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Kitten Tales

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New Developmunts!

January 20th 2014 12:42 pm
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The Peekster and I made a new friend here not too long ago. He is a real cool kitty with a mama who wants to make a new home for all of us if you are innerested, His name is Commander Sir Snowy, and this is his ID number: His mama sez if enuff kitties and pups are innerested, she can make us a new home. Please at least check out his diary entry and think bout it.

Maybee it is time for us to dry our tears over Catster and start buildin somethin new. Yeppers, we all say we built the Catster community, so why can't we build anuther one? Sure, it might take awhile, and it might not be zactly the same, but who knows? Maybee it could even be better. Just check it out, pleez?


Sucky Development

January 16th 2014 1:37 pm
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Mama sez it is kinda ironic that the one time they akshly cashed her check before they turned off our CatsterPlus, now they gotta give us a refund.

We have made lotsa good friends here, and we will always remember ya, but I do not think the Peekster and I will be comin here many more times. Mama sez Catster has beened wonderful, but it is not real life, and we are just gonna ride off into the sunset.

We love you all and will keep in touch with those kitties who have givened us their addresses. We will probly check back a time or two in case anybuddy else wants to keep in touch with us. If ya do, let us know, OK?


Speshl Kissymouse Prezunt!

December 27th 2013 1:35 pm
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Ooh, ooh! The Peekster and I are so eksitered. The nuther night mama could not sleep. Peekie and I were not too happy when mama turned on the light and woked us up. Mama got out her Kindle Fire and started checkin her e-mail. There was an e-mail from Drs. Foster and Smith bout a Kissymouse Blowout Sale. Mama clickered on the cat stuff and founded a really cool cat tree. It was on sale, and mama got free shipsterin, so she buyed it for me and the Peekster at 2 clocks in the mornin. How cool is that? I never knewed you could buy stuff in the middler of the night.

Peekie and I are hopin our new kitty tree will come while daddy is here cuz daddy is real good at puttin the "some assembly required" stuff together, and he is fast too. Peekie and I catnot wait to climb our new tree. There is a cool tunnel bed, and mama sez she can just see me in the tunnel reachin through the hole in it to bop the Peekster on the head while she is napsterin on the nuther bed. Oh, boy; oh boy!!


Sound Like Us?

December 25th 2013 1:36 pm
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Daddy got us a Kissmouse card to give mama along with our prezunt, and mama laffed and laffed. She sez it sounds just like me and the Peekster. Here is what it sez:

A Christmas Poem from the Cats

Having fun with yarn and string,
Leaving fur on everything...
Posing on a windowsill,
Staring like I want to kill...
Leaping with both skill and grace,
Acting like I own the place...
Expecting you to worship me,
Hiding underneath the tree...
Grooming with my feline tongue,
Breaking ornaments you've hung...
Taking naps on top of you...
These are things I love to do!
(But I'll try to avoid that ornament one...)


Happy Hollerdays!

December 25th 2013 1:13 pm
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Peekie and I and mama hope everbuddy is havin a happy day with friends and family. Peekie and I have been keepin mama company cuz daddy is at his nuther house today and catnot be here. Things are pretty quiet here, and mama sez she likes it that way. We have been all been playin with our new toys and listenin to Kissmouse music all day.

Peekie and I gived mama a music player thingie for Kissmouse. Peekie and daddy and I all heard mama sayin she could not hear the big stereo in the livin room when she is craftin in the offis in the wintertimes, so daddy helped Peekie and me get mama a baby CD player. It is real cute. It is black, kinda like most of me. It gots a little handle for carryin it around, and it plays CDs and has a radio. Mama sez it is cute as a bug's ear, and we have been testin it out. It works purrfect and does not take up much room.

Peekie and I are still takin medsins, but we are startin to chaser and ressel more, and we are eatin like ponies, so mama sez she thinks we are gettin better all the time.

Boy, Peekie and I are glad daddy is such a good listener and a good shopsterer too so we could give mama just the right prezunt.


Almost Kissmouse

December 23rd 2013 11:24 am
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Hey, everbuddy. It is almost Kissmouse. Peekie and I both got new medsins, and they seem to be workin. I have not barfed since Unkl Dr. Mike gived me the "no barfin anymore" medsins. Peekie and I get our medsins inside pill pockets. We got chickie and some smoked black-colored dawg treats. Ooh, those dawg treats are yummy, but they are wayyyy too big. Mama pulls off little piecers just big enough to put the medsins inside.

Today my baby sister is 4 years old. She thinks she is a big girl, but mama thinks she will always be a baby. She still acts like a kitten, and that is fun for me cuz she is always up for a game of chaserin or resslin. Peekie started her birfday celebrashun by yakkin up a huge hairyball, and she stepped in some nasty poo this mornin too. Things have been better since then. She got speshl loves and skritchies from mama and daddy, and we had our medsins and some lishus breakerfust.

We are sendin good wishies to all our friends for a joyous Kissmouse. Our Kissmouse wish for all kitties everywhere would be that they would have furever homes with lots of yummy kitty food and a ton of love from their peeples.

MERRY KISSMOUSE AND HAPPY MEW YEAR to everbuddy who celebrate those hollerdays, and our best wishes to all who celebrate nuther hollerdays too.


I Am Home!

December 19th 2013 4:31 pm
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I got to come home last night from the hospital. I had to stay there all day, and I did not like it much. Dr. Unkl was nooterin some pets, and he had to finish that first before he could fix me. Mama remindered everbuddy that I get kinda gressive when I get skared. Ooh, mama; I do not get skared. I am Gunnarr the Warrior. I get MAD! OK, maybee just a teensy bit skared.

Anyway, they tooked my bloods and did a buncha tests. Unkl sed I came out "squeaky clean" cept for my blood sugar bein high, and Unkl sed that was from stress. I got X-rays too, and they did not show nuthin bad cept for what the nasty tummy bugs do inside ya. They make lotsa gas that irritates your insides and makes your tummy hurt and takes up all the room inside ya so there is no room for foodies. Unkl thinks that is why I kept throwin up.

Unkl sed the medsins he gived me and Peekie did not work on me, so he gived me diffrunt antbites and some stuff so I won't barf all the time. So far, it is workin.

I did do one bad thing while I was there. Unkl said I scratched "the (bad word deleted) out of a vet tech's arm. See, I did not mean to do it, but I was wakin up from the sleepy stuff they gived me, and I did not know what was happenin. It was a accerdent.

I was kinda restless when I comed home. Akshly, I was lucky mama even bringed me home. When she first looked in the carrier when they brought me out, I hissed at her. Mama sed "that may not be the best attitude if you want to come home, GT." Then I realized it was mama. When she put her fingers inside the carrier, I gave her kissies to make up for the hiss.

I am sure happy to be back home with mama and Peekie. I wanna speshly thank all the kitties who gived me POP's and everbuddy who purred for me. You are all just the very best friends in the whole wide world.


Extra Purrs?

December 18th 2013 11:25 am
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Hey, everbuddy. I am spendin some time with Dr. Unkl Mike today. I have been throwin up off and on for awhile now. Peekie and I finally finished our medsins for the colitis, so mama started givin us our Fortiflora. I was doin real good for the past coupla days, eatin good and lovin my Fortiflora.

This mornin mama gived Peekie and me our breakerfust. We slicked out our bowls, and I looked real happy. Mama did some stuff and comed back out into the livin room, and there was barf all over. Lots and lotsa barf...

Mama got kinda skared and called Best Friends. They sed I could come right away, and Dr. Unkl Mike would look at me and try ta fix me up.

If you could spare some purrs for me to feel better, I would sure preshiate it. If you could send some good thoughts mama's way too, that would be even better. I know she loves me lots, and she is pretty worried right now.


Stress Cole-itus, UGH!

December 11th 2013 11:07 am
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Hey, it is no fun bein sick right before Kissmouse. Sunday mama noticed Peekie and I were both havin die-rea. Mama still catnot figure out why we got sick. Our house, food, water, kitty litter, and peoples are all just the same.

Mama did not sleep much Sunday cuz she put me and the Peekster in the bafroom with our snuggly kitty beds, but she got up every time she heard sumbuddy scratchin in the potty so she could clean up the die-rea.

First thing Monday mornin mama called Dr. Unkl Mike. It is cold and snowy here, and mama had not drived her truck for more than a week. She was worried bout poor Sapphire even startin after sittin in the garage when it was 35 degrees below zero. Our carriers were out in the storaj shed, so mama got em and warmed em up. Then she got our blankies and stuff outta the cold closet and put em in front of a heat vent. Both Peekie and I got packed up, and mama droved us to see Dr. Unkl Mike.

We got x-aminned, got antbite shotters, and Dr. Unkl Mike looked at my poop under a microscope. He said there was lotsa nasty bugs in there, so we have medsins to take for awhile. It will kill all the tummy bugs, and then when they are all goned, we will get Fortiflora to make good new tummy bugs. That is fine with me; I LOVE Fortiflora. It is like dust that mama sprinkles on our foodies, and it is lishus! For now, we are takin medsins. Mama thinks we do not know there is medsins in the chickie pill pockets she is treetin us with. Really mama? We did not just fall off a turnip truck. Honest, I don't care as long as the treet tastes good. I did notis mama kinda pushes the treet far back so I don't chomp into it.

The good news is mama finally gived in and called customer servis one more time. The nice man she talked to helped her by removin the old applicashun that would not work and startin over. Now mama has new insurance; she just hopes the insurance company knows it. She will probly spend more time on the phone tomorrow checkin up on it. Hmmmmm...I wonder what mischief Peekie and I can get into while mama is not payin attenshun.



December 3rd 2013 12:44 pm
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Well, I hope Peekie sed thanks to everkitty for sendin us those cool horn thingies for Thanksgivin.

Daddy finally came back to spend time with us, but he had a big hollerday show, and he and mama were shopsterin and runnin round and gettin reddy for Thanksgivin, so we did not get any Catster time and not much tenshuns at all. I am posertiv we did not get as much as we deserved anywhoo.

Thanksgivin morning mama heard that awesome sound. Yeppers, I was barfin in the hall. I do it sumtimes when I got a hairyball from helpin Peekie keep her furs so purrfect. Mama put me in the bafroom to rest for awhile, but then she founded lots more barf in the hall. She even founded where I barfed in the beddyroom with her hand. See, she could not see, so she was runnin her hand over the carpet. Peekie told me mama made a face when her hand comed up all slimey. I am sorry mama, but I could not help it.

Later mama let me out, and I seemed fine, but I would not eat. Mama did not want me to get dehydratered, so she gived me just a teensy syringe of water. That was not a good idea cuz it made my tummy mad, and I barfed again all over the bafroom floor. I rested there for awhile more after mama cleaned all the bad stuff up. Then I seemed OK again, so mama decidered to give me my punkin cuz she thought it would be nicer to my tummy than kibble. Mama was so wronged... Mama sed the punkin got even more oranj when it comed back up on the livin room carpet. I barfed at least four times in a buncha different places.

Finally later I started actin more like myself, and mama breathed a sign of relief cuz she was worried we might hafta take a trip to see Dr. Unkl Mike. By evenin I was rollin around all cute like and wantin my tummy tickled and rubbed, and by Black Friday I was all cured. That was good cuz I would not wanna keep mama and daddy from goin out shopsterin just in case they were buyin Kissmouse prezunts for me and the Peekster.

I hope everbuddy else had a better Thanksgivin than mine. I did get a coupla teensy bites of turkey before it was all goned.

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