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Whatever you're doin, I WANT IN

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lost innocence

September 2nd 2011 6:57 pm
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I woke up today in an excellent mood. For once I didn't have to press my paw on my mom's face to wake her up, because she was already up. While mom got showered and dressed, I lounged in the morning sunshine in my favorite window spot. I gave myself a good wash. Have to look my best to face the day's adventures, right?
Mom showed me my harness and I jumped right up to the table by the door to put it on. I purred and rubbed my head on mom's hands. I love morning walks! Mom opened the door and I jumped out lightly into bright sun. I walked to the side and suddenly POUNCED.
BAM! I caught a sparrow! a nice big one. Mom was shocked because it happened so quickly. I haven't caught anything since that GLORIOUS day when I caught 2 birds in one day. I have had several run-INS with cheeky squirrels, but they have eluded my paws.

Anyway, there I was, with a big sparrow in my mouth. And you know what I did? I STRUTTED. Like Saturday Night Fever.

"Well you can tell by the way I use my stalk, I'm a hunting cat, no time to talk...
Birdies loud, the sunshine warm
they been tempting me since I was born
And now it's all right it's ok
You may look the other way
you can try to understand
this kitty's now a hunting man..."

I strutted right back to the door and waited to bring my bird inside. Mom saw the bird moving it's feet and trying to flutter. I had it's head in my mouth. Mom tried to get me to drop it. There was no way I was going to give up my bird. I wanted to bring it inside so I could hunt it again. In a controlled environment. I patiently, stubbornly waited. Mom begged me to put it down, ordered me to put it down, tried to make me let go by picking me up and turning me towards the yard.
Na-ah. No way. MY BIRD.
I shifted the bird and it started to flutter and I caught it back up in a better grip with my mouth. I waited. I was DETERMINED to bring my bird inside.
Meanwhile, mom was getting desperate. She couldn't get me to let it go, and she was becoming later and later for work. She had a lot to do. But she stood outside waiting for me to put down the bird for more than twenty minutes. She knows because she kept checking the time. Finally she picked me up and rushed me inside and into the bathroom and shut the door. I finally put down the bird. It didn't move. I prodded it. I batted at it. I wanted more hunting! Wake up, bird! But it was dead. Mom felt really bad. She thought I must have bit down harder when she was lifting me up. Mom had to pick me up and put me in another room so she could take the bird away and put it outside. she picked 2 flowers and laid them on the bird at the far edge of the lawn. She didn't know what to do, really. When, she came back inside, I had settled down to wash. I seemed a very cool customer. Mom shook her head and said, "Oh Toki."


I'm on the Moderncat blog!

July 28th 2011 7:16 am
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Hi everyone! I know I haven't been showing my whiskers around here lately, but it's not my fault. It's my mom's fault. She has been really busy at work with projects. Also there was that awful heatwave that made her so tired. I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up with your pages and diaries. I hope to catch up soon.

In other news: my mom's etsy store CatAtelier was featured on the Moderncat blog! My mom is beyond thrilled. We love that blog! Being the model and ambassador for CatAtelier, my pictures are all over the post. She showed it to me, and I thought, "Damn I'm good looking." UHHHHH... uhhhhhh... I mean.. uh Did I meow that out loud? What I REALLY thought was, "How wonderful for mommy!" Yeah that's what I thought. It's so exciting! And mom immediately got 5 new orders. Actually she is freaking because she has too much to do at her job too. But it's so amazing. Here is the blog post:

CatAtelier on Moderncat

ALSO! I got the figurine of me that my mom ordered from Tigger's etsy store, the Cat Fun Attic. It's AWESOME. My mom will post pics later. I specially requested that it be me having caught a bird. (to commemorate my successful hunting.) Tigger's dad did an amazing job! It's so charming and totally captures my personality and looks. (Sorry guys, Im having a vain morning. My mom was praising me and petting me all night. There's only so many times you can hear that you are the cutest in the universe before you start to believe it.) Wait til you see the pictures! You are going to be so jealous and want one made of yourself. Get one! We should all have one!

Here is the link to Tigger's store:

The Cat Fun Attic



June 26th 2011 4:10 pm
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It all started with a chase.
See, when I go out for walks, I like to peek around the corner of the house into the yard at the birds and squirrels at the bird feeders. Because the leash was only 6 ft long, when I would lunge, it would hold me back and mom would get yanked forward, and I would be disappointed. A couple times my mom would hold the leash loosely, and let me lunge, because she would immediately jump after me and grab the leash. (She knows this is stupid, but let me continue the story). This worked out because when the birds would fly away, and the squirrels would go up a tree, I would stop running.

Until the other day. I was peeking around the corner at the feeder and my mom was behind me holding the leash. Little did she know, that it wasn't only birds and squirrels I was peeking at. A chipmunk was eating spilled seed on the ground. I lunged and the leash flew out of my mom's hand. But chipmunks don't fly away or climb trees. They RUN. So when the chipmunk started running, I ran after it. Man those chipmunks can run fast! It ran all around the yard and the driveway, circling around, everywhere. And I ran after it. Meanwhile, my mom was running after me calling, "Toki! Toki!" It was like a Benny Hill chase. All we needed was that music.
I didn't catch the chipmunk. My mom finally got the leash and the chipmunk ran away. But my mom nearly had a heart attack from that chase. She decided no more letting go of the leash.
I was disappointed, to say the least. That night I was really worked up. At about 2:30am, I knocked mom's big container of threads and bobbins off a shelf, and it hit the wood floor with a tremendous crash. Tons of spools and bobbins went everywhere and the container cracked. I had some major zoomies, flying all over the place. Mom thinks it was pent up frustration from the chipmunk chase.

Mom ordered a retractable leash that extends up to 16 ft. It came yesterday morning, but mom had to work, so I only had a very short walk before work.

BUT today...
Today I unleashed the beast. The wild cat within. Mom extended the leash out and held onto the handle. I crouched low, keeping my belly close to the ground. I crept up silently and peeked around the corner. I stayed motionless. Then I sloooowly slowly got into position... and lunged. And I caught a sparrow! Even though my mom enabled this whole situation, she kind of felt confused about what to do. And sorry for the bird. I proudly carried the sparrow in my mouth to the front door.

"mmmm mmmmm!" open the door!
I tried to nudge open the door, but it was shut. I stood there and mom said, "No, Toki, you can't bring it inside. Let it go! Come on Toki. Let it go." I held on. Mom gave the leash a tug, but I stayed at the door.
"!!!!" open the door!
I opened my mouth to get a better grip, and the sparrow started to fly away, and I caught it again. I picked it up in my mouth again, and tried to get mom to open the door. She still refused. Finally, I walked kind of over to the yard, and I sort of opened my mouth, and the bird fluttered up. I leaped, but it flew away. Mom was happy that I hadn't killed it. She's not sure why, but she thinks I wanted to bring it inside and keep hunting it.
Even though the sparrow flew away, I was SO PROUD. I had a spring in my step. Mom feels secretly proud too. She knew I would be an excellent hunter. She is happy that I can still be safe on the leash too. She's still not sure what to do if I actually kill one. My grandpa says there are tons of birds though. What do you think?
Because this afternoon my mom took me out again, and I CAUGHT ANOTHER ONE. And my grandpa came out to see. Same scenario with me at the door with a bird in my mouth. This time it was a young sparrow. and when I went to the yard and opened my mouth, it stayed on the ground, stunned. I batted at it. My grandpa picked it up gently, and it sat for a moment in his hands, and then flew away. This one my mom isn't sure is going to be ok later. :/ What do you guys think about this?


too much nature?

May 31st 2011 3:18 pm
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Hi everyone! I hope you had a great Memorial Day and took a moment to thank everyone who has served in the armed forces, including the dogs. I don't know if cats serve. It seems more likely that we are served by others. But anyway...

So nature is creeping inside and mom is not happy. Yesterday a big black spider ran across my mom's bed. Luckily she was not in it at the time. I was busy at a window, and I didn't see it. I did turn when my mom started screaming. She took a magazine and viciously beat the spider to death with it. Oh the violence! The horror! I could hear dramatic opera music in my head. A more sensitive cat than me would have cried into his paws and meowed "Stop it mommy! it's already dead! it's already dead." But I don't get easily phased, and I just stared at her with a bemused expression on my face. Seems like a terrible waste of a snack. That was the 3rd spider this week and mom says I am slacking. She thinks it is disgusting when I eat them, but she doesn't want them around her either. I think she would like it if I just zipped around and took care of them while she isn't home. hmph.

Jaime Fox came by the yard in the morning yesterday. It had stormed very early and was still wet, so he looked all spiky and damp. He is looking much more fit, so I guess the food pickings are better. Could it be a different fox?

I have been meowing to go out way too much, my mom says. I also paw at the doorknob. I know that the doorknob opens the door, but I don't know how to work it. Mom says she has created a going-out monster. But it's summer now! I want my nature!



May 27th 2011 4:33 pm
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Today was so fun! The weather is perfect! Mild and sunny and breezy. It's supposed to thunderstorm later, but right now it sure is fine. Mom took me out for a walk, and I wandered around, looking at things, sniffing at things, meowing at things, poking at things. I saw a bunch of these weird squirmy worms around the lawn. Mom said they are earthworms. I poked and meowed. Any time I put my face too close though mom told me to stop because she didn't want to see me eat one or something. She doubts that they are bad for me, but the sight of me chewing on a worm would be too much. I didn't want to eat them anyway, I just wanted to get a closer sniff.
I almost caught a squirrel again. I surprised it around a corner. Once again, my mom slowed me down too much because she was holding on to the leash. I was so close this time. One second faster and I would have caught it. I looked back at my mom with a disappointed look and she felt really bad. My mom is not clumsy or slow normally, but compared to me, she feels like a ball and chain.
When we came back inside, she opened up the window and I sat at the screen watching some more nature. We are living on the ground floor, and I can see everything. Mom commutes to work in the city, which pretty much sucks, but she is glad that I have some nature. The small back yard is connected to a woodsy area, so a lot of animals come by.
There was a groundhog at the edge, and I stared at that guy. He was big! He was shaking some bushes, doing some stuff at the roots. I wonder what the heck that varmint was up to.
Then I saw a rabbit. They eat in the yard everyday, in the early morning and in the evening. They are brown and pretty big and well-fed looking. My mom likes to think about the rabbits of Watership Down when she sees them. I like to think about snatching one up and how tasty it would be when I see them.
There is a little red fox that comes into our yard at least once a week. Mom calls him our neighbor Jaime Fox. She loves him. One time the fox even went to sleep in the sunshine at the edge of the yard! My mom took pictures through the window. He looks very hungry and thin. Mom wonders if he wants to eat me. One time we went out for a walk though, and suddenly I looked very alertly at the brambles at the edge. In a few moments Jaime Fox came walking out. He saw us, got startled, and hastened back into the brambles. I also hastened away towards the door to go inside. Mom picked me up and watched to make sure the fox was leaving. She feels bad because he is so thin and small, but she knows that foxes are opportunists and will take what they can get. I think he eats the rabbits, but since they are fast, he probably can't get that many. He is not much bigger than me. My mom will put up some pictures of him and you will see he is very cute. The only thing that looks terribly wild and fierce about him is his yellow eyes. We can hear him bark at night too. It's a weird scream-y sort of sharp bark.
I just jumped on mom's shoulder and slipped and accidentally scratched her back with my back paw. When mom is on the computer too long I jump on her shoulders. and sometimes right onto the keyboard.
Now she is going to trim my claws. Curses!


mystical cat video

May 11th 2011 7:33 pm
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Have you guys seen the mystical cat video? It's really funny

mystical cat

All of these talking animal videos are hysterical.

talking animals


can you taste it

May 2nd 2011 8:47 pm
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Before I go into my diary entry, I would like to send purrs to Vern, who crossed to the bridge today. Poor little guy, only 10 months old. :( FIP is a devastating illness that progresses very quickly and is difficult to diagnose. My mom still has items in his auction, and I know his family will still have his vet bill to pay even though he is gone. I am not sure what is going to happen with it, but here is the link to the auction.
Vern's Auction page

I am sorry to move on to such an... odd topic. But here goes:

My mom gets thirsty at night and in the morning. So she keeps a glass of water by her bed. Sometimes she wakes up and takes a sip first thing.
Now I also get thirsty. Naturally, seeing a glass of water by the bed, I think, "How convenient!" It's much closer to my bed than my water fountain. How should I know that my mom wouldn't want to share it with me? Such a selfish thing would never occur to me.
This morning, my mom was getting dressed, and watching me run around and play, my innocent, happy frolicking. I go over to what I thought was "our" glass of water, and I start drinking. Mom goes, "What?! Toki! WHAT ARE YOU..? oh NOOOOOOO." She shoos me away from the glass and stares at it. She is frowning. She puts her hand over her stomach. I felt very insulted. I'll have you know that I am very clean. My butt is VERY CLEAN. I should know, I lick it every day. I bet my mom never tasted anything when she drank from that water glass.


Auction to help Vern!

April 27th 2011 9:58 am
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Meow everyone! Hi hi!
You all know Simone and River, right? Well Simone wrote in her diary about Vern's Auction. Vern is a 10 month old orange tabby cat who is having trouble walking. His mom had to take him to a cat neurologist, who said Vern would need special diagnostic tests to determine the problem. These tests cost a lot of money! We all know how much things like that cost. So Vern's mom is having an auction to raise money for the tests and treatment. My mom has donated stuff from her etsy store to the auction. Simone's mom donated some awesome catnip toys, and Hazel Lucy's mom donated a beautiful hat. Lots of Catsters are helping out! Please everyone take a look and bid on something if you can! My mom is paying the shipping on her items! It's such a good cause! Here is Vern's page so you can read his story/diary and get the link to the auction.

Vern's Catster page

Thanks! If you can't bid because you are broke too, please spread the word!


Spring Break at my place

April 16th 2011 6:12 pm
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Tonight I had dinner with my grandpa, which is totally great because he eats delicious things like beef and poultry, which my mom doesn't eat. He had yummy Angus beef tonight, that Mom broiled plain in the oven, with just a little butter. I ate lots of beef! Grandpa can't resist my cute face EVER! and Mom was fine with me having it, because there was no seasonings or sauce. Afterwards, she even let me lick up some beef juices and drippings from the pan. Foolishly, she knows now.

After eating, I always like to go to a high spot in the room, the highest shelf or whatever, to clean my face and lick my chest and stuff. Mom just recently put up a REALLY high shelf for me. I was up there licking my paw and cleaning my face, when suddenly, I leaned over the side of the shelf and...

beef juices and drippings.

It was like someone throwing up over a balcony on spring break.

Mom looked up and I was looking down at her, interested as usual in the clean up efforts. I am FINE.

I'm a BRO. And my mom did a GREAT JOB cleaning it up. :D



April 10th 2011 9:19 pm
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My mom is feeling terrible because I threw up one of her hair bands/elastics. She knew I liked to play with them, but she had never seen me eat one. I seem fine now, but mom is really freaked out. She feels so guilty for leaving it out! :(
Right now she is going to clear out all her hair bands and put them away. I hope all of your mommies are not as careless as mine! I love my mom, but she needs to be more on point. She will be watching me closely to see if I seem sick. :(

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