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The Baboo Kitty Has Spoken

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My updates-and it's all good! Power of the Paw at work!

August 23rd 2013 4:55 am
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Dear Furrs and folks,
Thank you for all your waves of the most wonderful healing!

Here is my update:aside from my shaved tummy I have no ill effects from my sonogram.
I don't have Fatty Liver disease. I have two ginormous cysts in my liver. They are doing nada.
However, my liver is inflamed because my heart isn't pumping properly. One of my ventracles is out of whack.

The plan is from the vet thus:

Continue on the Flagyl. I now also get fluids for my 'aging kidney's' every other day. I get a nice liver suppliment called Demarin once a day.

Next week I will probably go on heart medication. The vet doesn't want to overburden me at one time.

Oh, and my appetite is back. With a vengence.

Mommy believes the Power of the Paw is working. Daddy too.

The vet has suggested an echo-cardiogram down the road, but for now, he said that we're going to take tihs 'slow and steady'.

I'm feeling well, truthfully, lounging around, napping, eating, and lazing. You know, what I normally do.

Mommy is wondering if I was somehow picking up on her worry and stressing more. She's more relaxed now, and I'm getting lots of the food I want, and treats too. Mommy thought it was funny that to 'kick start' my eating Daddy and she got me rotisserie chicken twice in a row. Then I was trying to act as though i was still unwell, but was going to my plate and eating when that failed to Daddy said that I'm a very smart cat. But we already knew that.

I want to thank everyone for their purrs and prayers and healing power of the paw.

While not out of the woods-I am feeling so much the better.

purrs and love and light,


Sonogram results are in, I'm home resting comfortably.

August 20th 2013 5:01 pm
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Hi everyone,
I'm feeling much better tonight. I had my sonogram, and this is what the doctor found:

1) I don't have Fatty liver disease at all. I do have liver cysts. Big whopping ones. Those are what the vet felt. They are benign.
2) There is some liver inflammation. He isn't sure why. It could be FIV+ related. It might also be, and he leans toward this, that fluid is pooling in the front part of my liver from my heart, which is sort of not doing as well as it should.

The plan is to continue with the flagyl, which is, strangely, used in what I have! He doesn't feel for now it's a problem.
He has put me on Marin, which is a natural suppoliment for the liver. He knows about the other stuff-but he said to mommy 'slow and steady we add things, we don't overwhelm.'
I also have been prescribed an appetite booster as and if needed. Tonight I have been eating well on my own.

Cardiac medicine will be added, but this week, I'm on just these things. he wants to start off slowly. I will be monitored.

I'm tired but relaxed. I appear happier to mommy and she looks better. i was worried about her. But I think she'll be fine.

I want to thank everyone for purring for me. I know the heart thing is serious, and he did find some 'aging kidney stuff' so obviously, I am the ancient soul I've been telling them I was-and now they know.

Thank you everyone for your loves and purrs....
It's great to be home!


No breakfast this morning!!! And I get put in the- carrier-someone mentioned VET?

August 20th 2013 6:01 am
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I hid because Daddy came home when he doesn't usually. I knew something was up, as no one was given anything to eat, except dry food-and they know I don't eat that.
Daddy left really early for work, then came back at a time he doesn't. I heard him tell mommy he was going to pick me up and take me. Then mommy found me hiding and put me in a carrier with a soft towel in it and closed the door!
I was in, and daddy said 'well, we're off to get him the sonogram'.

Oh no!

From the Mommy:
Ruffy went for his sonogram a few minutes ago. Husband came home to take him over-Ruffy is sort of heavy to carry.
I felt bad, because he was hungry but couldn't ahve any breakfast. Everyone else was just fed.
Nervous about it, but maybe we'll have some answers. The good news is that he very much wanted breakfast, and it was so painful not to feed him. I gave them a can of food to give him when he could eat again. He will probably be picked up about 4/5, thats usually the way of it.
Hoping all goes well. Ruffy's appetite is getting back to normal. I've noticed the fluids and the pain medicine really do seem t help.

We also asked the vet about the flagyl. He said that it is true, it doesn't always agree with the liver, but he felt for the immediate moment it was the best course of action because we don't have alot of options. I told him I would get him information on the liver suppliment recommended, and he'd see if it was ok.
Thank you everyone for the purrs and energy and prayers and POTP! We know it works, as Ruffy appears to be feeling some better!
Keep purring...

A worried mommy!


Sonogram tomorrow, I am eating some on my own-just not as- much as mom and dad would like.

August 19th 2013 4:02 pm
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Mommy and Daddy made the appointment for my sonogram tomorrow. Last night I got chicken!!!! all the chicken I wanted!!! and this morning I ate a full can of Fancy Feast. Mommy did syringe feed me at 1pm, after I had a little more chicken and chunky chicken. But this evening I didn't want to eat, and I heard her say to daddy that...yes....they might have to order chicken for me again....! As I have to have yucky medicine, this seems only right.

Mommy says that the pain medicine I take does seem to make me feel better.

The vet will be there tomorrow when I'm having the sonogram. I think they will also be doing a 'biopsy' at the same time. (shudder). I hope it doesn't hurt!

Mommy is worried. This afternoon my appetite isnt' as good and mommy is worried. And I know what that means-I'm going to get food in the syringe, and I don't like that!

But Mommy and I have agreed that I am going to work on my book, and do my own story...perhaps tonight. It will keep my mind off things.

I want to thank everyone for all their purrs. They are much appreciated and needed.

love and light,


I went back to the doctor today-lots going on.

August 15th 2013 12:22 pm
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I went back because my appetite is not good. I didn't eat much yesterday at all. Today, I got a check up and here is what the doctor believes:

1) My small intestine is inflamed. It looks thickend. It could be FIV+ related or IBD.
2) My stomach was filled with Gas. He can't explain why. It was also empty.
3) There was poop in my colon, which was good.
4) My liver is very large.
5) He doesn't know why I'm having trouble swallowing or eating, he doesnt' feel the inflammation in my mouth is that bad.
6) An x ray was done. I have an enlarged heart. (You always knew I was a big hearted guy)
7) Possible Fatty liver disease is what he's concenred about, though I am eating a bit, though not as much.

Whats being done:

I'm on Metronazole. 2x a day.
I am now getitng 100 ml of Subq every 35 hours. They have to be careful because of my heart.
I also have bupronex to take to help make me feel better-I get it squirted into my mouth.
He suggested a raw diet. Supplimenting it with other cat food is fine-he told mommy it's fine for her to chop up steak and chicken for me raw while looking for a raw I like.

He suggested a possible sonogram of my heart and liver/abdomen. That might happen Tuesday, we'll see how i do the next couple days.

Mommy is worried and tired. When I came home I did make mommy happy by eating some ff chunky chicken, and then some chicken baby food and then just a bit of plain grilled salmon that daddy bought home for me.

Purrs are very much needed.

If any girlcat wants to comfort me and hold my paw-you'd be very welcome about now.
My new little foster sister tried to steal my food and Smokie tried to steal my salmon though he had his own plate already.

love and light,


Update on my vet visit yesterday

August 14th 2013 9:47 am
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I went to the vet. I didn't like it. Mommy walked with me in the carrier...and it was raining. She didn't know it, and we had an umbrella, but the rain blew in sideways and I get really really wet. So when I got there I was even less happy.

The bottom line is this: The back of my gums are inflamed. My ear is too. This is because of something related to my Immune system being compromised. I also have a large thyroid and my liver is big.

The vet took blood, and told Mommy they will talk on Thursday. My mouth is still sore, mommy is going to get me some baby food later. My appitite comes and goes.

Mommy is worried, as today I don't seem as perky as I did when I got back yesterday.

The vet said it could be a couple things, but wants to get the bloods back first.

I'm resting comfortably-


A vet visit on the morrow for me, mouth and ear problems,- and a little update

August 12th 2013 9:13 am
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Hi Furs,
It was inevitable, I guess. Mom saw me at my ear last week. She cleaned it, and I hated it, but alas, she noticed something that I guess she's right about-
My mouth's been bothering me, and I've not been feeling too good the past couple weeks. Oh, I'm still eating, but gingerly, and mom noticed that I seem to be not myself at all. Between the upchucking food I've always eaten (FF classic chicken), and my mouth and ear issues, ouchies.

I've been quieter, and then last week I went after Natalie....and that was it for mom. She said 'he's getting a vet appointment.'.

I know she's been worried. See, my cousin Blackie had an undiagnosed tumor in his mouth for quite some time. I still have that black spot on my nose that comes and goes, though the vet biopsy last year said benign, which is good.

We are seeing a new vet tomorrow-the one that my brofur Smokieboo saw. Mom likes him. He is a little scary looking and rather abrupt. He is skinny, baldish, and Polish. he looks like he was in a concentration camp. He always says when she first comes in 'tell me what is going on' before he even lets mom or dad take us out. Then he and his assistant have us taken our and very carefully look us over. Smokie boo has some news about himself-but I'll let him tell that!

Mom is trying us out on raw. She's going to try and switch us over at least partially. I seem to be accepting it a bit, if it's warmed in the microwave with a little warm water. (defeats the purpose? but it's nice and warm and pleasant).

My fur has grown back to some degree, but still not the lush coat I had. Mom said it doesn't matter, its cooler for summer, and I'm still so handsome.

I'm going to nap some more now. Know I love you all,
The Poet Extrodiare of Catster


To pee or not to pee....a nice round of applause for 'p'ing- momma off!

July 3rd 2013 4:59 am
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When asked the above...always pee!
Now, I , as you may know, like to pee sometimes out of the box.
I believe, as a cat, this is what one must do to keep the folks on their feet.
Mommy wasn't feeling well yesterday and laid down on the loveseat.
A few moments later I came streaking in, in a great mood.
Mom then heard CK trying to clean something up...he always trieds to bury things.
Well, he was trying to bury my pee
I had peed next to the newly arranged desk and file cabinet. I had gone into the small Ikea pastic one and peed in it.

Mommy got up and came in and there was quite a puddle. She said 'OH RUFFY"

I turned around and looked at her shocked, like:

'Oh gosh! Can you believe that? Look at what Somecat Did!!!'

But mom knew. She always knows.

She called Daddy and said 'Do you know what Ruffy did?"

(he was at work, how could he know?" but she asked anyway. And then she told him.)

Daddy said 'well, thats his 'M.O.'.

Mommy was not happy, she used a whole role of paper towel. Mommy wants to know if any of you guys out there have suggestions on how to get the smell of pungent cat pee (and she's used natures miracle in the past-it gives us all headaches here) out of stuff. She has used bleach and water, and then something called 'anti icky poo' and it works ok, but I have extra strong smelling pee....

I'm quite happy. The air has been put on because t's very humid. It gives us more energy. I, however, prefer naps...let the young guys and that silly Paws leap around...nope...I'll just rest...unless it's meal time.

Thinking of all of you out there!!!

love and light,


Happy Memorial Day and remembering all who need help!

May 27th 2013 6:44 am
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Dear all Furs and Folks,

Hello the House! And hello all!

It's a lovely sunny warm day here after 2 days that were fairly chilly. Mommy was feeling a bit better yesterday, but on Sat had a slight chill, and came home with Daddy after shopping to huddle under the covers. I stayed with her because though my coat is growing in, it's still shorter than it should be and I'm still cold at times.

Mommy has been a little down. A few weeks ago, she and Daddy stepped forward and offered to foster a little cat from the CACC Death Row. Her name is Pudgy and she has mammary tumors.

Well, Pudgy came to us, unbeknowst to us, and despite 3 vets...thats right....3 vets missing it...with a calci virus. That's a very bad URI, and for 9 days Pudgy wouldn't eat.

On the 8th day we began to 'act out' on feeling displaced from the bedroom, and reacting to the stress and worry of Mommy and Daddy...and sensing an unspayed femiale...and a couple of us....somecats...began to mark their territory by spraying.

On day 9, Pudgy's 'benefactors' and temporary Foster parents, and the rescue in charge, took Pudgy to their vet and she was hospitalized and syringe fed by vet staff.

2 days later Calvin McCatster broke with a calici virus that even caused him to get lesions on his tongue.

Well, Calvin got better, he's eating and playing and back to normal.

Pudgy was in the hospital for nearly 3 weeks. After a great deal of Mommy feeling very badly, she talked it over with our vet-a nice new one with experience with rescues-he also had seen Pudgy-a talk with Daddy, and with the other two rescues that Mommy and Daddy foster for, it was decided that Pudgy will not come back here. Mommy cried and feels sad and guilty but the thing is this-our rescues and vet feel our apartment is 'at capacity' and that we were basically saying that for now, eight is enough' and our vet expressed that Pudgy needs a serene and more calm home-with 8 of us, and 3 young fellow cats under 3 who wrestle and run and play its just too much.

Mommy felt very badly. Pudgy's rescue agreed, though they are now searching for a new hospice foster in the Tri state NY area. Pudgy saw a top Oncolgist, and she will take a medication to help shrink the tumors and make her more comfortable, but she can't have chemo or radiation or surgery as it would probably not help her. The medication they can give her will do her good and she may have some very good quality of life time. But the rescue did admit it would probably be more helpful to her if she went to a quieter home than ours.

So...if any of you furs and their folks know of anyone in the NY area or nearby willing to Hospice foster Pudgy, please let us or K9Kastle rescue in NY know. Pudgy is a very lovely Ragdoll cat mix, and she was a very sweet and quiet houseguest who did nothing wrong-it's that we're not called the 'wild bunch' for nothing. Pudgy's medical expenses are paid for and she's a normal and clean little cat who was always well, unlike some of the younger fellows here.

Mommy feels badly, because she has never had to say 'we can't' before. However, her rescue coordinators for the two other rescues agreed this was best-her one friend said 'the spraying is saying 'this is our space and there are just enough here'.

I can't say I'm happy, but I am relieved. Still, we would like to see Pudgy find her 'furever' home for however long that will be.

Thinking of you all here-purrs and loves,


The Magick of Cat

May 13th 2013 7:48 am
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We're fast and we're long
We're small and we're fat
Some of us with stripes
And some do wear hats
We slink through the garden
We leap from high shelves
Filled with mirth and clownish
Or mysterious like elves
We arrive at your door
From shelters or as strays
Some of us making it, some passing away
But before we leave
We touch you with grace
A gentle warm pawprint
To the side of your face

And we are the magick of Cat
We know our way through ancient times to now times
To being here today
We are immortal, we come to grace your life
So let the magick of cat
come pace through your life

We grab your heart, we race through your life
A patchwork of color
Designed by light
We touch your soul with expressive meow
Knowing all that nature has ever allowed

And we're the magick of cat
Striped, orange, and grey
We're purring at your side
Yet so far away
We watch in the night
Dance with unseen friends
For we know that death-well it's not the end

So I step down to the floor
I go to my bowl
Copper eyes reflect back
The world I control
There isn't a lack
Of eons of mystery, of centeries of grace
Combined altogether in my perfect face

And the magick of cat,
with butterfly wings
And angel delights are all good things
The magick of cat makes a house a home
So climb on your folks so they aren't alone

The lesson my friends, lives where we are
Beings of magick, under wandering star
Yet purring for home, a warm place in the sun
We're the magick of cat
And I'm proud to be one.

Dedicated today to my buddy Squeaker....happy birthday my friend...follow your star....

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