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Yes, it really is me-

February 23rd 2013 6:57 pm
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Today was not a good day.
I got taken to Little Vet.
Daddy got the news-yes, it is Ringworm I have, as well as a bacterial infection from scratching.
I had to be shaved down, completely. I have lesions all over. Little Vet said that I had one of the worst cases ever seen. This upset Mommy. She asked how it happened, did I get it from Paws, or who? Little Vet said that I could have gotten it anywhere. All the others have to be watched, too, now. Smokie has a spot...he may also have to get medicine.
I was shaved completely down, because Little Vet said it would be better. And when she did, they found lots of boo boo ringworm spots, everywhere.
Then I had to have a special bath.
Next week I get lyme sulfur dipped.
I am not looking forward to it.
I am a sorry sight.
Little Vet said that I was one of the sorriest looking cats she'd ever seen.
Mommy said 'oh Ruffy, you don't get things often, but when you do, you really get the full Monty.
And I am doing my impression of the Full Monty now-as you can see.

I'm still itchy, but getting medicine, I got a shot for the bacterial infection, and have to go back next week...for some sort of dip. And I'm guessing it won't be a tasty ranch dip, either.

my lovely coat.....all a memory.

love and light, despite it,


the itchy scratchies

February 18th 2013 2:32 pm
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Hello furs and folks,
I apologize for the lengthy absence. I wanted to let you all know why-

1) I have a bad allergy that has been bothering me. Vet says its ringworm, but I appear to also be allergie to something. Mom's been giving me some medicine orally the vet prescribed, but we will be going to Big Vet this week on Daddys day off, because I look awful!!! Mommy knows I have an allergy to something becuase my ear tips get very red and my ears are scabby and I itch and itch. She has been giving me a cat antihistimine to help with the itching, but it's been bothering me jsut the same. She even stopped the cortisone cream she got for me becuase I had a reaction to that. Mom's thinkign this is my FIV related immune system reacting to something.

That said, I want to wish a belated Happy Valenines day to my girl cats out there-specially Ingen...and Miss Kaci Sunshine. I miss you Kaci....

The other thing is Mommy has been having a very bad time at work. They 'wrote her up' 3 weeks ago over nothing-and Mommy has been being harassed. She has a very short time left with grad school-only 8 weeks left of internship and til end of August for her classes. She interviewed this week for another job, that she is going to see if they will work with her to complete internship hours....but at this point, she is just hanging on and has been not feeling well from the stress.

Natalie is holding her own, and our 3 amigos, CK, Midnight and Calvin are being their clownish selves.

Mommy loves watching them!

I want to reach out to all of you and say 'thank you for being my friend'.

When things get rough...well, there is a reason my name is Orange Ruffy'.

love and light to all of you....

purrs and loves,


A fungus amoungst Us! Me!

January 14th 2013 9:13 am
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Hi Furs,
Mommy got concerned a week or so ago-I was at my ears and they looked red and irritated.
The outside looked funny too, dry and crusty.

Mommy said to Daddy I needed to go to the vet-and so today I got taken in my carrier to the illustrious Dr. Laura Gay Senk!

Now, Dr. Senk is an amazing vet! She has pioneered vets caring for ferals, and formerlly ferals. She's a legend, and spends much of her time doing spay and neuter surgery.

But she found the time to see me.


I have some sort of fungal infection on my ears, and probably in my ears, which are itch.

The stuff on the outside of my ears flouresced under the light that says 'ringworm'. But Dr. Senk doesn't really know if thats what it is. In her words to Daddy:

'These guys with FIV+ because of their low immune sytem break with stuff that you don't see in other cats. It might be some sorta fungus that is ringworm like, but not. But for now, she's treating it like ringworm.

She shrugged she heard I lived with others. She didn't seem to think it was a big deal. She said that she's seen cats never get it living with other cats. She suggested just watching us all and washing the bedding that is down. And giving me my medicine of course, which I'm getting as of today.

Mommy says that I'm going to have alot of fun, not!

By the way, Dr. Senks practice is the Farmingdale Dog and Cat Clinic, in Farmindale, NY. They are open every day except Sat and they are very kind, gentle, animal friendly. Dr. Senk has many awards for her Spay and Neuter work, and their prices are very reasonable.

I'm scheduled for my nose job next Friday, as well, Furs-Dr. Senk says its a good idea for 'it' on my nose to come off, 'just in case' as it keeps coming back and scabbing over.

Now I'm back home, of course having thrown up in the carrier and peed in it on the way home....well, what was I supposed to do? I had a full breakfast and trying morning...and when a guys gotta go, he's gotta go.

Mommy was not happy as she wasn't feeling well and had just washed the floor-having stayed home today.

love and light-Ruffy


Be the Change you want to see in the World

January 13th 2013 4:06 pm
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Dear Furs and Folks,

This past week Mommy has been stressed and ill. She's run down, tired and daddy's had the flu, and been working during it.
Something else was also haunting mommy-a small tabby cat with a white fae and cocoa streak down his nose, who sat, tired and defeated looking, at the Center for Animal Care and Control in Brooklyn.
On death row, Mommy sent up some energy for him...
The next day-his bio was gone.
Mommy cried and got upset. She was told by a volunteer that he was the only cat not spoken for by a rescue.
He could not be found.
Mommy feared the worst.
Mommy came to me and leaned into my fur. "Ruffy, Ruffy..make it alright. Please. Ask those over us to watch...please don't let him be gone."
I purred and glanced into that abyss between here and forever.
Nothing is ever forever, Mommy, except love.
The week dragged by. Mommy kept searching for Paw's profile. Finally, she saw the posting under it...Paws was alive!
Mommy called Daddy crying. Now, Daddy is a softee, as I can tell you. Daddy told mommy 'get a resecue and lets get him out of there."
Mommy called two, including the small one she and Daddy usually work with. They said no.
She called another. They said 'no'.
She leapt in with both feet-she called a small one she had worked with to try to save Babydoll, the kitty who went to the Bridge.
She left a very heart wrenching email.
That morning Mommy had to go to school She had left them Daddy's number. When Mommy came out on break, Daddy told her 'There's a hold on Paws for us! Brooklyn Bridge Animal Rescue Coalition pulled him.
Mommy cried and laughed.
Yesterday Paws came to be here.
I have not seen him, though I have heard he got out of the cage he's supposed to stay in and is under the bed. He's not feeling his very best-he has a slight case of ringworm and is sneezing slightly. Mommy had tried to keep him in the cage but he slipped past her arm when she tried to put him back in.
But he is not on death row many more.
Paws only crime to be on death row? He was 8 years old, and his former family had a baby and no time for him.
But here, Paws will find, despite 7 of us-and he makes 8-there will be good meals, scritches, a grumpy Natcat, and love.
A woman mommy was in school with, when she heard what Mommy and Daddy had done said 'But you have 7 other cats-why would you do this?"
Mommy shook her head. She's realized some people don't get it. She said 'Because I reached out to others-and when there wasn't an answer-I realized there was and it was us. Sometimes you have to be the change you want to see in the world."

Welcome in 'from the cold, Paws. From a fellow who stood at the door, looking in as well-I stand up on my hind legs and salute you, and the wonderful people at Brooklyn Bridge Animal Rescue Coalition who beleived.

love and light,
trust, dear furs and folks that Miracles Do Occur,



Welcome to THE OLD MAN! -

January 9th 2013 5:32 pm
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This is Blizzards new BFF!

He looks, oddly enough, like Squeaker...who went to rainbow bridge.


We always said Trust that Miracles Do Occur!

love and light,

Please say hello to the Old Man!


Small Shelter in Catfather territory needs votes

January 9th 2013 8:54 am
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Would everyone go and vote? It will help them with Trap Neuter and Release for the Ferals in the area.

It can make a different for those still out in the cold.



The Spirit of Cat

January 7th 2013 1:58 pm
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Just breaking winter
A little chill
But I'm sunning myself
on this windowsill
Watching the street
The sun on my fur
Breathing in warm
So miracles occur
And the clock ticks away softly
In the still afternoon
Sending sparkles of light
Across quiet room
And as I purr and I laze,
on this faded mat
For this is the wonder
Of the Spirit of Cat

I feel a whisker
I sense her gaze
'Ah my good friend, are you amazed?
For nothing can stop the magick we share
A cat isn't answerable to a whim and a prayer
For we come as we please, we frisk and we play
Always remembering
We know the way
Touching noses at midnight
What think you of that
For such is the way
Of the Spirit of Cat!'

And I rose to my feet,
I groomed a paw
A tangerine tabby
who's still got his claws
Yet, they are retracted,
Yet still I can climb
To wrestle with Boxie,
sing 'Sweet Adeline!'
Play with Tigger and Alfie
who've crashed through the veil
I hear Simba ocmplain
'Gump, you stepped on my tail!'
Ah it's sheer madness,
But sure I know that,
For it's to be expected
In the Spirit of Cat

And what of fey angels
and those soon to cross
Do they slow down
No, they tell me who's boss
For this world and the next
Don't know such human things
We're Cats, sacred familars
We chase miracles like strings
Our lives are like oniions
Our souls jewels in the abyss
filled with purrs, play, and magick
Awaiting our soul humans kiss
I touch a paw to your tears
They'll be none of that
Human, remember
The Spirit of Cat

And as you stand at a window
The breeze in your hair
A miracle, you yearn for,
And for a fur someone to care
Does it so matter
If there's different fur
or eyes bright blue this time
Or a deeper purr
For souls know each other
When the time is right
Across forever tomorrows
That reflect the night
And in the darkest times,
you'lll be reminded of that
With a soft purr in your ear
From the Spirit of Cat

Dedicated to all who miss a Fur....

We are Made of Magick...

and to Zeddias Light Rainbow-

Someday we'll dance the circle again.

love and light,


Saying fare ye well to the old, and 'welcome in for the- cold' to the new...and Miracles In Action

December 31st 2012 12:02 pm
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Hello Furs,

Quite a year it's been, hasn't it? As Mommy sits and types for me, I sit here, eyes at half mast, and consider this past year.

It's been a year of bittersweet, but perhaps that should read 'sweet' without the bitter. Some sadness-for losses-and there were quite a few, not the least our Bella-bring sadness.

As I whisper a fare ye well to those I have come to know and love, who's pawprints in our hearts remain evergreen, I also sense them, ever near to their folks when needed, and with small, moist noses pressed firmly into folks necks, nudging them ever toward another fur in need, who otherwise perhaps would sit shiviering in the cold, or worse. But an otherworldy nudge urges 'yes!' and a new fur is lifted aloft and cradled in arms and heart, to begin a new journey.

I turn and look a lovely snow white persian, trotting happily along just beyond the starlight illumination of Antares, brightest star in the night sky, healthy and well, and as I watch, she spreads glossimar wings that carry her out and up and she purrs and chirps in wonder...and shines as bright as that Evening Star down upon her Mother, who must surely sense her.

I watch a black and white cat and a lovely orange tabby with white wrestle and play...and stand aloft on my hind legs to see if I am really seeing Ethan and Tigger as they break and run after a small kitten who leaps high into the 'No fair Burt!' they call in Cattish.

And my Angel, Alex, she of the wise gaze and merry wink, who has in her time as an angel, begun to waver at the edges, signifying a return to be.

'Ah, Ruffy-happy New Year'. And I touch noses to her as she rolls onto her back, ever happy, and the Bridge's emissary. And it is she who with small white teeth, grasps the fabric of the last of an old year, and pulls it back, free, to reveal a newborn year ahead, filled with promise.

Miracles...behind, before...

I gaze at Dot, a small mackeral tabby born with Spina Bifada. In her latest videos she is nearly standing, in fact, she is standing. That she was born 'other abled' has no meaning to her, as she chases D'Art, a handsome young boycat, also 'otherwise' abled around, quick as lighting, through Tabby's Place lobby, to dissapear in play, only to leap out to play some more. Dot started life as a tiny miracle, born in a barn, homeless, but Miracle nonetheless, as together the Universe came to offer her it's best, folks determined to send forth this tiny Emmisary of Love and Light to the Best and most Deserving. And so Dot thrives, and is inspiration, as are so many others who, when the sadness seems hardest to bear, leaps forward to say 'Yes, there is goodness, and light, and promise...and tonight, light, as it always does, will triumph.

And so, Furs, I sit up on my hinds, and I throw a smile up to those Angel Guides. I say 'Thank you for watching over us." And I breathe in the new as I leap nimbly forward....and I say to each and every one of you....

Happy and Wonderful New Year-may it be, as it always will be, filled with wonder and Miracles.

Love and Light,
and the Ridgewood Clowder

Here is a link to Dot and D'art playing...

Tabby's Place website...where Dot lives:


Extra Special Purrs Requested for an Abused and very sick- Kitten

December 26th 2012 1:33 pm
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Hello Furs,
This is a sad story, and one I wish I could give a happy ending to.

Mommy's friend called her. She had volunteered to foster a kitten pulled from a local 'kill list' at the city shelter. The kitten wa duly pulled. Mommy's friend was told the kitten was in a special medical foster til it was ready-the poor baby needed to have surgery before he could do to anywhere else.

Mommy's friend called her a few days ago in tears. She was told the kitten was very sick, was battling gangrene, but could not have surgery til his bad URI was better.

The kitten had been badly abused-it had been BOILED.

This baby-if he makes it-will lose most of his back legs and his tail.

Mommy's friend has decided she simply can't foster him. She believes due to the severity that he should be PTS.

The medical foster handling him-who this particular rescue has known for awhile disagrees and believes there is still hope.


We are resilliant. We overcome all. We are CAT!!!!

Let us, with all the magick bestowed upon us, this side of the Bridge or the Other, send out such a wave of purrs for this little kitten named Brad.


Purr with and all....

for Brad, the most beloved of Christmas Miracles...

love and light,



Introducing Calvin Mc. Catster, our little foster brother!

December 20th 2012 10:00 am
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Hi all,
Today Mommy put up Calvin McCatster's profile here on Catster.
To tell you a bit about our foster brother-firstly, I need to let you know that Mommy loves him very much. Mommy and Daddy would love to keep him, but Mommy feels it would be irisponsible as our now 'normal' cat household is back up to 6.
This isn't impossible, but we have a few of us with some 'health issues' and Mommy feels that making sure we're all healthy, wealthy and wise is important.
Mommy feels however, that she wants a very 'special' home for Calvin.

Mommy has dedicated Calvin to Catster, and the legendary Calvin-Knead on. She feels that having Calvin thus named will bring him much luck.

A bit about our foster brother, and how he came to us:

A few weeks ago Mommy and Daddy got a call from the head of the Rescue they work with. One of the rescue said she had a 'problem'. You see, a nice lady had rescued a kitten some months ago. She had 'trapped' him, and his sister, but they weren't feral, this brave little kitten had led his sister into a trap to be rescued. They were living by a factory, and the lady suspected they had been 'dumped' there as another kitten was found nearby, passed to the bridge.

The lady took the two kittens in the trap to the vet, where the vet found they had ringworm. The lady was told to keep them apart from her other cats, so she put them in a cage in the basement-and since their ringworm was serious, kept them there for 3 months.

When they were finally cured, they were taken upstairs and there was an immediate home for one-Calvin's sister, who looked liie a little snowshoe kitten. But the lady adopting the sister said Calvin looked like an 'alley cat' and didn't want him. He was not a 'purebred'. (if this had been mommy and daddy, that lady wouldn't have gotten either kitten, but mommy and daddy were not involved at this point.)

Calvin was introdcued to his rescuers cats, where he attempted to play with them. But they were older, and not interested, and didn't like his playful antics. One cat began to pull out it's fur, and the lady then bought him to Petco, where the Rescue showed its cats for adoption.

But Calvin reacted badly. In a cage, he hid under the cat bed, and would lunge at the door, or anyone who put their hands near the cage, howling and screaming.

Calvin's 'rescuer' was frightened. She had never seen a cat do this. She said when he got home he hid, and then would growl when she came near him. Before this, he had been very sweet, even letting her mother wrap him up in her sweater and carry him around like a baby.

Sadly, Calvin's original rescuer called the head of the rescue. She stated that she thought maybe Calvin should be sent to a 'Sanctuary' as he was 'wild' and she didn't tihnk he was 'adoptable'. The Rescue lady was thoughtful She had seen Calvin at Petco. She thought he was behaving in a scary way. But the other Rescue Founder knew Mommy and Daddy and us. She told the other lady that she wanted to ask us to 'evaluate' Calvin.

The rescue lady asked if we would take him-if Mommy and Daddy would take Calvin in for a bit.

They said 'yes'.

They told Mommy and Daddy to seperate Calvin and put him in the little pop up cage.

When he first came, that is where he went.

And he began to hiss, and growl and scream.

Mommy and Daddy looked at each other. After a day Mommy said 'No-it's the cage. We aren't going to do this." She closed the bedroom door and let Calvin out.

He hid behind the desk and under the bed, but then Mommy began to let us in. And of course...we met him. At first he hissed and growled, but then....

After 3 days....Calvin forgot being scared, forgot that other cats had been cross with him. He forgot it all.

And he became one of us.

Calvin is one of us now. He climbs the Cat Tree and fishes in the water fountain. He plays leapfrog with CK and Midnight. He plays with me sometimes, even.
There was never anything wrong with Calvin. He just needed to be part of a Clowder, to be allowed to be a Cat. A small sturdy little cat with a rumbling purr and soft paws, he gazes out at the world with wonder from the front window.

And so, for now, Calvin Mc.Catster has joined the Ridgewood Clowder, and we know, named after Calvin, Catster Legend, that he will go far.

Welcome in from the cold little Calvin. May you grow into those pawprints and feel that light upon your Guardian Angel watches over you from the Bridge.

love and light,

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