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Hilda at Large

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Daily Diary Pick!

February 19th 2011 8:11 am
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I was so excited this morning to find out I’m a Daily Diary Pick. Then my sister Hetty Miep said that being a DDP means I have to do whatever she says. Elvin was sitting next to her when she said this. He nodded his head and said, “Yep. And you have to let me eat all of your wet food. And you have to let me use you as a pillow all day when I’m not sleeping in your favorite places.”

I almost believed them but remembered that Samoa has been DDP many times and there’s no way she’d let her siblings eat her food OR use her as an all-day pillow OR sleep in her favorite places. What I’m sure it does mean is that one of my humans will need to spend the entire day feeding me treats (probably the male human since the female one is a bit stingy with the size of treats she gives me) while the other human brushes me. My siblings can take turns using each other as a pillow when they aren’t cleaning up the small crumbs that I might be generous enough to let fall from my mouth. I can’t wait!

In other news, I’m pleased to announce that my brother’s VO has finally worn off and we’re back to snuggling.



February 16th 2011 12:06 pm
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My family was so excited today when we found out that Samoa selected my brother Garp as her Angel Dreamboat #3. I can’t believe I had a dreamboat for a brother and never realized it! We will add this to our happy memories of Garp. Thank you, Samoa, for adding to the happy times!

Unfortunately, my other brother Elvin still has a case of VO (vet odor), so I haven’t really wanted to cuddle with him. I’ll sit by him for a few minutes and then the odor gets so bad that I have to move. I asked my sister why our humans don’t seem bothered by it (I’ve actually seen our female human bury her face in his tummy!). Hetty Miep says humans have noses for decoration purposes only. Hopefully he’ll start smelling better soon and we can get back to snuggling full time.


Thank You

January 4th 2011 1:20 pm
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Thank you, Catster friends, for all of your kind words, purrs, and rosettes.



December 31st 2010 9:31 am
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Yesterday morning, my brother Garp died. My humans say his heart was failing. I thought the humans would fix it like they do everything else: give him yucky tasting medicine that would reverse the damage, have Uncle Dr. Kraft perform a surgery that would result in a shaved bottom and cone of shame, or even buy him a new heart on Ebay if they needed to. But they couldn’t fix his heart. And today our hearts are quite a bit heavier.


Too Cute Strikes Again!

September 1st 2009 3:22 pm
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My siblings and I usually get a couple of salmon treats around the time our female human eats lunch. Today, she left the treats on the kitchen counter and one of my siblings knocked the bag on the floor. Rather than chewing the bag open (like certain other cats [ie, Elvin] would do), I thoughtfully carried the treats to my female human.

At first she thought I had my mousie because I was making the same meow (while carrying the treats) that I make when carrying my mousie. When she saw me carrying the treats, though, she was completely overwhelmed by my cuteness and gave me (and my siblings) extra treats. It pays to be cute!


Little Miss Not So Cute

August 11th 2009 7:27 pm
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For awhile now, an unfortunate problem has been brewing in our household. I finally had to t ake matters into my own hands.


Long-Distance Calls

August 10th 2009 11:55 am
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Do you have a secret kitty cell phone? I do. I like to keep mine hidden inside my kitty toys (usually inside of mousie or squeaker bug). I’m a good girl and wait until my humans go to bed to make my calls, though. A usual night goes something like this:

*Lights are turned off*

I begin making my calls.

Female human: Uh-oh. Sounds like Hilda is calling some of her friends.

Male human: Why does she always make them now?

Female human: Time zones. She has to call her friends in other countries now.

Sometimes, I have to change phones or move to different rooms to get better reception.


Dymo Strikes Again!

January 29th 2009 11:34 am
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My female human loves to use her little Dymo machine. She noticed that my brothers and sister were using MY box, so she made a label for it (see my new main picture; the label is probably too small to see in the picture but it says "Hilda's box"). It doesn't keep my siblings out of it but she seemed to have fun making it anyway. I hope she doesn't make a label for me!



July 8th 2008 6:21 pm
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I’ve been tagged by Contessa Carlotta De Cremona (Cooper’s cute little niece) to list six things I don't like.

Things that make me grumpy…

1. Being on a diet. I hate when I finish my food and my brothers and sister are still eating. H. says I eat too fast. This may be somewhat true but I’ve seen the plates—they’re getting 1/3 to 1/2 more food than I am! I don’t care if it’s for my own good and that H. and A. don’t want me to get diabetes or arthritis. I want more food!

2. When my brothers try to clean me. I clean them, but they are NOT allowed to clean me. They have icky boy breath!

3. Getting my claws trimmed. My brother Elvin doesn’t mind it and even purrs sometimes when he gets his claws trimmed. Can you believe him?!

4. Not getting dried salmon treats whenever I want them. Whenever H. is in the kitchen washing dishes, I walk in and meow to let her know what’s what. She knows what I want, but she always plays dumb—saying things like, “Hi Hilda, did you come in to keep me company?” (One thing I do like is that my male human is a softie. All I have to do is meow sweetly and give him a sad look. He can never resist!)

5. Not getting to plop on the laptop when it’s open anymore. H. said something about malfunctioning q, p, and w keys. They probably just need me to plop on them again to fix them!

6. The vacuum. It’s always so very loud and angry! It has a bad attitude and I don’t like it!

I’m tagging the following cats:

1. Snowie
2. Nabi
3. Moose
4. Victor Gibbs
5. Zelda Lucia Dora aka Big Mabel
6. Miss Casey Sachs


I’m IT!

May 24th 2007 8:13 am
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I’ve been tagged by Samoa to participate in a meme.

THE RULES: Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged write in their own diary about their seven random facts. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your diary.

Seven random facts about ME:

1. I hate to be picked up or have my claws trimmed. I rarely sit on laps, although I will occasionally consent to sleeping on H.’s lap or on her chest when she is in bed at night—just often enough to give her hope but spaced out enough to remind her that my presence is an honor (my brother Elvin hasn’t figured this one out yet—he’s ALWAYS trying to sit on H.’s lap or sleep on her chest at night).

2. Although my voluptuous figure hides this fact rather well, I am the most active cat in the family. I love to play the “Somebody Chase Me” game a couple of times a day. This consists of meowing and then wildly running up and down the hallway to try and get one of my siblings to chase me. They rarely take the bait, though.

3. When I am able to get one of my siblings to chase me, it is usually Elvin. Since Elvin rarely cleans himself, I have to interrupt the game to give him a bath (I can’t play with a dirty cat!) and then I’m too exhausted after that to play anymore.

4. I allow Garp to be my catbed tester. Once he finds one that is comfortable, I will lay on top of him in the bed until he leaves. Sometimes when he is being especially stubborn, he will refuse to move. I don’t mind; I can sleep just fine with him underneath me.

5. I like to stroll around the house with Squeeker [ie, squeaky mouse] in my mouth after H. & A. are in bed. I sing Squeeker a sad, droning song while I am walking him. Sometimes these walks occur when H. & A. are still awake; other times, I like to stroll at 2 or 3 am. My serenades are not appreciated by my humans at those hours.

6. When visitors arrive, I feel the sudden need to inspect A.’s closet or under the bed. The inspection doesn’t end until the visitors have left the house.

7. Even though I don’t update my diary as frequently as I would like, I enjoy reading other Catster diaries every day!

I’m tagging the following seven cats (like me, some of these haven't written in their diaries in awhile [one hasn't written any entries yet] but I'm hoping they might enjoy a game of tag):

1. Snowie
2. Zelda Lucia Dora
3. Todd
4. Isis
5. Miss Casey Sachs
6. Hunny
7. Raimi Cyan Rayfield

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