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Minko's Mewsings

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Tennis, Anyfur?

April 9th 2014 10:17 pm
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A few evenings ago, meowmy heard me making a lot of noisy scuffles and running around.
What on earth was I into now?
Um, I was playing kitty tennis!
Which means I found one of the tennis balls rolling loose from the doggy toy box…and decided it was going to be my turn!
I rolled it over the floor, pounced on it, and smashed it under the couch. I retrieved it, and did it all over again!
Whee! Fun! Somehow I couldn’t get it to go up the stairs, which is what I do with mousie toys…then I throw them down and chase after them. So I left the ball at the bottom of the stairs, ran up and ran down again to pounce on it. Phew! I got so worn out I just left it and decided to go and pester meowmy as she was working on the confuser…which meant she picked me up and set me on the floor…sheesh…not even her lap!
So I went to the doggy nest and made that my nesting spot, MOL! Dog-guy had to go somewhere else when he wanted to sleep, teehee!


My Thwarted Efforts

March 4th 2014 9:35 pm
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I don’t think meowmy appawsiates my purrs and paws furry much…at least not lately…

She had to move her confuser to a different pawlace, cause the chair she wanted to use didn’t fit under her desk. She needed the other chair because her back was bothering her and pawppy’s chair helps…anypaws, now her confuser is on the table. So…I jump up there and then its easy to get between the confuser and meowmy…so she can hardly see the screen or the keyboard, MOL! So she says.
She just doesn’t appawsiate me…see, I start to purr and knead and wiggle a bit, and I don’t like it when meowmy moves her hands and arms to do all that tapping and typing. And why does she get to play with a mouse but not me?
Well after a bit of time goes by, meowmy picks me up, bribes me with a kiss and puts me on the floor…sigh…I told you so!

Well, so then I decided to get to the back side of the confuser. Hey its cozy back there. And…she keeps her confuser on a thick rattan mat. Um…the other name for a rattan mat would be scratching pad, MOL!
She didn’t think so though…and you guessed it, on to the floor I went…after I thought she had forgotten about that, I went to the back of the confuser again…and did not scratch. But…I saw this wee gadget protruding from the back of the keyboard, not the USB cord mind you, this thing was loose and made of metal, so I decided to jiggle it and rattle it, to see if I could dislodge it, to begin a 'bat it around the floor game’. Wow, a neato 'not a cat toy' toy! MOL!
But Meowmy didn’t think so either…she said hey! And I got put to the floor again. She said she needs that toggle to her lock down (It is a computer lock, not unlike a bicycle lock…)…sheesh! So now all I have to do is figure out how to get rid of that thing so that when meowmy goes to her work, maybe I can get to use the confuser myself…yes, that is my goal! MOL!
Until Pipo reminded me that my paws may not be able to manipurrlate the keys furry well…sigh...

I wanted to use the confuser myself to say hooray and thank-mew to Catster fur still being here fur us to purr and pawlay in!
Happy Kitty I am...despite all the thwarted efforts, MOL!


Chewy Me!

February 22nd 2014 9:05 am
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The other day when the sun peered out briefly it warmed up my snack!
Well, there was a fly in the windowsill, and meow my hadn’t been around to clean yet…so said fly awake…buzzed and splat, it were MINE! I savored evfurry morsel!

Then a few hours later after I had some so called real noms, I put a big barfy on the carpet right beside pawppy’s chair…meow my said that fly must have kept on buzzing inside of me, MOL!

I like to sit on the desk when meow my is there being my typist. Well yesterday I was there relaxing, and she was jostling a bit to do her catretarial duties…so I said, ‘NO, I want to relax and you are bothering me’, so I chomped down on her wrist…she said ‘Ouch’ and I was evicted…
Well, today I paid her back….

Meowmy has a little music player beside her desk on the end table…and its computerized so it has a usb cord…I tried to snack on that worm…but all I got was a big ‘NO’ and a shooing away…now that cord is all covered up. Dang! Busted and thwarted at the same time.

Pawppy says now he knows who chewed *his* usb cord the other day…I fear my bank account is going to be raided…

Well, I am off to find a hidey hole to take a nap….


Wowee-Yipeeeee! From Sad To Glad!

February 15th 2014 7:20 pm
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To quote Pipo, I have the same mindset on a lot of things...

Wow! I haven't mewed here in a long time...shame on the catretary...well no I guess I need to cut her some slack she was evfur so busy copying my pages, running about doing her chores and her work, and shoveling shoveling snow...and did I say shoveling snow!
The snow was higher than the windows at one point, though it has now compacted a bit, and the past three days have been sunny, My catness I almost furgot what that was like to enjoy a fine sunpuddle.

What a lot has happened in Catsterland, too since I last miaowed here.
Furst we were all so furry shocked and saddened thinking this unique and wonderfur site was just going to shut the doors furever. YIKES:(
Then a miracle happened and now we are going to be given a new lease to stay here. What a relief!

You know sometimes us kitties grumble about this or that, but once we thought this place was going to be taken away from us, wow, how much more precious to us now that we are going to be able to stay together!

You just do not know how good you really DO have it until it is taken away... or threatened to be taken a rug being pulled out from under your paws.

Grumbles will have to be stopped befur they leave our thought boxes, MOL!

And you know what? We even made some new furends though all of this. Plus meowmy learned how to back up our profiles! Wow! The good always shines through the darkness!

Well now; It was also my Gotcha Day yesterday...and Pipo's too, we were gotted on the same day from different parts of our town.

We were gotted on Valentine's Day of 2005...meowmy had one of us in a carrier box at a party at our unfurs school, MOL! Um...she said it was ME! Maybe that's why I like to be in the middle of things...

I thank you all fur the huge overflowing load of purrsents on my page. What love!
Meowmy wasn't feeling to good last few days with a cold...well she didn't get to send out those spawsial rose bouquets or candy hearts...but she did help me & Pipo send out some of those big hugs and catster cutie/catster cassanova ones.

Today she mostly just lounged around, trying to restore her energy least she didn't have to shovel anything other than litter boxes, MOL!

Then she and pawppy went to to dinner to catabrate a belated Valentine's Day!

Well, off I go to a soft warm nest to cat nap!



OMC! I Am Nine!

December 29th 2013 7:39 am
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Today I turned NINE!
That should be fine,
Cause I shall dine,
On fish - pass the brine -
Drink nip-laced wine,
Out of a kitty-stein.
Play with some twine;
Get rubs on my spine,
On my soft pillows recline...
See? No need to whine-
Just cause my timeline
Points to NINE!

Happy Birthday to ME!

Thanks already fur all those fine birthday wishes and prezzies!
Meowmy has to work when she gets back I shall stand between her and the confuser so as to get good attentions while we read all the Catster doings.



Pawppy Tried To Squash Me...

December 22nd 2013 4:35 pm
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Well I see its been like furevfur that I have been allowed to miaow any cat words here...

Our den is rather subdued today, on account of using the generator for our power, least we didn't have to leave here, or the peeps go to a warming shelter, I don't think they allow kitties in there:(

Now its awfurly dark outside, no street lights and so on.
We are blessed to have light, warmth and noms.

Speaking of noms, when the peeps sat down to eat dinner, I was hovering about, looking for pets under the table and purrhaps a chance to jump on that yummy smelling pretend to get a headbonk, and then steal a morsel, MOL!
Of course dog-guy lurks under the same table at mealtime to maybe snag a fallen; he nevfur gets anything from the table, except by accident. He does get his own chewy treat to keep busy and to furget to beg while the peeps eat...

Well, of course as I was mewing, I jumped up to get some bonks on to unfurbro, but he lifted me up and set me down on the the same time Pawppy stood up to get something...and when he sat down...YOWL...he sat on me, well almost, meowmy saw it in the nick of time! YIKES! When Pawppy stood up, I decided that was a good time to get on his chair, its warm and softer than the other dining room chairs...and I didn't think he was going to sit down right away after he got up...well, my floofs were ruffled, let me tell you, MROWL!
Dog-Guy even tried to get me when I popped out from behind Pawppy's derriere...and of course Pipo had to get in on it too...he doesn't think I can fend fur myself...whatevfur!

Well, off I stalked to see if there were any safer pawlaces...and I stand with my verdict that Pawppy tried to squash me, so there.
Later I did jump on Pawppy's lap for a good cuddle, MOL!


Who Is That?? HISSSSS

September 24th 2013 8:40 pm
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Me bad...or so meowmy says.
Well I sure got all bent out of shape, let me mew to you about it all.
Furstly, I had to endure a starvation session. Sheesh. Then meowmy stole Pipo out of here, and didn't tell me where he went. She came home smelling of other furs whom she had petted, yikes! Intruders??
Then she abandoned me again and came back with a fureign creature, all stinky and funny acting.
Who wouldn't hiss at *that*? I thought she had brought home another fur, and OMC, I was miffed with meowmy and pawppy too, fur good measure. I hid and when they (the peeps) got close, I hissed & growled at them. How dare they:(

Then that other unknown cat walked past me...OMC: HISSSSSSS, smacky paw and growls galore. Dog guy came to check this out and I smashed his schnooter know the one whom I wash the ears of, MOL! He was taken aback, I needed my space to digest all this strangeness. It didn't help that a couple of days before there was a stranger in here who took the washing machine apart to fix it, and the dryer too. My noms are on top of the dryer, so I had to endure a lockout of sorts then, too. It truly was time to let my furmily know I was not purrleased at all.

Meowmy tried to fool me by rubbing a so-called Pipo towel on me, and my nesting towel on top of that other unknown kitty...sheesh, I am too clever to let that fool me!

Meowmy was concerned if purrhaps I had gotten hurt somehow, because I didn't come to sit on her lap at all, last night. So she eventually found me in a hidey spot...and I growled & mrowled and hissed at her again. She tried to check me over and I gave her a warning, sorry meowmy...I just had to.

This morning I vacuumed up my noms, almost as if I hadn't eaten yesterday, due to my 'upsetness'.
Then I mewed at meowmy and bonked on her...phew, she thought, at least that shunning junk is over.
Meowmy got out a whole lot of catnip and I came running, stopping short when I saw 'him' there. Sheesh, I had to go and hiss at him yet again, the trespasser.

Then meowmy went out of the house to do errands,and when she came back, she noticed that I am letting the stranger kitty walk past me, but no hissing. Hooray she thought: progress!

So we tolerate each other, but not too close if you pawlease...

Maybe tomorrow, I might let that other dude get closer, but only if he smells better, MOL! He had loads of VET aroma all over himself...I HATE that pawlace...

I thought that Pipo was gone furevfur and replaced, but maybe just maybe this stranger will morph into the kitty I remember as my brofur.


Meowmy I am Starving, MIAOW

September 22nd 2013 10:57 pm
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The food bowls are no longer visible here, and I am starving. I told meowmy that in no uncertain terms when she got home from her work. I sat up on the dryer where I always get my own spacial foods, but she ignored me, Hiss!
Pipo is walking about mrouwling and pawing at meowmy too. Sheesh, What the catness is happening here, I do not understand it at all.

Well, meowmy took me aside, and gave me some food...OMC, she loves me, she does. Cause she told me only Pipo has to starve, MOL!
Well, she says she doesn't like starving him either, but that vet dude told her to do it tonight cause he has to get his pearls cleaned. Oh, No! I need to hide in case I have to go too...

Well, I don't?? Phew!
Please purr fur Pipo, I love him, no matter what I miaow about him sometimes, MOL...only don't tell him cause I want to stay the boss.

Well, meowmy thinks I may hiss at him later tomorrow when he gets back and smells unusual...she had that experience with other kitties who lived here befur I did. She may need to rub my nest towel all over him when he gets out of his carrier, so that he smells like me, MOL! She did that before and it did help:)

Well, I gotta hide in case she changes her mind and puts me in a carrier, too.



Meowmy Tricked Me

August 21st 2013 10:13 pm
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Meowmy tricked me yesterday. She put clean towels in the carriers…which are always out, so I often nap in them…then she put some catnip in them, too…and since I find that irresistible I went in…but wait, NO WAY! I decided I was going to temporarily hate catnip, so I found a hidey hole instead. That's because I heard Pipo doing some angry caterwauling, he was trapped already, in the other carrier…catnip yes, but not in there, thanks so much.
So meowmy took note of where I went and brought out the catnip over there…and stupid, stupid me…I fell fur it and came out…and I was grabbed and stuck into that carrier. HISS.

Unfur was watching this and he giggled about how I made sure my claws grabbed the edges of the opening so that I was not going to fit through the hole…meowmy will have to just learn that while I may be the smaller of us meezer dudes, here, I am feisty!
But she won, I admit it…and off we went to that vet place.
Those peeps decided to steal blood, but I was stingy…and they had to give me two beautifur leggings as my reward!
Then they even stuck jabs into me…OMC, this time when I was told I was done, I couldn't get into my carrier fast enough! MOL!


Kittycat Burglar

August 3rd 2013 11:59 am
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Meowmy says I am a Kittycat Burglar!
Well, what nerve!

She opened a drawer in the kitchen island and furgot to close the rest is all her fault. So there.

She went about her doings, until she heard a strange rustling sound.
When she infurstigated, she saw I had something. She thought I had grabbed something and jumped on the island to play kitty games with it.
Well, she looked again, and I had a mouse! That's right a mouse!
A brand new one still had the store tag on it, MOL! It was in the open drawer just asking to come out and play, so I did, MOL!

Meowmy says I burglarized her stash of kitty toys, but I say, I seized the moment and the there!
Anyways, she took off the tag and let me continue my game..and OMC, I had a ton of fun...until it went under the I begged meowmy to get it back fur me...and wow, she found 13 others that were hidden and just waiting fur retrieval!
Even Pipo got started in kitty games after that!

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