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Lymphoma Journey, Star Date 7

December 18th 2010 2:22 pm
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Well, diary, my female peep was confused again (as usual), and it turned out I had to go to the vet again yesterday for another chemo treatment. See, she thought that since I'd gone in four times, I got a week off. But the vet said that the first two trips were only four days apart, and counted as one visit even though I got two kinds of chemo.

But I got the last laugh on the vet, because he couldn't give me any chemo yesterday. Something about my white blood being too low. I didn't know I had any white blood. It always looks red when the vampire techs suck it out.

So instead I came home with a bottle of vile stuff called Hi-Vita Drops. It is a black sticky liquid and the peeps said it smells like marmite, which they ate once in England. They are welcome to it. Blech.

And I gotta go back on Thursday. I'm keeping an eye on my stocking, which is hanging on the fireplace mantle. It had better be stuffed full this year. I've been very, very good, Santy Claws!!


Lymphoma Journey, Star Date 6

December 11th 2010 1:54 pm
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I have finished the first half of the induction phase of my chemo (four weeks on, one week off, then another four weeks on).

So I don't have to go to the vet for two whole weeks! Yay!

I am doing very well, In fact, I feel excellent! I run to greet Mom at the door at night, which I haven't done for a long time. She thinks it's because I have the munchies from the prednisone and can't wait for some food to be put down. Whatever, Mom. Don't question the good stuff!

I want to thank everybody for their continuing purrs. Very powerful medicine!


Lymphoma Journey, Star Date 5

December 4th 2010 12:51 pm
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I had my third chemo treatment yesterday. This one was sigh-clo-foz-fuh-mide. I got the right Ugg boot to match my left Ugg boot. I threw up a couple of times last week, and Mom was concerned. But I'm still eating fine, so the vet said not to worry. If it gets worse, he will give me something for nausea.

When Dad picked me up after the treatment, the receptionist said I was a very vocal cat. Huh? he thought. Onyx? I'm not usually a talker. That's Jasper's and Vicki's job.

But then he heard me in the back. YeeeOOOOWWWWWW! WOW WOW ROW! MMMMERRRROUWWWWW! When the tech brought me out in my carrier, I stopped yowling and started purring and rubbing the sides of my carrier.

And when I got home, I made for the food dish at a fast trot. Nothing like home food. Hospital food, yuck.


Lymphoma Journey, Star Date 4

November 26th 2010 8:06 pm
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Can you believe this? I had my second chemo treatment today. Mom dropped me off, then went home and Dad followed her over to the car shop where she left her sick car. Then she took Dad home and went to work in his car.

And it didn't dawn on either of them, until the vet called to say I was ready to come home, that Dad had NO CAR to come and get me in.

I had to spend the night at the vet's!!!!!

There had better be some major making-it-up-to-Onyx action when I get home.

**In my defense, Onyx. Total distraction. First your diagnosis, then the dishwasher broke just before Thanksgiving, then my seven-year-old car with 165,000 miles on it -- which just got a brand-new alternator last week -- developed some additional problems that the mechanic says he can fix, maybe, for only $1,300.**

I am not moved, Mom. Major making-it-up. See to it.


Lymphoma Journey, Star Date 3

November 22nd 2010 8:42 pm
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I want to thank all my furry friends for their good wishes and purrs and prayers and POTPs. You are the best support group a girl could ever want!

Today I went for my first chemo treatment. Mom took me in on her way to work, and there was some mix-up that had to be straightened out. The estimate she was given to sign was for the wrong chemo protocol, and she wanted to make sure I was getting the right one. While she was doing that, I was observing a huge doggie on the dog side of the waiting room, who was whimpering and whining like a big baby. Mom petted him and asked if he was in pain, and his owner said, no, he's just a scaredy-cat. Well. It was PERFECTLY clear that he wasn't a cat at all, but you have to humor humans.

Dad picked me up when my treatment was done. I was glad to get home. Chemo isn't tasty at all, although the techs are very nice and give me plenty of attention.

Now Mom is watching me like a hawk to see if I have any side effects. I've looked carefully at both my sides and they seem pretty much like always.


Lymphoma Journey, Star Date 2

November 17th 2010 10:03 pm
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Doesn't feel like I've been anywhere yet and, actually, I haven't. What kind of journey is this? Give me some warp speed!!

Mom has been in deep discussions over the phone and spending a lot of time researching stuff. Today she seems to have come to a conclusion.

I am going to get Nemo. I think that's a fish. Sounds tasty. **What, Jasper? It's Chemo? Is that a tasty fish too?**

Whatever. I'll keep you posted.


Lymphoma Journey, Star Date 1

November 12th 2010 10:11 pm
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I am overwhelmed with the love and purrs from my friends. My Fathair Society colleagues even honored me with a "Get Well" picture on our group page!

What I can report so far is that the peeps have been presented with a bewildering array of options for my care. Not much different from human cancers, I guess, and my male peep has some experience with that. But once Mom learned that I definitely didn't have a bacterial infection or a virus, she reached for the prednisone. It's what I took when the vet thought I might have intestinal cancer more than a year ago, and it set me right. (I had inflammatory bowel disease instead.)

I hadn't taken any prednisone for a very long time, but we still had some around, and you know what? It worked. The very same day, I suddenly was interested in eating. The next day, my nasal discharge stopped. Today I was lying on the family room floor in a sun puddle with my feet in the air, purring up a storm.

I guess we all know this isn't going to last, but we're taking it one day at a time, and today was a good one.


Not so good news

November 10th 2010 8:44 pm
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The results of the lymph node aspiration are back, and the news is not good. I have lymphoma. The peeps spent quite a lot of time tonight discussing what to do. I was on Mom's lap, snuffling and snorting and generally sounding pretty pathetic. Then suddenly I jumped down, walked into the kitchen and ... ate. Well, only a couple of morsels of Fancy Feast grilled chicken, but it was the first solid food that hadn't been forced down my throat in more than a week.

That decided it for Mom. I'm a fighter, she said, and she will help me. Dad agreed.

So tomorrow we go to the vet again, to schedule chemotherapy. We are all a little frightened, but I have so many brave friends on Catster who have faced the same or worse.

Please wish us luck, and purr for me!


Vet visit, kind of ominous

November 8th 2010 9:12 pm
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First, I want to thank all my wonderful Catster friends for their messages of support and love. You are all the best. If I forget to thank some of you individually, I apologize. I love you all.

Today's vet visit didn't go so well. I have no temperature. My white blood cell count is not elevated. In fact, my bloodwork was pretty much all normal. You'd think that was good, but the vet says the results -- and the fact that neither antibiotics nor antivirals are helping me feel better -- suggest that I don't have a virus or an infection but something maybe more serious.

He aspired some fluid from my swollen neck lymph glands. I hated that, but Mom and the assistant vet did their best to distract me with pets and cuddles. Maybe I have polyps in the nose, like some of my Catster friends suggested. Doesn't seem likely that it's a tooth problem, since I don't have many of those left and there's no sign of infection in the mouth.

I came home with another type of antibiotic, just in case (this vet doesn't do nasal cultures -- says there's too much chance of contamination). Also a heavy-duty appetite stimulant since the only thing that goes in my mouth these days is whatever Mom puts there with a syringe, from medicine to Nutri-Cal.

She feels bad that I run from her and keep trying to find new places to hide, but do you blame me?

Please keep up the purrs, friends. I think I really need them this time.


You're all the BEST

November 4th 2010 9:00 pm
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I surely do want to thank all my Catster friends for their purrs and purrayers and encouragement. I do feel a little better today, though I'm still not eating much and sound very un-ladylike with my snorts and sniffles.

Mom was happy to get all the tips about the possibility of polyps and the need for a mucus sample to see what sort of bacteria might be at the root of the problem, and how to administer saline in the nose. You are all wonderful to share your experience, although I wish someone had said to forget the saline.

I'm looking forward to feeling better. Even if it takes salt water up the nose.

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