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Alert, a cat!!

February 7th 2011 6:26 pm
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Last night was pawful. I knew something was going on because the pawrents were cooking and cleaning like crazy. Then a lot of people came over and it was furry overwhelming. Momcat even had to put me upstairs cause I was getting overstimulated and biting people, MOL.

Once I calmed down I was better. Finally the people left. And that's when it happened.

I was on neighborhood watch in the front window as always and I saw... a C-A-T! I stood my ground and the thing didn't go away! I was in such a fit I was running around the counter and knocked stuff down.

Then Papa came down and said "Sparky, what's going on down here?" He saw that my tail was puffed 3 times bigger than usual and I was pacing uncontrollably. Papa told me to calm down and I yelled back at him, "Calm down?!? How can I possibly calm down, there's a fur out there!! I'm staying here to protect you and the house!"

Well Papa went back upstairs and I stayed on Neighborhood Watch just in case, so our house would be safe. About 2 hours later I went up to bed, satisfied that the fur was gone.

Sparky! the Neighborhood Watch Cat



February 4th 2011 4:34 pm
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Thank you so much to my furriends fur all the gifts, pawmails, comments on my birthday! I celebrated by squirrel hunting and torturing the humans.

Thank you to Indy, Kitty P., Angel M fur my yummy cupcake!
Kibbles fur the lovely note.
Miss Monida even though she's a Green Bay fan, MOL.
Ginger fur the yummy shrimpie I had for my celebratory dinner.
Avery fur my football - Go Steelers!
The M's and Angel fur the lovely heart.
Finnegan, Lacey, Alex fur the shrimpie which I saved fur today. Num num num num.

Today I got SO much sleep that I felt like lovin's when the pawrents got home. It looked like my crazy attack kitty roll, but I actually was giving lovins instead today!

When I went upstairs, the pawrents thought I got into my nip cause I was acting funny. I was staring at the walls like I was chasing a bug, but there was no bug. This happened fur about 2 minutes and momcat figured it out. "Maybe he's seeing Angel Ivan." Then I belched and she said "Yup, it's Ivan!"

It was nice to have him visit and now I'm being a love again and staying warm.

And no, I haven't fallen asleep that hard again yet. MOL



Boy's day

February 2nd 2011 4:27 pm
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It's icy here so dadcat worked from home and I got to spend alllllll day with him. This morning I squirrel hunted as usual and ate a little food. Then I snuggled in for a nap on the couch in front of the warm stove.

Later in the afternoon I was on the couch and dadcat looked over at me. I was in the middle of licking my poop shoot and I was so exhausted from hunting that I fell asleep!! You can see the picture as proof. Dadcat said he was laughing so hard and that I was like that for quite awhile.

I'm better now but my legs sure do hurt!



Catch up

January 30th 2011 12:55 pm
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I am so furry tired, I just can't possibly keep my eyes open any longer. When the pawrents are home 2 days in a row, I don't get my kitty sleep like I usually do. *yawn*

I'm going upstairs to nap until dinnertime that's for sure. Otherwise I've been ok. When the pawrents left yesterday fur a few hours, I napped upstairs and arranged my precious blankie on the bed with me. I even took momcat's stuffed bear and brought that to bed with me too. It was originally on the floor so the pawrents were amazed that I did all that decorating.

I have a secret to tell you, but don't tell anyfur! My furriend Finnegan (concats on ddp by the way dude) heard his momcat say that she's getting the furs a brand new, kitty tower! It looks catastic and he said once they get it, he's gonna put up pictures of it. Can you believe it? I'm so furry excited fur him and his furrs.




January 29th 2011 7:18 pm
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We had visifurrs today! Ok they weren't really furry but they were nice people. The one guy was petting me too much though and I eventually had to let him know who's boss around here so I bit him.

He even wanted bandaids and stuff. Weirdo. After that I was nice and momcat put me upstairs in a room so I would nap. Usually I'm on my best behavior for company, but today I was so busy chasing squirrels that I was pretty tired.

It's warmer today here and I like it. It makes up for the furry cold days the last couple of weeks when I got nervous we wouldn't be so snuggly.



Lights Out?

January 28th 2011 6:01 pm
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Well let me just say it's been a loooong week. It's been furry, furry cold here. Meowmy and papa even brought me outside to show me how good I have it inside with the stove thing.

Well, one night, we were only in bed for an hour when papa's breathing thingee stopped working. He woke up from it and realized we had lost power and it was furreezing cold! Well I got outta bed with papa and I got furry worried. It was already getting colder, the heat wasn't on and I like it warm. Plus, it was super duper dark. We all know that's not a problem fur us felines, but it sure was different.

I was pacing and I stood on the landing waiting fur the pawrents to hurry up and fix this. Well the alarm kept going off for the next few hours cause the pawrents didn't want things to furreeze. After the third alarm, the pawrents yelled cause the lights came back on - phew!

Stay warm,



Big night

January 21st 2011 6:31 pm
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So meowmy announced that tonight was a big night because they were going to the bookstore to spend their holiday prezzie. I'm going to be honest and say that since it didn't involved me, I just yawned and went back to my nap.

About an hour or two later, the door opened and the pawrents were back already. "Already?" I said showing them my feline mouth cave.

Then momcat told me she got our very own famous Catster's book Homer's Odyssey! Cool huh?

Other than that, I've been hanging out by the stove. But not too close cause it's been making funny noises that hurt my ears.

Gotta go back to begging for crunchies now.



Mr. Kitty

January 18th 2011 4:52 pm
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My name is now Mr. Kitty, that's what the pawrents have been calling me all the time. That's fine with me, as long as I get my crunchies. I already got them my two scoops a day but I'm begging for them anyway. (Meowmy says for those of you who remember him, my begging is still nothing compared to Angel Ivan's begging. I know how to be polite, MOL.)

So I'm acting all cute and stuff hoping to get more crunchies tonight. Last night I got them but I didn't feel well. I was all mopy on Meowmy all night long. Gross Meowmy of course figured out that my box didn't have any "deposits" and that maybe that's why I was acting a little funny.

But today by the time she came home my stomach had done my work and all is well in Mr. Kitty's world again. *Diary Gal, this is not a ploy to be DDP tomorrow*

So I'm glad to be feeling better and dadcat even came home early today so I got to spend more time with him - yay!

This weekend the pawrents left me for 3 days and I was not happy when they got home. I was so lonely! But now it's better at least.



Ducks need food too

January 10th 2011 3:19 pm
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I was resting up today but momcat says not enough. I had lots of squirrels to keep away from the house so I didn't sleep all day. Sue me if my agenda is busy mama!

But I am in a good enough mood that I put my Blessed Duckie in my food bowl so he could eat too. I take care of my Duck cause he's my furbaby and that's what cats do.

Now Duckie and I are full and I'm chilling on Papa's lap by the stove.




January 9th 2011 5:51 pm
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The pawrents aren't leaking today like they were yesterday (thank rats!). Mama said something about Angels Calvin and Ivan sprinkling Angel dust on the house or something. I'm just glad it worked cause I don't like being sad.

The pawrents said thank you fur the gifties and comments from fellow Catsters. "Your support has always been a tremendous help to us and really does help us. We never could have gotten through the last year without you."

Mama said she can't look at Ivan's page anymore cause it makes her leak too much so that's why she's making me do all the work on my page. Pffft!

Back in MY world, I caught up almost on my nappies and the pawrents say I'm like a new cat today. I'm still jittery with noises and stuff but I'm happier today that's fur sure.


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