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Kitten Tales

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Peekie is a Tattler

July 15th 2012 10:47 am
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I hope nobuddy has been readin my baby sister's diary cuz she is a tattle-tail. The story bout me crashin into the anteek window hangin thingie is true, but it is all mama's fault. See, she closed the curtin thingie to keep the hot sun out. I just wanted to hop into the window and bake in the warm sunshines, but the curtin was in my way. I sorta forgotted what the window looks like cuz I could not see. When I crashed into the hangin thingie, it did not even hurt, nope, not a bit. I did get mama's attenshuns and got some cuddles and pets. Even bein a guy cat, cuddles and pets are always nice from your mama.

Well, our new toys comed, but mama is not very happy. Mama sez the new batters are REAL cute, but the Peekster and I are kinda lack-daisy-cal bout em. They smell kinda nippy, so we sniffied em and kinda licked on em, but mama catnot get us to play wild with em. She keeps tryin to get Peekie and me to grab on and bunny kick em, but we are not real innerested. Mama even went out and got some fresh nip and rubbed the leafs all over the batters. Then she took what was left and put it inside the tummy of anuther spotted mousie toy we have. I guess mama never noticed that mostly we need to get used to new things before we decide to like em. So the bunny and lion maybee need to just hang out for awhile. Then someday all of a sudden, Peekie or I will attack em and play.

I think the peeples at the Pet Paw-See love mama cuz anything we do not need gets donatered so the foster mamas got toys and beds and stuff for the kitties that don't got their forever homes. Who knows; maybee our batters will take a trip if we do not play with em.



July 14th 2012 12:36 pm
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Our toys are comin, our toys are comin! Mama did the tracksterin thingie on our new batters, and it sez they are here in town and "out for delivery." The Peekster and I catnot wait to get our new batters and beat em up! Peekie wants the bunny one bad, and she can have it. I wanna beat up the lion! ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...


Wild Birthday Party!

July 6th 2012 1:13 pm
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Wow! America sure likes her birthday parties wild. Over the 4th of July we had lotsa ka-BOOMs! and lotsa "woo-woo-woo-woos" and lotsa "woodle-woodle-woodles. The woo-woos and woodle-woodles were from fire trucks racin to put out fires in our neighborhood.

It is real dry here for so early in the summer, and with Independence Day comin and peeples likin their bombs burstin in air so much, mama went to Ace Hardware and buyed 100 feets more garden hose. On Independence Day mama and daddy were stayin home and bein lazy, so mama decidered to test the new hose by waterin out back and out into the fire row grampster mows in the summertime. After dinner mama tooked off the sprinkler thingie and putted a nozzle on the hose and left it out back.

Mama and daddy were sittin on the deck mostly doin nuthin when they sawed the smoke from the first fire. It was a coupla miles away, so they did not get all eksitered. Just a few minutes later, we heard fire trucks, but they camed right past our house. Daddy said, "They're goin the wronged way!" Then mama said "I think we need to scan the neighborhood." When they walked around back, they could see the smokes from anuther grass fire, but this one looked lots closer. We all watched our neighbor walk up the hill to see how close the fire was while mama turned on the water and started wettin down the fire row and the back of her offis. The neighbor did not come runnin back down the hill, and the smoke diss-peared pretty quick after the woo-woo trucks got there. With that fire not bein skary anymore, mama and daddy decidered to play on the puter until it was time to climb up on the roof and watch all the fireyworks. Pretty soon daddy said "I hear more sirens." Sure nuff more woo-woo and woodle-woodle trucks were comin. They slowed down, and then they stopped right in front of our house! Mama heard a neighbor sayin to come up our driverway. Mama runned inside, down the hall, and opened the back door. Then she said bad words. She did not mean to, but when she opened the door, there was lotsa smoke and flames comin down the hill right at our house! Daddy ran to help the firemen drive past his truck and trailer and out into our field while mama scampered to turn on the water and start wettin stuff down again. There isn't no gate up to where the fire was, so the firemen cutted the fence. Then their little fire truck jerked and bucked and belched black smoke, but it made it up the steep little bank and onto an old road and drivered to where the fire was burnin. It did not take long to get the fire out, but then the horsies that eat grass on the hill did not have no fence to keep em safe, so grampster had to call the horsie guy. We were all happy to hear the horsies were spendin the night in a corral.

After all the eksitemunt, mama and daddy climbed the big ladder onto our roof and watched fireyworks. They were all around us, some close, and some so far away that their booms sounded like thunder. Some sounded like pop, pop, pop, but some went ka-BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. Peekie and I were kinda skared, but mama said we were safe and not to worry. Mama said it was just America celebratin her birthday with a big party.

Mama and daddy went to bed just before midnight. There was still lotsa boomin goin on. At 1:45 a.m. mama woke up to the smell of a grass fire. She looked out all the windows and both doors but could not see nuthin, so she went back to bed. At bout 2 a.m. mama woke up again hearin a siren. She watched the truck go by and up the hill, but he was not goin very fast, so she figgered it was just a hot spot in one of the earlier fires, and she went back to bed again. At bout 2:30 there were more sirens, but they sounded like they went up the river, so mama finally camed to bed for the last time. Mama and daddy kept hearin boomin until bout 3 a.m. when it finally got quiet with no more woo-woos or booms or pops.

America, Peekie and I think you are one wild party girl.


Bad Bear, BAD BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 25th 2012 6:48 pm
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Ya maybee know from readin my diary lately that we beened havin trubl with bears round here, speshly grizzly bears. In just a few days a mama grizzly called a sow (yeah, just like piggies) killed or injured 70 sheeps on two diffrunt ranches and a Hutterite colony. She killed some sheeps, injured more, and a bunch got skared and runned each nuther over and died. It made mama so sad cuz the sheeps musta beened so skared, and the mama bear onliest eatened on two of the sheeps. The nuther ones died for nuthin; they were not even her dinner. The mama bear has a tiny little girl cub who onliest weighs 32 pounds, and that is pretty small.

Anyway, they catched both bears and had a meetin to decide what to do with the mama bear. They decidered to relocate her far, far away from where any sheeps live, but if she does anymore bad stuff, she will be outta chances. If that happens, they will take the baby bear and send her to an animal rehab center, but she will never get to live in the wild again. Mama told me and the Peekster the baby bear will be safe, but she was never meant to live in a cage in a zoo.

The skariest part is mama knows just where they trapped the mama bear and cub, and it is NOT up in the mountains. It is right out on the prairie near Collins, Montana, where mama and daddy go each spring to an antique show. Collins used ta be a real town, but now there is only an old deserted general store, the Collins Community Center, a coupla houses, and the old Collins school. Mama and daddy love the school, and they thought it would make a real cool house but not with grizzly bears in the back yard...


Maybe Cuz It is so Quiet?

June 24th 2012 8:11 pm
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Hey, diary gal! Are you stucked on me or is it just cuz Catsterland is kinda deserted nowadays that I have had so many DDPs? Maybe there aren't no kitty kat writers around no more or at least not very many.

Anyway, thanks for the DDP today. Thanks to my friends who sent p-mail congratulashuns and even prezunts. :)

Peekie and I were home alone on Saturday. Mama got up before the sun, did all her stuff to get better lookin for daddy, tooked cares of me and the Peekster, and then she left! All day we waited for mama to come home, but the only person who comed to see us was grampster. He turned on the air condishunin before it got too hot inside, and he gave me and Peekie our supper. It was skary sleepin here without mama or daddy, but mama finally comed home this mornin.

Mama shoulda beened SO glad to see Peekie and I were OK. Instead she gave us kisses and pets like nothin happened. Then when she went into the kitchen and sawed the Paula Deen blueberry coffeecake thingie upside down on the kitchen floor, she started yellin. "Who did this?" Peekie runned away skared, and when I looked at mama, she was lookin straight at me. I said "I dunno..." and tried to look innersent, but it did not work. Mama told me I was real lucky that the thingie the coffeecake was in did not come open, or I woulda beened in LOTSA troubles. Ok, so I was hungry and needed a snack. Mama was not there, and I could not get the lid off the kitty chow can. What's a hungry guy cat to do?

I am happy to report mama did not stay mad for very long, I got a DDP again today, AND the Peekster and I do not have to sleep alone tonight. We are gonna snuggle with mama all night long.

Jeepers, didja hear that? No? That's cuz it was the sound of nuthin, which is pretty much what it sounds like round Catsterland lately. Not even the sound of a pin droppin. Where oh where has the magic goned?



June 18th 2012 2:12 pm
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Yay! Maybee, just maybee I will get to become a kitty writer after all. Mama likes to call me Gunnie Gunnarrson, cub reporter. She thinks it is funny, but who does the reportin when we are on vacashun? Me, that's who! Sometimes mama calls my baby sister Peekie Peekerson, cub reporter, but she does not write nearly as good as me.

Thanks, diary gal, for makin me a DDP again today. You seem to like me and our friend, Dusty, kinda lots. Are you stuck on us? ;) I guess I will just keep writerin and see what happens.

Thanks for the prezunts and congratulashuns from my friends.


Too Slickery

June 17th 2012 9:31 pm
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Ummmm...I am not sure I like our new floor. Yesterday somethin skared me. Mama could tell cuz my tail was all poofy. Mama and daddy always laff at me cuz my furs are so sleek, but I can REALLY poof my tail when I get skared. Where was I? Oh, anyway, somethin skared me, and my tail got all poofy, and I started runnin. Mama heard a stranj noise like scratcherin. She looked over, and I was runnin on the new floor, but I was not movin! My leggies were goin like crazy, but I was not gettin anywhere. Finally, my claws got some tracshun, and I went shootin past mama and leaped into our birdy watchin window with my tail all poofed. Mama says I gotta practis runnin on the new floor. I think it is too slickery. Boo!


Bears Are Takin It Back

June 13th 2012 11:17 am
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Their habbbbb-i-tat, that is. See, once upon a time, grizzly bears lived out on the prairie (like where we live). Back bout a gazillion years ago when the Corps of Discovery (Lewis and Clark) comed through, they saw lotsa bears. They camped bout a mile from our house, and there were so many bears they had to move their camp out onto an island. I guess they wanted ta hear the splishy-splasherin if a bear was comin for dinner. They called the grizzly bears white bears or "yella" bears cuz in the firelight the tips of their fur looked silvery or yellow. The bears were everywhere cuz they eatened dead rotten buffaloes. There were lots of those cuz the buffaloes kept crossin the river, and every time some did not make it. Then the bears got more dinner!

Then peeples started movin west, and the bears went away to the mountains and started eaterin deers and elks instead of buffaloes. Even then peeples kept shootin the bears until the gov-munt decidered to protect em. Now they are doin so good they are gettin crowdered in the mountains, and they are startin to follow the streams back down onto the prairie. Peeples think it seems strange to see grizzly bears lopin across a wheat field, but that is what is happenin. The bears are comin east outta the mountains, and someday they may even stay all winter and make dens (that is a grizzly bear house) along the riverbanks. The only problem is there aren't no buffaloes no more for em to eat. That means they will eat what they find, and that is probly slow elk (cows), piggies, chickies, sheeps, and stuff like that. Actually, bears are kinda like piggies. They like to eat most anything, speshly birdseed and stuff likes apples right off the tree.

Grizzly bears have been seened as close as 25 miles from our house, so we think someday we will see one. When that happens, Peekie and I hope the bear does not think we are a snak and try to eat us up.


Anuther Bear!

June 11th 2012 8:25 pm
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Jeepers, it seems like the bears are comin outta the woods round here! Daddy sawed the grizzly bear 25 miles from here, and now there is a little lost black bear runnin round Great Falls. Peeples seed him in town. The wildlife peeples chased him to the river. Silly peeples; they thought he left town. In the middler of the night some more peeples sawed him right in the middle of the big RV park in town. Poor little lost bear; peeples were chaserin him all over the place. Now they say they sawed him the last time south of town. That is where we live. Hmmmmmm... Maybee he will come to our house. It is not far from where he was last seened. Do ya spose he likes to play?

P.S. Thanks, diary gal, for pickin me as a DDP today. I am glad I wrote bout somethin kinda interestin the last time.


Grizzly Bear

June 9th 2012 6:20 pm
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Our daddy was here Wednesday and Thursday. Early Friday mornin daddy left for Nevada City to do livin history. This weekend they are doin the hangin of George Ives. George was a bad guy, and the vigilantes hunged him for bein bad. Daddy doesn't play George, but he does play a bad guy who gets banished. First all the bad guys get arrested, and then they have a trial and hang George!

Anyway, daddy always calls when he gets where he is goin so we know he is OK. He told mama he was driverin down the interstate between Ulm and Cascade, Montana, and he seed a grizzly bear runnin alongside the road! There is a deer fence so the deers catnot get on the road and get hit by cars and trucks and stuff, so Mr. Bear (or maybee Mrs. Bear; we do not know) could not get onto the interstate. Daddy said he was runnin and hit the fence, but he bounced off, and then he runned the nuther way away from the road. Daddy sed if there was not a fence there, the bear woulda beened right in the little town of Cascade. Daddy called 911 and reported seein the bear. Bout five minutes later the lady dispatcher called again and asked daddy more questions. She said they had been "lookin for the bear." That did not sound good to mama and daddy. Ev-dently the bear doned somethin peeples think is bad ike gettin in the garbages or eaterin sumbuddy's pet. Mama is hopesterin they will catch the bear and take him far away from peeples where he will be safer. Oh, and daddy tried to take a picture of the bear, but he said it looked like a speck in the pitcher cuz he onliest had the little camera. Then the camera died, and it will not work even after daddy putted new batteries in. Boo!!!

Things here at home are not nearly as eksitin. Mama has beened workin in the yard still, planterin flowers and pullerin weeds. There is this funny thing she does too. She waters the grass outside to make it grow, but then she cuts it all off. What's up with that?

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