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St. Patrick's Day Game

March 11th 2010 3:06 pm
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I have been tagged by two of my friends, Kibbles, and White Tail, to play the St. Patrick's Day tag game.


Q. Are you Irish?
A. No, I guess I'm Norsk, at least my name is.

Q. Do you and/or your family celebrate St. Patrick's Day?
A. Not really, but mama should. She had an Irish great grandma. I guess that would make her my great-great grammie.

Q. How?
A. I could play with a green mousie. Usually nobuddy sees mama, so she does not wear green on purpose.

Q. Will you wear Green?
A. No.

Q. What will you wear?
A. I don't wear anything except my kitten harness, and it is red.

Q. Do you like Corned Beef and Cabbage?
A. I might but mama doesn't, so I don't see that in my future. I'm mostly a kibble eater.

Q. Do you believe in leprechauns?
A. Yes, doesn't everykitty?

Q. Why?
A. Because I believe in magic!

Q. What would you like to find at the end of the rainbow?
A. I would like to find that pot of gold so mama and daddy wouldn't have to work anymore. Then they could stay home and play with me all the time.

P.S. I'm sorry mama does not have time to find kitties to tag, but if you are reading this, consider yourself tagged!


Tag! I'm It

March 11th 2010 2:39 pm
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A Day in the Life of Gunnarr T, Warrior Kitten

My friend, Charlie, tagged me for this game.

Wake up five minutes before mama's alarm goes off. Start leaping on things just in case the alarm does not go off. When the alarm rings, wait for mama to lift up the covers. Get under the covers and snuggle against mama for a few more minutes OR if not feeling like an undercover kitty, walk over to mama's pillow and calmly make myself comfy on her head. If she moves her head at all, make sure I take up more of the pillow so she has only a corner.

Head to the bathroom with mama. Help her wash her face and comb her hair, then head to the kitchen for some breakfast. Have some yummy kitten chow with a splash of salmon oil. YUM! Disappear while mama is eating breakfast and make her wonder where I am and what I'm up to. Hide when mama heads for her office so she can't put up the barrier that takes away my freedom. Wait until mama goes into the office, then burst in, race around the room, and run back out. Tear down the hall, leap onto the little velvet chair, and land on the bed. Settle onto mama's pillow and watch the world go by outside the window. Nap. Wake up and join mama again in the office. Find a fly. Cry. Chase the fly. Leap on things. Wreak havoc. Run under and around the furniture. Race out when mama yells at me. Repeat several times during the morning.

More of the same. Make regular visits to the office where mama is desperately trying to work. Chase any bug that moves, chew on the ribbons on mama's teddy bears on the day bed, chase more flies, leap on the printer and knock it sideways. Stare at the ceiling so long mama looks too trying to see what I'm looking at. Gotcha mama! I was just staring to see if you would look. Look pathetic so mama will stop working and hold and rock and kiss me. Squirm as soon as she picks me up and leave the office. Wait three minutes and come back. Look pathetic again.

Go to Catster as soon as mama is finished working. Check p-mail, send thank-yous for presents, write diary entry, and check in at Friendship Circle. Leave office finally. It's been a long day. Have dinner with mama. Race around the house, come running full speed, and leap into bay window. Make sure antique hanging leaded glass thingie rattles and swings. Listen to mama yell "Gunnarr, NO!" Jump down. Hide under the table. Wait until mama is reading the newsy paper, then claw way up to top of stroller. Look scared and abused when mama lifts me down. Have a snack. Leave the room so mama wonders (does this sound familiar?) where I am and what I'm doing. Push answering machine button with a paw and either play messages or outgoing announcement. Try to knock phone on floor. Leave kitty pawprints on glass tabletop in the living room. Sneak back into dining room where mama is still reading the newsypaper and leap back onto top of stroller again. When mama is finished with the mail and newsy paper, do stroller/clicker training. Act like I don't get it because then we have to do it again and again and I get more treats. Get ride in stroller through the house. Not as good as going outside, but it is cold and muddy out there. Play games with mama; "Chase the Ball" (but don't bring it back) and "Cue the Jumping Kitten." Watch mama wave the kitty teaser back and forth. Time it, then leap about three feet into the air. Do a back flip while in the air and come down wonky. Impress mama by leaping three feet into the air several times. Flop down and look exhausted. Play laser light with mama. Chase the laser until really exhausted. Help mama get ready for bed. Snuggle with mama on the big bed. Zzzzzzz...

We do not have time to tag other kitties, so if you are reading this, feel free to join in the game! :)


Oh, Mom

March 11th 2010 2:15 pm
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My mama is calling me something I do not like. It is her new name for me, and I hate it. She calls me "Baby Mancat." I am six months old, and I do not want to be called baby anything. I'm a big boy now, and I think mama does not respect my grownupness.

Today she called me her baby mancat, and I stalked off with all the dignity I could muster. I was pouting, but then mama came and picked me up. She held me like a baby. I looked away and refused to purr. Then mama leaned down and kissed my cheek very softlyand rubbed her face against mine. Then she laid her face against mine and just held it there and and started to rock me.

OK, I guess maybe I am her baby mancat because I started to purr, and I snuggled my face against mama's face. I gotta tell ya; sometimes my mama can almost hypnotize me when she holds and rocks me. I could have stayed in mama's arms all day letting her stroke my face and rock me, but mama had to go back to work. Maybe I can wait awhile before I am completely grown up. OK, mama, we can kiss and snuggle, and you can rock me. Just don't let anybuddy see us doing it, OK?


A Bad Habit

March 10th 2010 2:48 pm
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Mama says I drive her crazy because I discover something, and I do it over and over and over. It is a battle of wills which one of us will wear out first. So far, mama has not given up very many times.

First it was playing in the sheer scarfy things on the dining room windows. I would get behind the scarfy stuff and bite it and play with it. Sometimes I would get a toy and play with it in the curtains. Mama yelled at me so many times I thought my name was "Gunnarr No." I finally got tired of that game.

Next I decided to jump up on the table with the doll house on it. Mama was not pleased when she would look up and see me with my head and one paw inside the tiny porch. I might not have given up that fun, but I got too big to fit anymore. Sigh...

Answering machines; oh how I love the answering machines. We have two, one for when mama is working and a regular one. Whenever somebuddy calls and leaves a message especially if it is my grampster, I run to the machine. Now I have learned how to play the messages and how to turn the machines off. Unfortunately for mama, I have not learned how to turn them back on.

Then there was the little matter of the high leaps onto the armoire in the living room. It is more than 5 feet tall, and I feel really grown up and sneaky when I am up there. I gave that up when mama put duct tape on some cardboard and put it on the seat and top of the phone table that I was using as a springboard. Boo!

I was watching a birdie one day. It flew across, and I needed to look out a different window, so I leaped up onto the miniature cabin in the dining room. My grampster made it for mama out of real logs. Mama says it is a good thing grampster built it, or it would be a pile of kindling now. :) I love sitting on the roof and playing panther. Know what? My big sister, Missy Mups, did the very same thing when she was a kitten, and I saw the pictures. So, you see; I am not so naughty after all.

My newest obsession is using the front step on my new stroller to leap up on top. I think it is a good place to nap. Mama wants me to love my new stroller, and I do. I know it is mine. Mama does not want to do anything that would make me afraid of the stroller or think there is something bad about the stroller. She has been coming over very calmly and picking me up and holding me and kissing me, but then she puts me down or inside the stroller. Mama tried to tell me it is dangerous to nap on the stroller because I might fall off and hurt myself. Mama also said the stroller instructions said not to put "anything" on top of the stroller, and mama says I am "anything." Mama, I don't care. I want to play and nap on top of my stroller!

Sooo, if you see a blue stroller with a flag patch, tiger heads on either side, rainbow flames on either side, and a "this side up" patch on the top with a squished in roof, you will know it is me, Gunnarr T, Warrior Kitten!


New Stuff

March 8th 2010 2:39 pm
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Yesterday I pouted because mama and daddy left me in my room and went to town. It seemed like they were gone FOREVER, but when they came home, they held and loved and kissed and petted me while I purred and squirmed with joy. Mama said I sounded like I might explode. I was so happy I stretched out REAL long and rolled around on the floor purring when they first came in the door.

Mama and daddy had packages, and mama was carrying a new pet carrier! The pet carrier I inherited was so old I think dinosaurs rode inside before me. Mama is working on getting me a new BABY SISTER!!!!!, and she said we will need two carriers when we travel with mama and daddy. Mama said to daddy "I don't want to buy a new carrier until I'm sure we're getting the new kitten; I just want to look." Mama got sticker shock when they looked at the pet taxis. Then they found a carrier the right size, and it had a big SALE sign in front of it. It was a $70 carrier on sale with a PALS card for half price! Mama decided it was too good to pass up, and there was only one left. Daddy got it down off the high shelf, and mama said "what's that brown stuff on the top?" Daddy said "it's bird poop. Haven't you noticed the birds flying around in here?" First mama said "no." Then she said "yuck." Then she said, "oh well, for $35 I can wash the bird poop off."

Ooh, I hope I get the new carrier and they put the pipsqueak in the old carrier. She won't know any better, so it won't matter to her. I loved the new carrier so much I was trying to climb in, but the door was closed. Finally daddy opened the door so I could get inside and give it a good sniff. Yeppers; new carrier smell. Ahhhh; it was wonderful. My picture and name are on the old carrier, but maybe I can use my teeth and get them off and use my paw to stick them on the new carrier. Do you think mama and daddy would notice?

I do hope they decide to bring the pipsqueak home to be my baby sister. If you want to see her, check out Petunia.

There was another bag, and daddy opened it up and took something out and started unfolding it. It went "sproink" and popped up. It is a pop-up DAWG kennel. Daddy said it is made of something called "nylon" and spring steel. The back doesn't have a window, but the sides have big meshy, see through windows, and the door is a meshy thing that zips shut. Mama said the pipsqueak (if they bring her home) and I can go out on the deck when mama and daddy are barbecuing and eating outside this summer. My big sister, Missy Mups, would sit in her chair like the princess she was, but mama does not trust me. Even the yellowjackets catnot sting us because the mesh is too small. The kennel was under $20, and mama loves it because it only weighs a few ounces. It can get squished into a tiny package again for storage.

I played in the new CAT kennel to break it in. I jumped on top of it once. Mama and daddy were having dinner. They heard a noise, and mama said "Well, Gunnarr jumped on the kennel." They came to look and there was a pawprint still in the top. They went back to their dinner and heard an even louder noise. When they came back in to check on me, I had squished half of the kennel to the floor, and I was laying on top to make sure it did not get away. Mama says the best part about being owned by me is I make her laugh out loud every single day. When mama and daddy finished laughing at me, mama carefully picked me up because they thought the kennel might sproink back out. No, I did a really good job. It was down for the count, and mama had to pop it back up again. After that I decided to play inside. I have to admit it was more fun. Mama threw some toys inside, and I played with a mousie and enjoyed the view out my new windows. I think I'm gonna like summer.


Less Flies and More Friendship Circle

March 4th 2010 2:28 pm
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It was an even more boring day today. We only had one fly that mama killed and another one who scaped somehow. I never even got to play with them.

Instead I gnawed on the roof of an old birdhouse that is very special to mama. It is SO special she never put it out. It is old and weathered and has bark on it. Mama said it went through some hard times at a cabin up in the mountains, and a special friend of my grampster's gave it to her. Why didn't she tell me before I put a bunch of tooth marks on the roof? One of my nicknames is "Rodent," and that is why. Anyway, I am KINDA sorry I did it but not TOO sorry.

After mama finished working, I went to Friendship Circle and played the games. Then I made up a new game. I will not tell what it is; the Friendship Circle kitties must discover it. I made it up my very own self, and I hope it will be fun. Thanks to the kitties who have stopped by to play the games I started.

We are having a Friendship Circle St. Paddy's Day Stroll. Any member of Friendship Circle can put their "wearing of the green" photo in the stroll on our group page. Feel free to post your pictures, and we will leave the stroll up at least until after St. Patrick's Day and our first group party. Check out our group page for a full description of the event. I will give you a hint; Chef Rooster + salmon.

Did anybuddy notice the cool new Uncatster green background on our page?


A Boring Day AND Some Games for Friendship Circle

March 3rd 2010 2:43 pm
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I thought it was a boring day. There were only two flies in the office today. I chased em both. I cried real pitifully when one fly was on the ceiling, and I could not reach him. Later the fly started smashing himself against the screen trying to go outside. I tried to help him get smashed more with my paw, but he was too fast. Mama calls me reckless, and she was beginning to wonder how she would move the big heavy daybed if I leaped at the fly and slid down between the daybed and the wall and got stuck. Me...stuck! Puleeeeez, mama.

I am happy to announce that although I slipped a BUNCH of times while chasering that darned fly, I am too big to fit between the daybed and the wall. I guess I am all grown up now.

Because it was a boring day, I went to Friendship Circle and started two game threads. They are easy games to play, and if you meow and no other kitties are there, you can post and then come back later or the next day to see how the game is going. We have more ideas, but it will take awhile to get everything going. My mama wishes she could spend more time at Catster (me too!), but sometimes it is not possible.

We know everykitty is busy these days, but please stop by now and then, add something to the games, and see what else we have in store.


Calling all Friendship Circle Kitties

March 2nd 2010 5:00 pm
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Hey, kitties of Friendship Circle. The admins of Friendship Circle want to make the group more fun so kitties will come more often. If we had some contests and games to play, would you come to the group more often? I have some ideas, but they are a secret for right now. If you think contests, games,and parties are a good idea, please paw-mail me.


Flames and Flies

March 2nd 2010 2:59 pm
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I have been driving mama nuts. Whenever there is a fly in the office, I race from window to window chasing the hapless fly who enters MY domain! If the fly gets on the ceiling, I sit and cry and cry and make that funny little quiet quacking sound like my cousin, Merry. I shake all over, and my whiskers tremble, and I sound so plaintive mama feels sorry for me. She says it sounds like my little heart is breaking. Mama does not like it when I start leaping on things, anything and everything, heedless of precious spensive things. Nothing matters but the fly. I just have to have the fly. It is my destiny to catch that fly! Last night I got stuck chasing a fly, and mama had to do what she called "extricating" me from a tight spot. I could not go up or forward, to either side, or back either. I really didn't even care because I had that fly cornered, and I was NOT gonna let him get away. Finally I got the fly out and was pouncing on him while he was trying to walk on the carpet. See, I wore him down so he could not go up in the air anymore. Then my mean old mama got tired of the game. She walked over and stepped on him. Mama, how could you! I ran off and pouted for a while after mama murdered my fly.

Mama and daddy ordered the patches for my stroller on Saturday night. Mama was very excited about the patches. Because I am an Americat, mama and daddy chose a waving American flag patch to go on the front of my stroller. Daddy wanted my Gunnarr Hotrod to have flames on the sides. Mama found some flames, but they were pretty small. Daddy took us to E-Bay and found some rainbow flames 7 1/2 inches long. Oh, gosh; they are fabulous. Then mama and daddy looked for wild cat patches. The panthers were not very cool, and some of the cats looked really mean. Mama said I can be a wild cat but not a mean one. Finally mama and daddy found a tiger face. The tiger is not being mean, just "regal" according to mama. I do not know what that means, but the tiger face is really cool. Mama and daddy got two, one for each side of my stroller. Then mama found a vintage round red patch that says "This Side Up." She started laughing and told daddy I needed one of those for the top of my stroller, so daddy got that one too.

The coolerest thing is my flames got to daddy's house yesterday. Mama could not believe it. Daddy had to come down for some supplies for a job he is doing up north, and he brought my flame patches. Ooh, kitties; they are so wonderful. I am so excited. Mama and daddy held the flames up against my stroller, and they are SO cool. The flame patches are almost as exciting as a fly. I catnot wait for spring to go strollering around in my new stroller with the cool patches. Mama and daddy looked at license plates too, but daddy thinks they are too small, so he is going to make me a license plate and make some sort of thingie to fit on the front step so everykitty and everybody else will see who I am, Gunnarr T, Americat, when I come strollering along.

P.S. Mama put some new pictures of me with my stroller on my Catster page last night.


What a Weekend!

March 1st 2010 3:12 pm
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My daddy showed up on Friday afternoon, and I had to stay in my room while mama and daddy went to town.

Saturday morning we got up and had some breakfast. Then daddy and grampster started doing "something" in our bathroom, and I had to go to my larger room, which is mama's bedroom. I had my toys and potty and food and water and everything, but I wanted to be a man-cat and help daddy and grampster. Mama was so nervous about what she called the "demo" that she went into her office and started working to make extra money just in case daddy and grampster broke something they were not supposed to. There was lots of pounding coming from the bathroom. I could hear doors opening and closing and daddy and grampster talking. I tried and tried to get out of my room to see what was happening, but the door was "up tight," and I could not escape.

When somebody finally let me out of my room there were cool tools everywhere. There was a big bucket with pockets on the outside, and almost every single pocket had something in it. I stood on my hind legs and snooped around inside the bucket. There was a huge wrench. It looked fun, but it was too heavy, and I could not lift it. I hopped inside to take a really good look at everything, and daddy and grampster laughed at me. Imagine that. I was pretty serious about using the tools.

When I scampered into the bathroom, there was a new sink and top on the cabinet. It was real pretty, but it smelled kinda funny. After a while I got bored and went off to play with something else.

Saturday afternoon mama put me in my carrier, and she and daddy took me to see Dr. Mike. Mama had noticed that my left eye reflects light different than my right one, and she was worried about what it could mean. Dr. Mike says I have a cyst in my eye. It is not growing any larger, but it is not going away neither. It does not affect my vision, and Dr. Mike said mostly they do not cause any harm. A kitty opthalmologist comes to the Best Friends Animal Hospital about three or four times a year, and Dr. Mike said maybe Dr. Roberts can look at my eye next time he comes to town. I think it might be fun. Dr. Roberts has a mobile kitty cat eye van that he drives around to different towns. Hey, maybe I could even go in my stroller! That would be pretty cool.

Sunday daddy finished up something he called "plumbing" in the bathroom while mama was glued to the TV watching the hockey game. She could not believe that daddy wasn't very interested. Congratulations to our Canadian friends for a very, very exciting and fast-paced game. Of course, mama felt bad that the USA lost the game, but everybody played really hard and made it exciting, and mama said there is no shame in a silver medal.

Today it is really nice here, almost 60 degrees. The sky is blue, and the sun is shining. Our snow is melting, melting, melting, but the ground is still frozen, so there is mud everywhere. If it was not for the mud, I might get to try my new stroller out, but mama says it is not a mud wagon.

Speaking of my stroller, mama and daddy catnot wheel my stroller around the house without me in it. When I see somebody go to my stroller, I run as fast as I can and jump in to make sure I don't miss a ride, even if it is very short.

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