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Whatever you're doin, I WANT IN

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return of the zombie cat

April 23rd 2010 9:27 pm
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mom is hard at work on a project, and has lots of different materials all over the place. I was hard at work before too, playing with all her materials and making a nuisance of myself. Feathers, fabric... I was going so fast- like Bruce Lee's fists of fury, except mine were paws of fury. Now I am so tired out, I'm sleeping with my eyes slightly open, like I do sometimes. Raaaaah! Zombie cat!


Host with the Most

April 21st 2010 5:30 pm
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Today is a better day. I was running and playing, and mom said my leg looks much better. She still noticed a little stiffness, but I'm not letting it slow me down. A repairman came, and I greeted him at the door like I do with all guests. I just love entertaining. I followed him everywhere to watch him work- make sure he's doing a good job. Mom is always amused with my host routine. She said I'm not like any cat she's ever had. of course not! I am unique! Welcome to my lovely home!



April 20th 2010 6:40 pm
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I hurt my leg. :( I was walking on the bed, and the string pull for the blinds was trailing onto the bed. I must have stepped into it, because my leg got caught. Mommy was sitting on the bed, and saw it happen, but it was too fast to do anything. When I tried to jump and my leg was caught, I got very freaked out and starting yanking and shaking until it was free. I walked away, but I was limping a little. Mommy was very upset. She picked me up and checked my leg, touching all the muscles and tendons, etc., but I didn't react or wince or cry. She put me down to watch me walk, and I was being very tentative with one of my back legs, holding it a little stiff. I jumped up onto my high shelf, and all over, so mom decided to watch me and wait to see how it was later. I played, took a nap, and ate my dinner. Right now I have almost no limp, but I still look a little stiff with that back leg. :( Hopefully by tomorrow I will be ok, or I will have to go to the vet.



April 17th 2010 11:08 am
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I'm in the mood for love.
I woke up mommy before 6 am with my usual taps on her face with my paw. After breakfast I cleaned my face, then climbed back into bed with her, as usual on the blanket, using her legs as a cradle. Makes me feel so comforted like a baby.
Later on I began to get that loving feeling. Mommy had gone back to sleep, so I sat on the pillow and kissed her face. I'm not usually much of a face kisser, so she was very happy. Then I licked her hand and tucked my head under her hand so she would pet it. I've got to get the petting started while she's wasting time sleeping. I kissed her hand and kept tucking my head under it. Finally she was fully awake and petting. She gave me a lovely head massage and lots of kisses. Hurray! Love love LOVE!



April 15th 2010 9:03 pm
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Special Agent 00TOKI ready to report.

TARGET: mommy's leg
OBJECTIVE: take it down
METHOD: pounce and tackle
PLAN: sneak attack from concealed location
NOTES: Target sighted heading towards bedroom door, oblivious to my silent death stalk. I slipped into position like a shadow to await the walk-by. POUNCE! TACKLE! Maneuver fails to take down the target.
OUTCOME: Mommy's leg remains at large.


life in the slammer

April 12th 2010 7:25 pm
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I love FOOD. food food food! I love my cans of Wellness, but I also want some of what mom is eating. Gimme gimme! Mom said she eats like she's in prison, with one arm around her plate, and very wary. It's her fault too, cause she gives me a little sometimes. That makes me really HAPPY; I love yummy food!
Mom is happy that toothbrushing has been going well. My breath is much improved, and my gums look better. I still don't like it, but I don't fight it as much. Yesterday, mommy heard me purring while she was brushing. She doesn't know if it was necessarily a happy purr though. Kind of strange, right? She does hold me and pet my head though, so maybe that's why. I don't even know, myself.
Anyway, it's been nice these past couple days, if a bit cold. Mom said she's been considering teaching me to walk on a harness and leash outside. For short walks. She hasn't decided though, but I sure hope so! I love adventure. meow meow!


happy turkey- I mean Easter!

April 4th 2010 1:36 pm
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I thought I was in the clear because I made it through the whole week with no bunny ears. I should have known I wouldn't escape cause my name means rabbit. Yesterday, I was taking a lovely nap and she jumped me! bunny ears with PINK inside?and a PINK bow? Mommy, I think you've been working with too many theatre guys. If you wanted a girl cat, you should've gotten one. I'm going to have to see a kitty therapist.
Well I made it through that humiliation okay. When is the next holiday?

Anyway, at least today is turning out to be pretty great. I had lots of ROAST TURKEY at grandma and grandpa's. I love ROAST TURKEY. mom said the turkey was 11 pounds, and I weigh only 9 pounds. Mom doesn't eat beef or poultry (fool!) so I got to eat lots. I could eat that whole turkey, I bet. Forget bunnies, I think there should be an Easter Turkey.
I hope all my catster friends got to eat well today or for Passover. Happy Easter everybody! meow meow!



April 1st 2010 8:11 am
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It's a great day! I've got a sparkle in my eye, and a spring in my step. Right now I'm kicking my stuffed ferret doll and carrying it around the place so I can kick it some more.
Mom was very grumpy last night, because I was awake making a ruckus all night. I broke 3 porcelain things that mom was foolish enough to leave out on a shelf. I've been making a ruckus every night lately. Even though mommy plays with me a lot every day, she thinks I am bored and need a friend. She feels really bad because she can't afford to keep another cat right now because money is very tight. She promised me that as soon as she can, she's going to get me a brother or sister. For now, she's just going to have to play with me more every night to try and tire me out.
Me, I'm still going to make a ruckus every night. And I'm still going to press mommy's face with my paws every morning so she wakes up with a smile.



March 26th 2010 9:53 pm
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I am hiding because I am very upset.
Mommy had noticed that my breath was stinky, so she looked at my teeth. she said my gums look red. She went out and bought a kitty toothbrush and toothpaste. yesterday, she let me taste a little. Silly me, I licked it right off. it was ok. Then, she held me and opened my mouth and started brushing away. Raaaaaaah! I HATE IT! As soon as she put me down, I took off and hid. I got over it in a little while and decided to forgive her.
Then tonight, she did it again! And we had been having such a fun time tonight. She bought a toy badminton racket and was hitting my toys across the place so I could run after them. It was so fun!
After all that, she had to ruin my night by brushing my teeth again. BAD MOMMY


damn I'm good looking

March 24th 2010 3:01 pm
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Today, as I was running by the sliding mirror door to the closet, I got so caught up in my reflection that I ran into the door frame.

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