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June 6th 2011 6:25 pm
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Yes, that's my new name... apparently. I heard the pawrents talking about how I weigh less and I run around again more. I do like to sprint down the stairs so I can hunt the squirrels, birds and chipmunks. The chippies are the ones I love to hunt most. They just sit there and practically ask to be hunted. Of course I'm hunting through a glass door but mama says it's less messy that way.

The pawrents left this weekend so I got plenty of sleep to thunder around the house now.




May 29th 2011 8:08 pm
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My best furr pal Indy went to the Rainbow Bridge this week very unexpectedly. His poor momcat must be furry sad and upset as this came on suddenly.

My momcat started crying when she heard the news and I bowed my head in sad salute to my best furriend. Indy was a special mancat and I won't ever forget him.

Please help purray for his fursib Kitty Pryde and Indy's momcat. They need our purrs to help them through this awful time.

We love you Indy and family!


a very sad Sparky and family


Taking Care of Papa... evfurry day!

May 20th 2011 7:21 pm
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I've been so busy taking care of my papa that I haven't been able to paw lately. He got his surgery thing last Friday the 13th... wooo scary!!

Since then I've been in papa's lap but not on his bad leg. Now he's feeling better a little bit so I can go hunt and not feel guilty about it.

But with all this extra sleeping and laying around I'm putting on a little weight. Mama came home the other day and called me fat! Can you believe that?!? My own mama! Well, I'm not happy about that so I haven't given her lovin' since. Cause that's just not cool to call a fur fat... Even if I do have real bonified udders now.



Helping papa

May 13th 2011 5:57 pm
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Mama brought papa home and he's hurt! I gave her the stink eye cause last I saw papa he was fine. And now mama did something to him and his leg is all wrapped up, he walks with this big sticks and all he can do is use the litterbox!

The living room is all mixed up and crazy with the couch that turned into a bed. Has that always been a possibility? Why don't we use that all the time? It's great cause I can lounge next to papa and there's so much more room on the nice, comfy bed, couch thing!

Mama told me that papa's leg is hurt and I can't jump on it. Sometimes I zip around really fast and I jumped on Papa once too by accident. Mama said I can't do that so now I sleep by his feet and take care of him. But I'm happy cause I got plenty of nappies in.



Food? Who needs food?

May 12th 2011 4:56 pm
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Papa finally went to the vet today and picked up my food. I'm usually scared of big things people carry but not when it's a HUGE bag of my yummy, good food!

Speaking of which, a furriend went to the vet today and as if that's not bad enough, the vet called this furr fat! How rude is that? Well, I'm not as skinny as I used to be either but that's kinda rude right? All I have to say is show the vet they're full of it by pooping in their office on the next visit, MOL.

A guy came to our house with papa today. He was fixing Papa up with this weird machine on the couch. Papa said he's having his leg fixed tomorrow so I've been laying on him. I don't know what that means but I lay on him anyway. Momcat says I'll have to take care of Papa and that sounds like a lot of work, but I'll do anything fur a warm lap.



I'm baaack

April 30th 2011 2:15 pm
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Sorry I haven't pawed in awhile. The pawrents were so busy and then they went away that they furgot to leave the catputer on. I had my magic food dish and Uncle Paulie came to hang out one weekend. He even changed my litterbox - I guess my hints were heard. Some other guy came too to make sure my magic food dish was working ok. But now the pawrents are back and I snuggle on them 24/7 to make up for the time they were gone.




April 5th 2011 4:54 pm
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It was a normal night, all nice and quiet. I was squirrel hunting and the front door opened up and in came Gramma! I haven't seen her in a furry long time so I was surprised she came in, especially so close to bedtime.

This is why I'm always on Neighborhood Watch. I showed her how squirrel-free our house was and I sat on her lap.

This morning she and mama left and when they came back I knew mama needed some extra love. So I was with her and then Gramma gave me a new catnip toy with the high-test, organic stuff!! You know, the good Zoom! stuff that's pawsome!?!?

Hope everyfur is doing well. Please help purray for our pal Taz who's going in for a procedure tomorrow.



What happened to me?

April 2nd 2011 3:04 pm
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Bad mews. Mama saw this website on tv called and she made these crazy photos of me with wigs and glasses and stuff. She said she would never guy me a real wig but that the photos are funny.

The worst part is, after she downloaded the app, she can put wigs on anyfur. So she's walking around taking pictures and adding wigs like a madwoman. Crazy. Pawrents... are... crazy.



They don't call me Zippy for nothing

April 1st 2011 4:39 pm
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I've been zipping around the house again and that's why they call me Zippy around here. Momcat says she guesses they got the right balance of food for me now cause I've been playing and stuff again.

Fur awhile I was getting too much food and the pawrents said I was acting just like Angel Ivan, fat and lazy, MOL. He does come visit me but sometimes I have to just zip around you know?

I'm a little upset though cause the stove stopped turning on so now it's not nice and warm at home. Momcat and I put up a protest but dadcat wasn't having it. So momcat and I snuggle on the couch trying to stay warm and I cling to papa stay warm too when it's needed.



Papa's boy

March 23rd 2011 6:17 pm
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My papa has been gone a lot today. So I was super, duper excited when he came home. I was even looking for his car to pull in through the window. Then I heard him come through the door - papa!!!!! I said and went to say hello.

I tried to help mama do yoga so I sat on her abs to make it harder to do sit-ups. MOL

Other than that I've been squirrel watching to make sure none of the big, bad squirrels come into the house. And I've been doing a good job because there are no squirrels in here!


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