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Minko's Mewsings

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July 8th 2011 9:40 am
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For any of us who have experienced those (Catster) fleas as we not so lovingly call them...and for others who have experienced the real life is a cute comic that was published today in the column 'Mutts'...
This flea dude is so big, I think I gotta go and scratch it off of me...

Have a flealess day, OK?!


I Decorated Meowmy In RED For Canada Day!

June 30th 2011 6:57 pm
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Today meowmy was going to try and make some more pics for Canada Day. Hmmmph!
I decided that it was not going to be happening. There was too much noise outside...those Blue Angels were roaring around and some other noisy jets were using my airspace as their regrouping area...
Sooo, Since tomorrow is Canada Day, that means things need to be RED. Yes, Red. I decided meowmy didn't have enough RED on I scratched her arm. Now I only feel bad that I didn't make a double red line to mimic the Canadian flag..., though there is a smaller blob beside the first line that I could imagine being that Maple Leaf...
Well, she yelped louder than the dog can bark...and that was it...hee-hee. I shall have to remember this technique for some other occasion of communiCATing...
So now that meowmy is all ready for July 1, she can put on her spawsial shirt, fly the Canadian flag on our porch, and then go to the air and hot air balloon show...she says she hopes the weather will be nice.

Happy Canada Day to all my furends, and esp my Canadian Furpals!



Naughty And Mean Meowmy!

June 22nd 2011 10:45 am
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Yup! You read that correctly!
Meowmy was so mean to me yesterday!
She nabbed me when I was giving her some of my loving headbonks, and...stuffed me into the cat carrier! The nerve!
Then she had the audacity to put Pipo in there with me!
Then we felt ourselves moving and soon we were in that other cat mover called a van. OMC! We sang and miaowed all the way, as loudly as we knew was our way of protesting this mean and uncalled for treatment...nevur mind that meowmy calls it caterwauling and yowling...we call it singing...and it was not a love song, believe me! OMC!

Well apparently it was *that time*...for a v-e-t visit...
She (the v-e-t lady) looked into the carrier, and I was in the back, looking at her with BIG eyes...round with fear...afterall, she is a stranger and to be avoided at all cost!

Well the carrier was turned on its end, and I was dumped out! What an indignity!
Then she poked and prodded and stabbed me two times! I need to go and find a kitty lawyer...
She did say that my teeth looked great! Well that made meowmy smile so I guess that was a good report.
My weight was 8.4 pounds...down from 9.2 of last year.
Well, I am the most active of the two of us, running after and jumping and rolling and what ever, to catch that pesky laser light. All the food I eat gets used up in the energy I expend in play!
I was pronounced healthy and stuffed back into the carrier...

I did not do much singing on the way back home...
At least on this trip, I did not get as humiliated as last year...I left no purrsonal donations in the carrier or on the v-e-t equipment! Just a load of my furs! OMC! I shed tons when I feel stressed!

Now, today at least I am allowed to nap as long as I want...



Taking Care Of My Pawppy

June 19th 2011 6:59 pm
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I was a good kitty today...MIAOW!
When pawppy went for his usual Sunday nap, I helped him relax with one of my good kitty massages...aka kneading...on his belly to help him relax.
Then he let me stay there even though it is warm and humid today. (Our house has AC but we keep it set about 80, so that is still a lot warmer than in the winter when we set the furnace at 69.)
It was great to have a Pawppy Pillow!
Since it is Pawppy's Day, I guess giving him a spa-type massage was my purrsent to him!
I helped him eat his snack super, too, of cheese and crackers! The cheese was so yummy! I let him keep all the crackers...MOL!
When he went to bed though, even though I lurked at the bottom of the stairs and mewed sweetly at him he did not want me to help him knead the bed and him into dreamland...BOOO!
If you ask me there is a double standard here...I can help him nap, but not sleep for the night:(
What's up with that, Pawppy? And remember it is Pawppy's Day! I just wanted to help you and be nice and purry for your trip to dreamland.

I hope all my furry pals had great day with their Pawppys, dads, and fathers or whomever the masculine influences are in your lives.



What's A Headache???!

June 16th 2011 1:22 pm
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Here is a rather cute story! Meowmy unstuck it from the big worldly web that we play in sometimes...good thing she doesn't get stuck in it herself! MOL!

God & Adam God said, 'Adam, I want you to do something for Me.'
Adam said, 'Gladly, Lord, what do You want me to do?'
God said, 'Go down into that valley.'
Adam said, 'What's a Valley?'
God explained it to him. Then God said, 'Cross the river.'
Adam said, 'What's a river?'
God explained that to him, and then said,'Go over to the hill....'
Adam said, 'What is a hill?'
So, God explained to Adam what a hill was.
He told Adam, 'On the other side of the hill you will find a cave.'
Adam said, 'What's a cave?'
After God explained, He said, 'In the cave you will find a woman..'
Adam said, 'What's a woman?'
So God explained that to him, too.. Then, God said, 'I want you to reproduce.'
Adam said, 'How do I do that?'
And then, just like everything else, God explained that to Adam, as well.
So, Adam goes down into the valley, across the river, and over the hill, into the cave, and finds the woman.
Then, in about five Minutes, he was back.
God, His patience wearing thin, said angrily, 'What is it now?'
And Adam said....


'What's a headache?'

MOL! Hee-hee!
Giggles and laughs!

That was cute, Meowmy

Meowmy is in a happy mood so this helped to keep it going!
She is happy because she [passed that state teast she had to now she will be able to get herself employed...and we will have long hours away from our furends here...but we will corner her whenvfur we can to make her play fun kitty stuff! Catster is the best!



BUSTED!! ....By My Barf!

June 6th 2011 12:54 pm
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OMC! I am in big time troubles now...not because I just did the biggest puke evfur but because meowmy could tell by the evfurdence therein what I had been up to...or rather out to...
It was a huge wad of GRASS! Well pals, there is no kitty grass growing inside our den, so meowmy knows I was outside...munching away after going out through the dog-guy's doors...she wonders when I did this...but as usual these are MY secrets nevfur to be divulged...

At least meowmy knows that Pipo & I get heartworm chews evfurry month, so she does not have to worry about that...which is likely how my furbling-angel Simba met his untimely end, may he rest in peace...

But now meowmy has to worry that I will add this into my regular routine...she hopes not!


Hearts and DDP! Great Combo!

June 5th 2011 7:01 pm
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When meowmy checked her e-mail early this morning, she saw that I was a DDP!
So now I have been collecting way more hearts! Thanks to all of you!
There sure is lots of love going on here.
So hearts and DDP is a great combo in my opinion...

I had a great day, starting by helping meowmy to read the newspaper, by sitting on it, afterall aren't I newsworthy today? MOL!
The sun even sent me long lasting sunpuddles to while away relaxing hours, while the furmily was at church.

Meowmy also made the observation that it has been a whole week now since those awful storms, and here we have had lots of sun, warm weather and NO rain! Perhaps there will be begging for rain...but not anytime soon, pawlease!

Purrs and love to all! ♥ ♥ ♥


Hearty Thanks!

June 4th 2011 8:26 pm
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On behalf of Pipo & the page of We Bees Siamese, I wish to thank all the kitties, and yes a pup or two that have been sending all of us gifts in the form of those cute kitty hearts, to 'Share the Love'!
It is fun to receive them and read the loving messages inside them too.
It is fun to send out our own, too, MOL!

We hope that this 'freebie' hangs around for a while longer!



Interloper, Been and Gone!

May 31st 2011 8:20 pm
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Well the town we live near is doing major cleanup patrol! What a mess!
Hopefurly they will be having the power back on in a day or two, because with the heat we are having, I am sure they would like to get the AC's back on.
So many trees down, pulled out of the ground as if someone was just pulling up weeds! OMC!

Well the fur-eign pup was here. He woofed his way in yesterday afternoon.
But he hardly gave me the time of day!
I was worried for nothing! He didn't even chase me...and he seems to be a lot quieter to me then my own dog-guy, MOL!
Pipo had to give him one or two rounds of smacky paws, but nothing too frightful...he liked to go outside, so that meant he was not on MY terrain inside!
Well this morning after he ate his kibble breakfast he got his leash on and home he went.
Hey, I kind of liked this Murphinator dude! He was pretty good in spite of being a dog-guy...

The worst indignity, though, from this visit, was that Pipo & I had to be 'locked up' in the front room during the night...our Auntie sleeps in the living room, and we are in no way allowed to be out and about during that time...because she doesn't want a nice cozy and warm kitty blanket...MOL! Her loss, I say!
(At least we had a kitty box, food and a comfy recliner, so it wasn't like we were totally deprived...but we really would have enjoyed a peep to sleep on, and perhaps a doggy pillow, MOL!)

Back to normal now!
Nighty night!


Tornado Spin Zone! OMC!

May 29th 2011 8:30 pm
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Well today I sure had a lot more to worry about than the imminent arrival of the Murphinator...we had a worse kind of zooming going on here, the zooming of a raging severe thunderstorm, which caused all the warning sirens to go off, because there had been sightings of a tornado. And while we here at our den were spared, the peeps about 8 miles south of us got hit by a probable tornado. There is a lot of damage in that area of town, including where meowmy does her now she will have to hunt for our grub in another venue...OMC! There were some peeps hurt when big trees fell on their vehicles, and on their homes, but as far as we know right now, no one was killed, thank the Lord.
I guess there will be more reports and news of this in tomorrow's news venues...but what we saw tonight made meowmy and my furmily thankful that nothing worse happened. There was no church this evening either, and if the furmily had gone, they would have had trouble getting home because the main highway was covered with downed trees in one place! That would mean that the alternate rural tree lined roads would even had been a lot worse...

Well, after all the noise and rain was was sunny! Can you believe it? But there were no sunpuddles because the sun was not shining in my sunny south window by that time anymore:(
Maybe tomorrow? I sure hope so!

Hope everyfur has a wonderfur Memorial Day!


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