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Minko's Mewsings

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Fluffy Snow and Fluffy Foxtail!!

January 13th 2011 7:47 pm
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We have been watching the big fluffy snowflakes coming down...but we are not sad that we have to stay inside...where we will be keeping warm and cozy.
We got about 3 inches, and while that is plenty enough as far as meowmy and pawppy are concerned, we are so glad that we did not get that huge dump/blizzard that a lot of other peeps and furs did...OMC! Too much!

While we were watching out of the window, we also saw a big orange creature in the neighbour's yard, near the woods...meowmy saw it, too. She thought it was a big orange cat, but with binoculars she could see that it was a FOX!
Haven't had one here that close in a long time, years actually. There are foxes that meowmy sees now and then in our area, but not visible from our own windows!

The other neighbours a few doors to the north of us, have chickens that roam free...I wonder if this fox snags one for a dinner now and then.

Well, I would like to go into my kitty nest now...and snooze the long night away!I wonder how the poor fox stays warm? He sure had fluffy furs and his/her tail was like a large brush...I think it would at least keep the foxes snoot warm.



The Comfy Place!

January 11th 2011 5:06 pm
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Since I like a comfy spot that is warm and soft, I could really relate to this:
Mutts, Jan 10, 2011

I hope all you kitties will get a good Goldilocks style giggle, too!



January 9th 2011 9:15 pm
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Today, after dinner, the sun was shining so brightly...on the diningroom table...and there was a nice plump pile of pot holders in the muddle of the sunpuddle, nevermind that this was a forbidden spot...I decided to sit there and enjoy the warmth.
Meowmy saw this and started to motion to pawppy to show him how I was there, but dog-gut saw this too...He did something really naughty! He just stood there and had a big woof, and suddenly he was up on the table with me! Oh-oh! OMC! He was scary and right in my face. Nevermind that sometimes we are buddies...not this time! There was a scuffle, and off we both jumped, and ran! Pipo had to come over to add to the melee and mayhem!
Now the new plastic tablecloth is full of holes from the claws on the paws...of not me but dog-guy!
Good thing the spawsial cloth Christmas cloth had been taken off a few days earlier! That would also have had holes...sorry meowmy, I shall try not to draw attention to myself when I am sitting in sun puddles on the table...

Meowmy and pawppy were laughing so hard...they almost didn't see the holes...but really, 't know why they should laugh, I thought that dog-guy should get into trouble! He is NOT allowed up there, ever! Not even in sun puddles!



Stinky Minky In The Stink!

January 7th 2011 8:31 pm
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OMC! It sure was stinky here!
My mortal enemy decided it was time to make a stink of things, instead of doing its work...but since this machine is no furend of mine, I wasn't too sad...except I wish it had made its stinky smoke in the back porch instead of my den!
The vacuum sucking machine went on the fritz! It even made such a protest that it left a dumping of soot on the carpet!!
Let one of us kitties try to leave dumps in the middle of the carpet! Meowmy was not impressed...but I for one could not be happier...noisy beasts like that should not be allowed to enter our den, and disturb our peace.
Well, she took it outside, and aired out the house. Imagine all the windows being open in the dead of winter! Pipo & I just cuddled in one of our cozy nests...
At least we didn't have to endure the screeching of the smoke alarm, because it was in the process of being replaced...having also gone into defunct mode!
Why is it that stuff always breaks in groups of events...?
So until the sucking machine comes back from the shop to do more work here, I shall be enjoying the peace and quiet, even if meowmy doesn't care for all the extra furs she can see on stuff now! Hee-hee!



Where are My Toys?

January 4th 2011 8:31 pm
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Hey! I was taking a nap, and suddenly I heard all the rustling and bustling in the house...Meowmy was busy with something...she had long strands of beads in her hands, OMC! My favorite kind of toy to chase...Then I saw a box of balls...and the number of balls in the box was getting larger by the second...and then the paper angel caught my attention...and best of all, the big red ribbon from that real wreath on the front door...I tried to grab that, before it was put into the same place as the other things...It would appear that meowmy is putting away all the Christmas decorations, my toys! Boo!

They were fun to bat and swat at...while they were all over the house, doing their job of brightening up the den for Christmas, and for me and Pipo's amusement!

Then I spied that little red basket that Pipo had his picture taken in...a miniature laundry basket!
OK meowmy...could I try that one for a ride, pawlease?!
She did put me in it, and I happily went for another thrill ride, but this time dog-guy was not paying attention! He was bored!

It sure looks bare, now! I wonder when the house will be full of novel toys for us kitties to play peeps decorate for Valentines...?
It is also kind of quiet here, as my unfurbros have gone back to college.

I guess I shall have to be satisfied with my regular kitty toys, now! MOL!



Happy New Year In The Laundry Basket!

December 31st 2010 10:30 pm
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Mewing my greetings to all of my furends for a happy and wonderfur New Year! Wow! 2011, already!
Meowmy found a nice picture of the hoar frost, in our local newspaper:
Hoar Frost
It sure was a pretty sight!

I have been introduced to a new fun thing...Laundry basket thrill rides!

I got into the bedrooms as meowmy was putting the laundry away. Normally she would have just placed me back out side the door...but dog-guy was there, and he likes to try and catch me when I am at the top of the meowmy thought that she would prevent when she went back down, she put me in the laundry basket, picked up the whole thing under her arms and went through the was waiting, and looking to see where I was...but for once I was quiet and didn't mew or dog-guy just looked up there for me and when he came down again, I was already there...he looked so confused! MOL! That ride in the laundry basket was great. All the way through the whole house, like being in an amusement park thrill ride! I didn't even try to jump out! Meowmy was surprised!
I shall have to try that again sometime...I wonder if Pipo would find it as fun as I did?

Did any of you feel yesterday's earthquake? Mewomy was still in bed, and she thought that I or Pipo was in the bed, because her blankets were juggling...but I was hiding under the coffee table!

"Minko Wishes You All A Very Happy New Year"
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Purred by: Keisha (Catster Member)December 31st 2010 at 8:08 am
Happy New Year to you, Minko. You're looking very pawsome, my friend!

" Happy New Year"

"Thinking about all the dreams I have fur 2011!"

"I have Captured the New year in my try and control my destiny! MOL!"
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Purred by: ☃ Jezebel ☃ (Catster Member)
December 31st 2010 at 11:56 am
MOL! Happy New Year!

"Waiting fur the big ball to drop to bring on 2011!"

"I am going getting a good chew on the start of the new year! MOL!"

"May 2011 be wonderfur fur all of you!"
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Purred by: MILO (Catster Member)
January 5th 2011 at 9:22 am
Excellent photo my furiend, Minko! Pawsome colors surroundin' a gorgeous kitfur! I hope all ur New Year Catebrashonz continue throughout da year 2011! Enjoy ur day, my friend!
Purrz 'n head bonkz,

Happy New Year!


Jack Frost Painted Me A Beautifur Nature Picture For My- Spawsial Day!

December 29th 2010 12:55 pm
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OMC! It is my meowday and my furmily has been telling me that evfurry time they walk past me and then I get some extra ear and chin scritchings, too. I love all the attention...but don't think that I nevfur get any when it is an 'ordinary'day! MOL!But today they are just adding some extra loving words...

Well that Jack Frost dude was furry busy at our den this past night. When the big light in the sky got turned on, gradually through the fog...yes, fog at 25F!...I could see that all the trees and bushes were all covered in thick white fur! Too bad it wasn't Christmas morning!
It sure was a wonderfur sight to behold...but it didn't last, cause the sunlight made it fade away, before meowmy could get some pictures.
But it was nice of the Jack Frost Dude to think of making it a spawsial morning fur me! Thanks JF!

Well since I got my birthday gifts with my Christmas presents, together with Pipo, there won't be anything to open up today...but there sure are lots of nice purrsents on my page, here from all of my wonderfur furends! Thanks so much, all of you! I love you all!
Eventually I will try to send out purrsonal thank you notes.

It sure gets busy at our den...with all these yearly catabrations all coming so close together fur us! Now meowmy will have to put up a New Year's pic fur me & Pipo...hope that Catster will not be down...yesterday, when we tried to get on, the furs there said they were taking a bath! At least they came out of the tub after a couple of hours! OMC! Was that a flea dip they were having?? I am glad I didn't have to sit in the tub with them...MOL!

May you all have a safe and fun New Year's Eve, and a furry Happy New Year!



Boxing Day!

December 26th 2010 1:05 pm
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Its Boxing day!
So that is why I like boxes? They made a holiday for us kitties...what kitty can't resist a good box to hide in, ambush someone or poke a paw out of to shag a toy or a passer by!
Or perhaps it is a day to go boxing? But while I often have tiffs with my furbros, I don't think I would want to see a real boxing fight...I am a kitty, and I like peaceful activities!

Actually, Boxing Day is British, also celebrated in other countries, such as Canada. The folks would make up boxes and deliver them to families in need.

It is my furbro Pipo's Birthday! Happy Birthday, Pipo!
It is also my Grammy's Birthday!
She is 92, today...but unfortunately, she has not got much memory of anything these days, hardly knows when she gets a visit, and talking on the phone with her is so hard, because she is very deaf, and never wanted a hearing aide...but now she would probably not be able to properly use it.
We called her yesterday to wish her a Happy Christmas, and now we are waiting for our uncle to go there and put us in touch, so we can wish her a Happy Birthday!
Oh the sad days of life, when we can no longer function very well, and the children become the parents...but we do cherish having her with us, still...even though she had to go to a nursing home several months ago...she kept falling, and uncle couldn't help her properly. She seems to like the added activity there, too...there is more going on around her, than in her home.

I don't know that I as a kitty will get to be that elderly, but for now I will accept the fact that soon I will be also having a milestone marker on my lifeline...all of 6 years!

Meowmy posted up some new pics of me and some of our Christmas and birthday gifts. We got the B'day gifts early...cause the pawrents will be too busy on those days, and also then my unfurbros could watch us play with them!
And there is some pics in which you can see Skeezix giveaway gift. It is blue. Just the right color, I love blue! Thanks Skeezix!
Soon, meowmy will put up some pics for my B'day...

The snow storms of late have not bothered us too much, so we are able to get around quite well, or rather our pawrents!
Hope that the current storm in the northeast and southeast does not cause too much trouble...hope that all our furends in its path stay warm, cozy and above all safe.



Catventures On Catmas, In Catsterland!

December 25th 2010 2:51 pm
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Christmas/Catmas has come!
After all the getting ready, and stuff like that, it is great to finally say to all furs and furends:
Meowy Catmas/Merry Christmas!

Santapaws has been busy on my page, dropping off prezzies and stuff.
Thanks so much to all of you, and when the catretary has some spare time?!?, she will try to send out thank yous.

We got our Skeezix giveaway, yesterday! That box was the best...I jumped right into bum is small, so I was able to sit in there...then I tried to eat some of the packing crinkled paper...then I found the catnip bag inside the box! OMC! I started to bite that so that there were holes in it...and then nip was flowing out! Heaven! I was nuts! Meowmy picked up that bag to rescue it, and put it in the kitchen drawer! Then she saw me go there and try to pry open the drawer!
Shucks! It still has a baby lock on it from the days when my unfurbros were babies! Busted and thwarted!
So then I went back to the box, and jumped in, and began an ambush on the eggsersizer toy package...
Later meowmy put some catnip in there, and I had fun rolling around. She can't put treats in it unless dog guy is not here, cause he would get a-hold of it...and likely destroy it! That Dog! Wat a rascal he can be sometimes...but I still gave him and ear wash!

Thank you Skeezix!

Today we got our other gifts, and also our birthday purrsents!
Kind iof a bummer to have a birthday so close to Catmas, but meowmy will be too busy with other things on MY day!
This way Pawppy is home, too!
Then she tried to make some pics...hee-hee!
I was not cooperating too much...but then I smelled the nip! It was in a bag on the dining room table!
I was in cat-heaven...and she has pics of me 'killing' stuff!
One of the very few times when she let me get on the dining room table!
Pipo was there, too, but he was not in portrait mode/mood!
It has been dull outside, and so the camera had to be used with flash, and that is what bothers the ping! it sounds when it is turned on!

Last night we had fun romping and rustling in the paper wrappings as they were cast off the opened furmily prefers to open the gifts on Christmas they can more focus of the real meaning of Christmas on that day.
They left early this morning to go to church. While they were gone, Pipo & I could smell the turkey roasting...Mmmm!
We got a tidbit of it, too, at dinner time. Now all the peeps and pets are I guess I shall go and join them fur a while!

Have a nice remainder of this Catmas Day!


Greetings and Purrs from Another Catster Furmily

December 19th 2010 6:30 pm
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This is the same entry as Pipo get the word out as best as possible:

Hi Furs in Catsterland!

Many of us here know Angel Ava Corrine and her furmily.
That would be Minka, Purrsia, Andy, Arli and Avery, as well as their doggy brofur, Augie...all together with momcat Karen.

Their computer has crashed and they cannot do anything except very limited checking on things from her phone.
So frustrating at this time of the year...she can't make diary entries, comments or other stuff like that.
But she would like all of your furs out there know that she is thinking of you, and wants to convey her best wishes to you all for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Someone is coming to see if they can help her computer get back up, but Karen thinks that it may need to get into a shop for repair. AARRGH! Poor Karen!
So, now even if you want to send her stuff, she may not be able to respond or even see it...she feels so bad, but We will be her spokeskitty during these special days.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Meowy Catmas and a Purry New Year to all of our Catster Furends!
Love, Angel Ava, Minka, Purssia, Arli, Andy and Avery.

Thanks fur bearing with this family and hope they get things fixed really soon!
Here is a link to Ava's page:
Angel Ava Corrine
You can get to her furblings from that page

Merry Christmas from us, too!

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