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November 3rd 2010 9:55 pm
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Well, Its late, so meowmy will just 'reprint the same entry here as for my brofur:

If you pals of ours don't hear from us in the next few days, that will be cause meowmy is leaving town for a few days. To visit family in Canada.
We will be taken care of by pawppy, who is staying here.
Hope that we don't miss anything important!
But we will try to catch up when she gets back!


Happenings...the Funny and the Silly

October 28th 2010 11:08 am
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A couple of days ago, I pawed here about the bad weather. Well yesterday it was still very windy and rough, winds about 40-50 mph @ times. Whenever the windows rattled too loud, we would look up and the dog-guy would growl.
But there was lots of sun to make those warm patches on our condo...so I spent a lot of time there. AHHH!
(Today the sun is gone, it is cold, damp and dull...)

I stopped trying to eat the roses....but maybe I will have a sample of any other blooms that may decide to show up in a vase...

Pawppy saw a big huge cat walking around, downtown. It seemed like it wasn't too scary, because people were waving at it! And he waved back! Wow!
Well, we live near Battle Creek, and this is the home of Tony The Tiger! Isn't that GRRREAT!?! MOL!

I am rather clumsy sometimes. Meowmy was in her recliner, and I wanted to keep her lap warm...so I tried without success several times to get ion the armrest...but each time I missed my aim, and slid back to the floor. Meowmy was giggling, and she didn't even try to help me get in her lap! The nerve! So I sat there and stewed fur a while, and then I had a bright moment!
I jumped straight up and landed right in the middle of the headrest part of the recliner. No Problem! OMC! Why can't I jump up on to the arm rest, but I can land squarely on the headrest with no trouble at all?! It is so much higher. Whatevfur!

I am also a bit skittish. Esp after all the racket that was outside the past few days.
I was on the CPU, having a battery recharge...by its nice warmth. Pawppy came and opened the cabinet...for his own reasons, I guess...That meant that evfurry time I would move that cover banged. So at one point I was getting more comfy, meowmy put out her hand to pet me...and I nearly had a hissy fit. Too much noise and movements all at the same time!
My tail was fluffed up, and even my kitty hackles were standing up. Meowmy, you scared me! It isn't even Halloween, yet! But I did feel a bit sheepish when I realized I was depriving myself of a nice scratching under my chin, and a good pet of my furs. But I did glare at meowmy to be more careful in how and when she approaches me...MOL!

Purrs to all!


Roses are Red... Their Leaves are Green...But Then So Was I!- YUCK!

October 26th 2010 9:58 pm
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Well, meowmy is back to 'normal' after a brief hiatus of bedrest post laser treatments for those very gross veins...all is fine...and she should not have much more to worry about being gross. Now Me...I was gross!

Meowmy received some roses.
So in the vase they went, and in the kitchen sink...cause she knows that we kitties and mostly me...MOL...are herbivores..when there are plants around to practice that on!
Well, I looked and saw that the booby traps were not there...'what were you thinking, meowmy?' So Up I jumped and had a nice tasty meal of rose leaves and petals...
Meowmy came into the dining room...and sure enough...big puddle of YUCK! Complete with disposed of and rejected green leaves. She knew it was me, cause I had slobber from my YUCK on my chin...When she looked at the flowers, she had to giggle...there were chew marks and holes in so many of the leaves...and some of them had been stripped off! I only do complete jobs!
Of course since I am not a rabbit, well soon I was green about the gills...another silly thing to say, kitties do not have gills! Just say that I woofed my cookies, meowmy! Oh...I guess that is silly fur kitties, too...I mew, not woof, and I know that those roses were NOT cookies! MOL!
OK, then lets be gross...and say it like it is...I Barfed! Yuck! You know? I learned that roses look better than they taste, and that I was not meant to be rosy or green with their essences!

Through all the stormy weather, today...I just had a good sleep on the CPU. It is nice and warm again, after almost a week of not being turned on...first because meowmy could not use it while on bedrest, and second, cause Pawppy had it dysfunctional fur a while, to help him fix his own...well now all the parts are back where they belong.
So I felt that this bad weather was not going to be the cause of me not having a warm napping place! And I got my way! Yeah! We did not have to go into our dungeon!
Most of the storm passed by our den...thankfully!



How I Was (Not) Naughty, But Yucky

October 16th 2010 6:24 pm
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Meowmy saw me sunning myself yesterday.
And in a nice place for pics...so 'ding!' goes that little silver box, and 'zing!' goes that window in the front of it...and click...
And meowmy seemed happy. And so was I when she stopped! Phew! No clothes this session...funnily enough, no props either.
Well then I heard some unlikely words coming from the computer desk area...and Meowmy was there...and my pics were up on the monitor...and meowmy was NOT happy! Why? I didn't do anything naughty did I?
Well what it was, the camera took some very nice pictures...and meowmy though some were going to be the best ever...BUT...there was some yucky guck in the corner of one of my eyes! Meowmy was wondering if I had properly washed my face when I got ready for my day! Or was it just a slip up in my grooming technique. Now she has been watching me all day to make sure I don't have an eye infection...I do not!
I guess that means that there won't be any more spontaneous close up pictures anymore...MOL!

Meowmy will be pulling back from Catster/Dogster starting the middle of next week. She has what she terms 'very gross veins', and needs some laser treatments...which means she will be off her feet for a few days. And the 'puter is on a desk...not available to those who have to be flat!
She surely will be having withdrawal symptoms! But hey, we will be there to warm her up, as she lies on the cot in the livingroom with her legs on pillows...and we will stay on her and make sure that she obeys orders!

Then in a few days after that, meowmy will be out of town for a few days. Computerless again! OMC! There will be SO much CATching up to do!

We are having fun with pawing all the vote buttons for the WCC! There are some truly great pics there!



Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

October 11th 2010 5:23 am
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DDP again!
Meowmy hasn't even properly thanked the first lot of furs from last week's one!
Meowmy is going to be busy...I can accurately prophesy that!
Today is also a holiday...not just Columbus Day...
But Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

Purrs, Hugs, Headbonks, and Miaows!


Coolest Cats!

October 10th 2010 8:48 pm
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I want to be a cool cat!
So meowmy did some work fur me...which means that she still needs to send out thank yous fur the DDP gifts and so on that she has only acknowledged in my diary!
She will get to it...I promise! I just do not know when...but I did see her write down all the names so she won't furget who to thank! MOL!
Anyways here is the link:
Vote for Minko Pawlease!
We appawsiate all votes!
Purrs(Pipo has some pics, too...there's a link to him and our dog-guy brofur at the bottom of the voting page.


Thanks So Furry Much!

October 9th 2010 12:02 pm
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Little Minky me
is a DDP!
I shall have to be
Good and purry
And frisky,
But not naughty!

Thanks to all
I am having a ball
And sitting on Mom's lap
Helping her tap
Messages to thank you
You all are furends so true!

I am overwhelmed with all the many messages, gifts and so on for my DDP, today!
My inbox was flooded! I will try to send out proper thanks later...
Meanwhile my purrs to all of you!


Beaty of Fall

October 7th 2010 10:47 am
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Meowmy composed a little ditty about all the pretty trees we see each morning lately!

Fall Beauty

The leaves are changing color,
Many shades of orange and yellow.
There's red, too.
Painted by some strange fellow.
He has done lots of work,
When he comes by each night,
His paint brush doesn't stop,
Until the sun shines bright.
Under cover of darkness,
And in a clear, cold frost
he paints jewels on everything,
Beauty beyond any cost.
You have to go and see these,
before they are lost,
When the sun shines, bright,
Those jewels melt away,
Out of eyesight!
Only the pretty leaves,
That still hang on the trees
Still show these frost colours,
Till they fall off in the breeze.
So go and enjoy
The beauty of fall.
Its free to behold,
For no cost, at all!

By I.R.
Oct 7, 2010

Happy Fall
We hope you enjoy this pretty season as much as we do!


The Sky Is Dropping Leaves!

October 5th 2010 8:29 pm
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OMC! The sky has been dropping leaves, the past few days! We have a big walnut tree beside the house on the side where we do our window basking and viewings of the big outdoors. It sure makes a big mess of leaves every fall. Now that we have had frost, 2x already the leaves are coming down and fluttering past the windows with evfurry bit of breeze. Like the ceiling outside is coming part! Well when those leaves are gone, at least there will be more oppurtunity fur the sunbeams to warm up our furs...we have had plenty of that!

other than the normal kitty things in the day to day life of a meezer kitty, life is pretty ordinary. Meowmy says that is a good thing!
Well, I would like some more kinds of fun, pawlease, meowmy?
Like grocery bags to inspect, laundry to deposit my furs on, dog-guy to get his ears washed...and so on. I haven't jumped on the booby trapped counters...yet...
Meowmy is trying to teach me to sit up and get my head rubbed that way.
If she cups her hand above my head, I will sit up and put my head into her palm...so she can rub it. Well, this evening, we were doing that, and I got into the purring mode, and suddenly I was plopped over on the carpet, kneading in the air...but meowmy couldn't reach me any more from where she was sitting, so soon I had to jump up and get into her lap, fur some real kitty/purrson bonding!

Well, I need to do my long nights sleep in my cozy den...nighty-night!



Thoughts From the Inside of a Pumpkin!

October 2nd 2010 8:19 pm
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When meowmy gets any kind of ideas, we kitties had better hide...she goes crazy and cuckoo with all the props...I think that little buzzing, dinging and flashing box of hers went off about a million-gazillion times in the past few days, prior to you in catsterland being able to see some of the fruits of her labors!
This session I got put in a big bowl with some scarecrows, that looked more cute that scary! I wanted to eat the orange streamers, or at least rip them up...and the feather boa was such a great toy, that meowmy had to tire me out before I would sit still long enough for a 'pose'! THen I was just about ready to take a snooze and she put that pic up on my page too...OMC! I look like a fat kitty Jack-o-lantern...and not a very spooky one at that!
Then she got me totally crammed in a big pumpkin! Is that why they hollow out pumpkins? To put kittycats in them...Well it was kind of comfy, I have to admit...but after a while I got annoyed with all the disturbances...and gave a big Minko scowl!
And when she tried to put a headband on me wth a bat and black butterflies...NO WAY! I swatted that thing and even caught it enough to take one of the butterflies off it! MOL!

Goodness only knows what meowmy will come up with fur the next set of picture seasons.

If you read Pipo's Pawnderings, you will read there about Suki, my angel furbling who would have been 14 today. She was the only lady kitty meowmy ever has had. My pawrents still miss her royal highness cattitude airs!

Purrs to all and Happy Fall!

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