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Livin' It Up with Sammy

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I Ate a Toy Mousie

December 19th 2010 7:25 pm
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Don’t be too alarmed, furiends, but I ate a furry mousie toy today.

We received some really cool Catmas presents recently including the best furry mousie toy I have ever met. Luke and I both played with the little mousie yesterday and I licked it until it was soaked with Sammy saliva. Mom saw it this morning on the floor and noticed that it was soaking wet. She removed the eyes because she was worried I might swallow them. Next thing she knew, I ate the whole mouse! Well, maybe not the whole mousie, just the fur. I left the plastic innards on the floor. Mom has bought us toy mousies before but this one was especially tasty.

Luke ate a toy mousie once and he was fine. Mom is a little worried about me but so far I am eating and acting purrfectly normal. Mom will feel better when she sees me poop, then she will know that the mousie is not stuck inside me. I think I am going to be okay, but will say a little purr for me just in case?

Thank you for your purrs, Sammy


The Sun Is Back!

December 15th 2010 5:39 pm
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Well, my “poor pitiful me” look may not have worked on my Mom, but it seems to have worked on the Diary Gal – thanks for featuring me as a diary pick today – woot woot! Concats to my orangie pal Pumpkin who is also a diary pick today – double woot woot!

Thanks to all the furiends who stopped by my page and left me nice comments, gifts, and pawmails – I love my pals! Headbonks and purrs to another handsome orangie pal of mine Milo and his family who are always there with special occasion mementos – their Mommy is so nice to take the time to make these special mementos for us.

I also wanted to meow my thanks to all my great Kewlest Catster Kitty (KCK) furiends – you know who you are! They are just the nicest bunch of kitties you could ever meet and they are always there to help us celebrate special occasions and have fun – thanks guys! I think they are the official “pawty animals” of Catster – MOL!

I’m furry happy to say that the sun is back today. We had a lot more rain yesterday and last night, but it stopped this morning and the sun even came out for awhile this afternoon – purrfect for an afternoon nap in a sun puddle.

We are looking forward to a visit from Santy Paws next week – hope all my furiends are having fun getting ready for the holidays! Thanks again for all the DDP wishes!

Love, Sammy


Rainy Monday

December 6th 2010 5:10 pm
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I did my very best to give Mommy my sad face when she left for work this morning. Tully taught me how to do this. He has this way of lying on top of the cat perch and hanging his head over the side while he stares down at the floor. It’s a pitiful look, and very effective at getting Mom to come over and give him scritches and belly rubs.

Mom doesn’t think he really is sad, but he sure looks like he is. So I did the same thing this morning while lying on top of the cat perch which looks out the front window. My head was hanging over the side staring at the floor. Mommy asked me if I was sad.

Yes, Mom, I am sad. I’m sad because it rained all night and all morning. And it rained most of yesterday, too. When it rains, it means there’s slim to no chance of us going outside for a little romp in the backyard (big sigh). Not that we would anyway during a weekday morning, but a kitty can always hope. Then there’s the fact that it’s Monday. Monday is the start of another work week (big sigh). That means we see less of Mom and Dad, which means less playtime and cuddles for us (big sigh).

Rainy days and Mondays always get me a little down (sounds like a song title, hee hee).

Mopey purrs, Sammy


Thanks HQ!

November 19th 2010 5:39 pm
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Since my last diary entry was not very complimentary towards HQ about all the comment activity on the Purr Board and how much it was slowing us down in locating new diary entries and photos from our furriends, I now feel obliged to thank Ted and HQ for taking it out.

Yes, it was an improvement from the first time it was introduced, and yes the comments were at least linking up to the correct pages, but I guess enough cats complained/gave feedback that they still didn’t like it, so HQ turned it off. You’ve got to admit that HQ listened to us, and they responded.

You know, it’s really easy to complain about things, and not enough pawple say thank you or show their appreciation when they really should. So Ted and HQ, I’d like to meow my thanks to you!

Love, Sammy


Oops, They Did It Again!

November 11th 2010 6:20 pm
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Remember when Catster introduced a new feature a couple of weeks ago where you could see every single comment of every single furriend on every single diary entry and every single photo? Oh yeah, and when you commented on a diary, that diary entry would end up on your page making it look like you wrote it, causing mass confusion?

Yes, it’s happening again my furriends. I thought enough kitties meowed their discontent to HQ about this feature so that we would never see it again. It's baaaaaack...

I hope we can still find our furriends' recent diary entries...

Concerned, Sammy


Cat Politics

October 26th 2010 8:25 pm
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Lately there’s been a bit of disharmony in our house. My big brofur, Luke, has been a big grumpy monster this week and has been hissing at me. Mom’s not sure if her being gone last week may have upset him. He may be a big boy, but he’s kind of a baby. He likes constant attention and reassurance from Mom and Dad. Don’t tell him I told you, he’d hiss at me for telling you this – MOL!

Luke and I are both alpha kitties by nature, but Luke has always tried to assert the upper paw in our house. I’m an easy going mellow kind of guy, so I usually back down and let him maintain his Top Cat status. Besides he’s bigger and older than me and could kick my floofy orangie bottom if it really came down to it. But some day I may outweigh him. Mom’s kind of worried about that. It’s very distressing to her, she just wants all of us to get along. She gets upset when she sees or hears Luke picking on me. He’s not violent or anything like that, he just hisses or makes threatening sounds towards me if I get a little too close to him.

Daddy calls it Cat Politics. He says we will work out the balance of power amongst ourselves and Mom shouldn’t worry about it. Mom’s not so sure about that – has any fur got any advice for us?

Love, Sammy


A Note From My Mom

October 19th 2010 7:48 pm
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I know this is Sammy’s diary, but I felt I had to write something tonight. Sammy is home with his Dad and fur siblings right now while Mom is traveling this week for work. I have limited internet access, but I’m able to receive messages on my Blackberry. When I received an e-mail from Catster this morning that my sweet Sammy was Cat of the Day, I was ecstatic, but a little sad, too.

I was happy because I really love Catster and have made so many nice friends here - a few I’ve been fortunate enough to meet in person. We have so much fun and have received so much love and support from so many kitties and their humans on this site that it has become almost a daily habit to check in and see what’s going on with our pals.

Many of our kitty friends are like family members to us, and we truly get excited for them when they celebrate a birthday, receive a Catster honor, or have something good happen in their lives. We also cry with them when a kitty is sick or has gone to the Bridge. We know they would be there for us, too, if we needed their support.

I’m sad because I’m not home with my fur kids right now. I miss them so much! Yesterday it was Luke and Tully’s Gotcha Day and the looks on their sweet faces when I walked out the front door with my suitcase was enough to make me cry. I could not explain this to my work colleagues but I know my Catster friends understand this completely. Catster is the only place where I can act silly, have fun, and freely express the love I feel for my fur kids because you all understand that feeling as well as I do.

Thank you for all the nice comments, pawmails, and gifts for Sammy. I am missing my little orangie boy so much right now, not to mention Luke, Tully, and Natasha. Thank you again for your kindness – I am really missing my Catster time this week. Hope to catch up with you all at the end of the week.

Love and hugs, Sammy’s Mom


Yeowww Pumpkin!

October 7th 2010 6:58 pm
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Boy oh boy, you know a toy is going to be good when you get a whiff of it through the delivery box and you want to rip it open with your bare paws! Mommy picked up the UPS box from our front porch tonight and brought it inside the house. Tully and I started rubbing up against it…what could be inside?

OMC! It’s a Yeowww Pumpkin! I love it! I have been licking it and playing with it since it set foot inside my house. I’m in Pumpkin Ecstasy! We received an assortment of Yeowww catnip toys, a banana, a cigar, a candy cane, and my purrsonal favorite…the pumpkin!

Love My Yeowww Pumpkin, Sammy


I Don't Want to Be a Pumpkin!

September 29th 2010 6:04 pm
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I’m getting a little worried. I’ll be spending my first Howloween in my furever home purrty soon. I was just an itty bitty kitten last year at Howloween, so I don’t know much about it.

Luke and Tully told me that Mom dressed them in costumes last year and took pictures of them. Tully has a Pumpkin hat and Luke has a Rooster hat. They were not furry happy about it.

I may be orange, but I don’t want to be a pumpkin!

Worried purrs, Sammy


My First Birthday

September 23rd 2010 6:15 pm
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I knew something was up today when Mommy woke up this morning and gave me extra loves and kisses. She kissed me on my head, kissed me on my tummy, and she wouldn’t stop until I finally had to squirm away from her and meow “enough already”! She can really get carried away with the smooches if you let her – sheesh!

I had to wait all day for Mommy to come home from work and log in to Catster…and wowza meowza, my page and Natasha’s were overflowing with birthday wishes, presents, and special treats! Did I ever tell you that we have the best friends ever on Catster? You all are so sweet and kind-hearted and we love each and every one of you! Thank you everyfur for all the love and good wishes - I pawmise to send a personal thank you later to all my pals who stopped by.

So I am one year old today, that’s what it says on my adoption certificate anyway. Does that mean I am a Man Cat now? I hope being a Man Cat means I can still run around the house in the middle of the night, jump on top of the tables, shred paper when I feel like it , and play like a silly little kitten. I don’t ever want to grow up!

Love, Sammy

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