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Age Is in the Mind

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Could use some purrs, friends.

July 5th 2013 7:54 am
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Friends, Mom is very worried about me. I have been losing weight gradually for a long time, and am sometimes unsteady on my feet. And yesterday, I was not much interested in food, which is really out of character for me.

I rallied a bit when she brought out the canned salmon, but she fears I am getting close to my last journey. We are going to see the vet tomorrow to see if there is anything more that can be done to make me comfortable.


Who called the cops?

June 21st 2013 6:40 am
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We had some extreme excitement last night -- at 3 a.m., to be precise. Mom was awakened by somebody leaning on the doorbell and pounding on the door. She bolted upright in bed and saw, through the bedroom window, beams from flashlights darting around outside. She grabbed her robe, ran downstairs and opened the door to see three police officers in the doorway and three squad cars in our driveway!

They had a 911 hangup call from our phone. Assured that Mom hadn't called 911, the officer suggested that maybe one of us did. Mom thought that very unlikely, but she checked all the phones and all of them were in their cradles.

At 7:30, when she was drinking coffee, the cops came again. Another 911 hangup call. And again at 9 a.m. Mom called Verizon. The technician can't come until Sunday. So Mom unplugged all the phones and called the police to tell them to please not break down the door if they get another 911 call and she isn't home to reassure them.


What a fine birthday! And now that I'm enfranchised....

June 15th 2013 1:52 pm
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Thank you, all my friends, for the greetings and gifts on my 18th birthday. You are all wonderful! I had a splendid celebration.

Now that I'm old enough to vote, I've been thinking about what I'd like to vote for. I suppose a cabinet-level Department of Cat Welfare is too much to hope for, as is a vice-president or at least a high-level appointment of a worthy feline (maybe ambassador to the Canary Islands?). But here are some propositions/referendums/laws that I'd like to support at the ballot box.

* Protect Urban and Rural Rescues (PURR). A federal law to support and assist no-kill shelters and TNR operations. I suppose there's no chance of getting any federal, state or local government funding for such a law, given our economic and budget deficit situation, but maybe it could help cut red tape and give an official endorsement to the people and organizations that do this important work.

* A national Pet Day. There's a Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparents' Day and all sorts of days to honor saints, former presidents, historic occasions, even April fools. Doesn't have to be a bank holiday. A red letter on the calendar would make me ecstatic, but a simple proclamation would suffice. You think we could get the Congress to agree on that? If we can't get animal-lovers to join hands across the aisle, we're toast.

You got any ideas, friends?


Thank you, one and all!

May 15th 2013 6:35 am
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As the official spokescat for my family, I want to thank all of our friends who sent Passover cups (what's up with that?) and flowers for Mother's Day. None of us is a mother, but Mom is, and she loved the way our pages looked so colorful and spring-y. She's sorry she missed the free gift days, for she would have loved sending pressies to all our friends.

Today I am using my heated bed again. Our radiators are off while some work is done to the boiler, and even though the sun is shining, it is only 60 degrees in the house -- fine for Bear and Vicki, with their luxuriant fur, but not nearly warm enough for an elderly short-hair like me!


I fell down the stairs

May 11th 2013 9:17 am
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This morning, the humans were awfully slow in getting up. Mom wasn't feeling good, and no matter how hard Vicki and Bear tried, they couldn't get her out of bed. So I had to take matters into my own paws, and went upstairs, which I don't do much anymore. I went directly into the humans' room and put my paws on the side of the bed and yowled into Mom's ear. Well, that did it. She got up and put her bathrobe on, apologizing to us for being a sluggard.

Vicki and Bear ran immediately down the stairs, and I started to follow them. But I forgot that I can't scamper down two paws at a time like I used to. Somehow my paws got tangled up, and down the stairs I went. Mom was horrified and ran down to me, feeling me all over before she picked me up. I was OK, though mortified. I immediately starting licking my paws to show I meant to do that, though I guess I wasn't fooling anybody.

I feel like a klutz. Although, to be fair, it was all Mom's fault.


The new tag game

April 8th 2013 6:18 am
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Well, here's a fun game.

1. Describe one thing your pet pawrent does that you think is REALLY CUTE.

When she gives me my medicine in the morning, she keeps me on her lap for another five minutes or so, cuddling and rubbing my ears.

2. Describe one thing your pet pawrent does that you think is REALLY LAME.

Once a month or so, she puts me in the sink, turns the spray on me and washes me like I'm a dirty dish or something. She says it's for my allergies. I'll tell you what I'm allergic to, Mom. Baths!


What, another medicine?!?!

April 3rd 2013 8:09 pm
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Mom took a pee sample into the vet Monday (from me, not her, of course), and the vet called back today to say that it was more dilute than last time, which suggests my CRF is progressing (although the creatinine and BUN are holding steady, hooray!).

The vet suggested a supplement called Renavast. Has anyone ever tried it? From what Mom reads on the Internet, it's not super expensive and contains nothing dangerous, but people are divided on how much good it does.

Pretty soon there won't be room in my tummy for food, what with all the medicine I take. No, wait. What am I talking about? There will ALWAYS be room for food!


What I like about spring.

April 2nd 2013 4:59 pm
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I was tagged by Jax and Marmalade for this game! Copy my diary, change the answers to yours and tag five of your friends!

Five Things I Like About Spring:

1. Long naps in sun puddles
2. Sun puddles that last longer
3. Sun puddles that get warmer than they did in the winter
4. Smelling the outdoors through the screens
5. Did I mention sun puddles?

I am tagging:
1. Bear
2. Ka-Zar
3. Zach
4. Jezebel
5. Samoa

Happy Spring!


Is it spring?

March 10th 2013 2:19 pm
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Today the sun was shining brightly, and even though it was only in the low 50s outside, Mom got overheated while cleaning the sunny family room. So she opened the French doors to let a little cool air in.

We came zooming in from all over the house to stand by the screen and sniff that sweet air, even though the vacuum cleaner monster was in the room with us.

Wow. Fresh air and sun puddles all at the same time. Life is good.

And to make it even better, Mom picked up a package of chicken livers at the store yesterday to fry up and freeze as occasional treats for us. She was astonished at how much chicken livers cost these days -- she remembers when they were so cheap that she treated her cats once a week. Those must have been some really good old days.


Thanks for the purrs, friends!

March 2nd 2013 11:35 am
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So Mom gets out the carrier this morning, in preparation for my vet visit, and comes to get me. She finds me by the laundry-room litter box, proudly standing next to a nicely formed, fresh, FIRM poop.

She says it's like taking her car to the mechanic. It never makes that funny noise when it's at the shop.

But off we went anyway, and the vet said it was because the metranidazole was doing its job in getting rid of the diarrhea, and to keep it up for another week. (The vet had seen the baggie of soupy stool Mom took in Wednesday, so he knew she wasn't making it up!) No parasites in that soup, which is good news.

And more good news! He said my heart sounded good and only a little bit fast, so the hyperthyroid medication is doing its job, too. And I gained two ounces!

Had to donate some blood while I was there, and also got a new bottle of Posatex for my ears, since there is some evidence that the yeast crud is returning.

Thanks, everybody, for your purrs and good wishes. The vet said I was a "tough little guy" and had a few lives left yet.

Whew. Time for lunch and a nap.

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