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My foster sis left

March 20th 2010 4:52 pm
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Squeak left today for her new home, it`s already lonely here without her, she was so much fun to play with and we chased each other all over the house and curled up together in the sun to sleep. I still have Cassie & Jewel to play with but it`s not the same. I hope Squeak will be happy in her new home and get lots of love and attention like she did here but I sure do miss her...


Feeling a bit better

March 16th 2010 9:37 am
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Toda I feel a bit better but still tired. It was nice that I was given breakfast too I was sure hungry from not eating much yesterday. I had a little food when we got home but then curled up on the couch and slept right through the night until little Squeak kitten woke me up at 5 am wanting to play so I played with her for awhile but mom kept seperating us because Squeak isn`t allowed to play rough for awhile but she was the one that kept getting rough not me!! There`s lots of sun spots in the house so I think I`ll go lay in one and take another nap:)


Well that was just not nice...

March 15th 2010 5:37 pm
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This morning I got woke up and was expecting to get fed but nope, mom grabbed me and put me in that box thing then dad put me in the truck with him and brought me to the clinic, I tried to tell him I was not sick so take me back home but nope, he gave me to a girl and left me. The next thing I knew was I was laying down and everything got dark and when I woke up OUCH! I couldn`t sit so I laid down and went back to sleep, then the girl came back and put me in that box thing and carried me out the door then I saw mom and dad there I was not happy at all but glad they came back for me. I also saw the girl bring Squeak out too and we both went into the car. When I got home I ate a little then climbed on the couch and went back to sleep , I`m sooo tired! Maybe tomorrow I`ll feel like playing but tonight I just want to sleep....


The food is gone!!

March 14th 2010 5:33 pm
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I`m in shock, mom took away all the food and water dishes and said I can`t eat until later tomorrow! How horrible I love to eat and she won`t let me because she said I have to go to the vet to be snipped whatever that is. I hope it`s not something bad that they are doing because I got to rough with Squeak. The other cats are mad at me now too because they can`t have any food but if you ask me they can all go without food for awhile if you know what I mean;) My carrier is set out with a toy to take with me so at least I`ll have something to keep me company


I really didn`t mean to..

March 12th 2010 4:57 pm
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Last night I was playing with our foster sisfur just like we did all week, we would run from one end of the house to the other and wrestle but last night while we were playing and running I knocked her over and she got a bad bruise, mom put her in the bedroom but this morning she wasn`t feeling better so mom and dad took her to the clinic and she had to get a shot and stay overnight she might be able to come home tomorrow night if she`s doing better but won`t be allowed to play with me. I feel bad because today she was supposed to go home with her new mommy. Mommy also said dad is taking me to the clinic Monday for some kind of procedure but I hope they come back for me and don`t leave me there, they said that I would be coming home later in the day...I hope so


Fun with foster kitty

March 9th 2010 10:54 am
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We`ve had a new kitty here for a couple of days and she has been lots of fun to play with. She was born around Christmas and went to a new home a week ago but was returned so mom took her here because she has a friend with a kitty my age that needs a playmate so until she goes to her new home this weekend I get to teach her how to play tag and she sure is a fast learner and really tough for a girl! We run all over the house and chase each other and I have been showing her all the cool places to hide. I`m going to miss her when she leaves but mom is talking about taking foster kitties in to get them ready for new homes this summer and she said I could help her which will be fun!!


My first long trip

February 26th 2010 9:07 am
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I think I did reall well for my first time as a RV Kitty. I traveled well according to mom and didn`t get any of that yucky sick stuff from moving like Simon does. I loved sleeping on mom`s lap or laying on the couch with Jewel and Kit. There was so much to see and I got to see birds and squirrels. There wasn`t much room to run or play like at home but it was still fun and I hope we get to do more trips but maybe not as long! It`s been fun at home and we have lots of room to run and play now. Mom has to download her pictures from our trip and I think she has some of me to add to my page for me to share. I`m happy to have a home where I can do so many fun things and family to play with.


I`m having fun..

February 10th 2010 3:17 pm
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I`m having a good time on m first trip and like the moving house even though we haven`t moved in awhile. I have fun playing with kit, Jewel and Cassie but there isn`t a lot of room for us to run around. Mom has lots of toys here for us so we have stuff to play with and it`s fun to sit and look out the window at all the stuff outside. Mom said this weekend will be busy here with a lt of people they call campers because it`s something called Presidents Day. I still wish the warm stuff would come because it sounds nice at least from what Kit says. I did get to sit outside with mom once already and it was nice but I was a little scared at first but I sat on mommy`s lap for a bit and then she let me go inside with the other kits again. I think I`m doing good so far and at least not getting in trouble like Cassie!!


We got to Kits fav place

February 1st 2010 11:45 am
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I can see why Kit likes this place so much, it`s really pretty and we can see trees and birds and things out of every window and the big window gets sunny at times so it`s nice to lay in. I still love the moving part it`s fun to watch everything change and I have a nice blanket on the kitchen table to lay on. Cassie hides when we move but will sometimes come on the couch and sleep. I`ve been having so much fun!!


Another place..

January 29th 2010 7:04 pm
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We moved again but I don`t really like this place much it`s kind of noisy with people riding things that make a lot of noise mom said they are motorcycles, I sure don`t like them! Kit said we`ll only be here for a short time then go to his and Sterling`s favorite place. Kit said it`s a lot like the last place we were at which was nice there was a lot of stuff to look at. I`ve been having fun playing with Cassie and Jewel we chase each other all over the moving house and play by the big window too. I really love my new home and family and am having so much fun!! Mom said I`m a natural at traveling too..

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