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The new place..

January 27th 2010 5:47 am
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We have been at the new place for a few days and this one is nicer than the last. There is alot to look at out each window and there are these furry things outside that Kit said were called squirrels they are fun to watch and there`s lots of trees too and this morning there was a black and white cat out by the door but we werent allowed to let him in, he ran away anyway, mommy said he probably was a feral cat with no home that`s sad but he looked healthy so maybe he was being fed. I`m glad I have a home.
I love this stuff called sun its so nice and warm and I love sleeping in it. We will be going to another place soon so mommy can shop at the flea market but I don`t know what that is then we go to the dog Sterling`s favorite place and Kit said it`s alot like this place.


Traveling is fun

January 24th 2010 5:50 pm
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I like this thing called traveling it`s fun and Cassie and Jewel have been playing with me, we have fun chasing each other around and jumping on each other. I have fun playing on the cat tree and even take naps there with Cassie. I found a nice spot by a window where mommy put a blanket for me and I can watch stuff outside. Tomorrow we are going to another place for a few days so I`ll get to see even more things. I think I`m doing good with this traveling stuff and mommy is proud of me. I got a toy that has a ball in it that goes around in a circle and I can almost catch it but I c an`t get it out so I just keep hitting it and making it go in circles until I get bored. I can`t wait to see where we go tomorrow and I love when we are moving and I can sit on mommy`s lap and look out the window.


My first road trip..

January 21st 2010 2:49 pm
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So far I think I`m doing pretty good and it`s kind of fun too. I didn`t get sick and spent time on mommys lap then curled up on the couch with Kit. Mom said were stuck waiting out something called an ice storm but hopefully we can go again tomorrow because now I really want to see all the neat things that Kit has told me about. Poor Simon is feeling really yucky and really hates traveling so mom may make other arrangements for him in the future. Me and Jewel have been playing but dad keeps telling us to get off the counters I guess were not supposed to play there. Cassie is still laying around but Jewel said in a day or 2 she`ll be ready to play. I wonder how tomorrow will be I hope the sun shows up!!


Lots of stuff going on..

January 20th 2010 2:40 pm
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Things here been really busy here today I`m not really sure what`s going on but Kit and Simon told me we`re going on a winter trip and it will be fun. Kit said this is his 3rd year but all the rest of us it will be our first time even though Cassie, Jewel and Simon said they have been on a couple of trips in this thing called a moving house it will be my very first time and it`s a little scary after hearing Jewel and Cassie say at first it makes them sick until they get used to it, I hope I don`t get sick because that doesn`t sound like fun at all... Cassie said it gets better once we get on smoother roads.

I`ve been really doing good in my new home, mommy and daddy are really nice and take good care of me but I`m not too sure about Sterling the dog I don`t really like him and hiss at him so he doesn`t come near me. Jewel said he isn`t bad he`s just lonely since his cat friends Salem and Duchess went to a place called the Rainbow Bridge.

I`ll add more about my trip once I learn more about it.



Having Fun..

January 17th 2010 6:49 pm
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I`ve been really having a lot of fun in my new home. All the Kits like me and Jewel really loves to play with me. We have so much fun chasing each other all over the house and running through KitKats tunnel, he doesn`t seem to mind though and will even play with me too and he also likes to give me a bath so I guess he is happy to be my big brofur. Cassie has been playing with me too but she can be picky about toys that she thinks are hers and she has been going in my new carrier that mom bought and laying in it, She thinks everything is hers. Cassie is called The Princess and boy she sure acts like one! I`m still waiting to find out what this moving house is all about Kit says we only have a few more days to wait and then I`ll see what all the talk is about.


I got my own collar!

January 15th 2010 5:28 pm
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Ok but I really didn`t like it at first but it`s pretty and blue for a boy but it has shiny things on it that dad told mom she should take off because it was girly but she wouldn`t. Mom also fitted me with a harness I didn`t like that though but she said she wants to teach me to do all the things that Salem did and she gave me Salem`s harness, I guess if I wear it I can sit outside with her and dad just like Salem so maybe it won`t be bad and I should give it a try. Mom said she ordered me a name tag for my collar like everyone else wears and she got a nice blue soft carrier that I can go in when we are moving and I`ll have it all to myself! Cassie and Jewel share a huge soft crate. Kit and Simon don`t go in a crate. Kit told me that we will be going on a long trip soon but not to be afraid because it`s fun and he`ll help teach me things. There`s so much for me to take in at my new home but I know mom will protect me:)


Toys toys toys!!!

January 11th 2010 3:31 pm
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Toys are soooo much fun! mom gave me some little ones to play with and I am having a good time with them. KitKat is letting me play with his tunnel which is a really neat kind of toy! I can run full speed right through it and both Kit and Simon let me p,lay with them too.

Cassie and Jewel are getting to like me too I think all 3 of us were running through the house and playing tag and I really liked it. Kit told me we are going to travel soon but I`m not sure what that is and I hope we come back here, Kit said we all go together and come back so I`m happy to hear that because I love my new home.


It`s been exciting...

January 9th 2010 4:20 pm
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I`ve been having a great time exploring the house and I think Cassie and Jewel are starting to accept me as their little brother. Jewel and Cassie even played a little with me but they still don`t want to share heir toys. I like having a mommy that I can snuggle up and sleep with it makes me feel so secure. KitKat and Simon have been really nice to me and are showing me how to do things. I`m really happy to have a home!


My First night..

January 7th 2010 5:27 pm
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Tonight is mt first night in my new furever home. Both my brothers also went to their new homes too.
When I got here I got to cuddle with my new mommy and meet my furbrothers and sisters, they seemed nice but I wanted to eat and explore so I didn`t hang out with them instead I curled up and watched TV with mommy. The house is really big so I know it will take me awhile to figure my way around it and there are lots of toys and places to hide. My new sister Jewel follows me all over but I don`t let her get too close yet.

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