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Sing Along with Ivan

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Me and My Brother Have an Important Message

August 10th 2012 8:37 pm
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We want to thank everyone for making our birthday so special.

Special thanks and hugs to Sleeper, Samhain and Fearless for the cakes....they do a fantastic job!

More hugs and thanks to: Nadia & Gumpy
Zachery, Zoe, Gris, and Diamond Daisy
Mia ,Milo, Xena, QT, Keke and Kandi
Mac, Ivy, Legalos, Zander and Zoey
Frankie, Grace and Leo
Milo, Smokey Joe, Timmy, Zig, Sam, and Mallee
Jezebel, Charlie and Whitley
Finney, Lacey, and Angel Alex
Bella, Orange Rufy. Smokey Boo, Princess Antonia and Natalie,
Grace and

Our special day was all the more special because we shared it with you!
Thank you so much for your friendship and love and watching us grow up from kittens to young boy-cats.

Please forgive us. We had one of those nice lists typed with almost all the links put in and the computer ate it. Just like that it was gone. It is getting late and we didn't want to start over because that takes time when your secretary is a computer flunkie.

Ivan and Percy


We are 3 Today!

August 5th 2012 7:00 pm
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My brother Percy and I turned 3 years old today. Mom wasn't around too much today or yesterday because it was "Family Reunion" weekend. The weather was pretty good for it although there was a thunderstorm this afternoon. om wasn't home at the time so we all hid under the bed. Mom can tell because some of the stuff she stores under it was pushed out to make room for all of us. Even the power went out for a little while.

With the busy weekend, Mom forgot about our birthdays. It was until she got on the computer and saw all our presents did she remember. She promised that we can have extra playtime and a treat party tonight and that she will make us our birthday dinner tomorrow after work. (I hope it is chicken!)

Mom can't believe that three years have gone by so quickly. Mom looks at me and can't believe I was such a tiny little kitten with a cute little belly on him. It is how I got my name. Mom is a baseball fan and when I was kitten, Mom would call be "Pudge" because I was (and still am) a little on the pudgy side. There was a catcher for the Yankees named Ivan Rodriguez and his nickname was "Pudge" so instead of Mom naming me that she called me Ivan instead.

Percy is still a clown. He was always doing something silly or teasing somebody and he still acts like a goofball. He rolls off the bed, he rolls down the steps and is Mom's big baby. At night he gets so close to Mom that she asks him, "What? Do you wanna wear my pajamas?" And he snuggles even closer.

Thank you all for the gifts and the cake and for reminding Mom about our birthdays! Without you guys watching our backs, she would have forgotten!

Love from Ivan and my goofball brother Percy


Diary Gal is stuck on me!

March 16th 2012 7:12 am
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I don't know why, but Diary Gal is stuck on me. I got another Diary Pick today. I just had one earlier in the week and had Diary of the Day the week before that. I like the Diary Gal, she has great taste. But, I'm kinda shy and don't really like being in the spotlight too much. I also know that there have been alot of other great diaries written this week. Look at all those cute kitten memories! All I did was write about poop! Okay, My last entry was a health update, but was poop related! MOL!

Maybe it is not about me.... Maybe she wants to send my secretary over the edge....

Hugs, puurs and love,


Super-Size Me!

March 13th 2012 7:20 pm
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Hi! Just a quick note to let you know how I am doing. I seem to be doing fine, but I have to take the yucky medicine for 2 more days. I run when I hear Mom start shaking the bottle, but I am too big to hide anywhere, she always finds me.

Speaking of being too big. I had x-rays on Friday. Two views. After the Doctor read them, she said my liver looked enlarged. Did she take a good look at the rest of me? I am enlarged! I am a big boy. I weigh 19 lbs. I have a big head, big paws, a big belly. I am also very long. I think my liver just matches the rest of me. I am a Super-sized Cat!

Anyway, the results of my bloodwork came back and the vet said everything is perfect. Nothing that would show any liver problems, no high counts, no low counts, just results in the normal range.

The doc thinks I might be developing allergies to food and she told us some things to try. She also said it could be IBD, but she really wasn't sure.

I've been feeling fine, eating well and playing and have just been my usual lovey self. Thanks for all your purrs and concern.

Love ya,



Beware the Vampires

March 10th 2012 7:06 pm
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I still was not feeling well on Friday morning. I had another round of the runs and throwing up. I am not sick every day; just about every 4 or 5 days or so. So it was back to the vet for me. The doctor did an x-ray to make sure that I did not have any obstructions and they also did bloodwork. I posted a picture tonight of my look like I nicked myself shaving! But it was really those vet office vampires.

Mom also sent in a stool sample. It was in a cool-whip container; sure hope that they put it in the proper refrigerator!

We won't have the result to the sample or the bloodwork till Monday afternoon. For now the doctor but me on metronidazole and told Mom to give me a bland diet.

By last night, I felt good and was playing and purring and feeling like my good old self. Today too.

Please purr that they figure out what is wrong. Mom worries to much about the unknown! I'll let you know on Monday what we find out!

Luv, Ivan


Feeling Great!

March 1st 2012 7:02 pm
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Hi Everybody! I am feeling great! Maybe it is the combination of all your purrs and some meds and being honored with Diary of the Day today. Mom keeps teasing me and saying I got Diarrhea of the Day, but I tell her, that was Tuesday!

I am doing okay. I am eating and not making any more messes. I am also avoiding Mom like she has the plague, because she is the giver of yucky tasting meds. She almost fooled me tonight with a pill pocket....almost.

I did say that I would talk about where my Diary title comes from ..."Sing Along with Ivan". Mom and I have a little routine where she sings a line from a song and leaves out the last word and I fill in the blank. It is very comical. As part of her job, Mom does programming for children, so she knows a decent variety of kid's songs. She will sometimes come home and sing to me. When the song becomes familiar enough, then I sing along.

Our favorite, right now, is "You Are My Sunshine". She has actually been singing this to me since I was a kitten, because I would chase sunbeams in the house.

Here's a funny part to this story....I was very scared when I was at the vet, so scared I was shaking. Mom put her face down next to my head and softly started sing our song. One of the doctors passed by our room, heard her (I was too scared to sing along) and stood there and caught Mom's eye and smiled. She was kinda embarrassed because she doesn't have a great voice, but she can tell that the doctor thought it was sweet.

Thanks again, my friends, for your purrs, comments, pawmails, gifts, pictures and most of all love. You are like a big second family to us! Love ya,



Help! I'm Trapped in the Bathroom

February 28th 2012 2:44 pm
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Help! Help! Mom went to work and I am trapped in the bathroom!

She took away all the carpets and left me a towel to lay on.

She took my food and water bowls away, but she did leave me some water in the tub.

She locked me in here with just the litter box and an empty trash can to keep me company.

Oh, I forgot to mention. The other bad things that happened first. I was really sick this morning and made a few big messes around the house, from both ends...yuck! Mom had to clean my butt off, how embarrassing. She took me to the Vet, and the Doc, she took my temperature...yikes! Good thing Mom cleaned my butt, though!

Doc doesn't think it is too serious or that I have an obstruction. She gave me fluids, endosorb, cerenia, an antibiotic and a de-wormer, just in case. And then sent me back home. She wants Mom to call her tomorrow morning to let her know how I am doing. Mom had to go to work, so she locked me in the bathroom, just so she doesn't come home to a really big smelly mess. It was nasty earlier.

Please save your zealies, just give a little purr for me that I feel better soon. Thanks. I was scared, because I never was sick like this before, and Mom was worried too.

When I am feeling better I will tell you all about why my Diary is named "Sing Along with Ivan".

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