The Baboo Kitty Has Spoken

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And May All Your Christmas's be honor of Sky-a- very beautiful White Persian

December 17th 2012 10:06 am
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I'm dreaming of presents
I'm dreaming of food
Of big tasty roast chickens
that get me in the mood
For lots of good feasting
And play and good naps
Of warm golden sunshine
We all know about that

But we know that today, Kind folks are so sad
As they grieve for a a lady, a white Purrsian
A good friend we all had
Our Cottony soft, Miss Sky's crossed Rainbow
And how can we be happy now, well-yes, we'll miss her we know

and I curl up near my customary window
And Alex flies down and says 'Ruffy, I know.'
I shake my big head, and I heave out a sigh
I say-too many have crossed, it's not fair Alex, why?
Some lovely cats-Ethan Gizmo, now Sky
It's enough to make a cat wonder, if I could, i'd cry
For I know their people,good folks, are wont to grieve
Tell me, my angel, what can I believe?'

And Alex she smiled, flapped her wings once, now twice
Said 'oh Ruffy, the answers are never precise-
It was their time, Ruffy, though some weren't here long
Their people will sense it, you see, I'm never wrong.'

And Alex, an angel, she sat up on her hinds
said 'there's something special about now
This place and this time-
I can promise, you Ruffy-in the way of all furs
You are what you live, as you say-miracles occur'

'and did you know that a kitten was saved now th is morn?
A little brave kitten, that miracles adorn?
He's at the vet now, he goes home today
And due to angelic intervention, he'll live and he'll play
And our Sky, she did this, she reached down with her paw
A wing and a prayer is all this little one saw
And he'll be ensconed in a warm bed and be home
To be doted on by some Folks, he'll never be alone'

'And Ruffy, we're miracles, both sides of the veil
For we're angels in whiskers, and tuft ears and tails
White sugar fur, white tiny paws
For she's named right a 'Purrsian'
now you know what for.

And Alex rose, she nosed by my ear
"You, mango muse, feel it, it's clear
You know the unseen, you feel me you see
You know Sky's ok, for she's flying, pain free
She had a long life, she bestowed love and good faith
on all who were heres
she's not done, you wait...

and Alex spread her wings
And there was a glow
and a fluffy whitel ladycat
was at her elbow,
Gleaming soft fur, long, shiring with light
She purred 'I'm fine, now Ruffy-
You see, I'm all right
I promise you this-my orangie friend
I'm sticking close by my mom, it's not the end
I'm watching over her, and sending my purrs
to turn into magick and show yes, miracles occur
For I know she honors me, she'll save another
Yes, Ruffy, you know thats the strength of my mother.
She's sad now, and I miss her for sure
She's a part of me, Ruffy, and all that is pure

And I touched noses in awe to this angel Sky,
I have to admite, I'm a most lucky guy
And watched as Alex and She launched up into the air
Playing chase just like kittens
Sky cats without a care

And then Sky flew back, hovered at my side
Kissed the M on my forehead 'said I'll be your guide'
Then she was gone, just a whisker before me
Off into forever
Flying finally free

And she had breathed softly
This into my ear
'You, go on and tell them-not to have fear
For it's a season of miracles,
Good things wrapped in light
And to all Furs and Folks....
May all your Christmas's be White!'

For our Angel Sky and her Mom:

There is a miracle in this season-
when we fly to the Bridge at Such a time,
We are Guides and Angels-
We send down showers of light
that are blessings,
and we smile and purr our love to our folks
and we always send the best gift they could ever wish for.

we love you, and send purrs from us, and hugs from the folks.

To One of the Greatst of them All,
I sit up on my hinds and salute you Sky,
With Power of the Paw

love and light,
and the Ridgewood cats


Daddy, Pee and Me

December 14th 2012 1:22 pm
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So last night mommy fed us, and then she closed us out in the kitchen/living room area. She said that she wanted Natalie to be comfortable in the bedroom, and we had been getting in her face on the bed.
Well, guess what-ir bugged me.
Daddy came home about quarter to one am. I was so glad to see him! I greeted him. Then I went and when he went to use the bathroom, sitting on the throne...I went with him and was so happy that i was shaking my tail....shiver tail, he calls it....and then...he saw...I started to spray our brand new pretty bucket and mop set!
And i was aiming so strongly and well it boomaranged off right onto Daddys leg!!!!!
Daddy was calling me a name that sounded like dastard...but I'm not Dastardly. I'm the Baboo kitty!
Daddy had to clean and then take a shower.
He told Mommy and Mommy was like 'well, I found out the people before us had a cat who used to go in that spot in the bathroom, thats where his box was.
And daddy was like 'it must have been a small box...and a small cat...and its been cleaned!!! And mommy was like 'well, guess Ruffy knows'.

And then today, when Daddy came back from errands I ran up so happy to see him...but this time I just meowed softly. And he called me the Baboo kitty again.

I'm not dastdarly!

Does anyone else believe in redecorating their furnishings kitty style?


My vet visit-biopsy to be scheduled.

December 14th 2012 10:26 am
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I got sick on the way out...too much breakfast...and then, when Daddy had cleaned out the carrier, and had our nice new mat in there....
I peed on it!!!
I had to get a spongebath.

The vet was nice-he said I am the poster child for FIV+. He said that he really suggests a biopsy for my nose, being this irritation has been getting larger, peels off a bit, and starts all over again.

He said 'the problem is FIV+ clats have crummy immune systems. Daddy told him I won't take lysine. He told Daddy I should get lysine even if I don't like it-it may help, but because I've had this awhile, and it's not getting better, he believes a biopsy is the best thing.

high end of cost spectrum-and they are 'reasonable' is going to be $600.00.

Mommy and Daddy are going to go ahead, because Mommy is worried it could be 'serious' and the vet said by getting it taken off now, it may get rid of it for good.

He told mommy the reason it's not healing when it was taken off last time is becuase it could is not just a 'boo boo' but it's a 'something.'

I will write later and tell you how I greeted daddy last night....suffice to say that it involved pee and me.

love and light,


Vet visit on Friday for me and Smokie

December 12th 2012 9:48 am
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Hey everyone,
I am going to a new vet on Friday. It's the one Smokie saw. He will be having a follow up. I will be getting a check up and having them look at the spot on my nose that my pawrents are concerned about because it's growing larger.

I'm otherwise ok. My ears have been a bit itchy, but I am not unwell. I am enjoying our new space.

Our foster Calvin is still with us. He is a very playful kitten and Mommy loves his little purring self.

CK and Midnight are great friends, running and playing every morning. Buddy the Nebelung is at the Petco Habitat because 'he needs being seen'. Mommy has already told the rescue ladies that Calvin will not be going to Petco. Rescue lady told Mom that she can't have Calvin. Mommy said she wants to make sure Calvin gets the best home and he likes our home. Rescue lady said to remember that he needs a home-our home is not his 'furever home'.

Mommy and Daddy both love him though, Mommy especially.

I will keep eveyrone postedon my vet visit. Maybe we'll get some chicken or hamburgers on the way back!

love and light,


Two entries-2 sad times and a request for help on behalf of- dear Catster Friends

December 9th 2012 12:16 pm
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Dearest Furs,
Its with sadness I just found out Prince Tao has journeyed onto Rainbow Bridge.
He's in excellent company-so many have left us. But Tao was a youngster, he shouldn't, by any right, have left for a long time. But we, who leap the Abyss as though it were a small brook know that there is no 'death' for death is just a portal to the stars, from which we journey...
and so I say to you Tao, Prince of Hearts, be good to us. Don't stay away to long, but send Sissy another. For we have come to see Sissy as a kind and old soul, a child who is a young woman, who Know cats, who Know. We send purrs to her, and her family, who are wonderful people, and who we know are sad....come back, our goodly friend, who has a magick all his own...and will, we know, be playing with Gump, being loved by the many who stand upon the Bridge and greet him, and who send purrs to his 'peeps'.

We salute you Tao! I salute you as a Mango Cat! I salute you as one who has now Gone Before Me, with all the Wisdom of the Other side. And I salute you for you are Magick!

As, Furs we all are.

Purrs my dearest friend.

And so....

Furs, this has been a difficult year. Two weeks ago, Blizzards Dad was thrown out of work very unexpectedly. He had no knowledge it was coming, and it has been not just a shock, but an unexpected hardship, for you see, he has already said 'Santa Paws won't be stopping at their house this year'.

This makes us sad. We understand, as we watch our pawrents work so hard, what it is to live in a 'multi cat family'.

It's full of joy...and full of hardship.

the joys outweigh all...but they also bring with it, the worries..and Blizzard's dad, Kringles Dad...he is a single pawrent with a single income and as we know, his family is as big as his heart.

We would ask for purrs for Blizzard's family....
In this season of matter what 'religion', our mutual religion is Cats...and Love....and of Course, Faith.

Power of the Paw, dear ones, Power of the Paw

love and light,


Tigger is that Really You?

November 21st 2012 9:37 am
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A year has passed
The trees grow bare
Winter chill is in the air
And some are sad for cats have gone
Flown to Rainbow Bridge across the dawn
And though they may thrive,
Their folks still miss
The purrs and play and what makes us kits

And yes, there are cats all over here
Yet there is one so fer dear
From Taney Town he called home
With his Cat dad he wasn't alone
He's been gone a solid year
Yet I'm asking him to come back here
For his dad misses him alot
I think with all the love he's got

And as the night fades to day blue
I sit up-Tigger is that You?
And a most regal and merry cat
Appears in the shadow, steps out of that
Comes to touch my orange nose
Says 'well, who else Ruffy, would you suppose?
I've dropped in to check up on you
Don't look surprised, I always do!'

And, yes, it's Tigger, just as he's always been
A fine old lad, most excellent friend
Who's good natured and always loved to play
Now says 'Ruffy, I'm here today-
I'm going to look in on the kits, Kringle and Dad
I just wish he wouldn't be sad
I came, I had a job to do, I found those kits
and loved them too
I purred for Panda, cast my magick you see
She's fine Ruffy, as I'd hoped she'd be
I've sent magick down for my pal Bliz
For he's special, my friend, you know he is
And if it had to be him or me...
well, it was never a choice you see.....
I had to send magick from across there
In magick form I answered prayers
and it's fine, Ruffy, cause it's all good
Its a nice cat neighborhood!'

And I trotted over as he went to my dish
Nibbled some fancy feast salmon fish
He saw a catnip toy from River Dances
Weaved across the floor said 'taking chances
Is what we felines always do
Hey there Ruffy, don't be blue
And I followed and played laughed when he flew
Said 'Tigger is that really you?"

And after awhile he fell down
His paws stuck in the air like a clown
The BUB was watching from the bed
Said 'all this has gone to your head
What's it like being a Spirit Guide?
Is it fun, are you satisfied?'

And Tigger got to his feet
Went back and had some more to eat
Then sat back and groomed his paw
Said 'It's fun, and great to help
Other cats just like myself
Standing at their side unseen
Pushing them back from inbetween
Making miracles occur
For we're Spirit Angels clothed in Fur
And if it wasn't for my dad
You see I don't want him being sad
I wouldn't mind it not a bit
For helping furs-both dog and kit
Is what I think that I do best
Why I was here-I must confess
But i want to tell my dad I'm good
He takes care of us, he did all he could
I need somehow to let him know
I'm keeping watch from over Rainbow.'

And as I saw his wings anew
I whispered 'Tigger is that really you?"

He wrinkled whiskers, bopped my head
Said 'Princess and Ruffy, it's time for bed
I'm off, my friends to Taneytown,
It's my next stop, where I'll touch down
Say hello to those kits I raised
Won't them be dazed and amazed!
I'll knock Kringle off of the bed
Purr up beside Blizzard's head
Give Panda's nose a little lick
Tell Dad Squeaker's fine and like a kit
And yep, Ruffy, you know it's true
When you ask 'Tigger is it you?"

And he ran so fast across the floor
That I thought he'd hit the door
But brown tiger wings lifted him high
He went through the window into the sky
Siloutted across the moon
He called 'Ruffy I'll come to visit soon'.

And I sat on the Cat Tree
Watching out the Window it seemed indefinately
Til little Midnight leaned into my fur
Said 'Excuse me, who was that, Sir?
I have never seen a cat that glows
Is he special, you know I'd like to know?
Cause I think I saw him before I got rescued
I didn't know-you know him too?"

And I looked at this little cat
Newly joined here thats a fact
Could it be he was found in time
By a Tigeer cat who was a friend of mine
And I licked Midnight as I purred anew
Thank you Tigger for Being You.

To my friend Tigger, his Daddycat John, and the Taneytown Cats.
Xeper and Remanifest

We are so grateful, this year, for our friends...

Ruffy and the Ridgewood Cats


And Introducing.....Midnight The House Panther.

November 20th 2012 9:54 am
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This week Rescue Lady called Mommy.
Someone wanted to adopt Midnight.
Mommy and Daddy talked it over.
Mommy said that Midnight was Adoptable. It was not really fair for them to keep him....but....
She had seen CK get very depressed after Delilah got a home. She had seen that CK was very much enjoying Midnight's company. They played alot, and groom. Midnight had been accepted the clowder, and though he is cllumsy, he has nice manners with them. When he bumped into Smokie and Smokie hissed, he appropriately moved away and ducked his head in submission. He's being harassed by the BUB...but then, that I can relate to.
The other Rescue Lady called. She told Daddy it would be a great home. A home with a 3 and a half month old kitten and a little girl of 6.
Mommy said she would be worried, as Midnight still 'overstimulated' and sometimes bit the person holding him, and he could grab your hand with his paws and kick with his back paws. It might be much for a child.
Rescue lady said that Mommy and Daddy needed to make a decision.
Daddy said 'It's made. This is his forever home. There are other cats for him to play with, and CK needs a buddy his age to play with.'

And so Midnight has come to stay.

It's good because Mommy loves him. He's clumsy, doesn't listen, does what he wants.
In short, he's a Cat.
Welcome in from the Cold, Midnight.
We're glad to have you here.


Calvin Comes on Friday

November 13th 2012 11:08 am
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Another story!
This time, the 'rescue lady' Janet that Mom and Dad work with (she is head of the rescue Mommy and Daddy now work with) called Mommy and Daddy yesterday. She told them that they have a volunteer who was 'fostering to adopt' a kitten she found. She had 2, but found a home for one. The other, she had been keeping, and was going to adopt, but it appears the little guy is giving her cats problems. She does not think he's 'suitable' for adoption because she believes he's 'anti-social'. She told Janet that he stalks her other cats, and she has to stay awake all night with him.
Now, he was bought to an adoption event once, and apparently tore up everything in his cage, not playing, but in a very destructive way.

Well, Mommy dug into the story. Apparently, he and his sister got a touch of rightworm, and this lady KEPT THEM IN A CAGE IN HER BASEMENT FOR 3 MONTHS!!!

Well, Mommy was furious. She said to Janet "Well, of course he's afraid and crazy in a cage. He must have been out of his mind with boredom. And then his sister, his only security, is adopted out without him? No security. And then, when he's trying to establish a normal order with her other cats, she thinks he's 'crazy'? I don't think he's the one thats crazy.

Daddy wisely agreed.

This lady was trying to find a 'Sanctuary' to send him to. Janet told her she couldn't do that, and that Mommy and Daddy were goint to take Calvin for a bit. The lady got very upset. She told Janet 'You don't know what he's doing to my life....he needs to be away from other cats."

Mommy was like 'Well, what he might need is to have other cats to be around, other boy cats to learn how to be with others...not carried around like an infant and scolded when he does cat things like climb to the top of the cat tree and chase others around.

And so, a little cat named Calvin will come to us on Friday. We don't know anything about him, except he's 6 months old. We do know he'll fit right in here.

and he'll have plenty of fur company.


A foster comes, a Foster goes...hello little- Midnight-farewell Emily Rose

November 4th 2012 1:07 pm
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Today in the kitchen stretched in the warm sun
A small black cat leaps over, yep, it's begun
Another little foster, black as the night
Fiesty and funny who likes to play and bite
He came from a yard thats now like a lake
A hurricane came along, for heaven's sake

And hello little Midnight,
Mommy calls you 'basement cat'
You are full of yourself, well imagine that
You purr and you play and CJ's having fun
Because he's got a younger brother
Now what have you done?
Into everything, you're in the garbage again
CK hasn't had such fun in I don't know when

And a foster comes, and a foster goes
One with golden eyes
One with pretty toes
One filled with mischief,
One pretty as you please
One a little devil
One we loved to tease

And this morning Emmy Rose was put in her carrier
Her lovely soft coat was never a barrier
A nice family saw her story, they fell in love
We have a feeling Bella was interceeding from above
And Emily Rose went to her new home,
Mommy had smiles and tears
But the'll be another, now you see, don't you ever fear
For there are so many on 'that list'
That might not another day
So another foster will come-til they go home to stay

And Emily Rose I'll miss you in my own way
You were a sister to tease
Now Middy wants to play
You were so pretty, and I know you'll be fine
With your gift of being pretty and chatty and sublime.

Midnight, you devil, did you do that?
Grabbing my tail, you're bad little cat!
But as you roll over filled with wonder and purrs
I close my eyes-another miracle has just occured
In the nick of time you were pulled from harms way
Now you're safe and warm and with us today

And a foster comes and a foster goes
One comes to stay awhile as another leaves her woes
To be petted and made much of and loved as the queen she is
With our Bella looking down on her from Rainbow Bridge
And another little foster will soon be on their way
To stay at our house for a week, month or day

Now all you little furs, and you big folks out there
This is a message from a mango cat who cares
You see, I was a foster failure, I came and I stayed
A miracle in fur, and I'm here today
Surveying my domain, my life filled with purrs
A cat who believes truly miracles occur

So won't you reach out, and open your home and heart
To a cat that's less fortunate and needing a fresh start
You may have some good fun, or a new fur to chase
Maybe she'll be pretty with haunting eyes and sweet face
Or maybe a new brofur who will keep you on your toes
Ah, cats come in, and yep cats do go
Off to new homes, as lives, yes are saved
Be a hero young feline...come on, be brave!
Tell your folks to foster, to open their hearts
Save one, post one, share one it's a start!

Dearest furs,
Today we bid hail and farewell to Emily Rose.
She went to a new home with two feline siblings, two human pawrents and a young human sister of 14. The previous Saturday, the Saturday before the 'storm' a young, thin, and funny little black cat came to stay. His name is Midnight, and he has become one of the Ridgewood clowder-for now, accepted and giving CK a run for his money.

The backyard Midnight was living in, 48 hours later, was under water in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Trust, always, that Miracles Do Occur.

We ask, as such, to do all you can to help all in 'kill' shelters, or desperate situations, to find homes or foster homes.

With deepest gratitude, and so glad to be here,

Irish Orange Ruffy
Mystical Poet of Catster


Happy National Feral Cat Day

October 16th 2012 9:24 am
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Dear Furs and Folks,

Today we celebrat our Feral Friends-our kin, our friends, our 'Community Cats'.

Last week when Daddy was trapping the small family of 'feral' cats in back of the old apartment building, the former Super asked Daddy worridly
'You're bringing them back?" Daddy stated of course. The man was relieved. He said 'Good. They keep away mice. We have not had mice in this building since we had cats around." He allows Daddy to bring them food and water.

Here are some Q and A about Feral Cats:

Q) I have heard that Feral Cats carry disease that can be given to other animals.
A) It's always a good idea to keep your cat or dog or other animal inside, and if you walk your dog, to make sure it's vaccinated. HOWEVER....many 'feral' cats are no more likely to transmit a disease to your pet, you, your child than any other animal.

Q) I feel badly for the Feral Cats that live outside, but I don't have room for them in my house. If I trap them and bring them to a shelter, they will help them find a home-but a crazy cat lady has told me to 'leave them alone'. Why?
A) Ah-the sad truth. Many animal shelters euthanize-kill-feral cats. There aren't enough homes for healthy, human social cats. A Feral Cat simply doesn't stand a chance. Truly feral cats aren't socialized to people enough for most people to be willing to have them inside...and the feral cat may not want to be with humans without much exposure and patience. In some places, feral cats are cared for by 'Colony Caretakers'. You can google Alley Cat Allies or The Urban Cat League to find out more.

Q) Is a feral cat an owner abandoned cat?

A) Usually not. Most Ferals are born outside, and raised by a 'tribe' who look after the young communially. Mom, auntie, sister, cousin,daughters, grandmoms and the male Tom and his brothers or sub males will help guard and protect and train the kittens. Kittens trapped young can be socialized with patience. While, very sady, 'Owner Abandoned' cats are left at colonies-usually by misguided people who see that a colony is being tended and fed, 'feral' cats are not owner abandoned cats. They may have lived in a place for awhile and know their 'feeders' but they aren't tame cats.

Q) I've heard feral cats referred to as 'community cats'. Why?

A) They are Community workers! They keep down the rodent population, and they work hard doing it. They ask for so little, too-clean fresh water, cat food (don't worry, they still keep down the rodent population), a warm shelter and not to be harassed or harmed.

Q) Will feral cats help a former housecat to survive?
A) It depends, but the Tribe may not welcome an 'outsider' and treat them as such. Many former housecats don't do too well outside. (I'm a good example!)

Q) Why is T and R important, and what does it stand for?
A) It stands for Trap and release. It goes like this: Rescuers will bait a humane cat trap (it doesnt' hurt the cat!) with food. They catch the cat, bring it to a vet or clinic or low cost spay and neuter van, and the cat is neutered. The cat will usually be held a day or two, then, when it is eating and the neuter site is healing, they are re-released back into their colony.
When they are under for the neuter, they are usually given a quick exam. They may be vaccinated against Rabies, or other things, and most are 'eartipped' to mark thema s being neutered so if they are trapped again they are re released back into the colony.

Q) I've heard some poeple trap cats and bring them to shelters-isn't that better?
A) No, the cat will probably be euthanaized. Some people think if there are no feral cats that they won't have to worry about them, but a resideent colony keeps down the rodent population and if a resident colony is removed, it leaves space for more to occupy the area-neutering and releasing is the way to go.

Q) Do feral cats eat birds-I've heard they are decimating the songbird population?
A)Nope. This is a vicious rumor that has no basis in truth. Go to Alley Cat Allies site and check out the truth.

Q) How to I learn more?
A) Go ot Alley Cat Allies or Urban Cat League or just google T & R or National Feral Cat Day!

Q) How do I say Hello to a feral cat?
A) 1) Drop hands to your sides. 2) If you can, drop to a kneeling posture. 3) Keep head down. 4) Close your eyes. 5) Very slowly raise your head. 6) Very slowly, open your eyes and blink slowly. Repeat. You may see the cats relax slightly, and if they close their eyes even halfway, you've been given the gift of conditional acceptancce...welcome to the Tribe!

Happy Feral Cat Day! Do something good for a Feral today! Donate food, help, or $. Lots of purrs...

love and light,

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