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Less Flies and More Friendship Circle

March 4th 2010 2:28 pm
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It was an even more boring day today. We only had one fly that mama killed and another one who scaped somehow. I never even got to play with them.

Instead I gnawed on the roof of an old birdhouse that is very special to mama. It is SO special she never put it out. It is old and weathered and has bark on it. Mama said it went through some hard times at a cabin up in the mountains, and a special friend of my grampster's gave it to her. Why didn't she tell me before I put a bunch of tooth marks on the roof? One of my nicknames is "Rodent," and that is why. Anyway, I am KINDA sorry I did it but not TOO sorry.

After mama finished working, I went to Friendship Circle and played the games. Then I made up a new game. I will not tell what it is; the Friendship Circle kitties must discover it. I made it up my very own self, and I hope it will be fun. Thanks to the kitties who have stopped by to play the games I started.

We are having a Friendship Circle St. Paddy's Day Stroll. Any member of Friendship Circle can put their "wearing of the green" photo in the stroll on our group page. Feel free to post your pictures, and we will leave the stroll up at least until after St. Patrick's Day and our first group party. Check out our group page for a full description of the event. I will give you a hint; Chef Rooster + salmon.

Did anybuddy notice the cool new Uncatster green background on our page?


A Boring Day AND Some Games for Friendship Circle

March 3rd 2010 2:43 pm
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I thought it was a boring day. There were only two flies in the office today. I chased em both. I cried real pitifully when one fly was on the ceiling, and I could not reach him. Later the fly started smashing himself against the screen trying to go outside. I tried to help him get smashed more with my paw, but he was too fast. Mama calls me reckless, and she was beginning to wonder how she would move the big heavy daybed if I leaped at the fly and slid down between the daybed and the wall and got stuck. Me...stuck! Puleeeeez, mama.

I am happy to announce that although I slipped a BUNCH of times while chasering that darned fly, I am too big to fit between the daybed and the wall. I guess I am all grown up now.

Because it was a boring day, I went to Friendship Circle and started two game threads. They are easy games to play, and if you meow and no other kitties are there, you can post and then come back later or the next day to see how the game is going. We have more ideas, but it will take awhile to get everything going. My mama wishes she could spend more time at Catster (me too!), but sometimes it is not possible.

We know everykitty is busy these days, but please stop by now and then, add something to the games, and see what else we have in store.


Calling all Friendship Circle Kitties

March 2nd 2010 5:00 pm
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Hey, kitties of Friendship Circle. The admins of Friendship Circle want to make the group more fun so kitties will come more often. If we had some contests and games to play, would you come to the group more often? I have some ideas, but they are a secret for right now. If you think contests, games,and parties are a good idea, please paw-mail me.


Flames and Flies

March 2nd 2010 2:59 pm
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I have been driving mama nuts. Whenever there is a fly in the office, I race from window to window chasing the hapless fly who enters MY domain! If the fly gets on the ceiling, I sit and cry and cry and make that funny little quiet quacking sound like my cousin, Merry. I shake all over, and my whiskers tremble, and I sound so plaintive mama feels sorry for me. She says it sounds like my little heart is breaking. Mama does not like it when I start leaping on things, anything and everything, heedless of precious spensive things. Nothing matters but the fly. I just have to have the fly. It is my destiny to catch that fly! Last night I got stuck chasing a fly, and mama had to do what she called "extricating" me from a tight spot. I could not go up or forward, to either side, or back either. I really didn't even care because I had that fly cornered, and I was NOT gonna let him get away. Finally I got the fly out and was pouncing on him while he was trying to walk on the carpet. See, I wore him down so he could not go up in the air anymore. Then my mean old mama got tired of the game. She walked over and stepped on him. Mama, how could you! I ran off and pouted for a while after mama murdered my fly.

Mama and daddy ordered the patches for my stroller on Saturday night. Mama was very excited about the patches. Because I am an Americat, mama and daddy chose a waving American flag patch to go on the front of my stroller. Daddy wanted my Gunnarr Hotrod to have flames on the sides. Mama found some flames, but they were pretty small. Daddy took us to E-Bay and found some rainbow flames 7 1/2 inches long. Oh, gosh; they are fabulous. Then mama and daddy looked for wild cat patches. The panthers were not very cool, and some of the cats looked really mean. Mama said I can be a wild cat but not a mean one. Finally mama and daddy found a tiger face. The tiger is not being mean, just "regal" according to mama. I do not know what that means, but the tiger face is really cool. Mama and daddy got two, one for each side of my stroller. Then mama found a vintage round red patch that says "This Side Up." She started laughing and told daddy I needed one of those for the top of my stroller, so daddy got that one too.

The coolerest thing is my flames got to daddy's house yesterday. Mama could not believe it. Daddy had to come down for some supplies for a job he is doing up north, and he brought my flame patches. Ooh, kitties; they are so wonderful. I am so excited. Mama and daddy held the flames up against my stroller, and they are SO cool. The flame patches are almost as exciting as a fly. I catnot wait for spring to go strollering around in my new stroller with the cool patches. Mama and daddy looked at license plates too, but daddy thinks they are too small, so he is going to make me a license plate and make some sort of thingie to fit on the front step so everykitty and everybody else will see who I am, Gunnarr T, Americat, when I come strollering along.

P.S. Mama put some new pictures of me with my stroller on my Catster page last night.


What a Weekend!

March 1st 2010 3:12 pm
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My daddy showed up on Friday afternoon, and I had to stay in my room while mama and daddy went to town.

Saturday morning we got up and had some breakfast. Then daddy and grampster started doing "something" in our bathroom, and I had to go to my larger room, which is mama's bedroom. I had my toys and potty and food and water and everything, but I wanted to be a man-cat and help daddy and grampster. Mama was so nervous about what she called the "demo" that she went into her office and started working to make extra money just in case daddy and grampster broke something they were not supposed to. There was lots of pounding coming from the bathroom. I could hear doors opening and closing and daddy and grampster talking. I tried and tried to get out of my room to see what was happening, but the door was "up tight," and I could not escape.

When somebody finally let me out of my room there were cool tools everywhere. There was a big bucket with pockets on the outside, and almost every single pocket had something in it. I stood on my hind legs and snooped around inside the bucket. There was a huge wrench. It looked fun, but it was too heavy, and I could not lift it. I hopped inside to take a really good look at everything, and daddy and grampster laughed at me. Imagine that. I was pretty serious about using the tools.

When I scampered into the bathroom, there was a new sink and top on the cabinet. It was real pretty, but it smelled kinda funny. After a while I got bored and went off to play with something else.

Saturday afternoon mama put me in my carrier, and she and daddy took me to see Dr. Mike. Mama had noticed that my left eye reflects light different than my right one, and she was worried about what it could mean. Dr. Mike says I have a cyst in my eye. It is not growing any larger, but it is not going away neither. It does not affect my vision, and Dr. Mike said mostly they do not cause any harm. A kitty opthalmologist comes to the Best Friends Animal Hospital about three or four times a year, and Dr. Mike said maybe Dr. Roberts can look at my eye next time he comes to town. I think it might be fun. Dr. Roberts has a mobile kitty cat eye van that he drives around to different towns. Hey, maybe I could even go in my stroller! That would be pretty cool.

Sunday daddy finished up something he called "plumbing" in the bathroom while mama was glued to the TV watching the hockey game. She could not believe that daddy wasn't very interested. Congratulations to our Canadian friends for a very, very exciting and fast-paced game. Of course, mama felt bad that the USA lost the game, but everybody played really hard and made it exciting, and mama said there is no shame in a silver medal.

Today it is really nice here, almost 60 degrees. The sky is blue, and the sun is shining. Our snow is melting, melting, melting, but the ground is still frozen, so there is mud everywhere. If it was not for the mud, I might get to try my new stroller out, but mama says it is not a mud wagon.

Speaking of my stroller, mama and daddy catnot wheel my stroller around the house without me in it. When I see somebody go to my stroller, I run as fast as I can and jump in to make sure I don't miss a ride, even if it is very short.


Oh, Canada

February 26th 2010 5:35 am
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I wanna congratulate all my Canadian kitty friends on the Canadian women's hockey team gold medal victory last night at the Olympics. Mama said the game was real exciting, and she cheered AND groaned a lot. We love our red, white, and blue, but mama said we just got outskated. Mama said the Canadian goalie was "awsome," and grampster said she was "in the zone" the entire game.

Now we are waiting to see what happens with the men's teams. Maybe it will be another USA-Canada matchup for the gold medal.



Sunshine on My Shoulder

February 23rd 2010 2:50 pm
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First of all, thanks to that nonnamus kitty who keeps giving me treats. Feel free to snag a few if you visit my page. I think I know who this nonnamus treat giver is. It is somekitty who knows the trick for giving lots of treats real fast. His mama is probably REAL smart too. I think his name starts with an "M" and ends with an "o". He has a brother whose name starts with a "T." If I am wrong, but the nonnamus treat giver does not fess up, then you will never know for sure if I am wrong or not.

Today was a quiet day. We are having a mini-chinook, and the snow is slowly starting to melt away. Pretty soon it will melt down to the ice. Mama says she hopes we do not have more cold weather or another storm after that happens. We have been skating on some not-so-thin ice for weeks now. We had a bad ice storm, and our mergencee room at the hospital had 140 patients the next day; half of them had fallen down on the ice.

This morning I took a long nap on mama's pillow. It was right in front of the window, and there was a sunbeam shining through the window. I gotta tell ya; it felt SO good on my fur. I stayed there until the sunbeam left.

This afternoon I took another long nap in a sunbeam that was coming in the window in the office. Mama put a little Gunnarr blankie down in the sunbeam. She said I looked so happy. Mama said the sunshine made my whiskers sparkle. I guess sunshine is good for everybody, not just people.

When mama was leaving to get the mail, I leaped into my stroller. I was disappointed because mama did not have a treat, but she gave me a kiss through the mesh on the front of the stroller. It was not as good as a treat, but it wasn't bad either. Maybe this evening I will get to stroll around the house. Mama says for indoors at least my stroller is not much like a sports car; it is more like a semi, and trying to turn it around inside is hard. Maybe I will have to learn reverse.


Fishy Treats

February 22nd 2010 6:41 pm
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Wow, I thought I had lotsa treats yesterday. Today I have 300 TREATS! Wooohooo!!!!!!!! I would like to sincerely thank my nonnamous donor for all the delishus treats on my page. Feel free to sample one anytime you visit my Catster page.


New Nicknames

February 22nd 2010 12:30 pm
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Mama says I don't have enough nicknames, so I've been given two more. Mama's friend, Steve, calls me the "Pantherator." I like that one. It makes me feel sleek and wild(ish). I am mostly black on my back, and I have both tiger(ish) stripes on my back, sides, and legs, and leopard(ish) spots on my tummy. Mama says I look like something wild.

My second new nickname is "Gunnarrator." I think it makes me sound real dangerous. In truth, I am; just ask my mama. She hopes I will get less dangerous as I grow up, but I think I'll keep her guessing...


I'm in Training

February 22nd 2010 10:59 am
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We got my new stroller yesterday afternoon. Grampster brought it in the house folded up. I found an open flap and climbed in before mama could set the stroller up and push it into the living room.

Once the stroller was in the living room, mama got some treats and threw some of my favorite toys into the stroller. The back was open, and I dived right in after the toys. Mama started feeding me my favorite treats, making me come out of the stroller and follow her around the house, then go back and jump into the stroller on "command." She thinks I was obeying her commands; silly mama. I did jump in and out of the stroller, but it was only a fun game for me. Then mama started feeding me treats from the front so I would go WAY far into the stroller and look ahead. After a little while mama took the brake off and started moving the stroller REAL slow with me in it. I could have told her I would not be afraid. After all, I like to leap on her steno chair and make it spin around and around until mama says she gets dizzy just watching me. All the while I just there watching things spin around. I always knew the world revolved around me. MOL. I stayed in the stroller even though I was not zipped in. We went out into the kitchen and turned around real slow. We did a few trips around the house, and mama fed me more treats. I had to make mama think I was just a teensy bit nervous to make sure I got plenty of treats. Mama gave me a rest and then later we did the getting in and out of the stroller again. This time mama put the back flap down and wheeled me around the house. I didn't cry or try to get out.

This morning we did the getting in and out of the stroller for treats again. Mama was having a hard time getting me to get out of the stroller. I thought I should stay there, and she could feed me treats all day long. Today mama put the back flap down like I was zipped into the stroller, and we wheeled around the house at almost a normal walking speed. I thought it was pretty cool. More treats, mama! More treats, and I will ride in the stroller all day.

Later I got my harness on to practice wearing it. I don't really mind it, but I always think I can't jump when I first get it on. Mama threw a treat in and got me to jump into my stroller wearing my harness. She said that was a mistake because later she found me on top of the miniature log cabin my grampster made for mama. I looked like a giant panther on the roof, and I could see out the window real good. ;) Course, mama yelled and made me jump down. I did it a few more times and got yelled at, but then I got too tired to be naughty anymore.

I helped mama put clean sheets on the bed. I am VERY good at bed making. Just ask mama; she will tell you all about it.

The sticky duck tape is still on the phone table, and I have not tried to leap onto the armoire. Just in case, mama put a rope basket where the very breakable vase was and put the vase WAY UP HIGH where even I catnot reach it. I guess you could say I am an interior decorator now too. I am helping mama find the most pleasing (and safe) arrangement for her stuff.

Hey, how bout that hocky score? Will we have another miracle on ice?

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