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Copper Kitty

September 13th 2012 11:26 am
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Hey, everbuddy; I gotta tell ya a story bout a cool kitty who lives in Helena, Montana. He is not on Catster, but he should be. His name is Copper cuz of the color of his eyes. He is orange and white, and he gots long furs like the Peekster.

Copper was at a shelter in Helena when his mama founded him and decided to let him adopt her. She runs an anteek mall in Helena called Golden Girls. After Copper adopted his mama, she decidered to take him to work and see how he liked it. Copper liked workin so much he decidered he wanted to live at the anteek mall. It is in an old buildin with an upstairs, and Copper gets to go anywhere he wants! That includes layin on the counter where ya pay for stuff so he can greet customers. There is a sign on the door that sez somethin like "Don't let the cat out; he lives here," and he even gots a coupla giant cage thingies outside with little hammocks and stuff. When the weather is nice, Copper gets to go out in his cage thingies and watch all the peeples goin by on Last Chance Gulch.

Mama catnot pet nuther kitties cuz of Peekie's dizease, but she loves greetin Copper when she and daddy go anteekin. When we were in Helena a few days ago mama and daddy went to Golden Girls. They were in the very last part of the store lookin around. There was a display case with glass stuff in it right next to a big china cabinet that was real tall. While mama and daddy were standin there, Copper jumped on the display case. He looked at mama and daddy like he was sayin "watch this!" Then he leaped up onto the top of the china cabinet. While mama was tryin to recover from her shockiness, daddy went around to the nuther side of the cabinet. Daddy tooked down a little pickernik basket that was on top, and there was Copper. When he saw daddy lookin at him, Copper stretched out and hanged one of his paws off the edge and turned over on his back and looked at daddy upside down and gave daddy a big smile. Later mama asked Copper's mama if he did that often, and she said "oh, all the time." Geez, every time I try somethin like that at home I get yelled at.

So, kitties, that is Copper's story. Long may he rule Golden Girls.


Nip Harvest

September 11th 2012 6:51 pm
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Jeepers, where did summer go? It was here just a minut ago. We are ekspectin freezy temperatures in Big Sky Country tonight.

Yesterday mama moved the huge mater plants to the shed until the maters are done ripenin. Every day when it is nice mama can open the double shed doors and let the mater plants have some sunshine for finishin the maters. Mama gives em just enuff water to keep em goin for awhile longer.

Today mama was out diggin hugerest plants outta the garden so she could plant her new plants. They are called coneflowers, but I do not know what is so coney bout em. They just looked like little green plants to me and the Peekster. Mama is more determined than intellergunt cuz she broked another shovel tryin to pry a huge lily out. She digged lilies, sage, fennel, and lavender plants outta the garden. Mama sez this time next year maybee we will have more flowers instead of what she calls a "sea of green."

Cuz it might freeze tonight, mama harvested Peekie's and my nip. She cutted it pretty short with some sissers. Then she brought it in in a tray and started fixin it while she was watchin the evenin news. Peekie and I are spoiled cuz mama is real particular bout our nip. She cuts the leaves off and spreads em out to dry, but they can onliest be the nice leaves. Crinkly brown yucky stuff does not make the cut. Peekie got pretty stranj cuz mama was cuttin the good leaves off, and then she let us play with the stems. The livin room carpet smelled pretty nippy by the time mama finished, and the Peekster was worned out from rollin around in the nip. I think she ate some too. Then she crashed. I like the nip pretty much too, but I would NEVER get all silly like my baby sister. After all, I am a mancat and a pirate to boot...


Woohoo, Home!

September 10th 2012 8:06 pm
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I am real glad to be home. Mama and daddy sed they never had such a terbl vacashun, but at least nothun bad happened to me and the Peekster. I guess I was kinda mean to Peekie. I told her she better not get lostered outside at night or those coyotes that camed in the RV Park would eat her up! Then she looked so skared I felt bad.

I pulled a trick on mama yesterday. I never fuss in my carrier while we are on the road, so when I started to wail just before we got to the truck stopper place, mama thought I had to go potty. While daddy fueled up the big noisy truck, mama took me in the campsterer to go potty. Imagine her sprise when she put me in the potty and I looked at her like "Are you crazy, lady? I do NOT need the potty!" I did get a few minutes of pets and mama time, but then she shoved me back in my carrier, and daddy strapped me back in. After that it did not take long to get home.

While we were gone, mama's new camcorder thingie camed. She and daddy played with it a little bit, and I am pretty sure we are takin it to Virgelle. Mama catnot wait to film me and the Peekster. I am pretty sure I will be the star cuz I am way cooler than Peekie, but the Peekster sez she will be the star because she does cute better.

We love goin to Virgelle. We stay in a bigger cabin now. It has two big beds, so Peekie and I have a napsterin and playin bed for the daytime. The windows have wide ledge thingies so I can lay in the window and watch for that kitty who lives with the ferry mistress. His name is Garfield, and he wants to meet me pretty bad. I think I could take him, but mama and daddy say he is awful street smart.

I do not think the ferry mistress will take us across the river cuz we are not really goin nowhere, but daddy sez if Unkl Jimmy is runnin the ferry on the weekend he might take us all the way across the river and back just for fun. I sure hope Unkl Jimmy is there.

Thanks to everykitty and all their peeples for purrin for our daddy. He seems lots better. Now if mama just does not catch whatever daddy had, we can go have some fun this weekend.


Purrs for Daddy?

September 8th 2012 6:17 pm
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Our vacashun is not workin out quite the way we planned it. Our daddy is feelin pretty sick, and he has been for the last few days. Poor daddy has to get us home safe tomorrow drivin the big noisy truck and pullin the campster trailer through Wolf Creek Canyon.

If anybuddy has some purrs to spare, we would be REAL grateful. We just wanna get home safe and get our daddy well.


A Weal Wabbit

September 7th 2012 7:00 pm
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Jeepers, we had an adventure alreddy. Last night the Peekster and I were watching TV out the screen door in the campster. It was what mama and daddy call prime time programmin. All of a sudden daddy said to mama “Look, there's a rabbit.” Mama looked out and did not see no bunny, so she thought daddy was pullin her leg. I looked, and he was not. Anyway, the bunny hopstered underneath our neighbors' little sports car. I am happy to report it was not a little blue sports car like I want, or it woulda made me real unhappy. Anyway, back to the rabbit story... Pretty soon the cute little bunny rabbit camed hopsterin out from underneath the car. He was lookin hard at our little patch of green grass in the campstersite. I guess he did not see me and the Peekster spyin on him, cuz he kept hopping straight at our door! Even when he got real close, he did not seem skared of two ferocious hunters waitin to eat him up. He nibbled some grass and hopped all around until I guess he was full. Mama and daddy were real quiet at the table so they would not scare our TV star away too soon. After awhile the bunny musta decidered he had eaten all the good stuff in our tiny yard, so he hopped away looking for nums-nums somewhere else. After meetin the fake bunnies at the Black Rabbit RV Park in Hamilton, meetin a real cottontail bunny was pretty cool.

That is my remote reportin from Helena, Montana. I think the Peekster has a nuther story to tell.


Gettin on the Pony Again

September 4th 2012 6:34 pm
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Daddy is back from his performances in Nevada City, and we are gettin ready to hit the road again. This time our trip is only a coupla hours. That will be good for the Peekster. Maybe she will not howl at all this time. She onliest did it a coupla times on the way to Hamilton and back.

Our housesitter is reddy to take cares of all our stuff at home, and Peekie and I are takin our blue hotrod stroller with us. There is a nice paved path thingie that runs along the road near the campsterground, so mama and daddy can stroll us for a long, long way without havin to be very close to the big trucks and stuff that scares me and the Peekster sometimes.

We are sorry we did not have time to thank everykitty yet for all the prezunts we have gotten the last coupla weeks, but we are still hopesterin to do it soon. The onliest problem is we will get home on a Monday and leave again the next Friday. The next time it will be our last vacashun for this year with mama and daddy. After that we may get some staycations with lotsa playin and stroller rides around our neighborhood.

I think the wifi thingie at the Lincoln Road RV Park is better than that silly fake black rabbit place, so maybe Peekie and I can write a coupla reports. We hope we are gonna have a cool adventure.

We will see you all when we get back.


Short Changed on My Birthday

August 31st 2012 9:54 pm
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Jeepers, mama was sittin here in front of the computer, and all of a sudden she realized I am gonna be three whole years old tomorrow, September 1. I guess there won't be much celebratin cuz daddy is goned this weekend for the Hangin of Jack Slade in Nevada City, and mama is gettin the campster ready for us to leave again. Maybee when daddy gets back, we can have a party. Oh, wait a minute. No... Mama and daddy will be shopsterin and packin and stuff. Maybee they are plannin a late sprise party when we get to Helena.

Mama sez she remembers the first time she saw me. I was just a baby, and I was playin with a buncha bigger kittens at my foster mom's house. There was a toy I wanted, and some of the nuther kittens were tryin to take it. I got the toy in my teeth and started playin tug of war, and mama sez I was growlerin like a junk yard dog. That is when mama knew my purrs-nality would be good for travelerin cuz I was so bold.

Mama had already picked out a name for me by lookin at my picture on the Pet Paw-See website. She named me Gunnarr with two R's cuz that is the old Norse spellin. It means warrior or battler. It seemed to fit right from the very beginnin. My great-great grammie camed to this country on a ship from Norway, so that is my Norsky connection. The T in my name is for Tiger cuz I am one of those too. I guess there are Bengal tigers, Siberian tigers, and Norsky tigers.

Daddy did not get to go meet me at the foster mom's house. When he first saw me I was already his and mama's little boy. Mama brought me out and put me in daddy's arms, and daddy got this look of wonder on his face. Then he started playin real cool games with me. When he put me down on the floor and could see my markins, he said to mama "He looks like a wild thing." It is funny now cuz he did not know then just how right he was. I was a wild thing. I was reckerless and crazy. I did all sorts of ummmmmm, well kinda naughty stuff. I would probly still do some of it, but I would make sure mama and daddy were not around to see me.

I am so lucky cuz I do not ever remember a time when I was not loved and taken cares of. Some people might even think I am spoiled, and they are RIGHT! Little Gunnarr T grew up to become Gunnarr T, mancat, and all is right with the world.


Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

August 29th 2012 12:57 pm
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Peekie and I and mama and daddy are home from our vacashun. It seemed like a long trip, and mama and daddy were real tired by the time they got me and the Peekster all set up in the house and got all mama's junk out of the campster. Daddy does not take much, so mama makes up for that with even more stuff.

I found out a sekrut, and it does not make me happy. Those black rabbits at the Black Rabbit RV Park are fake rabbits! Mama and daddy did not tell us until we left, but the man at the campsterground said they used ta have rabbits, but they were eatin on everythin, so they trapped em and sended em away. Then they got fake black bunnies for the campsterground. Those are the bunnies who would not talk to me and the Peekster. No wonder! Peekie even got her feelins hurted cuz she thought the rabbits did not like her.

We just barely got home, and we are gettin reddy to leave again. In zactly one week we will be on the road again to spend some time in our state capital, Helena.

We gotta pollergize cuz Peekie and I got so many p-mails and prezunts and good wishies while we were goned, and mama has not had time to thank hardly anykitty yet. I do not think she will get it done before we leave again.

We hope sumday we will get to p-mail every kitty who sended us good wishies or prezunts and thank em purrsonally, but for now, please forgive us. We love you all giant bunches, and we are so pleased and grateful that you honored Peekie when she was kitty of the week and me when I was gettin DDP's. Your friendship means the world to us.

Now I gotta go get my tiny suitercase ready for the next trip.


Black Rabbits

August 24th 2012 5:37 pm
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Hey, everbuddy. It is Gunnie Gunnarrson, cub reporter reportin from Hamilton, Montana. We are at the Black Rabbit campsterground. Peekie and I went strollerin round the campsterground yesterday. Mama and daddy tooked us over to the offis, and we got to meet the black rabbits. They are cool. They got HUGE ears, and they are sittin on neether side of the sidewalk and guardin the campsterground offis. Daddy tooked our picture in our stroller in front of the offis so ya can all see the black rabbits. I think they do not move very much cuz they are taking their guard rabbit job real serious.

This evenin there was a bagpipin guy practisin in the campsterground, but mama already had the computer out and was lookin at our pictures, so we could not go see. Mama wanted me and the Peekster to hear real bagpipin music, but daddy was not so sure.

We have not been reportin cuz the internet thingie here is not so good. Mama and daddy had to go sit right behind the offis to get connectered with their Kindle Fires. Then mama got out the laptop, and we can use it right here in our campster trailer. Mama sez the connection is not “skure,” whatever that means, so we hafta be careful where we go.

Peekie had some adventures, and I think she will write in her diary too.

This is Gunnie Gunnarrson, cub reporter, signin off for now.



August 19th 2012 7:21 pm
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The nuther day mama was workin and workin in the house. I wanted ta help, so I went into the bathyroom to see what she was doin. When I was a kitten, I kept gettin into the cupboard by the window seat, so mama asked daddy to put magnetic thingies on so I could not open the door and get into stuff. Daddy put the thingies on, and they are kinda hard to open. I decided to jump up on the window seat and help mama at the very samest second that the door catch let loose.

WHAM! Somethin smacked me in the side, and I turned around while I was still in the air, jumped down, and runned away. I thought mama hit me real hard. Meanwhile mama was so skared I was hurt, she comed runnin after me. I looked back and saw her chaserin me and runned even faster. Finally I crawled under my otter-mun and laid down. Mama came and got down on the floor and talked real soft to me and told me she was sorry. Then she gently pulled me out from underneath the otter-mun. She started goin all over my body with her hands trying to see if I was hurt. Bout then I realized it musta beened an accerdent cuz mama would never hit me, nope, not never for any reason. Mama started with my face, then my neck, front leggies, back, ribs, hinder leggies, and then my tail. I didn't cry or flinch, so she was hopin I was OK. The whole day she kept comin and findin me and makin sure I was OK and not hurtened.

Mama was upset with me cuz she sez I am always underfoot and someday I'm gonna get hurt. I like to sneak up behind her so when she takes a step backward she has to do a dance to keep from steppin on me. Sometimes I lay down in the hall when it is dark in the house, and then she almost steps on me. Nuther times I run right in front of her when she is carrying somethin. Even though mama tells me I am gonna get hurt, I never beleeve her cuz I just don't think it will ever happen.

Then the door thing happened, and mama was happy I didn't get hurt, but she thought maybee it would teach me a lesson. Nope, no way, not even. I am still right there stickin my nosey little nose where it does not belong and gettin underfoot all the time.

Today we are gettin ready to go on vacashun, and guess what? My punkin is already in the freezer in the campsterer. I think I am good to go!

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