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Anuther Missed DDP!

May 14th 2013 4:45 pm
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Can kitties fire their mamas? This is bout the second time I have missed one of my speshl days cuz mama thinks she is too bizzy doin nuther stuff instead of Catster. I do not know why she and daddy need to go shopsterin or sightseein or workin on projects round here. Don't they know Catsterland is more important?

I wanna thank all the friends who gived me good wishies and prezunts for my DDP on May 11, and thanks too for all the cool cups (MOL) and the Mama's Day flower prezunts too! I preshiate you all SO much!


Heck, No!!

May 8th 2013 5:47 pm
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Ummmmm... This mornin mama was gonna give me and the Peekster some breakerfust, but when she walked into the livin room, there was a hairy ball kinda squished into the carpet. If ya remember, mama runned the SpotBot three times the nuther day cuz of poopies that escaped our kitty potty and upchucked kitty kibble. Mama sighed and gave us our breakerfust, and then she cleaned up the messiness.

Later mama got out the hated hairy ball medsins. Just cuz I liked it when I was a kitten does not mean I have to like it now, and I do NOT! Peekie does not like if neether. First mama tried a spearmint thinkin she could get some hairy ball medsins in one of the syringes Peekie uses to take her medsins. It did not work cuz the stuff was too goopy.

I knew what mama was plannin when she came to pick me up. I tried to run, but I guess I was not payin good enuff attenshuns cuz she catched me. Then we sat down on the kitchen floor. I watched mama squirt some of the hated hairy ball medsins on her finger. Then I saw the finger comin straight for my mouth. Mama opened my mouth and stucked her finger with the hairy ball medsins right in on my tongue. YUCK!!! I tried to get away, but it did not work. In fact, mama got more hairy ball medsins on her finger and did it again. I was thinkin maybee I should bite her finger, but I love mama, and I did not wanna hurt her or make her not love me no more. At least after the second time mama let me go. I runned like the devil was after me!

I do not know why Peekie did not run. Sometimes she runs even when mama just wants to pet her. Peekie did not run when she had the chance, and mama catched her too. Mama did the same stuff she did to me. The second time mama was real happy cuz the hairy ball medsins diss-peared right away. Mama was spishus and looked all around, but she could not find the medsins, so she thought they were inside the Peekster.

Soooooooo, a coupla hours later the Peekster and I were laying on the bed. Mama came in to give Peekie her reg-lur medsins that she gets every day. That was when mama discovered the huge piece of hairy ball medsins stuck in Peekie's beautiful fluffy bib! Oh, it was terbl.

Peekie and I both thought maybee mama would give her anuther bath, but mama does not like to skare Peekie so much, so she only used the pet wipers. While mama was wipin the Peekster's fur, she kept tellin the Peekster how she was usin up all the pet wipers. Like it was Peekie's fault! Oh, no; I do not think so. Mama is the one wantin to use all the pet wipers. She used two tryin to get the terbl hairy ball medsins out. Mostly all mama did was make Peekie wet and messier. Then later Peekie took her own bath with her tongue, and now she is all fluffy again.

I sure hope nobuddy upchucks another hairy ball very soon.


Savin My Sister

May 7th 2013 9:59 pm
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A few nights ago mama's nose was workin overtime. See, she smelled kitty poops, but she could not figure out where the stinkiness was comin from. Mama kept walkin around the house sniffin. Then she got too close to the Peekster. Peekie tried to run and hide, but mama catched her. Pretty soon they diss-peared into the bathyroom.

A few minutes later I could hear the Peekster screamin. Mama was sayin somethin, and I could hear water runnin. Peekie kept screamin, and I knew somethin bad was happenin, so I tried to get in the bathyroom and rescue Peekie. The door was up tight, and I could not get in, but I cried at the door and whooshed on it. Finally everything got real quiet. Mama opened the bathyroom door, and she was holding the Peekster. I could see Peekie was real upset and mad at mama. I could see Peekie's tail looked drowned, but mama was soakin wet too. Mama tried to towel dry Peekie's furs, but the Peekster had nuther ideas. Pretty soon she got away from mama and runned off. Mama didn't try to catch her; maybee mama was too tired? Anyway, the Peekster spent the rest of the evenin tryin to groom her furs and get em all dry. I gotta say, Peekie smelled pretty nice, better than before.

The next day mama got out some cuttin sissers and gave Peekie's bloomers and part of her tummy a haircut. I think she looks kinda cute cuz her bloomers sorta look curly now, and you can see her lighter furs mixed in with the dark parts.

I'm sure glad it wasn't me.


New Pickup Campsterer

April 22nd 2013 11:14 am
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Daddy had to go to livin history trainin last weekend, and when he comed here on his way, he had his brand new pickup campsterer all doned and on the truck. Daddy designed and buildened his ownest pickup campsterer. The nuther one was old and kinda beatened up, and daddy could not even stand up inside it.

The new campsterer has a reg-lur door and bigger windows, and it even gots LED lights so daddy can read at night without usin a flashy-lite. Daddy picked out every single thing for his campsterer, carpet, panelin, lights, and all the nuther stuff that is in it. Mama sez it is so cool compared to the old campsterer.

Peekie and I probly won't ever get to go campsterin in daddy's campsterer cuz mama and daddy will use it in the mountains if they go for overnight, and it is pretty small for two peeples and two kitties. Daddy lives in it in the summertime when he is travelerin to shows and rendezvous. We are both so happy for daddy that he can be more comfy while he is on the road even if we don't get to go.

Mama is alreddy talkin bout lettin me and the Peekster go to the new campsterer next week while she and daddy are doin some more stuff with the batteries and somethin called propane tanks and tires and things.

Hmmmmm...Maybee the Peekster and I can spy on everbuddy out the windows. Maybee, if we do not need too many naps.



April 17th 2013 1:48 pm
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Mama and Peekie and I have been watchin quite a bit of telebishun lately. There is lotsa news on since the terbl bombings at the Boston marathon. It makes us all sad that we catnot even be safe in our ownest country anymore, but mama did notice stuff that made her amazed and proud.

Lotsa peeples were skared and runnin away, but many more turned and ran into what must have looked like hell; smoke, blood, personal danger, and screamin hurt peeples. They ran to help without even thinkin bout their ownest safety; they wanted to help all the hurt peeples. I do not think it mattered who the hurt peeples were, Americans or peeples from nuther countries.

Mama sez that is what makes America great and keeps it that way. Because of all the places Americans comed from before they came here, we have lotsa differences, but mostly we have more things in common. That's why we are strong, and we will stay strong.

It does not matter who did this terbl thing to innercent peeples; everybuddy will pull together and fix things as much as they can. The bad person or peeples who did it will get caught. Mama sez there is nuthin bad enuff for punishmunts, but they will pay one way or the nuther, either now or when they die.

After mama explained all this to us, Peekie and I decidered we are proud to be Americats cuz this is truly the home of the brave...



April 11th 2013 2:47 pm
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It is not so nice outside here, but it was for awhile, and mama found lotsa little catnipshun leafs pokin up all round our plant. Peekie and I got treets when mama picked a little bunch for each one of us. I ate mine real quick. Peekie was workin on hers, but she did not eat it up fast enuff, so I helped her. ;)

I guess we are gonna get rain and snows for awhile. Spring has to get here...someday cuz I am all ready for stroller rides again.


Sunday Adventure

April 9th 2013 4:27 pm
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The Peekster and I finally got to see the new campsterer on Sunday. Daddy did somethin called levelin and staberlizin. Then he puttened the propane tanks on and hooked up some tricity. Mama sed she got to push the button to make the big slidey things go out. Then mama and daddy let the campsterer get nice and warm inside.

Mama put me in the carrier and took me to the campsterer. She let me out and went back and got the Peekster and brought her to the campsterer. When Peekie got there, I was slinkin round real skared. I gotta admit I was meowerin some cuz it smelled too new, and I did not rekanize the stuff inside cept for daddy of course. Mama showed me and the Peekster where the potty was. Then she left and comed back with our food dishies and some nice fresh water.

It was not long before Peekie and I were splorin all over the campsterer. I like gettin up on the big bed. I can look right out the window and see everything right from the bed. I jumped on the couchie, and mama opened a cabinut and got out a blankie and put it on the couchie. Then I jumped on the dinin room chairs and looked out the window. Mama and daddy laffed at me cuz I got my front paws on the window and my backer paws on the back of the chair. Then when I wanted down I tried to put all my paws on the back of the chair, and I kinda onto the floor.

After a while the campsterer didn't seem too skary, so I went and had a snack and a drink of water. Mama looked at daddy and said "He's home."

Do not let the Peekster tell ya she used the potty first. OK, so she did poop, but I went pee pee before she used the potty at all. Peekie just tries to outdo me all the times.

Now we are just waitin for summer so we can go campsterin at the West Glacier KOA. I think we get to go out before then for what mama and daddy called a "test drive." We will only go bout 20 miles and then come back and stay at our local KOA. I sure hope we get a stroller ride. Mama wants to get in the hot tub and pretend she is on vacashun far, far away.



April 1st 2013 12:15 pm
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Hey, thanks everbuddy, for givin me so many pretty Eeekster eggs. It is a good thing I got Eeekster prezunts at Catster cuz mama did not give me and the Peekster anything speshl for Eeekster. She did not even let us come to Catster on Eeekster Sunday cuz she sed she was takin the day off. What does that mean?

Well, it probly means she is tired from workin every day on the old campsterer and the new campsterer or goin to town and buyin stuff for the new campsterer. Peekie and I have not even seened the new campsterer yet, but it better be good cuz we have beened neglectered cuz of it.

Yesterday mama readened the Sunday paper and had some breakerfust. Then she spended several hours readin a book. Peekie and I like it when mama reads cuz we climb up on the Big Bed and nap while she reads. My speshl place to nap is right against mama's leg. Mama spreadened her robe out, and I snuggled down in it and went sleepin against mama's leg. Peekie stole my blueberry bed, but I did not even care.

I got a new nickername this mornin. Mama sez she shoulda named me Rowdy Rascal cuz I am such a wild boy sumtimes. I catnot help it; I love to run and run and run and leap on things and paw at stuff and rattler the closet doors. It is so much fun I catnot help myself even when I know I will get in trubl for it.

Spring is tryin to come to Big Sky Country. The grass is startin to turn green, mama has some flowers pokin up outta the ground, and the birdies are goin crazy. Mama putted the screens back in the bay window so if it gets nice enough, Peekie and I can have our birdie watchin window open. Oh, I love spring! Pretty soon it will be time to splore the new campsterer and ride in our stroller. Yay!


BMI Test

March 12th 2013 2:49 pm
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Well, I am insulted! Last Friday when mama tooked the Peekster for her wellerness check, mama asked Unkl Dr. Mike if he ever got results for my BMI test. He and mama measured me durin my wellerness exam, but the webbysite was down when auntie Serena tried to put my measurements in.

Unkl told mama they did finally put my measurements in, but the webbysite said my measurements were wrong, and it is impossible to be me. What the heck? They said I am too long for the rests of me, and it is impossible to kalkulate my BMI.

Mama was insulted too cuz she helped Unkl take my measurements, and she thinks they were good ones. Mama was so disgustered that they didn't even measure the Peekster. She probly is impossible too.

Mama sez she can see if we are gettin too heavies, and she will deal with it then. She does not need some peeples who have never even seened us to tell her if we are fat. Oh, No!! I hope she does not think I need a diet...ever!


Eksiterin Mews!

March 11th 2013 11:35 am
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Guess what? We got a new campsterer! Peekie and I have not seened it yet cuz mama and daddy hafta go and get it on Wednesday. It is lots bigger than our nuther campsterer, and it gots somethin called "slides." Mama sez the minute she walked in, she could see me and the Peekster scampsterin round the livin area. We won't hafta keep our potty on a rug in the shower no more, and we got a queen sized bed for helpin mama and daddy sleep.

Mama has beened real bizzy shopsterin for new stuff for the campsterer cuz she sez she has never had brand new before, and she wants it perfect. HA! Perfect with kitties? Ummmmmmm, I don't think so. Anywhoo, she got stuff for the beddyroom, bathyroom, and one of those pet protector thingies for the new loveseat couchy thing. The Peekster and I are not allowed on the loveseat in the house, but we always got on the couchy thing in the old campsterer, so mama does not think she can train us not to sleep and play on the loveseat thingie in the campsterer. Train us? Ummmmmmmmm, again I do not think so.

There is a big cargo bay in the front of the new campsterer where we can keep our pet stroller and carriers so daddy will not hafta to be carryin em back and forth all the times.

Mama promised me and Peekie as soon as the weather gets nice, she will put out the slides, and we can spend all day in the new campsterer explorin everywhere while mama puts all the stuff away where it goes.

Daddy told mama he checked, and there is no place in the new campsterer where Peekie and I can hide or get underneath and get stucked. I guess we will have to find somethin else to do while we are home alone...

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