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Kitten Tales

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Short Changed on My Birthday

August 31st 2012 9:54 pm
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Jeepers, mama was sittin here in front of the computer, and all of a sudden she realized I am gonna be three whole years old tomorrow, September 1. I guess there won't be much celebratin cuz daddy is goned this weekend for the Hangin of Jack Slade in Nevada City, and mama is gettin the campster ready for us to leave again. Maybee when daddy gets back, we can have a party. Oh, wait a minute. No... Mama and daddy will be shopsterin and packin and stuff. Maybee they are plannin a late sprise party when we get to Helena.

Mama sez she remembers the first time she saw me. I was just a baby, and I was playin with a buncha bigger kittens at my foster mom's house. There was a toy I wanted, and some of the nuther kittens were tryin to take it. I got the toy in my teeth and started playin tug of war, and mama sez I was growlerin like a junk yard dog. That is when mama knew my purrs-nality would be good for travelerin cuz I was so bold.

Mama had already picked out a name for me by lookin at my picture on the Pet Paw-See website. She named me Gunnarr with two R's cuz that is the old Norse spellin. It means warrior or battler. It seemed to fit right from the very beginnin. My great-great grammie camed to this country on a ship from Norway, so that is my Norsky connection. The T in my name is for Tiger cuz I am one of those too. I guess there are Bengal tigers, Siberian tigers, and Norsky tigers.

Daddy did not get to go meet me at the foster mom's house. When he first saw me I was already his and mama's little boy. Mama brought me out and put me in daddy's arms, and daddy got this look of wonder on his face. Then he started playin real cool games with me. When he put me down on the floor and could see my markins, he said to mama "He looks like a wild thing." It is funny now cuz he did not know then just how right he was. I was a wild thing. I was reckerless and crazy. I did all sorts of ummmmmm, well kinda naughty stuff. I would probly still do some of it, but I would make sure mama and daddy were not around to see me.

I am so lucky cuz I do not ever remember a time when I was not loved and taken cares of. Some people might even think I am spoiled, and they are RIGHT! Little Gunnarr T grew up to become Gunnarr T, mancat, and all is right with the world.


Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

August 29th 2012 12:57 pm
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Peekie and I and mama and daddy are home from our vacashun. It seemed like a long trip, and mama and daddy were real tired by the time they got me and the Peekster all set up in the house and got all mama's junk out of the campster. Daddy does not take much, so mama makes up for that with even more stuff.

I found out a sekrut, and it does not make me happy. Those black rabbits at the Black Rabbit RV Park are fake rabbits! Mama and daddy did not tell us until we left, but the man at the campsterground said they used ta have rabbits, but they were eatin on everythin, so they trapped em and sended em away. Then they got fake black bunnies for the campsterground. Those are the bunnies who would not talk to me and the Peekster. No wonder! Peekie even got her feelins hurted cuz she thought the rabbits did not like her.

We just barely got home, and we are gettin reddy to leave again. In zactly one week we will be on the road again to spend some time in our state capital, Helena.

We gotta pollergize cuz Peekie and I got so many p-mails and prezunts and good wishies while we were goned, and mama has not had time to thank hardly anykitty yet. I do not think she will get it done before we leave again.

We hope sumday we will get to p-mail every kitty who sended us good wishies or prezunts and thank em purrsonally, but for now, please forgive us. We love you all giant bunches, and we are so pleased and grateful that you honored Peekie when she was kitty of the week and me when I was gettin DDP's. Your friendship means the world to us.

Now I gotta go get my tiny suitercase ready for the next trip.


Black Rabbits

August 24th 2012 5:37 pm
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Hey, everbuddy. It is Gunnie Gunnarrson, cub reporter reportin from Hamilton, Montana. We are at the Black Rabbit campsterground. Peekie and I went strollerin round the campsterground yesterday. Mama and daddy tooked us over to the offis, and we got to meet the black rabbits. They are cool. They got HUGE ears, and they are sittin on neether side of the sidewalk and guardin the campsterground offis. Daddy tooked our picture in our stroller in front of the offis so ya can all see the black rabbits. I think they do not move very much cuz they are taking their guard rabbit job real serious.

This evenin there was a bagpipin guy practisin in the campsterground, but mama already had the computer out and was lookin at our pictures, so we could not go see. Mama wanted me and the Peekster to hear real bagpipin music, but daddy was not so sure.

We have not been reportin cuz the internet thingie here is not so good. Mama and daddy had to go sit right behind the offis to get connectered with their Kindle Fires. Then mama got out the laptop, and we can use it right here in our campster trailer. Mama sez the connection is not “skure,” whatever that means, so we hafta be careful where we go.

Peekie had some adventures, and I think she will write in her diary too.

This is Gunnie Gunnarrson, cub reporter, signin off for now.



August 19th 2012 7:21 pm
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The nuther day mama was workin and workin in the house. I wanted ta help, so I went into the bathyroom to see what she was doin. When I was a kitten, I kept gettin into the cupboard by the window seat, so mama asked daddy to put magnetic thingies on so I could not open the door and get into stuff. Daddy put the thingies on, and they are kinda hard to open. I decided to jump up on the window seat and help mama at the very samest second that the door catch let loose.

WHAM! Somethin smacked me in the side, and I turned around while I was still in the air, jumped down, and runned away. I thought mama hit me real hard. Meanwhile mama was so skared I was hurt, she comed runnin after me. I looked back and saw her chaserin me and runned even faster. Finally I crawled under my otter-mun and laid down. Mama came and got down on the floor and talked real soft to me and told me she was sorry. Then she gently pulled me out from underneath the otter-mun. She started goin all over my body with her hands trying to see if I was hurt. Bout then I realized it musta beened an accerdent cuz mama would never hit me, nope, not never for any reason. Mama started with my face, then my neck, front leggies, back, ribs, hinder leggies, and then my tail. I didn't cry or flinch, so she was hopin I was OK. The whole day she kept comin and findin me and makin sure I was OK and not hurtened.

Mama was upset with me cuz she sez I am always underfoot and someday I'm gonna get hurt. I like to sneak up behind her so when she takes a step backward she has to do a dance to keep from steppin on me. Sometimes I lay down in the hall when it is dark in the house, and then she almost steps on me. Nuther times I run right in front of her when she is carrying somethin. Even though mama tells me I am gonna get hurt, I never beleeve her cuz I just don't think it will ever happen.

Then the door thing happened, and mama was happy I didn't get hurt, but she thought maybee it would teach me a lesson. Nope, no way, not even. I am still right there stickin my nosey little nose where it does not belong and gettin underfoot all the time.

Today we are gettin ready to go on vacashun, and guess what? My punkin is already in the freezer in the campsterer. I think I am good to go!


Sisters and Bad, Bad Storms

August 15th 2012 2:42 pm
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Well, scuze the pun, but my sister, Peekie, is all "puffed up" cuz she just got a DDP and new pictures and waaaaaaaaay too much attenshun, both from mama and our Catster friends.

Last night a cold front blew in. When I say blew, I mean BLEW in. Mama and I were watchin the telbishun, and it started makin this funny noise. I got kinda startled, but mama told me not to worry; it was just the severe storm warnin thingie. Most of our storms come in from the southwest, but this one was comin from Canada. Hey, Squirrel and Kitcat, didja send your bad weather down here? Anyway, mama went outside and took down our umbrella. It was only bout five minutes later that all heck broke loose. The wind was comin straight at our deck and our maters and our big front window. Everything was rattlin and blowin around. It made me nervus, but mama just kept watchin the telbishun and pettin me and sayin it would be OK. There wasn't even any thunder or lightnin, just lotsa wind. When mama looked out our big window, she could barely see. There was somethin that looked like smoke or dust blowin straight at our house. Mostly the bad part of the storm was over by bout 9 clocks, and then mama and Peekie and I all went to the beddyroom and readed for awhile. In the middle of the night lotsa rains camed, and it got pretty cool.

When grampster called this mornin, he said lotsa peeples in town lost their elek-tricity, and it did not come back on for hours. There was a big fire just north of town at a place called Hill 57. Mama's cousin told grampster the fire trucks could not even get to the fire cuz so many peeples were out watchin it and blockin traffic, and the police mans were writing lotsa tickets.

This mornin when mama went outside, there were leaf thingies everywhere all over the lawn. All our chair cushions were blowed around on the deck, one of our little end table thingies was dumped off the deck into the fern garden, and boy were our mater plants beat up! At first mama did not notice the birdie house that was all wonky, but later she and grampster fixed it. Mostly mama spent lotsa time tryin to fix the maters. Some branches would not stay up, so mama tooked giant rubberbands and tied em to the cages. They don't look very nice, but mama just wants the maters to get finished so she and daddy can eat em all up. The storm blowed in lotsa weeds, and mama walked around in the cold wind and rain and picked up all the stuff that was blowed against the fence. Now we are spendin the rest of the day inside where it is warm.

They say if you don't like the weather in Big Sky Country, just wait 10 minutes; it will change. I wonder if it is snowin today in Glacier Park?


Monday DDP and Nuther Stuff

August 7th 2012 10:29 am
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Jeepers, I was a DDP yesterday. I could not even write nuthin cuz I have not beened in trubl for two whole days, so I had nuthin to say. Thanks to the friends who gave me congratulashuns and prezunts. It is much appreciated!

Today mama and Peekie and I are gonna do more scannin. I love scannin cuz mama has stuff all over the place, lotsa papers, and the scannin thingie makes funny noises.

Mama is really gettin into this family history thing. She and her sister (our auntie) are playin a game cuz my great grammie was a writer. She wrote artikls for western maggerzines. Now mama and my auntie are playin a game tryin to find the maggerzines that have great grammie's artikls in em, and they are buyin the maggerzines from E-Bay.

For any kitty mamas and daddies who are workin on their family history, mama founded a really neato webbysite. It is called Peeples go out to the cemeteries and take pictures of the headstones, and they make a memorial page for the person who crossed the bridge. It is world wide, so anybuddy lookin for relatives can search by name or cemetery and maybe find their relatives. Mama is addin more info-mashuns to some of the memorials for her loved ones.

Peekie and I are lookin forward to the scannin, not so much to the findagrave work. When mama goes there, we have to help by comin into the offis and meowerin that we are starvin. If that does not work, I get the Peekster to go up to mama and stand on her hinder leggies, paw softly at mama's leg, and cry real pitiful. That usually works to get mama's attenshuns, and then she will give us some foodages.


Such a Bizzy Day

August 3rd 2012 6:38 pm
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Wow! I had the bizziest day today. Mama was workin on her family history. She was makin folders and sortin papers. She kept gettin up and leavin the papers, so I thought she probly needed a buncha helps gettin everything done. While she was gone, I pawed at the papers. Some moved real easy and some not so easy, but I kept workin and workin until I got em all rearranged nice and messy.

Did I ever tell ya how much I love plastic? Mama forgotted and left the plastic wrappin stuff from the packaj of folders layin on the floor. While she was workin on the puter, she heard a funny noise. She turned around and caught me lickin my beloved plastic wrapper thingie.

What happened next I catnot even beleeve. She YELLED at me. Then she shook her finger at me, and then she jumped up out of her chair and started comin toward me and my plastic wrappin thingie. I turned and runned away real fast. It was easy to get away cuz mama is not nearly as fast as me. That was the good part. The bad part is she took my plastic wrappin thingie. She wadded it all up and throwed it in the garbages can in the kitchen. It has a lid that I catnot open, so it is goned forever.

Somehow I do not think mama really grasps how much I helped her cuz she did not even say thank you.

After workin so hard my paws were tired and my tongue too from lickin the plastic wrappin stuff, so I spent the afternoon napsterin in our stroller.

Hey, I wonder if we're gonna work on family history again tomorrow?


Our Forest is Burnin

July 31st 2012 5:18 pm
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Mama is real sad tonight. All day long there has beened a huge plume of smoke hangin to the north of our town. It kinda looks like Peekie's tail onliest when she is layin down. It sorta looks like clouds, but it is not white, more like whitish-yellow, and it is spreadin toward the east. For the first time ever mama sawed a fire fightin helicaflopter flyin right past our house. It had thingies mama called twin rotors and a funny little oranj bucket thingie hangin down. Mama is not sure why it kept comin back and forth cuz the fires are further away from us, and there is water lots closer than the river here.

Lightening caused three fires in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. They were reported by the fire spotter lady at the lookout on Patrol Mountin. Mama and grampster hiked to the lookout once. It tooked em bout four hours to go up and bout that long to get back down. The lookout is WAY high on the top of the mountin on a little flat piece of solid rock. Two of the fires have burned right into each nuther, and the third one is so close they are startin to call it a "complex." It is called the Rapid Creek Fire Complex.

Anyway, the sad part is it is burnin straight toward mama's beloved Benchmark. Grampster's childhood friend has a cabin there, and mama and grammie and grampster used to go there all the time. Sumtimes they would stay at the cabin, and sumtimes they would stay in a big campsterground nearby. There is an air strip there where all the rich peeples used ta fly in. It was riginally for fire fightin, but for lotsa years they never needed it for that. Now it is probly buzzin with activity. See the airstrip is over a mile long. A jumbo jet could land on it; it just could never leave cuz it could not get high enuff to get over the mountins cuz they are HUGE. Anyway, they fly in peeples to fight the fires, and then they hafta hike back into the wilderness with all their quipments.

There is only one ridge left between the fire and mama's beloved Benchmark, and this evenin they issued mandatory evacuashuns from the area. They are settin up roadblocks, closin the hikin and horsie trails, and makin all the peeples leave. Mama sez the horsies and mules probly wanna leave pretty bad, so they will be happy.

Mama is gonna say her prayers tonight and ask for Benchmark to be spared. Peekie and I hope Benchmark will be OK cuz we have never beened there, and we wanna see Patrol Mountin and Double Falls and the campstergrounds and Wood Lake and...everything all green and beeeeutiful just like it is now.


I am a Punkinhead

July 27th 2012 5:38 pm
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Well, I have eatened almost a whole can of Libby's 100% pure punkin. Mama saw I was gettin low on punkin, so she boughted a new can. Today I got less than a week's worth of little frozen punkin bits, so mama showed how much she loves me. She gotted out some parchymunt paper, some cookie bakin sheets, a knife thingie, and a tsp. What's a tsp? Oh, mama sez it is a teaspoon for measurin. Anyway, mama lined the cookie bakin sheets with parchymunt paper. Then she measured out 89 teaspoonfuls of punkin. She scoopered out each one from the teaspoon with the knife thingie. I think maybee, just maybee mama was gettin kinda tired of scoopin punkin outta the can, but she finished every little bit she could scrape out. Then she put both sheets in the freezin thingie. Mama sez when the punkins get good and cold she will take em out and store em in a baggie. We can even take some on vacashun cuz I am such a punkin head now, I will not even eat my tasty wild stuff until I get my mornin punkin ration. If mama does not get it for me, I just sit there by my dishy looking up at her all sad like. Then when she gets the punkin, I squeak so funny it makes daddy laugh. Then I eat my punkin real fast in case the Peekster decides she wants it. After that I can eat my tasty wild stuff all up. Yum; I LOVE punkin.

If it sez Libby's, Libby's, Libby's on the label, label, label... Anybuddy member that little jingle?

P.S. I do not. I am not old enuff.


Me? A DDP?

July 21st 2012 10:44 am
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And now I am a poet too. OK, so it is a real short poem and not very good neether, but I tried.

Thanks, Catster, for makin me a DDP today, and thanks to my cool friends for the congratulashuns and prezunts too.

Our daddy was here last week. He comed back from Pinedale, Wyoming, and decidered to stay with us instead of goin all the way home and then comin right back a few days later. Daddy's big canvas trader's tent was wet from bein rained on, so as soon as daddy got here, he and mama started puttin the tent up to dry. Mostly daddy did all the hard work, but mama got the ropes and stuff and helped a teensy bit with the ridgepole, whatever that meens. The tent dried out real fast, and mama and daddy got it down and folded and put away before it rained that evenin.

On Tuesday Peekie and I had to stay all alone while mama and daddy tooked a day trip to work on mama's family history. They spended the day at the research center in Ft. Benton.

Wednesday was funner cuz mama and daddy were home all day. Daddy plays lotsa cool games with me and the Peekster. Mama and daddy tried pretty hard to get me and Peekie to play with our new batters, but we sniffied on em and then walked away.

Thursday mama and daddy leaved early in the mornin and went to Square Butte lookin for an old stone house where mama's great aunt and unkl used ta live. They talked to two peeples in the tiny town, and they did not even know bout the house. Daddy founded it in the middle of a buncha trees where some horsies were eatin. Mama and daddy were standing within 50 feets and could not even see it. Daddy was real brave and did somethin mama called bushwhackin with a big long stick in case of snakes. When daddy was goned a long time, mama knewed he had founded somethin. When daddy camed back, mama followed him through the trees and the thistles and rose bushes and tall grass. Mama sez it looks like a secrut house cuz it is so hidden. The back door was open, well, it was kinda broked too, so mama and daddy went inside. It was pretty terbl, but mama tooked some pictures to remember it cuz it was once a happy home. On one end there was an old, old, old store with what mama called a false front. It had two big windows on either side of the door, and it had funny bins and shelves and stuff all along the sides for keepin stuff to sell. The trees were so thick mama and daddy could not even walk round the house to see the nuther side.

All in all, mama sez it was worth drivin lotsa miles on a gravel road. It is kinda sad mama's pictures are not better, but they are her memories and all she has. Mama sez once upon a time she was not innerested in the peeples who camed before her, but now they and their history are priceless.

Yesterday mama went to the cemetery to water our grammie's flowers. Then she went to look at the map. See, mama has been tryin to find her great grandpa in the old part of the cemetery, but there is not no marker there. Just a few days ago mama founded a letter from 1943 that said where great grandpa's grave is. She thought maybee she could find it from the map, but the old part was not on the map. Mama was feelin dejected, and she was ready to leave when a man pulled up in a truck and asked if he could help. Mama told him she was lookin for her great grandpa. She membered the plot and section numbers. The nice man went into the office, and right away he founded a buncha little cards. Then he told mama to follow him. He took mama right to where great grandpa has been restin since 1907! Then the nice man told mama he had worked at the cemetery for 36 years, and he just found those little cards that say where everbuddy is in the old part. How neat is that? Mama has been lookin for great grandpa (our great-great grandpa) for a long, long time. Now mama wants a big, giant, humongous rock for a marker, and she will get a brass plaque to go on it. Jeepers, maybee mama and daddy will take us and our stroller to the cemetery, and we can go for a walk under the big green trees.

Speakin of goin for stroller rides, Peekie and I got a stroll while daddy was here. It was gettin pretty late, so it was coolin down. Daddy pushed us, and mama tried to keep up. Daddy is bout a foot taller than mama, and sumtimes he just goes too fast. The coolest part is we saw a real, live, WILD bunny! Next to the road! Eatin grass! Ooh, it was so cool. Mama started movin toward the bunny while we all watched. She got only bout three steps from the bunny before he got too skared and runned away. It was fun watchin him. He was tryin not to move a muscle so mama would not see him, but mama was starin at the bunny real hard and takin super slow steps. When we got home, Peekie and I were exhaustered and had to take a nap.

P.S. I think Peekie was talkin in her diary bout bein the cub reporter when we go on vacashun. She thinks she can use the puter and type reports while I am sleepin. I guess I will not get no naps at all. Little sneak...

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