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Meowmy's Rainbow

January 25th 2012 9:51 pm
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Meowmy is wearing a rainbow these last few days...an arm of many colors, green, blue, purple, yellow, pink, and so on...and now she is able to spend longer hours with us, at least for another week...Yippee!
Oh, sorry meowmy, sorry that you got an unexpected rainbow and now you have to stay home from your work, because that doctor dude said so...and your rainbow is covered up, so only those with privilege can view its beauty!
You see, she was trying to be a good samaritan, to one of the neighbor pups who was loose from his gal, and she instead fell down, right on her wrist. Ouch! Now she is wearing a removable splint to keep it protected...but xrays did not show any breaks, just severe bruising and inflammation...OMC! Poor meowmy.
Good thing she can still get on here with me and Pipo...and dog-guy.
Dog-guy got a box full of presents from his pal Cooper, who is one of the many furblings of Rory, Tundra and Manytoes, whom most of you must surely already be aquainted with.
Well, meowmy made a slide show of me, Pipo and dog-guy opening up that big box of treasures. If you don't like doggies, well, then don't click on the link, MOL!
You can see me and Pipo in some of the pics in the slide show.
Presents From Cooper and His Family!!

Thanks all of you fine furry pals, in New Mexico!



I Steal The Dog-Guy's Tennis Balls!

January 17th 2012 8:54 pm
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Yup, I do this all the time...MOL! I roll it along the floor like a teeny soccer ball, then I grab it and give it a bunch of bunny kicks, and hug it and bite it, and roll it along to the next hugging stop.
Anyone would think it had catnip on it, but the only thing on it is dried up dog-guy slobber...MOL!
I like the fuzzy texture, too.
Today meowmy got out her vacuum cleaner...OMC! Panic attack! I even got trapped in the front room because meowmy started on the stairs so I thought she wasn't going to come in the front room...mostly she starts there,, I have figured that out, then the livingroom, then the stairs and then the rest of the house...but not today, Cat only knows why!
Sheesh, doesn't she know we thrive on routine?
She was furgiven though because she retrieved 14 of our lost toys...mousies, paper balls, and so on. Even a large furry catnip ferret, MOL!
Sure enough, that was the furst one I took out of the toy basket...way better than any tennis balls...and I sang my mousie song: Mewy-mew...meow, mrouw, mewy-mew, MEW!



The Best Nip Evfur!

January 11th 2012 7:09 pm
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I smelled the bestest nip today! Pipo got a package, and inside was a catnip cigar from River's Happy Dance Catnip Company...and Pipo was savoring the wonderfur aroma...and ...and...I snitched it right from under his paws! MOL! He said I was a thief, but I saw he wasn't really digging it yet, so of course catnip being involved, I got ahold of it to do it 'justice' furst! MOL! I just had to have my fix!
Later I did some chewing on the envelope, too...and even dog-guy had some time ripping at it!
I just don't understand why Pipo didn't want to pawlay with that cigar anymore after I had been hugging and biting it...MOL!

Meowmy said maybe she should have taken a pic of me to send to River instead of Pipo...MOL!


Well, Will You Look At That!

January 5th 2012 8:48 am
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Well, well!
Today meowmy helped me look on Catster furst thing...and we saw that I was a DDP!
Nice way fur me to get the new year started off... especially since now the Christmas decorations have been put away until the next season.
Already the inbox is full of gifts, comments and pics! THANKS!!
I had meowmy post the pics in my biofields, sort of like a permanent record and display. One day she will have to be moving some of the older ones off of there, or my page will become miles long, MOL!

Well, the sun is shining, meowmy has to go to work (hiss), and I want to take a sunpuddle bath/nap...More mews later...



Thanks In A Wee Verse!

December 29th 2011 10:40 pm
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Meowmy came home late from her work, so I had to sit patiently and await her fingers to help me get on here... at least I had pawppy's lap to enjoy...

...and I had a pawsome time doing the same with meowmy before she left for work, and upon her return, too!
No disasters happened...no mischief, either...I guess I am trying to build up my balance of 'good' before the next 'Ho-Ho' days arrive!

I have gotten so many gifts, presents, comments and pics from my pals! I am overwhelmed!
Soon I shall attempt to get meowmy to help me send out my purrsonal thanks.
But fur now here is a wee verse to try and convey my deepest thanks to all of you:

My cup is overflowing with kitty joys!
I am singing a song,
Though Meowmy calls it noise...
There are so many gifts,
They form a length furry long.
Since it late,
and Meowmy just entered the gate,
To our den...
I gave her my pen,
So that on my behalf,
She can say:
Thank you from my bursting kitty heart,
For all the love you sent me today,
On this, my Birthday!

Purrs, and more purrs!
I love you all!!


Thankfur Mews!

December 28th 2011 9:53 pm
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Thanks fur all my Christmas cards, purrsents, comments and pics/mementos!! Snail cards, Ecards and comment cards right in my page. I love all of you fur taking the time and thought to send them!

Thanks for all that lovely looking mistletoe!
That sure was nice of the Catater peeps to let us have that for free!
There are a lot of smoochies going on here in Catsterland..

Thanks for all the purrsents that were already sent to me fur my birthday. I am excited that tomorrow (well, today actually because it is past midnight in the Eastern time zone...)is birthday # 7!
The vet says that makes me offurcially a senior, though in Catsrland I am not yet an old furt...MOL!

Wow, you kitties are all so pawsome and thoughtfur!I wonder what meowmy has up her sleeve fur tomorrow...I know I shall find out early, cause she has to go to work again, after 3 days off...

Sorry that my catretary has been rather lax in sending out thanks, hence this entry! MOL!!



Christmas Accomplishments!

December 27th 2011 9:52 pm
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Christmas has come and gone...I hope that all of my furends had a lovely time. I do know that some of their peeps have been sick, so I wish them well!
And I also wish that all the sick kitties will feel better soon. After all, we are going to be starting a brand new year! Take your medicines, and eat well!

I had a grand time jumping in and attacking all the loose wrappings when the gifts were opened here. We got some new mousies, and Pipo & I have promptly lost/hidden some of them already! Poor meowmy just can't keep track of where they always manage to go, and these were too fat to fit under the appliances, a normal hiding pawlace here...

Meowmy was at the computer and suddenly she heard a big ka-thunk! She nearly had a heart attack, she was so startled! Well, I had been trying to munch on the fiber optic strands of one of our 4 table top trees...I gave a tug...but I did not achieve my goal entirely, because the whole tree fell down!
So I jumped down and was trying again, but meowmy and even the dog-guy did not allow that...shucks, I hate getting busted!

Meowmy made the Christmas dinner yesterday because she had been at work on Christmas Day. Secretly I think she was just catabrating Pipo's birthday instead, MOL!!
She made 2 pumpkin pies, but we only got to sniff at one of them...the other went to the neighbors. Whatever! Doesn't she know that we wanted to indulge in it?

She made a yummy turkey, too. We could smell its beckoning aroma for hours!
I was underfoot when meowmy was getting it ready to put on the table. I mewed with piteous mews...and...the begging worked! I got me some white meat! Never mind that it was just a teeny cube...I scored some! Pipo got some too, but he decided to let me eat his, and dog-guy stole what I didn't gobble up fast enough! Dog-guy knows that I will not beat him up the way Pipo does...because he and I are furends!

Meowmy had a new red table cloth on the table...a cloth one. I made sure to test it for softness and added some of my furs to the table settings...but to my chagrin, meowmy was not happy with that gift and the quality control. Busted again!

There was a nice bottle of wine to go with the dinner, but of course we were not offered any...but...meowmy put the still damp washed and hand dried glasses on the table to make sure they were completely dry befur setting them back in the wooden cabinet.
She furgot about them and went to bed. When she got up this morning...all of them were lying on their sides...and there was more kitty evidence on that red table cloth, and some of the baubles were out of the decorative bowl that meowmy had put on the table...the furs she saw were long and almost white. Aha! She said that Minko had left his calling card! Sheesh, meowmy, you busted me yet again!
She didn't yell at me though, because she was happy that while I had knocked over those glasses, I had not broken any...and now they are safely back in the cabinet.

I wonder what skills I can practice tonight?

I better be carefur, though...soon it will be my meowday, and I need to stay in her good books, MOL!

Happy Birthday to me, and Happy New Year to all my furends and their furmilies!!



Disaster For Meowmy To Find Upon Her Return...

December 8th 2011 10:38 pm
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Well...Meowmy went to her work today.
That happens a lot, not unusual...but today since it was quite cold, dog-guy did not go in the backporch so he can go back and forth at will, but he had to stay indoors for about 9 hours...
Well he greeted meowmy with a lot of exuberance and woofs when she got back...and we skulked around.
Oh-oh was the first thing meowmy thought of...what happened?
So after she took off her coat...she thought she would do a walk round to check on stuff...it didn't take but a moment to see that one of the trees was flat on the floor, the star top was beside it, and the one angel on it was somewhere else, too...And the large Delft Blue pot that the tree was standing in was on the floor, too...OMC! That is something that came from meowmy's parents home...but it was not broken, thank catness, Phew!
However the carpet was covered in bits of soil and dirt. Huh? there wasn't any plants in there...then she realized that under the stand in the pot had been the remains of a potted plant that she had been too lazy to clean up, MOL! serves her right! Well now WHO knocked the tree over and who pawed out the soil bits?
And WHO chewed off some of the fiber-optic fibers and just left them on the carpet...?
Well we just mewed at meowmy and thought she would think dog-guy did it...but actually there were no doggy paw prints there...let alone any other evidence!
So...she is sure that I did it...because I like to do major inspections of stuff, and that little felt angel looked like it could have been a catnip toy...but what about Pipo who likes to chew on junk?

I guess she will nevfur find out...because there were no flies on the wall to do any tattle-tailing! MOL!!

Have fun with your decorations, we sure did, and meowmy thought that semi naked trees would be boring! Hah!



How To Help A Busy Meowmy

December 4th 2011 6:23 pm
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Meowmy got out a box of cards today...snail mail versions...and I helped her get them ready to mail out to some of our elderly furmily and furends who do not have these confusers like we do. (Maybe that is a good way to stay in a less stress zone?!)
She had three little piles of them sorted according to what country they need to go to. Well I laid on them, and started to roll on them too. Afterall, if they are meowmy's peeps, then they need to have my scents on them too, MOL!
So when meowmy looked on the table to put the next card, OMC! She shooed me off of there...shucks meowmy, I was only trying to help!
Then I went off to find some other kitty style monkey business...pawing baubles out of bowls that were on another table as a decoration...oooh, that was fun! MOL!

I hope you are all having fun helping to get your dens ready for this season of joy!



November 29th 2011 6:06 pm
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Today has been strange...this morning the windows were noisy with rain pounding and pattering on them along with a strong wind. Brrr!
I did not go to the window seats around here at all, staying cozy was more important than spying on the outside world!
Then it was quieter, but colder, and very grey in the sky, way darker than ordinary clouds.
No sun puddles to speak of, last I saw one of those is but a vague memory, MOL!
Then the pattering and pinging started on the windows again, ice was coming down.
Then just before it got dark...the snow started, and now there is already a deep pile of that white fluffy stuff. About 5 inches. Evfurrything has caps on them...and dog-guy does not want to go out at all...but fur some reason he doesn't know how to use a litter box like we kitties, do. Maybe we are smarter than dogs?!
I am thankfur post Thanksgiving to be warm, dry and well fed on a day like this...and meowmy stayed home all day...wonder of wonders! Pawppy came home early, too.
Maybe she will be staying home tomorrow, too...she will not want to go to her regular Wednesday meeting, and there is no work on her schedule!Hooray, she can put up the Christmas decorations so me and Pipo can figure out how to get at them...

Maybe those snowy piles are a good thing afterall...and they do kind of look purrty...except if you have to go out to drive in that stuff.

Stay warm and cozy my furends!

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