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Whatever you're doin, I WANT IN

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the good life koala hug

August 21st 2010 4:15 pm
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Today was the first Saturday in a while that mom wasn't working, and she decided to spend it all with me. Me me me! We went outside for more than an hour and I had a terrific time. The mighty hunter returned, but mom wouldn't let me eat all the bugs I caught. Hmph. That must be why she got bit by so many mosquitos, because they weren't scared of me. I sniffed at grass and trees and plants and the air and I knew that life is good. I saw some birds, but I generously decided to let them live. It had nothing to do with the fact that I had that darn harness and leash holding me back. When we got back inside, mom gave me a massage (checked me for ticks) and salon treatment (brushing). Then she served me a delectable meal of beef and chicken (one third of a can of Wellness grain free). I was so happy that I gave mom a koala hug to her back, which is when I jump at her and paw hug her quickly. When I am especially excited she came home or just happy in general I will koala hug her leg or her back if she is leaning over or sitting on the ground. Sometimes I throw in a lovebite. Now I am taking a luxurious nap on my throne (the green armchair) on my Morgan crate pad and a pillow. It was a good day.


GOOD mommy, BAD mommy

August 20th 2010 10:22 pm
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I seem to be totally better from my fever. I finished my antibiotics on Wednesday, but I miss my lick of butter that got with my pill! Mom is surprised because every morning and evening since Wednesday I have been checking out the bedside table where she had kept the antibiotic pills, pet piller thing, syringe for water, and spoon for the butter to coat the pill. Each morning and evening she gave me the pill, then she let me have a little lick of the butter from the spoon. I miss my butter lick. Mom said she wants to keep the butter only as a special treat. Oh well. Even though I seem better, I still have to go back to the vet for a follow-up visit. Mom's going to take me sometime next week.
In the meantime, I will PLAY.
Tonight, after I ate and while mom ate dinner, I lay pathetically on the zippered canvas cat toy bag to show mommy how she was keeping me waiting. Finally, she got up and reached for the toy bag. I jumped up and stuffed my face into the bag as she opened it. Mom took out the fishing fly toy (one of my FAVORITES) and we played. GOOD mommy. I leaped and twisted, doing my gymnastics moves. I broke out one of my funnier moves, a springy, high, kangaroo-like hop on my back legs. I did this when mom held the toy high but not swinging it around. I caught the fishing fly and bit into it hard. Mom doesn't like me to chew on it because she doesn't want me to eat the deer hair and parts and get sick. She's always trying to take it away as soon as I bite into it. This time I tried to get a better grip into the toy and bit into mommy's index finger by accident. She said "OW!" and let go. She waited until I put the fishing fly down between my paws, then she took it and put it back into the bag. I left a little hole in mom's finger and it bled. Oops! Sorry, mommy! Mom cleaned it up and put on a bandaid.
I still wanted to play, so she found one of my rattling fur mice. The green one with the tail ripped off and the fur starting to rip off too. That one is my favorite. There is something about the green ones. Mom read that cats can see green and blue, but can't tell the difference between red and orange. I don't care, all I know is I like that green mouse. I like when mom shakes it and then throws it past me into the air. I will do a twisting matrix-like jump for it. Sometimes I catch it between my paws. I also like to block it like a basketball rebound. Mom says, "defense! defense!" and throws the mouse and I jump out and block it. It always makes her laugh. I had a lot of fun playing.

Later, mom took out something from her bag, and I came over to see, curious as always. Curiousity- the cat's downfall. She picked me up and suddenly she sprayed something into my mouth. Ew! It's an anti-plaque dental spray called Petzlife and it's PEPPERMINT flavor. Peppermint? Who the hell said cats like peppermint? I opened my mouth wide in horror and tried to breath in like "HECHHHHH" and it was so minty hot that my eyes opened wide. My mom thought I looked like a person that just ate an Altoid. I tried to lick and my mouth still had a open minty hot grimace. I couldn't believe it. I looked at my mom, the betrayer.
BAD mommy!



August 13th 2010 6:05 pm
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diary pick again?
All this attention is going to my head.

Hey, who is that handsome cat over there? Why it's me in the mirror! Why, my head has grown HUGE! And.. could it BE? even MORE GOOD LOOKING?

Mommy is telling me to calm down. She is reminding me of the time I was running by the mirrored closet doors and I got so caught up in my reflection that I ran into the door frame.

Oh yeah, that's right. that did happen.
Whew!! thanks mommy, my head is back to it's normal size. thank goodness, it was way too heavy so huge.

Maybe the robot diary girl is stuck on some shuffle/repeat button. MALFUNCTION! MALFUNCTION!
(Mom is remembering some Tom and Jerry cartoon with a recorded meow voice that said that)

Anyway, thanks catster! and thanks everybody!


car rides and nanny cams

August 10th 2010 12:58 pm
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Yesterday mom took me to the vet early, and I complained the whole way.
"meoooooooowhere are we going nowwwww"
"meoooooowwhy do I have to goooooo"
"reeeooooowwwwe already went to the vet last weeeeek"
Mom put the radio on and found that I liked Stevie Nicks enough to stay silent, but I felt that David Bowie needed my accompaniment. When mom tried singing along with the radio, I stopped mid meow and stared at her in disbelief. Mom has a terrible voice. So terrible that I actually became fascinated, and kept staring, silently. When she stopped singing I went back to meowing my complaints, the spell broken.
At the vet, it turned out my temperature is 103.2, which he said is still higher than normal. 102 would be good. So I have to take another week of antibiotics. Sigh.
After the vet, mom took me home, then had to go straight to work. She's been really busy with a project at work, and feeling really guilty. Now that I'm feeling better, I want to play a lot. Today when mom left for work, I gave her a look promising some mischief. When mom is at work, I do funny things. When mom had a roommate at her old apt, I used to go into her roommate's bedroom and find things to interest me. One time mom came home to find her roommate's bra in the hallway where I had left it. Someday mom said she's going to set up a nanny-cam to see what I'm up to. Until then...



August 8th 2010 7:34 pm
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Diary of the Day! Here it is night, and I missed it! Mom has been dealing with a personal problem all day and didn't check her email at all. But she gave me extra hugs and kisses when she found out. We are going to vet early tomorrow, then she will bring me back home and unfortunately must go straight to work. Tonight mom needs to settle down and try to sleep after a difficult day. I will help by pinning her legs to the bed by sleeping on top of the blanket in her crotch, my favorite spot. Thanks everyone! It really is exciting to be famous for the day. Sorry we can't be more lively today.


Thank you everyone

August 7th 2010 6:10 pm
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I want to thank everyone for their purrs and gifts and support. I have to apologize for not thanking you individually yet, because each one of you mean so much to me and my mom. Catster is my family, and it's full of the best, furriest, most caring, thoughtful, and funny cats ever.
I am doing much better! Very early this morning I woke up my mom, not with an anal probe, but with a kiss while standing on her chest.
The alien has apparently vacated my mother, and no further incidents have occurred. Mom is still giving me an antibiotic pill twice a day, shooting it into my mouth with a pet piller and squirting a little water into my mouth with a syringe. While this procedure is rather suspicious, the pill is way too small to be an alien microchip. I think. Anyway, she coats the pill in butter first, and everything is better with butter! I love butter!
Yesterday I played some, and today I played even more, trying to open the zippered canvas toy bag. Mom is thrilled to see me act more like my old spunky self. Hopefully my vet appointment on Monday will go well.


my mother is an alien

August 5th 2010 8:20 pm
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I have been anally probed.

I was awakened from a sound sleep in my favorite bed by someone, someTHING, that looked like my mother. I was put on a table, wrapped in a white towel and restrained by someone else, while my "mother" stuck something with a shiny tip that beeped into my behind. I think I need to put a sign back there that says "EXIT ONLY". Of course I let the doctor examine me and take my temperature yesterday, but that was in a medical facility. And he is a LICENSED VETERINARIAN. This was an ANAL PROBE in the DARK OF NIGHT.
Anyway, my "mother" said, "the fever's gone down!"
Nice ruse, alien. I know my own sweet mother would never anally probe me. It must have been a close encounter of the third kind.


some good news

August 5th 2010 5:14 pm
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Tests are back-
Negative for FeLV and negative for FIV !! No urinary tract infection.
this is the good.
the other worry is FIP. Feline Infectious Peritonitis. The vet said this is very difficult to diagnose, because there is no definitive test. It is caused by the coronavirus. The vet said approximately 50 percent of cats have been exposed to it, but only a small percentage will get FIP, which happens when the virus mutates. This is a website I found about it.
The only test is one that shows whether you've been exposed and the levels of antibodies to the disease. High levels are a bad sign, but whether or not you've been exposed does not mean you will get FIP. The test showed that I have been exposed :( but the antibodies are low, which is a good sign. Unfortunately the vet said we can't rule out FIP entirely. :(
That's the bad.
As to why I was walking stiffly, it's a mystery and mom should keep an eye on it. Tonight I'm walking better and going up the stairs fine. The vet said it could have just been the fever making me stiff. For now, we are hoping the antibiotics will work, and I have an appointment on Monday to check my temperature. What is causing the fever? It could be a hidden bacterial infection. We are tentatively calling it a fever of unknown origin, which has it's own initials: FUO.


U- G- L- Y
this fever ain't got no alibi
it's UGLY!



August 4th 2010 5:06 pm
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Everyone, thanks so much for your purrs and paws! mom and I really appreciate it so so much. Mom was feeling very alone and anxious at work while I was still at the vet.

Some tests are back- but not the scary ones.
So far it's ok. My blood counts and other levels are normal. The Xray on my legs didn't show anything. My temperature is still up unfortunately. Vet put me on antibiotics. The results for the scary tests (the initials) will be in tomorrow. The vet said that 30 percent of the time with fevers, you can't find the cause. A fever of unknown origin would be better than the scary initials.

Right now I'm home and don't seem any worse. I ate some chicken, which made mom happy. I am resting. Thanks for being there for me, friends!


I am sick and mom is very worried :(

August 4th 2010 11:22 am
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I am sick. I am at the vet having tests done.
Since Sunday, I have been very lethargic, sleeping all day and all night. Mom noticed that I was walking stiffly with my back legs. I go very slowly up the stairs. I seemed warm. This morning mom took me to the vet, and found out I have a fever of 105. Normal is 102-103. I am having lots of tests done. Tests for really scary things with initials. Initials are never good.
Mom is terrified. Please purr for me. I am scared too.

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