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November 6th 2013 8:56 pm
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My baby sister is clueless. Mama buyed a buncha teensy tummy pills, cut each one in four piecers, and hidened em in some chickie pill pockets, and Peekie does not even know! I tried not to tattle on mama, but the Peekster saw me laffin behind my paw while she was gettin her treet. When she asked what was so funny, I could not lie. I had to tell her mama was hidin medsins inside her chickie treet. I was sprised that Peekie did not seem to care. I guess that's good cuz when Peekie gets a chickie pill pocket, so do I. Mama sez it is not fair to onliest give Peekie the chickie treets.

Sooooo, all is good here. :)


It's a Double Play!

November 4th 2013 2:46 pm
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Hey, everbuddy. Peekie and I are both daily diary picks today. How kool is that? Unlike my sister, who has been givin me a hard time cuz she winned a prize in the Pet Idol contest, I am happy to share my DDP with my baby sister. Unkl Buddie sez I should be nice and pertect my baby sister, and I decidered he is right. After all, she does let me win at resslin, and she lets me give her a bath, and sumtimes she even gives me a bath. I like that lots cuz she cleans all the dirt outta my ears.

Thanks for all the prezzies and good wishies you are sendin me. I really preshiate all my friends and how sportive you are.

Hey, mama gived us some really good treets last night. There were chickie pill pockets, but auntie Dawn also gived mama some smoked beef dawg pill pockets. See mama and auntie Dawn are plottin gainst Peekie. They are gonna hide her tummy medsins in the pill pockets cuz the blueberry likwid was too much and made Peekie gag and spit up nasty stuff. I am not gonna tattle on mama and auntie Dawn cuz I want my baby sister to feel better so she can run even faster when I chaser her. I am gonna trust mama and keep my little kitty kat lips sealed. Besides, I know mama will give me some treets too cuz she will feel gilty. ;)


Thanks for the Skeletons!

November 2nd 2013 12:14 pm
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Hey, everkitty. Thanks a bunch for all those dancin skeletons. Peekie and Missy and I have beened chaserin em around our pages just for fun. Sometimes we catch one, but then they start wigglerin and get away again.

Mama is still fightin with the govnermunt webbysite and waitin for help. She has been waitin four days for the "team" who was sposed ta help her "within two days." Doncha just love the govnermunt?



October 31st 2013 11:57 am
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Geez, Peekie is bein a real piss ant bout winnin a prize in the Pet Idol thingie. She thinks she is some kinda big shot, scamperin round the house meowerin, "I winned, I winned." After all, it was just a aksident of fate cuz they onliest did a random draw.

Mama sez she does not care that I didn't win nothin in the contest; I am still her pet idol. To prove it, she picked me up and cuddlered me and kissed my head. Ewwwwww!! Boy cats do not like that.


Guvnermunt Webbysites

October 30th 2013 12:32 pm
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Jeepers, mama has been havin funs at the guvnermunt webbysite for healthcares. Mama has spended two diffrunt days in front of the puter typsterin stuff into little boxers. Then when she hits "save and continue," nuthin happens. Finally after the second day mama got almost all the way to the end. She even choosed a insurance plan, but then when she hit "confirm," it conked out.

Mama finally gived up after many tries and called the customer servis number. The lady was real nice and helpful. Mama told the lady she had a hard job, and she kinda laffed. Some peeplz from the webbysite were sposed ta call mama in the next two evenins, but she did not get a call last night. Then when mama went to the webbysite today, it was down...AGAIN! Maybee that's why the peeplz did not call; they could not even use their own webbysite to get informashuns.

Even after all that, mama did not say any bad words, and she sez she feels lucky to have whole days to spend tryin to buy some insurance. Jeepers; what would happen if mama had to work at anuther job all day?


Boy, Am I Behind!

October 26th 2013 4:22 pm
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Just when the Peekster and I thought we could come back to Catsterland a bunch, mama and daddy started doin projects again. Even a week ago, the weatherman knowed there was a big storm comin our way. He told mama on the TV, and mama started gettin things ready for winter. Daddy dugged up some things mama did not want in her garden no more, and mama worked for two days mowin the grass, rearrangin the storaj shed, and puttin all the furnitures away and coverin stuff like our patio fireplace and the big new grill. Then when mama was not doin stuff outside, she was goin to pointmunts in town and buyin foodies just in case the storm gets too nasty.

Yesterday mama went to town without a coat wearin short sleeves, but by tomorrow it is sposed ta start snowin, and we could get 6 inchers. Last fall when they said that, we ended up with 15 inchers, so mama is not dependin too much on the weather reports.

Now that the pointmunts and yard work are done, mama is spendin hours on the puter answerin e-mails, payin bills, and stuff. Maybee tomorrow we can help mama fix the beddyroom back the rite way. See, mama and daddy had to move the big bed to fix the window, and there was lotsa stuffs stored underneath the bed. Peekie liked it lots cuz she could hide. She did not like that mama could shove stuff at her under the bed and make her leave. Now Peekie catnot hide, but mama catnot reach her neether. I think it will not be very long until mama cleans all the stuffs and rearrangers it underneath the bed.

I had to nap in the stroller today cuz mama does not have time to take us for a ride even though it is real nice outside. Last weekend mama and daddy did take us for a long walk. The sun was shinin, the sky was blue, and the leafs were all kindsa funny colors like gold, orange, and even pinkish and red. It was pretty cool. For some reason Peekie got skared, so she did not see much cuz she was hiderin underneath the mattress in the stroller and peekin out sumtimes.

I wanna thank all the kitties who sendened me presents for my DDPs in the last coupla weeks. We tried to send purrsonal thank you notes, but if we missed anybuddy, I am real sorry (but it is mama's fault).



October 14th 2013 4:24 pm
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Wow, I was a DDP today. That is pretty cool. I'm glad I got back to Catster in time to get this neato honor. Unkl Buddie was first to pawmail me; utherwise I might not have even findened out. Thanks to the kits who gave me prezunts; I hope we thanked you all. I told mama we catnot never stay away from Catster like we have beened the last few months cuz we have been missin speshl days for our friends, and that is bad.

Thanks again for rememberin me today, and thanks to the diary lady for thinkin I am a good kitty riter.



October 10th 2013 3:43 pm
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Peekie and I got new Howlween costooms! Mine is a pharaoh costoom, and Peekie's is a Cleocatra costoom. Mama has ta make a few alterashuns on both of em, and then mama and daddy need to set up our photo shoot. I am guessin it will never happen just cuz mama is chasin her tail all the times now. She keeps makin plans, and then somethin happens, and everything changes again.

Mama keeps checkin my hinder paw that had the tumor, makin sure it looks normal. Unkl Dr. Mike said he wanted ta see me again, but then mama had to get the path report from nuther peeples at his offis. Mama sez my paw looks totally-otally healed, so unless Unkl calls, mama is not takin me back. That does not meen that mama will not keep watchin my paw to make sure nuthin bad happens. I do not think I will mind much if the carrier diss-pears from the offis.

I think I should go tell Peekie that my Howlween costoom outranks hers, so she has ta do what I tell her. I wonder how that will go over?


Pet Idol

October 8th 2013 2:11 pm
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Mama entered me and Peekie into the Great Falls Tribune Pet Idol contest. They have had this contest for a few years cuz Missy Mups was first runnerup in the very first Pet Idol contest. Back then peeples had to vote, and a vote costed 25 cents. It got very spensive cuz peeples who wanted ta win just kept spendin more money, and that included mama.

Each year the number of entries has been goin down, down, down. Mama has never entered me and Peekie before, but this year there are some kitty and dawg food prizes. Mama wants us to win the kitty food so she can donate it to the Pet Paw-See to help out Aunt Leslie and all the wonderful foster families who take care of sweet kitties like me and Peekie and help em find their furever homes.

They say they are pickin by random draw, but the lady e-mailed mama back seconds after Peekie's picture landed in her inbox, and she told mama she had already forwarded the Peekster's picture to a cat lovin guy she works with at the newsypaper. We really hope that they will pay some attenshuns to the quality of the pictures and the outfits, but maybee we just need to be lucky.

Peekie's picture is her tea party picture with the hat and dress, and mama sended a picture of me in our Santa suit. We are crossin our paws!


Crazy Daze

October 8th 2013 1:52 pm
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Well, once again we have takened a hiatus from Catsterland, and once again it was not planned.

I wanna thank all the kitties who sendened me and the Peekster those cool pie-rat flags and all the kitty friends who sendened me birthday prezunts. We are so sorry we didn't get purrsonal thank you's sendened out.

Right after my birthday mama founded somethin growin between my toes on my right hinder paw. First she got skared. Then she thot maybee she should wait and see if it growed more. Then she got skared again and tooked me to see Dr. Unkl Mike. Unkl thot it was a sebashus cyst, but he sed he needed to take it off. We were all goin on our September vacashun to Virgelle, so I got to wait until after that to get my oprashun.

While we were at Virgelle, mama got real sick, and we could not even come home when we were sposed to. It was even worse because when mama camed back from goin outside in the middler of the night, I strolled out onto the porch to see what wild country looks like in the dark. Mama almost had a heart attak. She was sick and skared, and she skooped me up and almost skwished me before we got back inside. Mama sez there are coyotes and some nuther real tuff kitties that live round there, and they are outside all the times. I did not meen to be bad; I just wanted ta see what was out there.

Finally after an extra day mama feeled better, so we comed home. A coupla days later I had to go see Unkl and get my paw fixed. Honest, it was not so bad. Auntie Serena let me stay in my carrier until it was my turn to get fixed up, and then when I woked up I was back in my very own carrier with my snuggly blankie that smelled like me and the Peekster.

Mama thot I might be real sleepy when she brought me home, but I was kinda hyper, and I scampered all over the house and followed mama round talkin and stuff. For the first coupla days I got buprenex just in case my paw hurtened, but it really never did.

Within two days my paw was open, so I had to go see Unkl again. There was only one stitch in my paw, and mama never sawed me gnawin on it, but I managed to get my toofs in it and pull the stitch through. Mama and daddy held me and petted me and stuff while Unkl cleaned my paw real good and glued it shut. Then unkl told mama we needed to use Yesterday's News litter. Uck! That stuff is just terbl. Peekie and I are good kitties, so we used it, but we hated it and so did mama. We suffered for 6 whole days. Then mama checked my paw, and it was healed and stuff wasn't stickin to it no more, so we got our reg-lur litter back.

When Unkl Mike got time to look at the biopsy from my paw, he sawed it was not a sebashus cyst; it was a mast cell tumor. Mama got real skared, but Unkl said they are not as bad when kitties get em as if dawgs get em, and if it had clean margins and a grade I or II, it would not be so bad. Unkl sent my biopsy away to a speshl place.

For two weeks, mama kept pokin the peeples with a sharp stick to find out bout my results. Finally we got good news. Unkl got all the bad stuff outta my paw, and it was grade II. All the time while mama worried, I was just bein me. I am a don't worry, be happy kinda kitty. I kept tellin mama not to worry bout me, but she feels lots better now. I sure hope I never get nuther one.

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