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Rabbits For A Whole Year?!

February 3rd 2011 8:32 pm
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OMC! I keep hearing all about rabbits! I think that perhaps I wouldn't mind chasing one...or a lot of them...I do not now what they taste like, even though dog-guy has told me about his encounters with not a few of them...
Well, then, meowmy set me straight...It is Chinese New Year!
And this is the year of the Rabbit!
So now all these bunnies and hares and other lupine creatures are going to be evfurrywhere?
Well, I do not know how I will feel after this year is ended...all these furry critters over running the calendar! MOL! And not only that, what will the Easter Bunny think? Will he be a Chinese Bunny this year? Or do the Chinese peeps have an Easter Bunny? What about the EverReady rabbit? Well he can make lots of noise for the celebratory things that go on for a new year's event. And he won't wear out either! MOL!

At any rate, if they are warm and fuzzy, maybe I could line my nesting spot with a few of them and we could be good at keeping eachother warm...that is if I can keep them a way from my dog-guy brofur!

Well enough dreaming...I don't think this type of mewsings and dreaming was what Samoa had in mind when she made me one of her dreamboats the other day! MOL!



Dreamboat Or Dreamsicle?

February 2nd 2011 8:42 am
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Yesterday when the Blizzard of 2011 was just getting started and the winds were howling here, as the temp was dropping and we were all in the deep grip of winter, I became a Dreamboat.
Perhaps right now it may work better as a dream-sleigh, because of the huge, deep blanket of snow we have here, now.
Or since it is so cold, it could even be called a Dreamsicle, and who doesn't like those? MOL!
The very discerning and beautifur Samoa
picked me to be one of her Dreamboats! Wow! OMC! I shall fall over with the very idea! What an honor to even make the cut for consideration!
Thanks so much, Miss Samoa! I shall wear any boa that meowmy decides I have to model, with pride, as I will be doing it for you! Maybe that is why I wanted to steal the fluffy boa off of the dog-guy, as in a pic in a diary entry on Jan 25, 2011...

I wonder how many lady cats will come by to swoon over me, or try to smooch on me!? MOL!

Well, our road has still not been plowed, and pawppy had to stay home yet another day, because he can't get out! Always something!
We have seen lots of snowmobiles using the road, and some very brave, (or stupid?) cars...
We hope all our furends will be warm and safe through all of this mess!

And what of the poor Mr Phil?
How on earth will he be able to do his 'job' if he can't even get out of his hole to see whether or not there is a shadow? I shall have to send dog-guy over there to help dig him out...he is a master digger, that's for sure!

I sure hope that this groundhog dude tells us that spring will be just around the corner so to speak!

Well that is enough blathering about all this most snowy and dreamy stuff...
Time for a nice cozy catnap!



Meowmy Pawlease Be More Carefur!

January 31st 2011 8:04 pm
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Well meowmy has pretty much gotten her toe back to normal, though there is still a nice evil looking red line where all the swelling had been. Antibiotics are wonderfur when they are needed, so she willl be a good patient and take the full course of them because she does not want or need a recurrence!

She was able to go out and get the foods, cause we are expecting a snow storm/blizzard over the next day or so.

Now that meowmy is better, poor pawppy has the 'flu. He got up at 6 am, and meowmy was surprised to hear him come back to the bedroom furry quickly after that! He said I feel sick! He did not go to work, nor the meeting he had scheduled for the evening. And he stayed in bed. Not even on the couch where we could be his kitty nurses. Hope he feels better tomorrow, because it will not be good if meowmy has to clear the walk and driveway of the predicted dump of snow!

Speaking of not being a good thing...I had to run away from meowmy!
When she came home from her errands, she went to the desk to check on her emails and catster and stuff.
So of course I had to get close to be the snoopervisor. Meowmy was reading something while she was shedding her coat. Hey! Ouch!
Be carefur meowmy! And off I ran. Then meowmy realized she had hit me in the face with her zipper pull on her coat. It is a heavy swingy thing and it swung right into my face! Ouch!

Meowmy came to try and tell me that she was sorry, but I was annoyed with her, and was not going to let her pick me up. Only after several minutes and when the offending garment was gone, did I allow her to pet on me and love on me. Purrs...and I forgave her...cause truly I knew she did not mean to be hurting me.
She could see that no harm was done, except perhaps to my ego!



Meowmy Has Paranoia and A Felon?

January 30th 2011 9:18 pm
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Meowmy has been suffering with this thing she called felon paranoia...or something like that!
Wow! Shouldn't a felon be in jail?
Then she wouldn't need to be having paranoia...Then she laughed and said...Minko it is more like a pear-on-chia...but I am still so confused, cause I have heard that Chia is those pets that grow green hair. I don't want meowmy to have green hair. And pears are also things that my peeps eat...
And why didn't she play with me furry much the last 2 days, is she that paranoid about this felon dude?
She must be worried that all the extra motions will cause more troubles...
Then she actually went away for several hours. She hardly ever goes away on Saturday...
When she came back, she had a little bag and a little pink litter box. She took off her socks, and put her foot in that litterbox! OMC! She is loosing her mind with this paranoia!
The little bag did not have any treats or catnip for me in it...
She asked pawppy to do some of her chores...
And her leg is up on a pillow, too.

Poor meowmy said her big toe got an in-fex-shun...and it was so owie,and looked like a red balloon, (She didn't even let me swat at the balloon...), that she went to some place where they gave her advice and a little bag full of red treats that she has to use for 10 days...
Today, she says it already is making some of that paranoia go away! Goody!
I don't like it when she has these troubles that are so bad they even prevented her from having much shut eye.

She says sorry if she missed stuff here, cause she was so tired and ouchie.

While I would have had fun swatting balloons, I am just glad that I won't have to chase away any felons!


(In case you are wondering the medical term is paronychia, or felon, or ingrown toenail...)


Whoops! The Tagger Got me!

January 27th 2011 7:58 pm
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Well, when I told meowmy to check her kitty mail, I found out that there was a message from Jezebel.
She got me!
She tagged me!

I've been tagged in a new game! List 5 of the most annoying things your humans can do, then tag 5 friends to do the same and put it in their diaries.

Here are my answers, not necessarily in order of grump-worthiness...

1) Standing up after I just get settled on her lap! Rude!

2) Using the vacuum cleaner. Horrible!

3) Emptying the laundry basket, which removes the soft piles I was lying on. So not fair!

4) Brushing my teeth. Mean!

5) Pulling out the keyboard over top of me when I am on her lap, while she is doing Catster stuff. I may not be the biggest kitty around, but this still gives me the squishiest feeling.

Now: Who to tag?

1)Inky 1171739

2)Minka 1032539

3)Klemy Q-tip 134878

4)Meep 600373

5)Minuette 648490

If you already are tagged when you get this then just pass the tag on to another kitty who is deserving of this 'honor'! MOL!
You can also consider yourself tagged when you read this, if no one has already tagged you!




January 25th 2011 7:46 pm
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Right now I am in meowmy's lap, snoopervising her typing...and when I looked at the screen I saw my mane! So I shall have to stick around...even though meowmy says I make her tying so much harder...MOL! Hey! Aren't I more important than the 'puter! Yup! I thought so...

The other day, meowmy was making the Valentine's pictures for us...she thought things were going furry well, and then she started to take pics of the dog-guy! Well I just had to see what was going on,and I knew there was feathers and other interesting things there...So up I jumped and this is what I saw:
Minko Checking Out The Dog-Guy...

It almost looked like I was going to be swatting him...or maybe I wanted to snag that fuzz off of his noggin!
Then since this was a Valentine's photo session, I decided that dog-guy could use a smoochie:
Minko SmoochingThe Dog-Guy...

After all that business, I went to the laundry basket to find myself a soft spot to snooze on...But all that was there was a pair of sneakers and some hangers.
Being resourceful, I had some fun with the stuff. I pawed at the hangers and nearly got one into the basket, from where it was hanging on the edge! I wanted to bite it!

Then I decided the shoes were way more fun! I put my paw inside them, but they were empty of 'snaggables', so then i found the shoelaces! The best toy of all!
I could swat them around, chew on them and drag the shoes around, too.
The chewing was most satisfactory, until meowmy discovered that, and put an end to it! Busted! She said those were to be part of her uniform for when she takes her classes in April to be a nurse's aide...well didn't she think I was trying to help her by taking those hard things off the shoelace ends? She would not want to get stabbed by them, would she?
I just will nevfur understand why our humans do not like the things we do for them!



Meowmy Made Some Big Oopsies!

January 23rd 2011 12:16 pm
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OMC! Meowmy was a bit hasty & careless...and she is hanging her head in shame...she emptied a folder in which there were a lot of pictures that she made & sent to kitties...(and doggies, too...), and now some of them have dissappeared into the wide depths of cyberland, swallowed up furefur!

If you are the sad 'victims' of this occurence, let meowmy know, and she will try to get ou a new one to replace the lost one...let her know what you lost and what is was for, etc.
She wants to correct this situation, ASAP.

It happened to her once, too, but her pic was also on her hard disc, so she could retrieve it that way!

Have a nice day, nonetheless!


Too Many Distubances Around Here!

January 17th 2011 7:30 pm
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Lately there has been just so much noise around our area. I do not care for it, and sometimes meowmy is finding me furry skittish...likely because my poor little nerves are frazzled!

First, there have been a lot of trucks rumbling up and down our road the past few weeks. They are also the cause of a worse noise, they carry big saws to cut down trees whose branches are having the offense of being in the way of the power lines...these trucks also have even noisier machines on them that grind up parts of the trees..like the bigger branches.

And after 2 weeks of peace inside the house, because that evil sucking machine was in the shop getting a heart transplant or something, it came back, all ready to do the noisy stuff again. ACK!

We have had a fair bit of snow, too. At least it falls very gently and quietly...but the plows make our house shake!

And every night when it gets dark there are loud noises outside...we are in an area that has a snowmobile club's trail in front of our home...those noisy machines rumble all around those trails, over and over again!
They even disturb the dog-guy...and make him growl and bark...more racket!

The other night, there was even a siren and then a loud noise coming over us from the sky!
Turns out that there had been a bad accident from some dudes who were partying and then driving...bad combination!
The one man had to be airlifted and the helicopter went right over our house! We are about 25 miles from a major trauma center, so we do get these copters now and then.

And since we live near a National Guard base, they do some flying practice, too...to further disturb my peace and that of all of us peeps and furs.

You would think that country living would be a lot more peaceful!

Have a nice quiet night all my furends in Catsterland!


Fluffy Snow and Fluffy Foxtail!!

January 13th 2011 7:47 pm
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We have been watching the big fluffy snowflakes coming down...but we are not sad that we have to stay inside...where we will be keeping warm and cozy.
We got about 3 inches, and while that is plenty enough as far as meowmy and pawppy are concerned, we are so glad that we did not get that huge dump/blizzard that a lot of other peeps and furs did...OMC! Too much!

While we were watching out of the window, we also saw a big orange creature in the neighbour's yard, near the woods...meowmy saw it, too. She thought it was a big orange cat, but with binoculars she could see that it was a FOX!
Haven't had one here that close in a long time, years actually. There are foxes that meowmy sees now and then in our area, but not visible from our own windows!

The other neighbours a few doors to the north of us, have chickens that roam free...I wonder if this fox snags one for a dinner now and then.

Well, I would like to go into my kitty nest now...and snooze the long night away!I wonder how the poor fox stays warm? He sure had fluffy furs and his/her tail was like a large brush...I think it would at least keep the foxes snoot warm.



The Comfy Place!

January 11th 2011 5:06 pm
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Since I like a comfy spot that is warm and soft, I could really relate to this:
Mutts, Jan 10, 2011

I hope all you kitties will get a good Goldilocks style giggle, too!

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