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Minko's Mewsings

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December 16th 2010 2:40 pm
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My meowmy can be dangerous to be around!
She came in from taking dog-guy fur his daily stroll.
Removed lots of garments...and walked over to me who was sitting on the nice and warm CPU...I stretched out to get my chin scritched and ZAP! I got a shock on the end of my snoot!So I jumped off the CPU and ran away as fast as I could...even before meowmy could apologize about the static discharge on my snoot...
But eventually I came back, and I forgave meowmy, and got my cuddles and scritches.
Be carefur of your peeps who may carry dangerous, unseen weapons on their personal appendages!



December 15th 2010 9:58 pm
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OMC! Meowmy has just seen the little birthday cake that signifies that I have been on Catster for one year, plus one week! How time flies! So much has happened since she started 'showing us off'!
But we and she love being here, and there is so much fun stuff to do. Pipo has been here a day longer than me...but that's OK cause he is a few days older than me!
We both have our meowdays in the week after Christmas! We will be 6.
Wow! Meowmy can hardly believe that!
Seems so fresh in her memory of us being such little teeny fluff balls! And I was such a dirty stinky little runt. Not sick, really, but just very neglected. Now while I am not very big, I sure look a lot more like a real kitty than that first day or two at meowmy's place...even the vet was impressed how I thrived, cause he thought I would not. Meowmy has lots of baby pics of me, but none of that day she took me out of my birth house...
Birthday; this meant that there was yet another excuse fur meowmy to have a picture session with us. I did pretty well, until I tried to eat some of the streamers on the birthday horns...and then I started retching on the picture taking set up! MOL! Just goes to show you meowmy, that I don't like these sessions...but after I was cleaned up, and watched more carefur-ly so that I would not chew that stuff again, she took about a gazillion more pics! But you all will just have to wait until Christmas is done, before I let meowmy show them too you! MOL!

We meanwhile are getting more ready fur Christmas.
Cards, etc...
Pipo & I got a pawresent from Simone and of their famouse catnip pillows.
Thanks so much!

I attacked the envelope that was holding the pillow, and nearly had it open before meowmy realized what I was doing! Then I tried to climb into the empty envelope, while Pipo had a go at the pillow.
I truly am a 'nip' fiend!
I wonder what I shall find in my stocking fur Christmas, and in my meowday pawresent?



Blizzard! BRRR!

December 12th 2010 8:29 pm
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This morning the temp was above freezing at 34F.
Then it started to blow and snow..and the temp is now 17F.
The stuff of blizzards!
Meowmy even had to shut the doggy door, the wind was trying to come in the house.
There isn't that much snow, but with the wind, it is furry hard to see anything!

Here is a haiku...a special type of poetry, Which meowmy learned to do from a doggy pal, Zaidie...some of you furs may know him.

Wind is blowing hard,
And the snow is drifting, too,
A winter blizzard!

Meowmy wrote another one about a prettier snow event...

Snow fell through the night,
Covered all with its blanket,
Soft, fluffy and white.

So, there you have it...being housebound is the stuff that creativity comes from! If there was no storm, there would be no poem!

Meowmy hopes that the weather will not be like this when our unfurbros come home from college for the holidays...but if it stays cold, it fur sure will be a white Catmas!Then we can make these: ☃ with all of the ❆ that is around!

Stay warm & cozy!


Double-Doubled Dipping!

December 9th 2010 5:52 pm
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OMC! Meowmy nearly fell off her chair this morning!
Not only was Pipo a DDP, (Concats to him from me, by the way!), I was also a DDP, for the second day in a row! Wow! (Meowmy didn't think that that would even ever be possible with all the kitties who are on Catster!)

Did you read her complaints yesterday about being busy...well, today has been doubly busy! MOL!!
Poor, poor Freckles, our doggy brofur! He is feeling neglected! (Not!)

We got treats in the form of some cheese, some yogurt and some sour cream.YUM! And lots of playtime, and cuddles!

Meowmy was putting laundry away, so I came to help, and saw a big box. There had been pears in there, but now it was empty. So I pushed it open, and climbed right in, making myself a new nest! Peek-a-boo, too!
Later after I got bored with that, I helped meowmy to wrap up a gift that had to go in the mail...I tried to chew the corners of the package, so that the recipient, who is a cat lover, would see my greeting, too. She misses having cats, anymore, but at age 87, she does not want to have any live she has quite the collection of real looking toy ones! Some of which she got from meowmy.

Then the fun started for real!
Meowmy opened up all the new baubles that were to go on the 2 table trees which we have here.
She had them all sorted according to color and texture...and then she went looking for the hooks. NONE! She dug high and low, and was sure that she had seen them earlier. Eventually she gave up, put all those pretty balls in that pear box and went off to do other things!
The trees will have to wait still another day to get dressed up!

Thank you furry much to so many of you, who sent me messages and gifts, yet again.
Meowmy tries to thank you for each one, but right now there are so many of them (and including a load for Pipo), she hopes no one will be insulted for getting their thanks by way of my diary!
I love you all, and want to purr, and knead in all of your laps, as well as send you some of my patented kitty hair lickings!
(I regularly use my sandpaper tongue on meowmy's hair! She still remembers when her hair was gone from chemo, and I would try to groom her scalp! OMC!)

Now I will purr my good nights to all of you out there in my beloved Catster-land!




December 8th 2010 8:30 pm
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Meowmy took a quick peek at her e-mail this morning, way early, before she had to be gone all day!
Lo and Behold...I was a DDP! And not only that, two of my furends are DDP's, too...Nadia and Samoa. Concats to them, too!
So I have had to wait a long time to play here...but better late than nevfur!
First of all, I wish to say a sincere thank you to all of you who have sent gifts and messages. I so do appawsiate all of you fur sending them to me. My gift box and mail box are full! Whee-o-whee! My slave will be keeping her fingers busy! At least she has already treated me to some good nip! And a good dose of lap time...
There is this big bag waiting fur meowmy's attention. It has these sparkling, glittering, shiny balls in it. Surely those little balls are meant fur me to be toys to swat all over the floor?! My purrsent fur being a DDP!? WHUT? They are to be put on the tree? Well, then at least I will have a load of kitty fun, trying to snag them and bash them to the floor.
Well, it is late yet again another day has slipped away, and meowmy still hasn't done her Christmas cards fur Europe, or Canada...she mostly can send E-cards, now, but there are some relatives of hers who do not have 'puters...

Good night to all, and may all sleep nice and cozy on this furry cold night!



Reconnected and Plugged In!

December 7th 2010 9:10 pm
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I will evfur be gratefur to pawppy who got us back on line. Furry quickly, I might add. Not only is he a geek, he is a whiz! Headbonks to him!
So now though we are back, it is furry late so we shan't play, just yet!
We felt so stranded while we were off line!
The store computer let me say my excuses, but we did not get to play there at all!
But at least you knew why we had gone AWOL! MOL!

Concats and happy greetings to anyone we may have missed!
We did see that Samsara had a DDP today. Special concats to her!
Its always fun when pals of ours get these honors.

Will purr more later...meowmy is off to bed...its after midnight!



Hissy Fits!!

December 6th 2010 9:54 am
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Meowmy is having hisy fits, becaue we have a broken internet right now! HISS!
We ill come back to play, ASAP!
Please furgive us if we are silent on important things like DDP's and birthdays, et...
Purrs to you all fom this store 'puter!


Christmas Snacking?

December 3rd 2010 7:51 pm
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Meowmy put out our two small trees, today. No ornaments as yet, cause we will just remove them...MOL!
Maybe after a few days!
One year when we were still way tiny and really cuckoo, she did not put anything on the trees except beaded garlands...which we tried without success to take off. All we managed to do was to tip over the trees, and get the garlands all tangled up. At this time I am in a nest close to the tree, staring at it...thinking how fun it would be to try my paw at demolishing it...but I better wait till meowmy goes to bed...
At supper, meowmy saw me trying to eat something. Pipo was close by, in case he was going to be able to snag part of my prize!
Suddenly it was snatched away...but not by meowmy!
I was trying to eat a long 'needle' from the Christmas tree! Oh-oh!
Meowmy said that was not a furry good snack...for me or for Pipo! Busted yet again!
I shall have to go and find that fly that still is buzzing around here somewhere...




December 1st 2010 9:14 pm
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Today I went all around to each window looking fur the sun...but wasn't there. instead there were these big white fluffy things coming at the windows. And covering up the grass in our yard. Lots of that stuff that I heard meowmy call snow!
I think it must be cold, too, cause meowmy put on lots of layers when she went out with the dog-guy!
Well, meowmy was gone out most of the day, but it sure was nice to have pawppy close by. He has this week off from work.
Yesterday he and meowmy took a few hours to go on a lunch date! But we had to stay home...
Meowmy put the vinyl tablecloth back now it is not the most fun place to be...and its very hard to stir that one! I think the cloth one will be back for Christmas dinner...then I shall try my stirring act again!
I did get cornered to have a photo session...but it wasn't as bad as I thought! I even came back when it was Pipo's he had a chance to get in some pics with me! It got put on the We Bees page that we have.

And...I have to once again say concats to my brofur, Pipo, cause he got to be a DDP,again!
I think he must be trying to set a record or something!
I heard meowmy mumbling that Pipo always gets his DDP's when she is going to be gone from the puter!MOL!!

Well, gotta let meowmy hit her own nest now!
Purrs to all and to all a good night!



Minko's Household Helping Paws & Claws!

November 29th 2010 8:14 pm
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I've been such a helper fur meowmy, lately!
I kept the table clear of objects that were going to get in the way of our spawsial Thanksgiving dinner...I jumped up there and pawed the smaller things to the floor. I just couldn't figure out why that made meowmy kind of perturbed?!
Then there was another pesky I jumped on the end table and got up on my back paws,,,which are furry strong from jumping after that laser tag game-light...and almost had that fly...but meowmy was holding her breath, because she saw the lamp starting to keel over...
I also felt that the nice white tablecloth in the dining room needed some attention from I jumped up there, spread myself out on it...but soon I decided to help with another chore...I stirred the tablecloth! Well you know, I see meowmy stirring a lot of things in the kitchen, which then find their way into the dining room, so I thought I would help with the tablecloth. But again, meowmy was not impressed! What!? She even picked me up and set me back on the floor...with a big sigh. She said it was no use to try and have a nice atmosphere for a spawsial meal, cause Pipo and Minko are always right in the middle of it! Like they want to be the main course or something!
Then she said something scary: 'No warm meat on the table!' That is what my grandpawppy used to always say if someone was on the table who was not supposed to be there...OMC! I am not the food here...I just want some food! MOL!

OK, then If you don't want me there, maybe I can help out in the bathroom.
I ran in there, and jumped into the tub, behind the shower curtain...and gave Pipo an ambush when I heard him follow meowmy in there...I get to swishing my this is how I can help, by cleaning the tub!
Pipo doesn't like to come in the tub with me...funny how he can be so brave around the dog-guy, but not in the bathroom...'hey Pipo, there's no water in here...come and play bathtub peek-a-boo with me!'

Meowmy wasted some perfectly good and yummy turkey ans sweet potato, the other day. Leftovers...but no one was going to be having those! She dropped them through her slippery butter fingers just as she was going to put them in the microwave!...and if that wasn't bad enough...the m'wave is by our litterbox...and sure enough, most of her meal fell on the box! MOL!
Hiss, though, cause nobody got any! It was too contaminated even to have any of us have tidbits from what might have been salvaged...Shucks!
My paws were right there, though, ready to snag something that might have been missed in the cleanup!

And horrors!
Meowmy has gotten all kinds of red, green and white things out of the closet...she said they were the Christmas decorations...but to me that can only mean one thing...another torturous photo session...OK, bye now...gotta go and hide...


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