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Whatever you're doin, I WANT IN

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I need your opinion on cat toys

March 3rd 2012 2:24 pm
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Hey, mom wants to get me some new toys, but she is not sure if I will like any. She wants to try out some that are not wand toys. I have a ton of wand toys, and they are great, but I need variety.

Does anyone have this? peek a prize cat toy box
and if so, do you like it? Mom is very iffy on it. It's a lot to pay for something I might ignore.
Here is another version of it, except smaller:
peek and play

This one my mom just ordered: bergan starchaser
I hope it's good!

Here is one of those dvds for cats. Sorry Tabbies, it's all BIRDS: Mewvie Birdland Bonanza
and another one that looks much better: Cat Sitter dvd

I only watch tv very rarely. But I definitely react to nature sounds on tv.

So.... What do you guys think?


well here it is

February 26th 2012 9:04 pm
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Well, here it is. the post article

It's not as big a train wreck as I thought it would be, but it could've been better. The writer didn't put in all the stuff mom said about me. Mom told about my personality, how I'm really smart and that I taught myself to open the toaster oven door, and other stuff. Instead she did include that mom wants to get a female aby some day, which is true, but taken out of context, without all the good things she said about me, it kind of makes it seem like she is dissatisfied with her cat. Also, mom said that I am calm during photo shoots, which is true, but mom doesn't want people to get the wrong idea about Abys, that we are very calm quiet cats. We Abys are very curious and active and need a lot of attention.
Also, the writer edited out Zach's name! When describing the Bond inspired untied Bow tie, mom said it was a custom request for Zachery, a tuxedo cat. She said how James Bond was his idol and how the collar looks on a tuxie, because they already have the tuxedo part on, it just looks like they had a wild night drinking martinis at a casino. At least the writer did put in the part about it being for a cat whose idol was James Bond. Sorry Zach! I wanted your name to be in there too.
One thing that mom said that was kind of dumb was that the collars can be adjusted to fit any size cat, which is not really correct because they can only be adjusted within an inch. But that is mom's fault, she was tongue-tied and didn't say it right. Oh well. The funny thing is mom didn't get any orders today! She did get a lot after the buzzfeed thing, and laughing squid and jezebel. interesting. It must be that people who read stuff online are more likely to be interested in that sort of thing.


Almost famous

February 25th 2012 5:09 am
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OMG, I am... I am FAMOUS! Things seem to be blowing up for me online. I am on buzzfeed and laughing squid and look at this: turkish(?) site I don't even know what language that is, maybe turkish?
Mom said all the attention is going to my head. She said to stop calling her bedroom "The Green Room" and that I'm not on a reality show called America's Next Top Modelcat. Also, that I can't start demanding to be fed only free-range organic chicken and that she doesn't have any crystal goblets like the Fancy Feast cat has. I told her that she's the worst personal assistant I've ever had and knocked her iphone onto the floor.

Seriously, though, my mom has been overwhelmed with work and she is actually feeling panicked about the whole thing. She had a couple big deadlines at her job in addition to the etsy stuff, and she has barely had enough sleep lately. She is just abysmal at time management. I am being totally neglected! Mom feels so guilty. :( Yesterday we had a nice night finally. Mom put all her work aside and spent some quality time with me. We had the Great CHicken Night, when she bakes my chicken for me in the toaster oven. This time I was so excited I opened the toaster oven door while it was still baking and mom had to scold me. She doesn't want me to get burned. I just wanted to see how it was doing.
So, mom is back to scrambling around today. Tomorrow, Sunday, there is going to be an article about me, I mean CatAtelier, in the NY Post pets section. If anyone is in the NY area, please check it out. The interview is going to be pretty bad, mom said, because half of it was a phone interview and mom went blank and said dumb things. She sounded like a moron. I was there, gaping at her. She is terrible on the phone. Really embarrassingly bad. But there will be lots of pictures of ME. And I'm the REAL star. I am America's Next Top Modelcat! (Oh come on mom, I'm only joking. Kind of.) The reporter also asked about mom's inspiration for different items. When she asked about the Bond inspired untied bow tie, mom told her it was a custom request for Zachery, a tuxedo cat from Catster, and that James Bond is his idol. So unless she edits what mom said, Zach will be mentioned in the Post too! Anyway, mom is nervous about that article. Everybody she knows reads the Post and she is worried she will have to go into hiding from embarrassment. We will see.
I hope you all are doing well. Mom and I are sorry we haven't been able to check in on you and see what you are doing. Mom hasn't even finished Tully's and Ingen's prizes from my contests! Isn't that just awful? Soon though.
Take care, my friends! I miss you!


DESPICABLE! and shocks of a different kind

February 16th 2012 9:57 pm
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Do any of you guys read New York magazine? If you do, then you might know about their Approval Matrix. They put things, people, events, etc., all over it. Mapped out under Highbrow, Lowbrow, Brilliant, and Despicable. It's pretty funny. Mom always giggles at it.
But guess what! Mom's etsy store is on there under Despicable!!

New York magazine's Approval Matrix!

Don't worry, mom actually thinks it's really funny and kind of fabulous to be on there, even under despicable. It's like CatAtelier has really arrived. It's like free advertising! Dressing cats is definitely not for everyone, and mom already knew that when she started making stuff. One of her best guy friends said it was "a little creepy", but that dressing dogs was ok. Mom said "Whatever. You don't know ANYTHING." heeheehee. She stubbornly still continues doing it. Yup, future crazy cat ladies like my mom are tough, resilient creatures. :P

Hey, by the way, I feel like winter is finally ending. I can't wait to go for real, long walks outside. I've been sooo bored! And the squirrels need to be taught a lesson. They're getting way too smug. Sitting there, flipping their tails, eating their stolen birdseed. I can just hear them singing like that annoying Willow Smith song, about their tails instead of their hair: "I flip my tail back and forth, I flip my tail back and forth!" Bunch of miscreants, they are.

I'm also sick of my mom giving me electric shocks when she pets me. Isn't that annoying? I'll be all chilled out (but nice and warm) with sleepy eyes, and then my mom is like I'VE GOT THE POWER!! and touches me and SNAP CRACKLE POP! electric static shock! So annoying.

I have been enjoying laying under the warm heating vent though, on my high shelf. In fact, I'm going to do that right now. Ciao!



February 15th 2012 10:44 pm
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Hi guys! sorry my mom didn't get to do this yesterday- I hope it doesn't feel anticlimactic because she didn't stick to the original "end" of the contest.

I have decided to enter all of the cats from the first contest even if they didn't comment in the second one. Their names will be added at the end of the list which is in the order of commenting.

1. River
2. Pipo
3. Ingen
4. Milo
5. Harley
6. Skylar
7. Sigmond
8. Tristan
9. Tiny Tot
10. Jezebel
11. Fearless
12. Da Tabbies of Trout Town
13. Cole
14. Tinkerbell
15. Griswold
16. Gump
17. Snow the Kitten
18. Gleek
19. Nonny
20. Vinny
21. Miss Mittens
22. Smokie-Boo
23. Nuk Anuk
24. Pixie

I'm going to go get the results now...
Good luck everyone! (does that work? it kind of cancels itself out, huh.)

OK, LISTEN UP, LISTEN UP! I did it! The winner is...

INGEN! Congratulations Ingen! MEOW! PURR. Ingen girl, you will soon be stylin' with a new collar.

Please pawmail my mom with your address. I will post a photo of the results of the sequence.

EVERYBODY! Thanks so much for entering my contest! Headbonks to you all, and I hope you will join in the next one. (You might be the winner!)


GUESS WHAT? I am going to pick a 2nd winner! On Sunday!- Comment here to enter!

February 9th 2012 3:56 pm
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So, it turns out that mom is making a different size for Tully because he is such a fine, majestic mancat, with a thick lion mane, so I AM GOING TO GIVE AWAY ANOTHER COLLAR TO ONE OF YOU! Mom jumped the gun and made the 9-10" collar size already, so one of you can win it. I am really happy, because I felt bad only one kitty got to win.

This time the winner won't be chosen until ***TUESDAY NIGHT. So just leave a comment here if you would like to be part of it, one kitty contestant per family.

hip hip HURRAY!

P.S.- measure your necks! heehee. The size adjusts between 9 - 10 inches, and mom recommends about 0.5"+ extra from the actual neck measurement. Have your mom/dad use a measuring tape or string, and measure tightly, but not pulling.



February 8th 2012 6:02 pm
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Okay, here is what I'm going to do:
Everyone who commented/guessed gets a number in the order that they commented.

1. Miss Mittens
2. Smokie-Boo
3. Tristan
4. Tully
5. Jezebel
6. Pipo
7. Harley
8. Cole
9. Sigmond
10. Ollie
11. Zoe Autumn Sunshine
12. Nuk Anuk
13. Skylar
14. Fearless
15. Gump
16. Milo
17. Pixie

Mom is too much of a cheapskate to pay for a random drawing at, so she will use one of their free services: the sequence generator

if you enter the number of entrants, it generates a random sequence of numbers, and the first one is the winner. So, I will post this entry first. Then I will do the "drawing" and announce the winner in the comments.


super QUICK new CONTEST! Win a CatAtelier COLLAR & BOW TIE!- one question! !!!!

February 2nd 2012 12:59 am
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HEY EVERYBODY! This is a quick new contest to win a collar and bow tie. It's really a dumb contest, but my mom wanted to do something silly and fast. Soooooo....

I am pretty sure I have never mentioned the answer to this. But if I did, and you remember it, than you deserve the prize just for having a good memory. Here goes:

Guess the day of my mom's birthday! She is a Gemini, so it is any day from May 21 through June 21.

One guess per family. If no one guesses correctly, than I will announce the second round of guesses, and your family can try again. But there are only 32 days to choose from! Choose carefully!

THE WINNER gets a Round collar in holly Green, with a coordinating tie. Very cute!

All you have to do is write your guess in your comment here.
PLEASE CHECK the comments above you to see what has already been chosen. The First cat to guess correctly wins.



finally a cat-a-pole. and other thoughts

February 1st 2012 7:12 pm
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Well well well.
On Christmas, I had a little request. I had been seeing some stuff about this new toy called a Cat-a-Pole. It's a long pole with this bendy tube attached to a mouse-bird thingy. It looked COOOOL. I wanted one. So, my mom went online, and ordered one for me. Then we waited. And waited. And waited. No Cat-a-Pole. Mom sent a polite email. No response. Then she sent a not so polite email. No response. I was so very sad every day when she came home and there was no long package for me. :(
Finally, after a full month, mom called. They said the Cat-a-Pole was going to be mailed out that very day. But they didn't offer any reason for the delay until my mom asked. They said they had been overwhelmed. Mom was annoyed, but she decided to let it go as long as the Cat-a-Pole came.
And it did! Finally! I knew as soon as I saw that long package, that it was for me. It is pretty great. I jumped and shimmied in the air, going after that mouse-bird. It's cool because the pole and bendy tube is really long. Mom doesn't think it will replace my all time favorite toy, the fishing fly toy, but I am having some fun.
Anyway, in other news, it was really warm today! Like in the 60s! Mom took me out, and I sniffed and explored the yard. She has been home a lot, because it is slow at the studio. On cold days this winter, I just take a quick turn around and then want to go back in, but not today. I heard some rustling near the woodsy edge, and we saw some deer. They took off, jumping with their tails all white and bushy in the air. Mom has a funny relationship with the deer in our area. She calls them a**holes. It shocks me. My mom, the animal lover. It all started very early one morning when we heard sounds in the yard. Mom had been up all night working on something, and the sun was not up yet. She looked outside, and saw a doe helping herself to the birdseed in the hanging feeder. Right next to the window. She had her tongue sticking right into it and tipping the seed into her mouth, munching away. Mom went over and knocked on the window, but the doe paid no mind. I got interested too, and jumped into the window to watch. When the doe finished all the seed, it went over to the edge of the yard and took a poop. Seriously! My mom got really mad and went out and yelled, "You a**hole doe!" She really couldn't help yelling, even though our neighbors probably heard.
So that is why my mom calls the deer in our area a**holes. Because of that one doe. Today, when we saw the deer, I watched them jumping away curiously, but mom just grumbled to herself.


Dreamboat #54!!

January 18th 2012 5:46 pm
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GUESS WHAT?!! I'm a Dreamboat!
Samoa has named me Dreamboat #54! I am now in the excellent company of many other handsome mancats on her Dreamboat list. It quite makes me embarrassed, because I never thought of myself that way. Mom tells me I'm handsome all the time, but I'm no lady killer. I think I'm still a kitten at heart. But I do love getting attention! And I am honored to be chosen. I guess maybe it's cause I'm a male model... heeheehee. Maybe I should get posters printed of my face! Just kidding. :D Congratulations to all the other Dreamboats, and Dreamboats in Training, and Angel Dreamboats! I feel like I have a lot to live up to. Can someone teach me how to become a rake? I don't even know what my mom meant when she said I should be a rake, but it sounds cool. Does that mean I'll be spending more time in the yard? Raking leaves? :P huh Mom?
Thanks so much to sweetheart Samoa. You gave my mom the giggles when she read your diary.

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