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Kitten Tales

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February 16th 2010 3:26 pm
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Last night mama was fighting with a nasty little unwanted program on our computer until late. When she finished, she went to the kitchen to get something to eat. She heard a noise and came into the living room to find me. She looked all around the room, but she couldn't find me. Then some movement caught her eye. She looked up, and I was on top of the oak armoire that daddy made for our TV. It is almost six feet tall. I hopped onto the little old phone table and leaped almost straight up about three feet onto the armoire. When mama first saw me, I was sitting right next to a very spensive Roseville vase. Mama walked over real slow and took the vase down. I looked scared, and she hoped it was because I didn't want to be so high. She got me down, and then she told me how naughty I was. She decided to leave the vase somewhere else for the evening. This morning while mama was eating breakfast she heard a noise. She came into the living room, but I was too fast for her. She heard a loud THUMP. That was me leaping off the top of the armoire. Mama is worried because there is a huge picture of my sister on an easel up there. It has glass on it, and she is running out places to put spensive and breakable things where I can't find them. She is also worried that I will hurt myself jumping so far while I am still so young. I think she is planning some mean trick like putting a tape covered piece of cardboard on top of the phone table so I can't use it for a springboard. Mama says who needs Sodoku to keep your mind sharp when you have a kitten?


I'm Getting a Stroller!

February 15th 2010 2:30 pm
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I am so excited. For Valentine's Day mama and daddy decided to buy me a stroller! They ordered it last evening, and it has already been shipped. As soon as it gets here and daddy puts it together, mama will start innerducing me to it. Mama and daddy talked it over, and they both agreed strolling is something they think I would like. I am not a fraidy cat, and I like to be with mama and daddy as much as possible. I will be traveling with mama and daddy with the camp trailer when they go on vacation this summer. They usually stay at a KOA, and every evening after dinner they take a walk around the camperground. Instead of staying home by myself, I will get to stroll around the camperground and see all the people and other pets, but I will be safe in my stroller. The new stroller is made to go on grass and gravel too, so mama and daddy can take me just about anywhere. I am already thinking about places I want to go in my stroller; to see my doctor, to shop at Petco, campering, and to the park. Mama let me join the Super Strollers group so we can get advice from seasoned kitty strollers. Mama wants me to LOVE strolling.

Daddy is already planning to put a license plate with my name on it on the stroller, and he thinks it should have flames on the sides like a hotrod. I catnot wait to get my stroller and become a "super stroller."


Innerducing...My Cousin Cats!

February 10th 2010 3:13 pm
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My cousin cats have come to Catsterland! I am excited. My cousins live in Nevader. I was packing my little kittycase to go visit when mama told me it was WAY too far to coyote trot to Nevader. I was sad that I couldn't go to visit but now we can visit and play in Catsterland.

My first cousin is Angel Cake. Angel's name was Angel even before she left for the bridge.

My second cousin is Oliver Pippin. Ollie was rescued from the desert when he was just a kitten.

My third cousin is Meredith. Merry thinks she is a princess.

If you would like to get to know my cousin cats, just send them a friend request. I am sure they would love to know you!


I Am A Sneak Thief!

February 10th 2010 3:05 pm
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Mama has discovered another of my talents. I am a sneak thief. I wait until mama is busy, and then I get into things I am not supposed to play with and carry them off. Mostly they are little things that she would not notice until she finds them on the floor. First it was the little antique leather hair curler thingies. She found one on the floor and put them away in a drawer. Next it was an antique celluloid hairpin. I should not have played with it and then left it where mama would see it. Now the hairpin is gone too. What's a kitten to do? My toys are OK, but mama and daddy's toys are better.


I've Been Tagged...Again!

February 9th 2010 2:33 pm
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My good friend, Kibbles, has tagged me for the Valentine game.

1. Do you have a valentine? Yes. Her name is Zoom, and she is a very beautiful kitten.

2. If not, do you wish you did? Is there anyone particular? Or would you rather be single? Why?

3. What's your favorite love song? Who sings it? Well, Zoom and I are too young for love songs. We just want to play kitten games together.

4. What would be a perfect Valentines Day for you? Well, in my dreams Zoom and I could be together. We would share something yummy to eat and then play kitten games until we were sooooo tired. Then we would nap together in a sunbeam.

I am tagging the following four friends.






I am SO Spoiled!

February 8th 2010 3:13 pm
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My daddy came Friday. He knew all about the broken lamp, and he was not even mad at me. Mama and daddy were gone most of Friday evening, so I was kinda pouty. I thought they should have stayed with me so daddy and I could play games. I mean how could food be more important than me? I had plenty of food!

Saturday morning mama and daddy left again. I pouted all day long. I thought I was mad at them, but they came home with new toys and salmon oil for me. Mama wanted some fish oil capsules to keep my coat gorgeous and shiny, so she and daddy went to Petco. They could not find any fishy oil capsules, so I got a squirty bottle of salmon oil. It is so yummy! Mama was also looking for more kitty teasers like my favorite one. It has feathers but some little foil stuff that sparkles and gets me all excited when the teaser is waving around. Mama was very disappointed in the teasers. They were not very good ones, and the "sticks" were too stiff so they do not get wild action when we play. Mama said the teasers were not good ones so she started looking at different toys. Mama knows I love feathers the very best, and she found a toy called Da Fur Thing. It is a piece of black bunny fur with some catnip in it and feathers sticking out of the top. Then she found two little toys called Flutter Spout toys. They look like little fishys, but they have lots of feathers hooked to them. Mama always inspects the toys to make sure there aren't things that can come off and hurt me, and she likes toys I catnot tear apart right away. The Da Fur Thing and the Flutter spout toys passed mama's test.

The Pet Paw-See was doing an adoptathon at Petco, so mama was talking to my aunt Leslie and some other nice ladies. Mama got the best news. My last brother found his furrever home! We had been feeling sad because my brother, Jackson, was living in a cage at Petco trying to find his furrever home, but every time mama and daddy went there, he was still in the cage. Now he has a real home with people who will love and protect him.

While mama was chattering away with aunt Leslie, daddy leaned against a display, and the toys started talking! Somebody activated the battery in a Ferret Babble Ball. Daddy showed it to mama, and she said "You know, Gunnarr always runs to the answering machine when he hears voices. I think he might like this, and I don't think he'll be afraid of it." Me...afraid. Hmpf! When mama and daddy got home, I had four new toys to play with.

My ferret babble ball says "Meow, meow, meow. Then it goes "Psst!" After that it says "Whoops! Here we go again." The next thing is a birdy going "chirp, chirp, chirp." After that the ball says "squeak, squeak." The last thing it says is "Here kitty, kitty, kitty." The balls rolls real easy, and anytime you make it go, it starts making all the noises. I keep playing with it and trying to figure out how they got all those people and animals into that tiny little toy. Mama is real happy that I like the toy, but she is even happier that the battery is replaceable, and she says she thinks I can't break it. Hmmm... is that a dare?

Saturday evening I was playing with one of my Flutter Spout toys. Mama took the second one and hid him so I would not wear them both out. Daddy noticed I was laying in front of the stove with my paws underneath. They could see one tiny little piece of feather sticking out. Mama tried to pull it out, but it would not budge, so she got the yard stick. Mama got the toy out, but then daddy said "I think there's something else under there." Daddy started working the yard stick. Guess how many toys were underneath the stove? I catnot even count that high yet, but mama said it was about a dozen little mousies of all colors. Daddy laughed and said "No wonder you have to keep buying more."

Sunday evening mama and daddy and I had a picnic in the living room. Mama and daddy were eating baked brie in puff pastry and some yummy left over roast chickie. Unfortunately, I had to take a short break in my room because I would not leave the chickie alone. Mama and daddy were both eating with one hand and using the other arm to keep me out of the chickie plate. Later mama let me out, and the food was gone. At first I was disappointed, but then daddy proved that men can multitask. He was watching the Super Bowl and playing with me and my kitty teaser. Mama missed a few plays because I leaped into the air right in front of the television. Mama said some of my plays were the most spectacular of the night.


But Mom...

February 4th 2010 2:42 pm
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I have really goned and done it this time. I have been being so naughty in the office during the day while mama is trying to work, she decided maybe I would be happier and better (not well) behaved if she let me have more freedom. This morning she left my food and water in my room, but she took some toys from my little blue basket and left them in the living room. Both my favorite kitty teasers were in the living room, but she brought a few mousies and foam balls into the office in case I came in to visit. I was pretty excited about being loose in the whole house, but I missed mama and came in to see what she was doing. She thought it was so cute that I brought in my very favorite, very ratty looking kitty teaser. It only has a few feathers left because I play real wild with it. It is not easy getting it through small places; sometimes the handle can get in the way. I played with my teaser for awhile, and mama seemed really happy. Pretty soon I got bored with the teaser and sat patiently at the door. Mama opened the door, and I scampered out. Kitten things, kitten things. I gotta go do kitten things. Mama was engrossed in her work when she heard the crash. She came running out of the office and found her favorite early 1920s antique lamp with the beautiful pink shade, fringe, and pull tassel flat on the floor. But, mama; I just wanted to play with the pull tassel. It was hanging there all fluffy, and it was teasing me. All I did was climb on the love seat (no-no) and swat at the pull tassel (no-no). Then I thought maybe I could get closer, so I stood up on my hind legs and put my front paws on the lamp. All of a sudden the lamp took off, and it crashed right to the floor all by itself. People say cheetahs are fast, but I was nowhere to be found when mama got to the lamp. Mama was NOT happy. She told me I was bad. Can you imagine? Me...Bad. No, I do not think so. It was just an accident. Stuff happens, you know? Mama took the lamp to grampster. She did not know if he could fix it, but grampster fixed the lamp, and it is as good as new. Maybe even better, who knows?

During my loooonnnnnng time-out, I made a list of the naughty things I have learned how to do:

I can open the glass shower doors, hop into the tub, and scamper around. This means that when the tub is wet, I get all wet. Then I usually have to use my potty. I catnot help it if the litter sticks to my wet fur. I am just a kitten.

I have learned how to sit on the trash can in the kitchen and jump up on the counter. I only do it when mama is not there to see me, but I have been caught a time or two.

I have learned to sit in the middle of the dining room table and gnaw on mama's orchids.

I have learned how to leap into the bay window and set the hanging antique leaded glass dec-ration dancing. It makes mama scream.

I have learned how to pick up my water dish in my teeth and tip it upside down. The water looks so interesting when it's soaking into the carpet. If I do it in my room, it makes a wonderful puddle on the floor.

I have learned how to climb up on both computer desk hutches and throw things off the top. That makes mama scream too.

I have learned how to scoot into any closet door that opens real fast and real sneaky. Then I wail to be let out because I changed my mind.

I have learned how to make the pictures on the wall swing back and forth. See, if you can just find something to climb on, you take your paw and bat at the picture until it starts to go back and forth. It makes a cool noise too, kind of a squirtch, squirtch sound.

I have learned how to knock over vases and how to pull the most funnerest things out from the rest and drag them around the house.

I have learned how to hop onto the dressing table and dance in mama's perfume bottles if she does not get up early enough. When she hears the bottles clinking together, she is happy to get up and give me breakfast or...not. Sometimes I end up in my room. Then I wail so she feels sorry for me and catnot get back to sleep.

I have learned how to do some good things too, but that is a shorter list. :)


Light a Candle for Alfie

February 2nd 2010 6:00 pm
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Thanks to our friend, Bobcat, for starting a candle page for our dear Alfie. If you would like to light a candle for Alfie, here is a link:

A Candle for Alfie


A Sad Day in Catsterland

February 2nd 2010 2:29 pm
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Yesterday mama and I were all wrapped up in our problems, which seem pretty minor today.

This morning we hoped for a better day, but when we came to Catster. we found out our dear friend, Alfie, crossed the bridge a few days ago after a terrible, tragic accident.

Alfie was only four. He had a loving mom, grandpa, and siblings. We didn't know Alfie very long, but he was kind, generous, and loved his family and friends. We will miss him SO much.

Please say a prayer for his family. His mom especially needs our support now. Please make her feel the magic of Catsterland.

So long, Alfie, until we meet again. I will never forget you.

Gunnarr T


Oh, Boy, Oh Boy

February 1st 2010 2:39 pm
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I have a valentine! Her name is Zoom, and she is beautiful.

See Zoom's page.

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