her I wanted some. I keep pawing at the dish, time and time again. She actually got kinda mad. But because I was so persistent she put it on the ground so I could lick the bowl! (This is a big deal for me b/c I'm on a special diet.) It was sooo yummy and I licked that bowl clean. I daresay my furriend Platelicker better watch out, because I'm good at this. Mama said she couldn't even tell it had been used, MOL.

Thanks to Catster for making me DDP today and to HL for the early morning, kind words.


Word on the street

May 26th 2010 6:58 pm
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The many opinions have been fascinating to read. Ok so who likes change, no one I think. I like some of the new stuff but I agree with furs that we want to show off Catster's life - it's members! I don't think that comes through very well from the home page. I agree about taking the FB stuff off. Those of us who love Caster know they're there. The small icons are effective at the top but take up less space. Could we add a diary to the pull down menu? The old one didn't have it either but those of us who paw in our diaries a lot could use that.

But I like the background and cat toys a lot. I think that shows the humor of Catster's catsters. A lot of furs are giving great constructive criticism and some aren't. For those that are being mean, remember there are humans behind these decisions. They're not purrfect like we cats are - that's why we purr and they don't. MOL.



The usual

May 23rd 2010 3:10 pm
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Dadcat's still away. I was in the window mewing for him. But meowmy explained that he's gone but will come back and then I went to bed.

Today I got out on mama and went to the usual spot to sniff around. It was soooo much fun to sniff and enjoy the nice day. Then I went into the basement to see what fun I could get into there. Mama didn't yell at me though, so it wasn't as fun. Usually she tells me "no sparky!" and that makes it really fun to go down there.

My furriend Kitty P. noticed that a lot of my posts are about food. Yup, I'm a foodie! I'm thinking that maybe I should be an official taste tester for Chef Rooster?

Our buddy Hooch is furry sick and needs our prayers. Chef Rooster told us that you can light a candle for him here: ch. We're purraying for your furmily Hooch!



Ho hum

May 21st 2010 7:59 pm
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I'm waiting for papa to come home but he's not here yet. I was mewing at the window but... nothing. I've been strolling the new kitties on Catster. Mama told me they're so cute it's a crime. Not sure what she meant but whatever.

I didn't get any fun food tonight or anything but at least I got fed. Even though it was late. I miss my papa because he stays still so I can sit on him and stay warm. Mama moves around too much so I don't have enough time to get comfortable.



I like Italian!

May 20th 2010 6:36 pm
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Yes, it's true. I like spaghetti sauce just as much as chili lime chicken! Mama thought it would be too spicy but I jumped in and licked it all off the sauce cap. So then mama got really mad cause I was beggin' for milk. She shot me with the squirt gun so I went the other way.

Other than that, I won a zealie through Hazel Lucy's really fun find HL in a picture game. She doesn't have to do that but she wants to keep Catster fun for us furs. And she's doing a great job of it!!


Wassa matter mama?

May 14th 2010 6:24 pm
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Tonight many of our furriends were DDP! Concatulations!

Mama started leaking because one of the DDPs is Angel Ivan's girlfurriend. She read Sasha's diary and she wrote about missing Angel Ivan. Well that was too much for mama cause she's a wimp and she started leaking all over the place. I didn't know what was wrong with her so I just made sure she was ok and then went on my way.

I played with my milk ring and now I'm waiting for Papa in the window cause I'm stuck at home with a bawl baby, MOL.



Do I hear two meals?

May 10th 2010 6:36 pm
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Do the pawrents had a funky schedule again tonight and I wante to reap the benefits of it. Dadcat came home and left. Momcat came home and didn't see a note. She said "Sparkles, did papa feed you already? Don't lie to me." I mewed and mewed but she ignored me.

So then I went a hunting and mewed some more. It was more than 2 hours past my feeding time and then I really started in with the mewing.

I mewed and mewed and mama just knew that I hadn't been fed. She walked into the kitchen... se picked up the can..... she had her fingernail under the tab... and then... she called papa and got him!! Groan...

"Did you already feed the cat?" she asked. "Yup" papa answered. Rats!! I was foiled and I was oh so close to getting fed twice in one night!

Then when papa was home they heard a noise. Apparently mama had lifted my can just a little teensy bit open and I could smell it. I was trying to get the can open myself.

Thanks to Tyson for the shrimpie to tide me over and Kitty P. and Indy for the heart. Muah!


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