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Kitten Tales

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Happy Belated Eeekster and THANKS!

April 10th 2012 12:00 pm
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Mama says I get to be the spokeskitty for our family. Over Eeekster weekend our daddy was here, and mama and daddy were bizzy shopsterin for lumbers and rebuildin the privacy wall on our deck. We did not get to come to Catster a single time for like five WHOLE DAYS! Durin that time, Missy, Peekie, and I got bout a gazillionn Eeekster eggies from our friends. Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU to everykitty and family for the beeeeeeeuuuuuutiful Eeekster prezunts.

Who knows how much mama will let us scamper bout Catsterland from now on. See, mama has a list of projects like knockin the old storaj shed down, fixin the board fence, fixin the nuther fence, "flippin" the garden that is by the old storaj shed, changin the mulchy stuff on all the gardens, and more nuther stuff than I can even count cuz I onliest have so many toes, and I have used em all up.

So for now, Peekie and I are both happy and healthy. We are gettin our stroller rides whenever the weather is nice enuff, and there is lotsa action outside our birdie watchin window.

We hope everykitty (and pups too) had a great Eekster and thanks again for your kindernesses and gen-ros-itee. We appreciate it!

P.S. Peekie says to tell ya we got a new laser toy, and it is Peekaboo Pink! :)


What's With the Puce?

March 21st 2012 3:23 pm
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Hey, I don't get the combinashun of orange and puce. Does the big cat think kitties like those colors? Maybee some kits do, but I do not think it looks good together.

Mama is not a big fan of how Catster keeps "not respondin" for awhile, and then all of a sudden if ya wait awhile, then it will go again. We guess it is just another Catsterland day in paradise. No, we do not wanna go there...

Peekie and I got pretty lonely last week while mama and daddy were doin what is known as "art week" here in Great Falls. There are four major art shows, an anteek show, anteek gun and collectibles show, anteek show at one of the anteek malls, all sorts of exhibits, and even a pow wow.

Mama sed she was doned buyin art, but I think she lied. She comed home with a cute little bronze horse dance stick. She kinda planned on gettin one of those.

Then later mama and daddy met an artist from Colorado. His name is Paul Dykman, and he is a real nice man. Mama loved his paintins; they are oils, and he paints horses and native Americans and cowboys. Mama liked one of his paintins, but she did not have enuff monies, so she walked away. For two whole days mama thought and thought bout the paintin. Finally she asked grampster for a loan, and grampster said yes.

A funny thing happened then. Mama had gone to Mr. Dykman's webbysite and saw another paintin she really liked, but she told daddy she did not wanna buy somethin she did not have right in front of her. Sides, the shipsterin and everything would make the paintin even more spensive. When mama and daddy walked into the room, mama's paintin that she had been lookin at was goned, sold. Mama told Mr.Dykman bout the nuther paintin but that she would need to see it. Then mama glanced around the room, and there was the nuther paintin she liked. So...we got our new paintin hangin in the dinin room. It is a mountain scene with three lodges along a creek with snow and piney trees and red willows. Everbuddy is happy; mama, daddy cuz mama is, Mr. Dykman cuz he stold the paintin, and me and the Peekster cuz mama is back home with us where she belongs. I do not think mama will be goin much of anywhere for awhile cuz she is broked. Hey, mama; it is free to play with me and the Peekster. :)


Diss-Pearin Videos

March 13th 2012 2:44 pm
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Why do our videos keep diss-pearin? Mama comes to our pages and finds missin videos. She goes into our videos and edits em to show on our pages. Then she checks, and they are on our pages. Then maybee the next time mama comes back, some of our videos are goned again, and she did not do nothin.

I think I may hafta take Anna up on her offer for some catnipshun or Bachs Rescue Remedy to help with the Catster fleas. I got my seaterbelt on now, kitties, and I am keepin it on until after the upperdaterin is doned. :(


Oh, FOO!!!!!

March 8th 2012 3:01 pm
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I been readerin in my group messages that kitties catnot send p-mail, so I tried sendin mail to my sister, Peekie. When mama and I clickered on the sendin mail button, a box camed up and said we would have to turn our messagin on to send p-mails. Mama wondered who turned off our messagin cuz it has always beened on. OK, so mama went into our account, and guess what? It said "turn messaging off," which means our messagin WAS ALREADY turned on.

I decidered to write in my diary bout it, but when I clicked on "add diary entry" on my page, nothin happened, and mama and I had to come to our account page to add a diary entry.

I am gettin ready to fasten my seaterbelt; I think Catster's gonna be a bumpy ride. Does anykitty have some Catster flea medsins I can borrow? :(


A Dreamy Sister?

March 7th 2012 7:52 am
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Nah, I don't think so. My sister, Peekie, is not even a little bit dreamy. Peekie has nice furs for me to groom, and she is a great snuggler. She is a champeen restler; she could even beat me sumtimes before I got my mancat weight and shape. She onliest eets outta my dish when I am not usin it. She takes turns pretty much when we are playin with mama and daddy. Sumtimes Peekie even grooms me, and it feels real good when she cleans my face and ears. Peekie is a real good stroller ridin kitty too. I love my sister very lots, but she is onliest my sister; she is not dreamy...


I Got Some Splainin To Do

February 28th 2012 9:52 am
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OK, so I am writin to splain to Da Tabbies why I like chickie. I think I wrote bout my jumpin lessons and how I did not do so good cuz I did not like the treets mama and daddy were usin to reward me. There were two different flavers of treets. One was tuna and the nuther kind was seafood medley. They were pretty stinky, and I licked at em, but they were not good enough to do a trick for.

So, see, here's the thing. When I was just a baby kitten, (before the Peekster even came to live here) I got sick. I catnot remember whether it was from stress or changin my food. Anyway, I got real nasty poops. Mama was tryin everythin, but finally I could not even hold the poops in, so I had to go to see Dr. Unkl Mike at Best Friends Animal Hospital. I stayed there a coupla days, and I had to take medsins every day. One of the nice vet techs, Allie, started puttin my metronidazole pill inside a chickie pill pocket. It was REALLY good! Tabbies, I was just a baby, and I did not know nothin bout burds and stuff, so I started likin chickie real much. Now I am like addicted to chickie, although I do eat roasted deers and slammon in my tasty wild stuff food.

Mama told me it is OK to like chickie cuz it is not really a burd like those stupid maggotpies or starlings. Chickie is "poultry," sooooo I think it is OK for me to keep eetin chickie.

The End



February 27th 2012 7:41 pm
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Thanks, diary gal, for makin me a daily diary pick again today. At this rate, I am gonna be a REAL kitty writer. I guess I better keep practisin my writin. All I need is somethin to write about. I already tattled on Peekie, and all mama did today was make a mess in the craft room, and daddy is not even here to have an adventure with me. The onliest naughty thing I did today was try and eat some plastic, and mama caught me and yelled and made me leave before I even got a good taste. Here's hopesterin that tomorrow is more exciterin.


Maybee There is Hope for Peekie

February 25th 2012 7:12 pm
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Today mama decidered to get out some stuff for a possible photo shoot when daddy comes next weekend. Mama found Missy Mups' little St. Patrick's Day hat and green arm garter and a little teensy green beer glass. Mama also found Missy's beautiful pink feathery wings on the shelf up in the closet. They were Missy's earth angel wings, not her real angel wings; those are even better.

Anyway, mama was wonderin what I would do if she put the wings on me. I am a guy cat, and even though I think I would look OK in pink, I like to let Peekie do the pink stuff. Mama was gonna try the wings on me anyway, but then Peekie came flyin into the beddyroom and leaped up onto the bed. Peekie thought the pink feather wings were pretty interestin, so mama let me go and decidered to put the wings on the Peekster. If ya remember, I wrote bout Peekie throwin a hissy fit the last coupla times mama and daddy tried to take her picture. Mama was amazed when the Peekster let her put the wings on. They have these little lastic thingies, and mama put the Peekster's leggies through to get the wings onto Peekie's back. Wow! My baby sister is pretty gorjus wearin pink fluffy, feathery wings! Peekie just sat there lookin around like she thought she was cool. She was not even skared. Mama talked real soft and kept pettin the Peekster and tellin her what a good girl she is. Then before Peekie could make the wings do anything skary, mama took em off.

After the wing thing, mama decidered to try the St. Paddy's Day stuff on me. I didn't think I wanted to wear the green garter, but I guess I am not the boss. Mama put it on me, and then I decidered it was not so bad. Then mama put the little green hat on me, and I did not mind that neether. I wore that stuff for a few minutes while mama praised me, and then she took it off, and I scampered away to find some trubl.

Mama could not resist tryin the stuff on Peekie. Mama was expectin anuther hissy fit, but Peekie just sat there wearin the little hat all calm.

Now mama says she is "encouraged," whatever that means, that maybee, just maybee, Peekie will model after all. Purrsonally, I think my sister was just playin possum.

I will have my reporter's pad ready to record the story when daddy gets here and we akshly have our photo shoot. Stay tuned...


I Winned!

February 24th 2012 11:20 am
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The results of the Cat and Dog Plaza group Valentine's Day photo contest are in. I winned!

I wanna thank the ministrators at Cat and Dog Plaza who picked my picture as the winner. My mama loves nothin better than to take pictures of me and the Peekster, and sumtimes she thinks up some dumb stuff. Peekie told me when mama couldn't hear that she catnot put up with mama's nonsense. I, on the nuther hand, love my mama, and I like to please her. I will sit in the little chair and let mama put stuff on me (well, to a point; I don't think I really love hats), and put stuff in the chair with me and everythin. Then I will even look happy and cute while mama is snapsterin away with the camera.

Wanna know another reason I am good? I get TREETS!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeppers, if I am good for a few minutes of posin, I get treets, and I do not even hafta do tricks for em.

On a nuther subject, well, sorta, mama is tryin to teach me a nuther trick. The other day when mama was washin her hands, I leaped from one side of the counter to the nuther side over the sink. That made mama think maybe I would jump like a horsie over little jumpstery things. Sooooo, mama and daddy got a coupla cannisters from the kitchen. Then they put a yardstick on top. Then mama got treets and tried to get me to jump over the little jumpstery thing. I did it once, but then the treet wasn't really very lishus, so I didn't see why I should do it again. I went around the end a coupla times, but then I didn't get any treet at all. Then I tried goin underneath the jump, but I didn't get any treets for that neether. Mama got me to jump one more time, and then she told daddy that was enough.

I think mama finally figured out how to teach me the new trick; she said somethin bout nummier treets. Yeah, mama. Chicken pill pockets. I would do anything for those.


Curiosity and Cats

February 22nd 2012 6:24 pm
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Or maybee the title should say "Curiosity and Gunnarr T."

See, mama ordered somethin from Amazon, but it was not right, and she needs to senden it back. Mama went outside today and foundened a box in the storaj shed. She printed out some label thingies. Then mama put the stuff in the box with some papers. She tried to peel off some old labeler stuff, but it did not wanna come off, so mama had sizzors, tapes, papers, and all kinda stuff on the dinin room table. Mama was hard at work tryin to pack the box and tape it shut, but then the evenin newsies came on, so she left all the stuff on the table and went in to watch the newsies on TV.

Mama was findin out what happened today in our town when Peekie and I ran into the entryway by the front door. I was actin kinda strange mama thought, so she stopped watchin the TV and started watchin me. This is usually not a good thing when I attract too much of mama's attenshuns. I looked like I was watchin somethin on the floor by the front door, so mama came over to make sure it was not a bitin bug cuz we had one of those already in the office today.

What did mama find? Well...she found me desperately tryin to get a big piece of tapes and sticky stickery stuff off my whiskers! I am real proud of my whiskers, and I did not like the way it felt to have somethin attached to my cool whiskers. Mama grabbed me so I couldn't run off and carefully got the tape and stickery sticker stuff off. Boy, that was close!

As soon as the tape was goned, off I scampered to look for trubl somewhere else. Easy come, easy go.

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