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Oh, Canada

February 26th 2010 5:35 am
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I wanna congratulate all my Canadian kitty friends on the Canadian women's hockey team gold medal victory last night at the Olympics. Mama said the game was real exciting, and she cheered AND groaned a lot. We love our red, white, and blue, but mama said we just got outskated. Mama said the Canadian goalie was "awsome," and grampster said she was "in the zone" the entire game.

Now we are waiting to see what happens with the men's teams. Maybe it will be another USA-Canada matchup for the gold medal.



Sunshine on My Shoulder

February 23rd 2010 2:50 pm
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First of all, thanks to that nonnamus kitty who keeps giving me treats. Feel free to snag a few if you visit my page. I think I know who this nonnamus treat giver is. It is somekitty who knows the trick for giving lots of treats real fast. His mama is probably REAL smart too. I think his name starts with an "M" and ends with an "o". He has a brother whose name starts with a "T." If I am wrong, but the nonnamus treat giver does not fess up, then you will never know for sure if I am wrong or not.

Today was a quiet day. We are having a mini-chinook, and the snow is slowly starting to melt away. Pretty soon it will melt down to the ice. Mama says she hopes we do not have more cold weather or another storm after that happens. We have been skating on some not-so-thin ice for weeks now. We had a bad ice storm, and our mergencee room at the hospital had 140 patients the next day; half of them had fallen down on the ice.

This morning I took a long nap on mama's pillow. It was right in front of the window, and there was a sunbeam shining through the window. I gotta tell ya; it felt SO good on my fur. I stayed there until the sunbeam left.

This afternoon I took another long nap in a sunbeam that was coming in the window in the office. Mama put a little Gunnarr blankie down in the sunbeam. She said I looked so happy. Mama said the sunshine made my whiskers sparkle. I guess sunshine is good for everybody, not just people.

When mama was leaving to get the mail, I leaped into my stroller. I was disappointed because mama did not have a treat, but she gave me a kiss through the mesh on the front of the stroller. It was not as good as a treat, but it wasn't bad either. Maybe this evening I will get to stroll around the house. Mama says for indoors at least my stroller is not much like a sports car; it is more like a semi, and trying to turn it around inside is hard. Maybe I will have to learn reverse.


Fishy Treats

February 22nd 2010 6:41 pm
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Wow, I thought I had lotsa treats yesterday. Today I have 300 TREATS! Wooohooo!!!!!!!! I would like to sincerely thank my nonnamous donor for all the delishus treats on my page. Feel free to sample one anytime you visit my Catster page.


New Nicknames

February 22nd 2010 12:30 pm
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Mama says I don't have enough nicknames, so I've been given two more. Mama's friend, Steve, calls me the "Pantherator." I like that one. It makes me feel sleek and wild(ish). I am mostly black on my back, and I have both tiger(ish) stripes on my back, sides, and legs, and leopard(ish) spots on my tummy. Mama says I look like something wild.

My second new nickname is "Gunnarrator." I think it makes me sound real dangerous. In truth, I am; just ask my mama. She hopes I will get less dangerous as I grow up, but I think I'll keep her guessing...


I'm in Training

February 22nd 2010 10:59 am
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We got my new stroller yesterday afternoon. Grampster brought it in the house folded up. I found an open flap and climbed in before mama could set the stroller up and push it into the living room.

Once the stroller was in the living room, mama got some treats and threw some of my favorite toys into the stroller. The back was open, and I dived right in after the toys. Mama started feeding me my favorite treats, making me come out of the stroller and follow her around the house, then go back and jump into the stroller on "command." She thinks I was obeying her commands; silly mama. I did jump in and out of the stroller, but it was only a fun game for me. Then mama started feeding me treats from the front so I would go WAY far into the stroller and look ahead. After a little while mama took the brake off and started moving the stroller REAL slow with me in it. I could have told her I would not be afraid. After all, I like to leap on her steno chair and make it spin around and around until mama says she gets dizzy just watching me. All the while I just there watching things spin around. I always knew the world revolved around me. MOL. I stayed in the stroller even though I was not zipped in. We went out into the kitchen and turned around real slow. We did a few trips around the house, and mama fed me more treats. I had to make mama think I was just a teensy bit nervous to make sure I got plenty of treats. Mama gave me a rest and then later we did the getting in and out of the stroller again. This time mama put the back flap down and wheeled me around the house. I didn't cry or try to get out.

This morning we did the getting in and out of the stroller for treats again. Mama was having a hard time getting me to get out of the stroller. I thought I should stay there, and she could feed me treats all day long. Today mama put the back flap down like I was zipped into the stroller, and we wheeled around the house at almost a normal walking speed. I thought it was pretty cool. More treats, mama! More treats, and I will ride in the stroller all day.

Later I got my harness on to practice wearing it. I don't really mind it, but I always think I can't jump when I first get it on. Mama threw a treat in and got me to jump into my stroller wearing my harness. She said that was a mistake because later she found me on top of the miniature log cabin my grampster made for mama. I looked like a giant panther on the roof, and I could see out the window real good. ;) Course, mama yelled and made me jump down. I did it a few more times and got yelled at, but then I got too tired to be naughty anymore.

I helped mama put clean sheets on the bed. I am VERY good at bed making. Just ask mama; she will tell you all about it.

The sticky duck tape is still on the phone table, and I have not tried to leap onto the armoire. Just in case, mama put a rope basket where the very breakable vase was and put the vase WAY UP HIGH where even I catnot reach it. I guess you could say I am an interior decorator now too. I am helping mama find the most pleasing (and safe) arrangement for her stuff.

Hey, how bout that hocky score? Will we have another miracle on ice?


Whoa! Treats

February 21st 2010 12:40 pm
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Jeepers, somekitty gave me a TON of treats! Whoever you are, THANKS A BUNCHY! Fishy snacks are on me, everybuddy. :)

I am getting my stroller this afternoon. Mama is looking at patches and license plates for the stroller, and she is also looking at some doggles for me. Sometimes I get real squinty in bright sunlight. Any kitties have doggles? If so, do you like em?


Stroller, Stroller!

February 20th 2010 4:26 pm
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My stroller got here yesterday, and mama could not wait for daddy to come and put it together, so mama asked my grampster if he would put my stroller together. Grampster said yes, so he is putting my stroller together today! Mama checked on his progress this afternoon, and my stroller had two wheels on it already, and grampster said he had not been working on it very long. I am just SURE my stroller will be finished so mama can bring it home tomorrow after work.

My grampster is 83, and I think he is the very best grampster in the whole world! When the weather is bad, he takes me to my doctor appointments, and when he comes to our house he scoops me up and holds me and pets me and calls me his little buddy.

On another subject, mama and I are VERY tired of winter. We know we have not had the terrible weather like some parts of the country, but we are tired of white. There is white stuff on the ground, white stuff on the trees, white stuff on the road, white stuff coming out of the sky, and even the sky is white. We always get snow, but mostly the snow comes, it gets really cold, and then all of a sudden it gets really warm and all the snow goes away. It is called a chinook.

This winter the snow just came and stayed here, and we are getting pretty tired of it. Mama has been clomping around outside in Yak-Trax for months now. Mama says the preferred color is green. I am not sure what green looks like, but as long as it is not cold, I think I would like it.


Drain Thief

February 17th 2010 5:09 pm
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Last night in the middle of the night I could not sleep, so I invited mama to play with me. She was not very enthusiastic about it, but she did pick me up and hold me for a minute. Then she kissed me and put me in my room. She walked out and shut the door and locked me in my room! I wailed a couple of times, but she did not come to let me out, so I took a kitten nap. Later mama was sort of awake. She could hear me playing in my room, but she thought I was playing with my toys. This morning she came into the bathroom and saw a funny-looking thing on the floor. She bent over to inspect it. Then she started laughing. I sat in the sink and pulled on the drain thingie until I got it loose. Then I carried it over to the edge of the lav top and threw it off onto the floor. Later I played with it and batted it around on the floor. Mama said "Yuck, Gunnie! I hope there weren't any deadly germs or mold on that." I just looked at her and pretended I didn't understand. She was shaking her head when she walked out, and I heard her muttering "What will he think of next?" That is my secret...


Booby Traps

February 17th 2010 5:03 pm
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Mama has booby-trapped the armoire! I never would have thought my mama could be so mean. I have only been on the armoire three times, and she is already trying to stop me. Last night she moved the little phone table that I was using for a springboard. She moved it way back and thought I couldn't jump that far. Later she heard a noise and then a big thump as she was walking into the room. Yeppers, I dived off the top again before she could catch me. Mama did not say much. She kind of shook her finger and told me I was naughty. Then she went and ate some dinner. Later she was very bizzy finding cardboard. She went to her little toolbox and got a big roll of silver stuff. Then she started unrolling the silver stuff and putting pieces onto the cardboard. When she finished, she put a piece on top of the phone table and laid one on the seat. I waited until she was not watching, and then I went over and sniffed at them. It is TAPE! STICKY, STICKY TAPE! I thought my mama loved me, but she has booby-trapped my phone table springboard with yucky, sticky tape. I do not know if I can ever trust her again.



February 16th 2010 3:32 pm
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Last night I didn't get my playtime because mama was trying to get rid of a nasty computer program called "Kiwee Toolbar." Mama felt bad. She thought we got it from surfing places looking for toys for my Catster page. It turned out it came from Webshots. My mama was hopping mad. Kiwee is a bad little "aggressive add-on" that does not want to uninstall. Mama fought with it for four hours using some instructions from my uncle Gary, who built our computer. Finally Kiwee "appears" to be gone. I guess last night was not the time for me to learn naughty new tricks.

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