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Minko's Mewsings

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Minko's Household Helping Paws & Claws!

November 29th 2010 8:14 pm
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I've been such a helper fur meowmy, lately!
I kept the table clear of objects that were going to get in the way of our spawsial Thanksgiving dinner...I jumped up there and pawed the smaller things to the floor. I just couldn't figure out why that made meowmy kind of perturbed?!
Then there was another pesky I jumped on the end table and got up on my back paws,,,which are furry strong from jumping after that laser tag game-light...and almost had that fly...but meowmy was holding her breath, because she saw the lamp starting to keel over...
I also felt that the nice white tablecloth in the dining room needed some attention from I jumped up there, spread myself out on it...but soon I decided to help with another chore...I stirred the tablecloth! Well you know, I see meowmy stirring a lot of things in the kitchen, which then find their way into the dining room, so I thought I would help with the tablecloth. But again, meowmy was not impressed! What!? She even picked me up and set me back on the floor...with a big sigh. She said it was no use to try and have a nice atmosphere for a spawsial meal, cause Pipo and Minko are always right in the middle of it! Like they want to be the main course or something!
Then she said something scary: 'No warm meat on the table!' That is what my grandpawppy used to always say if someone was on the table who was not supposed to be there...OMC! I am not the food here...I just want some food! MOL!

OK, then If you don't want me there, maybe I can help out in the bathroom.
I ran in there, and jumped into the tub, behind the shower curtain...and gave Pipo an ambush when I heard him follow meowmy in there...I get to swishing my this is how I can help, by cleaning the tub!
Pipo doesn't like to come in the tub with me...funny how he can be so brave around the dog-guy, but not in the bathroom...'hey Pipo, there's no water in here...come and play bathtub peek-a-boo with me!'

Meowmy wasted some perfectly good and yummy turkey ans sweet potato, the other day. Leftovers...but no one was going to be having those! She dropped them through her slippery butter fingers just as she was going to put them in the microwave!...and if that wasn't bad enough...the m'wave is by our litterbox...and sure enough, most of her meal fell on the box! MOL!
Hiss, though, cause nobody got any! It was too contaminated even to have any of us have tidbits from what might have been salvaged...Shucks!
My paws were right there, though, ready to snag something that might have been missed in the cleanup!

And horrors!
Meowmy has gotten all kinds of red, green and white things out of the closet...she said they were the Christmas decorations...but to me that can only mean one thing...another torturous photo session...OK, bye now...gotta go and hide...



My Wish!

November 24th 2010 9:31 am
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My wish, today is that all of you will have a furry Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving!
May all your day be filled with the thoughts of what you are truly thankful for.
I am thankful, that almost 6 years ago, meowmy took me out of my birth home, where I was wet, dirty, scared and flea-ridden.Even the vet thought that I might be harboring some evil diseases, but I grew up quite healthy and sleek. I may be a bit small, cause I was a runt, but my size is not an issue, when it comes to my bullying techniques towards Pipo, when I want my own way! MOL!
I am thankful for warm,cozy nests, laps and sun-puddles, and yummy food that always seems to be in my bowl...
I am thankful fur my pawrents who love and care fur me.
What more can any kitty ask for?
...Perhaps some cream from the Pumpkin Pie!...or some turkey would be nice too!

Here is another bit of rhyming for the season...

The Wednesday Before...

Its the day before Turkey Day!
Gobble, Gobble!
We will dance and play!
Wobble, wobble!
Have some turkey and some pie,
When later in our beds we lie...
Snuggle, snuggle!
Dreaming of Thanksgiving Day!

Our meowmy will truly have a great Thanksgiving, as all her cancer tests came back negative! Hooray! She doesn't have to go back for another 6 months.
Hope all is well with you and your furmilies, too.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Purrs & Hugs to all!


Other Happier News!

November 20th 2010 7:17 am
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Yesterday, meowmy felt compelled to send a link about something not very pleasant, that had been reported.
Today she read something much more pleasant, and joyful even, at least for the furmily involved.
Wishing that all of our tales could have happy endings such as this one:

Happy News: Returned Lost Cat!

I think this furmily will have a Happy Thanksgiving fur sure!
(So even inside kitties should have ID collars and microchips...OK meowmy, you're on the spot now!)

Have a great weekend!


This Makes Meowmy So Sad and Angry!

November 19th 2010 7:07 pm
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Meowmy was catching up with the local news of the day, when she came upon this article.
It just made her heart stand still for a moment, then she got furry upset.
It about an act of cruelty to a cat, just a few miles from our den.

Here is a link to the article, but be warned.

Link for news Article at

The poor kitty died as a result of this insanity. I hope no one is looking for their pet, at this time...
It seems we just never know who or when someone will do these awful things, even someone who is in a public office.
In happier reporting I got to spend a lot of lap time when meowmy was at her'puter. She had to console me in payback(MOL) for making her vacuum go all over my territory and steal my furs and scattered kitty litter! And of course I had to go into hiding all that time. OMC! It takes her about an hour to do it all...I got bored with all the tappity-tap above my head, so I went into my cardboard box with crinkled up wrapping paper in it. Very catifying and cozy!



Hard Decisions!

November 18th 2010 2:07 pm
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Well, the finalists have been chosen in the WCC and WCD contests.
What a lot of great kitties and Pups, too, have been chosen.
Unfortunately, I was not among them, nor my furbling kitties who meowmy entered.
Meowmy saw lots of kitties who are our furends. Decisions, Decisions!!
Now regarding the dog-guy!
Well I guess I shall have to give him an extra spa treatment of ear and face washing, cause he IS a finalist in the WCD contest, in the Patriotic section.
Meowmy and us would be thankful if any of you kitty furmilies could go to that place and cast a vote fur him. We would appawsiate that furry much!
Vote MrJackFreckles aka SirLickaLot for Best in Show!more: dogs

Meanwhile I have been keeping Meowmy's lap in the finest of comfort, by lying on it and making a lot of bread for her, so she can have that with her now cooking soup. Mmmm!
I also made sure that she didn't spend too much time reading the newspaper, I sat on it!

Purrs to all of you!


ENERGY! No Conserving Energy, Here!

November 16th 2010 1:03 pm
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I have tons of it...meowmy thinks she should try to find a way to harness it...and put it to good use, MOL!
I have been all over the house, playing with mousies, paper balls and chasing Pipo. I jumped on the counter to 'help' meowmy when she was cleaning out her coupons, because they sound so wonderfully crinkly and rustle when she handles them. Who could resist that if you are a kitty like me?
I took a brief nap in the sun...when it was so nice as to show itself for a brief moment, and then got back at it!
Then I heard meowmy opening a yogurt container in the I bounded over there, to see if i could mooch some...and I mewed some pathetic mews to get her attention! Then Pipo & dog-guy realized they were missing she had 3 sets of little hungry beggars!
And she heeded the pleas, and I got my spoonful! So that I could refill my energy store! Mmmm! Then I went back to swatting my paper ball all over the place. soon it looked like a big tattered & shredded mess! MOL!
Phew! Finally I decided that maybe I did need to have a major recharging session...aka cat-nap!



Spawsial Day For Meowmy!

November 13th 2010 1:01 pm
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Today is a furry spawsial day fur my meowmy!
She got presents, and a big cake! Lots of cards and phone calls, too.

It seems that a long time ago when my Grammy was getting ready for her own spawsial day of birth remembrance, she had to put it on hold to deal with the biggest bestest birthday present she ever had! Meowmy!
That's right folks, Meowmy and Grammy shared their birthdays for 51 years! It sure was a strange thing for Meowmy not to be able to call up her own mom on the first birthday after grammy went to heaven. She is OK and used to it now, it has been quite a few years ago...

So they had this big raspberry and cream cake...and shucks, I didn't even get to share any morsel of it!BOOO! HISS!

Well, I know that I shall get something tastey on my plate later! It never fails! MOL!

Meowmy and pawppy are going out later...not to a real catabration of this day, but to a church dinner, being put on just for fun. They never miss those occasions, so tonight is no different! Except that I can't go along... :(

Well, Happy Birthday Meowmy!


Cuckoo - Cuckoo!

November 12th 2010 6:59 pm
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(This is Minko's diary...)

Meowmy has a big antique cuckoo clock. It cuckoos evfurry 1/2 hour.
She has 'trained' us not to bother it...except Pipo still will jump up near it when Mr Cuckoo bird comes out...but that bird is too fast for him and he never has caught it, yet!
Today I was still having extra energy to be a zoomer kitty and also being cuckoo, myself. Who needs one in a clock when you can be a live one...and not needing to wait for the right time to be cuckoo! MOL!
I had some nip...could that be the reason?...and chased the laser, which led to a tumble romp with Pipo...and we had a make-believe cat fight. It is how we practice staying pouncy and fit. We may need to use those self defense skills some day!

Pawppy came home from work and brought in some dry cleaning. On hangers in very long bags. In my cuckoo-ness, I couldn't I went inbetween the bag and the counter area ...and jumped an ambush on Pipo when he walked by! Meowmy thought it was so funny, cause that bag was clear, Pipo had no problem knowing I was there...but he still was furry surpawsed when he got jumped on.

Then meowmy was in the bathroom, getting ready for some change of clothes, as she was going outside, to do yard I jumped in the bathtub, behind the shower curtain...snooped around there for a bit, then out came my cuckoo face, under that curtain. The bottom of it looked like a veil on my head! MOL! (I think I like that crinkly and rustling sound it makes when I bump up against it.)
And then I pounced on Pipo again as he came to investigate who meowmy was giggling at.

Later, That silly fly came back to pester me and drive me to higher levels of being cuckoo...MOL!
It defies getting caught! I shall have to hone my fly catching skills!

It sure is fun to be cuckoo!


The Attack Of The Flash Demon! ACK!!

November 11th 2010 6:50 pm
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This Is Minko's Diary

OMC! Meowmy was gone fur a while and I did miss her. So, since her return, I have been all over her, using her feet as scratching places, bumping up under her arms while she is NOT paying me any attention cause she is using the computer...and getting into her lap at any op-purr-tuna-ty!

I have been really cuckoo and zoomie thoughts race through mu mind a lot. I think when meowmy is not here I languish and when she returns my batteries are fully charged!

We have had a lot of nice warm sunny weather, lately. So of course that meakes for great sleeping in sunpuddles.
And I keep recharging those batteries I have with power sun naps!

I about put holes in the big lamp that lights up the desk area and living room, because of one little fly...(Flies always seem to emerge from who knows where on sunny days...),but after I knocked it down, Pipo came and grabbed it into his mouth...but then he let it go because it was a buzzing in there! MOL! Meowmy was laughing a lot, I don't know if it was at me or at Pipo!

Sunny days also mean that the risk of being attacked by the flash demon is very high!
And it happened...once again, that lady who calls herself meowmy, got out that flashing rectangle, that she points at me and then invariably it goes click-flash! Over and over!

If that wasn't bad enough, she put clothes on me! ACK! Something about getting ready for the upcoming holidays..OMC! I wish she would learn how to use photoshop...or get a job so that she has no time for that kind of stuff!
But then if she went to work outside the house efurry day, I would see less and less of her...A kitty just can't win!
Well, that big attack was yesterday, and today it was Pipo's turn...hee-hee.
So I paid meowmy back, by getting into the props all over the table...and I even jumped into the flash demon range...bad move! She put a collar on me and made me 'sit' for some more flashes. I thought that if it was sunny that flash thing would not go off...but meowmy said that flash I am seeing in the sun is called 'fill-in'. Whatevfur, meowmy! I don't like having to be in pictures!
And when she was almost done and trying to make me 'au naturel' once again, I gave her a feel of my teeth and claws! OMC! Wonder when she will try that flash demon stuff again!?!

Today is Remembrance Day, so meowmy was wearing a poppy, all day. Poppies are the traditional flower of remembrance, made famous, after the poem about Flanders Fields.
Thanks to all veterans, and to all who gave of themselves for our freedom. We should never take that freedom too lightly, It is very precious, if only for the lives lost trying to attain and maintain it.

(PS: With the shorter and darker days upon us...I know that that flash thing will be put away much sooner, if it comes out of hiding!)

For the record:
This Is Minko's Diary!


Meowmy is back!

November 8th 2010 9:13 pm
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Oh, I heard the back door opening and all kinds of noise in the I went to hide behind the furvorite hidey hole!
And then that noisy goofy dog-guy came in!
That is meowmy! Yeah, she is back!
I decided it was safe to come out of hiding and tried to investigate the bags and stuff, but since her trip was short, and only she and dog-guy went, there wasn't a lot.
So I hopped in my box full of nice crinkly wrapping paper and took a nice nap. Full of sweet dreams, cause I could truly relax, knowing that meowmy was safe at home again.
At supper, she got out the laser toy, and I had heaps of fun, chasing it all over the place!
Now I am back in sleep mode!

PS: It appears that meowmy has missed some goings on during the time she was away...there are lots of prezzies on Pipo's page...And I see some on mine, too.
We will try to remind her to say official thanks when her routine gets back to regular! it ever?
Meanwhile, general thanks and conCATs to all and any kitties who as our pals may have been a bit neglected by meowmy during her absence!
She was a tad frustrated! She could see all the things on a borrowed 'puter, but not make responses...let alone send out messages!
So she wrote them down, and will try to get to them later...


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