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Age Is in the Mind

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Sigh. In need of purrs, I'm afraid.

February 27th 2013 7:48 pm
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It's always something. For a couple of years Mom has given me lactulose every day to keep the poops moving along. An old cat with CKD needs to grease the skids a little, as it were.

But yesterday what was once too firm turned into soup. Backyard trots, Mom called it, though of course I'm not allowed into the backyard. I think it's a technical term. Probably Newman would know.

Anyway, she took a sample in to the vet today and made an appointment on Saturday. Meanwhile, I get to take the lovely metronidazole (aka Flagel) and prednisone.


The Oscars

February 25th 2013 6:58 am
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Mom added to my page a picture taken during the Oscars last night. We kind of lost interest when we found out that the tiger from "Life of Pi" didn't get nominated.


She's home!

January 21st 2013 8:52 am
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Mom came home last night! She'd been gone since Thursday, and Dad said she was in the Biggest Little City in the World with the rest of her litter mates, celebrating Grandmom's 90th birthday. Dad did his best to take care of us. He's not bad at feeding, but let's face it, litterbox scooping and medicine giving are not his strong suits.

Mom also found five days' worth of newspapers in the driveway and five days' worth of mail in the mailbox, and she said, "Really?" in a tone of voice that suggested she was not pleased.

Grandmom is doing great and was excited that KU won its basketball game. Mom went to the casino one night with her brothers but said that the only machine she had any luck with was the ATM.

I was so glad to see her that I left my little heated bed and came in to sit with her and get my ears scratched while she watched "Downton Abbey."


Mom says 2012 has overstayed its welcome

December 27th 2012 2:03 pm
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On Saturday Mom has to go to another funeral, and it is the fifth one this year. But as bad as it has been for her, it has been much, much worse for her friend Meredith. Three of the funerals involved family members or close friends of Meredith, including her grandmother, a friend from college, and tomorrow her father-in-law.

Meredith has a lovely red tabby Maine Coon named Tosca. They are not on Catster, but could you send a few purrs or prayers Meredith's way, for our sake and Tosca's? Mom is a firm believer in the power of purrs and prayers.


A season of warmth

December 24th 2012 7:01 am
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I do love this time of year. There's excitement in the house -- strange things happen, like trees in the living room, and boughs of evergreen and holly and boxwood draped over the mantle and banister. And the smells are so interesting, like cinnamon and nutmeg and Mom's fattigman bakkels being fried, and coffee cake fresh from the oven and the heavenly smell of turkey roasting.

Outside it is cold. There's a dusting of snow and more coming tonight, the weatherman says, so we will have a white Christmas. Mom stocked up on bird seed and bought some blueberries for the bluejays and cardinals, because they like fresh fruit. We watched them this morning, hopping up and down the deck railing gobbling up sunflower seeds and berries.

I have seen many Christmases, and they are always wonderful. I don't know how many more I will get. Mom is fearful that this may be my last, at least here on earth with her. I hope not, but if it is I will remember it as one enjoyed in a warm home, with plenty of good food and a loving family.

And I will remember sharing the joy of this Christmas with my many good and merry friends from Catster. As the spokescat for our family, I wish you all Merry Christmas, my friends, and a safe, healthy New Year full of good cheer, love and laughter.

Will you join me in raising a cup of mulled catnip?



November 1st 2012 10:08 am
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After Dad was rescued yesterday, he went to the house of some friends and Mom joined him there after finally getting out of New York City (yay!).

This morning she came to check on us. She took a back way that she was fairly certain would be open, but the last leg of the trip was up a winding road that is lined with trees. She hoped she could get through. Well, she did, but her heart sank as she drove over dead power lines in the road, and under power lines that were drooping across the road. Downed trees and piles of brush were everywhere. She figured it would be at least two weeks before power was restored to our house, which is at the end of that road.

But guess what!!! We had power!! When she walked into the house, it was warm and lights were on all over the place. Dad couldn't remember which lights were on and which were off when he left, so he didn't bother to turn any switches off. I was in my heated bed!!

There is a big spruce tree down in our driveway, and the neighbor's larch tree landed in our side yard, after clipping our big sugar maple and damaging it. There are several trees down in the woods as well. But our basement is not flooded, and our house is intact. We are truly blessed.

Dad and Mom are back home now, both working from home for the day to save gas. Many stations have no gas, and the lines are hours long outside the few that do have gas (or power to pump it).

We are happy to hear that Kaci Sunshine is safe, and some other friends have checked in. But I'm worried that we've not heard from everybody we know who was in the storm's path. Some may not have power or Internet yet, and some may still be evacuated. Please check in as you can, friends! We are purring for all of you.


This is the pits

October 31st 2012 11:19 am
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Mom went to work in New York on Monday, leaving all of us home with Dad. Her office and hotel were in Midtown, thank goodness, and did not lose power.

Here at home we were not lo lucky. Mom talked to Dad at 9 p.m. Monday night, but at 11 p.m. could not reach him. She couldn't reach him all day Tuesday, and by Wednesday was frantic. If we lose power, we also lose phone, and Dad has no cellphone since we get no cellphone service at our house. Friends tried to reach him Tuesday, but all the roads were blocked with downed power lines and trees.

Our neighbors were either gone from their homes (not answering phone) or also without phone service.

Finally, some friends found a way to the house today. They took Dad with them to get some hot food and will take him to the home of some other friends, where he will stay tonight. Mom is planning to drive home from New York tonight and will join them. We have a big tree across our driveway, and several more down out back. Dad can't get his car out, but Mom thinks she can get hers into the driveway to come and tend to us tomorrow morning.

We have food and water, but no heat! I miss my heated beddy!


Anybody try laser therapy for arthritis?

October 27th 2012 9:11 am
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Our vet is offering laser treatments for a variety of ailments, including arthritis. Mom is considering it for me.

I've been getting Adequan shots, and they seemed to help when I was getting them twice a week, but now I'm supposed to get them only once a month, and it seems like the effect wears off really quick.

Has anybody tried laser therapy?


Behaving strangely

October 25th 2012 2:39 pm
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I've always been an eager eater, but Mom thinks I'm taking this a little too far. I have started sleeping next to the food dishes. This is not good for me, because the food dish is on the cold tile floor and my achy bones don't like that one little bit. Sometimes I struggle to get up when Mom comes to put food in the dishes, and when I walk away from the dishes to use the litter box or drink from my fountain, I limp.

Mom put a cushion down next to the food bowl (thanks, Mom!), but she's concerned about this new habit. It's not like she doesn't wake me up at mealtime. She wouldn't let me miss a meal. And she really does have to wake me up. Even when she's dishing out the noms three inches from my ear, I stay in a deep sleep until she touches me.


Wow! We may have to tie the house down!

October 1st 2012 8:15 pm
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We have so many balloons, Mom is afraid the house will lift right off the foundation. Not to worry, though, if that starts to happen, we all know how to pop balloons!

Once again, Mom got home from work too late to take advantage of the rosette special. But know that we are wishing all our friends a wonderful October, full of falling leaves to play with, cool nights to snuggle up to your parents on, and plenty of warm radiators, heating vents and wood stoves to enjoy.

And thank you, friends, for being our friends.

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