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Livin' It Up with Sammy

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An Eggciting Week

April 23rd 2011 6:55 am
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This week started off with an eggciting trip to New Zealand with the Kewlest Catster Kitties Group. We hunted for eggs all over New Zealand – what a beautiful country! We had a lot of fun searching for eggs with our KCK furiends.

Then we hid Easter eggs all week long in Catstertown – how eggquisite! Kitties have been hunting for all the eggs and having eggcitable fun!

A couple of days ago I was a diary pick – how eggstravagant! Thank you to all the sweet kitties who sent me pawmails, left me comments, and sent me rosies. I am truly blessed to have some of the best furiends around.

Inquiring kitties want to know if I am still scratching the glass window next to Mommy’s side of the bed every morning to wake her up... well, what do you think?

MOL, MOL! Happy Easter!

Love, Sammy


Cat Scratch Fever

April 11th 2011 6:25 pm
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I have discovered a fun new way to wake my Mommy up in the morning. For some unknown reason I’ve been jumping up on the cat perch next to Mom’s side of the bed every morning around 4 a.m. I stretch my front paws as high up on the window as I can reach, and then I scratch, scratch, scratch vigorously against the glass. It makes a terrible sound and wakes Mom up instantly – MOL! She chases me away when I do it, but I usually come back a few minutes later and scratch-scratch-scratch again.

She says she is getting really tired of it and may have to move the cat perch away from the window if I continue doing this. I told Mom that I have Cat Scratch Fever – teehee! They don't call me The Red Rocker for nothing!

Love, Sammy


One of Those Nights

March 25th 2011 5:56 pm
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Most of the time we are very good kitties. We sleep most nights although we do wake Mom up early and expect to be fed our breakfast between 5-6 a.m. That part is okay, Mom expects it and she’s gotten used to it. We even have occasional night zoomies, but Mom is okay with that, too. She has gotten used to it.

But every now and then we get the all-out night crazies and we tear the house apart. Last night was one of those nights. Mom could hear us running around, jumping on the dining room table, knocking things off her dresser, and being very active - all night long. She woke up several times because of the noise we were making, but she would fall back asleep again because she knew she’d have to wake up in a few hours to go to work.

Mom finally got up to feed us and make her coffee at around 5:30 a.m. Boy, did we have a surprise waiting for her! Somecat, I’m not saying who, had gotten a hold of some dinner napkins and shredded them all over the dining room floor. Kleenex was shredded all over the bathroom floor. Catnip toys were strewn all over the living room. No room was spared. We really went to town! Mom could not believe that four little felines could cause such a big mess.

The really surprising part was when Mom found a previously unopened bag of “Sun Chips” on the kitchen floor that somecat had chewed open. Those packages are foil and Mom has never seen any of us tear through foil before. She wondered if a mouse or other animal could have gotten in the house and done it, but the bite marks seemed too big to have come from a mouse. It did not appear that any of the chips or the package had been eaten, just torn open. You can bet Mom is going to be checking the poopie box for the next couple of days for evidence.

Anyhow, none of us are ‘fessing up to anything. Mom has strong suspicions of who did the paper shredding, but everything else is just circumstantial at this point. Innocent until proven guilty, right? Tee hee!

Love, Sammy


I've Been Furminated!

March 13th 2011 3:35 pm
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Mom has a torture tool called The Furminator. I hate that darn thing. She bought it a couple of years ago for Luke and Tully and they never liked it either. Tully tries to bite it if Mom touches him with it. She later switched to the Zoom Groom which is a gentler and more tolerable grooming tool for us, but she still has that dang Furminator that she takes out every now and then.

She discovered that it works really well at removing dingleberries, especially those pesky little ones that are squished into the fur and hard to remove. Mom saw me scooting my butt against the carpet this morning which is the telltale sign of a dingleberry. She ran for that awful Furminator and used it on my fluffy pants. I was pawsitively mortified.

There ought to be a law against those things!

Love, Sammy



February 21st 2011 3:04 pm
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Looks like I am a DDP today – thank you Catster and thank you to all my purr pals who stopped by to congratulate me.

I was very happy to see Catster chose my diary entry about the prezzie I brought my Mom last week. It isn’t every day that you find a lizard in your house, and I wanted to impress Mom with my hunting skills.

Speaking of lizards, wouldn’t it be cool if Catster offered a lizard rosette in the gift shop? Or a birdie rosette? I’m hoping they come up with some exciting new ones soon; it sure would be fun to give lizards and birdies as prezzies to everyfur!

I hope everycat had a great day!

Love, Sammy


A Prezzie for Mom :)

February 16th 2011 5:05 pm
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I brought Mom a belated Valentine prezzie this morning…a lizard!

As she stumbled out to the kitchen to make her morning cup of coffee, she noticed Luke and me playing with something on the dining room carpet. She leaned in a little closer and saw that we were pawing at something on the floor. Good thing she turned the lights on before she walked in, or she might have stepped right on him! The little guy was already dead, so Mom picked him up with a paper towel and took him outside to the trash can.

She was kind of surprised because she didn’t even know we had lizards around our house. She thinks that maybe the wet weather brought him inside the garage last night where we must have caught him. I love giving my Mama prezzies!

Proud purrs, Sammy


What Annoys Me?

January 30th 2011 12:09 pm
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Since I’m the only cat in my family that has not been tagged yet, I thought I’d join in and play. I had a really hard time coming up with 5 things that annoy me about humans, because I’m a very easy-going little orangie guy (says my Mom) and it doesn’t seem that much bothers me. I usually “go-with-the-flow” as the humans like to say.

I did manage to come up with a few things that annoy me about humans:

1. Riding in the car or in the motor home. I usually throw a fit when I have to ride in a moving vehicle. Fortunately I have a sixth sense about these things, and I usually run and hide when I suspect that I might be going for a ride.

2. Overzealous hugs and kisses from my Mom. These are not gentle kisses, mind you. She gets really carried away at times and practically attacks me with her lovey dovey hugs and kisses. Chill, Mom!

3. Getting my pantaloons cleaned. Every now and then I get something stuck in my fluffy pants, and here comes Mom to clean it off. I can clean myself, thank you very much.

4. Being told that I cannot shred or eat paper. Mom is constantly removing paper from the house or putting it in places where I cannot get to it. I LOVE to shred paper and scatter it all over the house. Sometimes I even take a couple of bites and swallow because certain types of paper are very tasty. Paper napkins are a favorite of mine.

5. Halloween costumes. Luke and Tully told me to put this on my list because it really annoys them, and I don’t care for it either. Mom tried to put Tully’s pumpkin costume on me last Halloween, but I would have no part of it. I ran away and shook that dumb pumpkin thing off my head.

Hey, that was fun! If you haven’t been tagged yet, give it a try. I guess some things do annoy me after all.

Love, Sammy


How To Outsmart Your Brofurs

January 12th 2011 5:45 pm
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This chilly winter weather is making all of us kitties want to snuggle up as close as we can to Mom at night when she goes to bed. The trouble is those "Bed Hogs" (aka Luke and Tully) always wriggle in so close to Mom and stretch their big fluffy bodies out across the entire bed so there’s hardly any room left for little ol’ me – sheesh! I’m usually left with a little sliver of space at the foot of the bed which is not acceptable.

Drastic times call for drastic measures, so for the past couple of nights I’ve been going into the bedroom and getting on the bed BEFORE Mommy gets into it. That way, as soon as she settles down and gets comfortable in the bed, I claim my spot right next to her. When Luke and Tully come in a little while later, they get the leftover space –MOL! Tully was a little miffed at me last night because he likes to sleep where I was sleeping and had to resort to sleeping on top of Daddy – teeheehee.

Pretty good strategy, huh?

Love, Sammy


The Furry Mouse Update

December 20th 2010 7:24 pm
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I was really hoping to tell everyfur that the furry mouse toy I ate yesterday was spotted in my poopie today, but no such luck. With four kitties and four litter boxes Mom thinks it may be a bit of a challenge to find my exact poopie. When she scooped the boxes today there was plenty of poop, enough that she thinks I might have gone, but no telltale signs of a furry mouse. Thanks for all the purrs. I’m eating and acting like my normal self so Mom is hopeful that the toy mouse caused no serious problems to my insides.

Thanks to all our pals who stopped by today to wish me and Natasha a happy first Gotcha Day. We really enjoyed reading all the sweet and funny comments and messages and feel so fortunate to have so many pawsome furiends here on Catster. Mom can’t believe it’s already been one year since she adopted me and Natasha. It seems like only yesterday we were 3 month old kittens causing mayhem in our new home. Mom originally wanted to adopt an older cat, but when she saw my kitten photo on Petfinder, she couldn’t resist my orangie charms. When she came to our foster home to meet me, I made it clear to her that I had to be adopted with Natasha.

We were inseparable at the time and Mom would have felt terrible splitting us up. It turned out to be a good thing that we were adopted as a pair because I think I would have driven Luke and Tully crazy if I hadn’t had another kitten to run around and chase. I had so much energy and really turned our household upside down for a few months when I was chewing electrical wires, shredding paper, and causing quite a bit of destruction in the house. I guess I ate the toy mousie yesterday to remind Mom that she still needs to watch me closely.

To the dear kitty furiends and their Mommy who sent us the toy mousie that I ate, my Mom feels really bad that you would feel responsible in any way for what happened. It was an accident and we would never blame anyone for this. If anything, our Mom feels responsible that she didn’t take the toy away when I started licking it a lot. It was such a great toy and Mom enjoyed seeing us have so much fun with it.

Since it’s Catmas season, and many of us will be getting new kitty toys, this is a good lesson for all of us. Please be careful furiends and stay safe!

Love, Sammy


I Ate a Toy Mousie

December 19th 2010 7:25 pm
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Don’t be too alarmed, furiends, but I ate a furry mousie toy today.

We received some really cool Catmas presents recently including the best furry mousie toy I have ever met. Luke and I both played with the little mousie yesterday and I licked it until it was soaked with Sammy saliva. Mom saw it this morning on the floor and noticed that it was soaking wet. She removed the eyes because she was worried I might swallow them. Next thing she knew, I ate the whole mouse! Well, maybe not the whole mousie, just the fur. I left the plastic innards on the floor. Mom has bought us toy mousies before but this one was especially tasty.

Luke ate a toy mousie once and he was fine. Mom is a little worried about me but so far I am eating and acting purrfectly normal. Mom will feel better when she sees me poop, then she will know that the mousie is not stuck inside me. I think I am going to be okay, but will say a little purr for me just in case?

Thank you for your purrs, Sammy

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