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Twas the night before Catmas.....

December 13th 2011 9:10 am
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Twas the night before Catmas
And all through our Hut
CK was running around being a nut
Our dishes were stacked by the sink where we eat
In the hopes that Catmus angels would bring us a Treat
And I in my lovely soft mango fur
Was waiting for that magick hour to occur
While what to my tufted ears should I hear?
Was the sound of something that wasn't too clear
Could it be CK? No-he's out like a light
And it wasn't Smokie-he's sleeping alright.
The girlcats too, are dreaming sweet dreams
Of wee catnip mice and fluffy whipped cream
So, I gazed out the window and guess what I saw?
Yeah furs you guessed it, It was SANTA PAW!

He gazed back and me and we went nose to nose
A handsome big fellow, dragging a sack tied with bows
And he leapt right through the window, not making a sound
Leaping up high before coming to ground,
He winked and he grinned a Cheshere cat smile
As he waved his bushy tail and spoke for awhile

'Come Alex, come Boxie, come Tigger, my elves
Fly over from Rainbow and just be yourselves
I need my cat angels to bestow some joy
To every little feline while I give out toys
And make sure Queen T, you send butterflies
To bring warm summer days and sparkling fireflies
That leave trails of light magick as they gleam in the night
Ah yes, Natasha, you're doing it right-
Would you help Miss Mittens-lets leave a bite
Of chicken and turkey and of course trout!
Because good things to eat is what cats are about!"

And I watched them, stunned as I sat back on my hinds
And I never knew Santa Paws could be so kind!
And Hazel Lucy winked, as Buddie held her paw,
I knew, my furs it was strange what I saw
But I was surprised and startled with delight
To think that I saw Santa Paws on before Catmas night!

And I watched butterflies flutter, and treats and cat toys
Were put next to our plates-us girl cats and boys
And sparkly things flew through the air,
making me feel silly without a care
And then Santa Paws, that jolly feline
Presented me with a bottle of the best catnip wine

"Ah Ruffy, my poet, my old mango friend
You know the magick of this night it never ends
Store it in your heart, the good will and good cheer
Give it out to other kitties throughout the year
Purr for the kitties that don't have a home
For I'm always with them, they aren't alone
And remember, my friend, the magick of the season
You see, Fellow feline, there is always a reason
And you, Ruffy, remember what you saw!
For you know first hand the power of the Paw!
And with that, my furs, he raised his paw high
The Winged angel kitties rose up in the sky
And flew out the window with a blink and a purr
As if none of this had ever occured
But for a whisker that lay sparkling on the floor
No one would ever believ what I saw!

And Santa Paws nosed me and laughed in delight
That jolly old kitty was quite a sight!
He headbonked me and nosed my forehead again
And said 'Well, Ruffy, I'm off now, my friend!
Just remember, the magick of Catmas is here
For all of forever, the rest of the year!
And he leapt in the air and with a great purr
Said 'Merry Catmas Orange Ruffy-and to all of the Furs!


A baby Mango needs your help!!! -

December 11th 2011 8:13 am
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Dear All,

As I sit here, getting through a cold (achoo!), sitting on my sofa back, dreaming of little pretty girlcats....ah, Ingen, where have you been? Jez, you don't look a day over 4, spritely as a kitten....Tink, does your beloved appreciate you? I do! Princess Tu Tu, ah, how I think of you....Royalty, you mean so much to me...and, well, know what you stir in my heart...

But- I digress!

In all seriousness there is a very little mango girl cat in need of our purrs! She's a tiny litttle thing, and when you read her story, you will want to go and surround her with much, much purring and love.

I am going to ask the Angels at Rainbow Bridge to send all their magick to help this little one..please, guys, if a cat could cry, I would be.

Big Harry, have your mom read this kits story, ok? It reminds me too much of the little angel Silvo!

Oh Furs, we must, at this season of renewal and rebirth, when so many of us watch friends leave behind old forms and journey to the Bridge, there are times one must fight the good fight for another....

And fight, because a tiny life is always, always precious!

the little kits information is here:

Her names is Mango!

Mango, we send you much love and many, many purrs! My Mango cat heart beats in time with your little one...and I promise you that you will soon be surrounded with guardian angels to watch over you.

with much love,
Your uncle Ruffy


Happy Catmus Kaci Sunshine-a Catmus love poem for my Jersey- Girl

December 7th 2011 8:15 am
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It's that time of year
The air is clear
And theres a chill
I rest my head upon my bed
On this windowsill
And dream of fur,
And mellow purrs
At Catmus time
With soft padded paws
and only Santa Claws
perhaps Sunshine

I got no time, for daily grind
I'm a mellow cat
No sir, my friend, you won't find
That's where I'm at
But sweet as spice, and always nice
Bright golden eyes,
and little purrs, the softest fur
From my Jersey Cat

Do you know, it's Catmus time, in my city world?
The flakes are here, but so's the beer
As the lights unfurl..
Catnip mice, yes they're nice,
I admit,
But so's a treat thats very neat
With the right kit
And I don't need to succeed in fancy shows
All I want, is you and me, nose to nose
At Catmus time, folks wait in line
At all those stores
But all I need is a little tree
And to hold your paw

And I decree
You got me, at the get go
Your little head, purring in your bed
Small pink nose
At Catmus time, theres a magic, give it a whirl
With Catmus lights, and catnip spice
And Jersey girl.....

So my love, I sigh today as I sing
for I can't give you a silly mansion
Or a diamond ring
But I can say, honestly my Sunshine friend
You have my heart, you have my soul
Until the end
And as the snow begins to blow
We will curl
In the soft of dreams, drink the sweetest cream
As magick unfurls
and I can whisker kiss
My orange Miss
My Jersey Girl


Sweet Kaci Sunshine has dentistry tomorrow, Wed-send your- purrs!

December 6th 2011 10:43 am
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Hi everyone,
Ruffy here. Getting over my cold, still sniffline and getting medicine, but played with the little CK today...he tried to box with me, and of course, I knocked him down.

But I digress.

My Sunshine girl, Kaci Sunshine, is having a dental tomorrow. As many of you know, Kaci has had a few health things going on, and could surely use some great purrs from everyone.
Kaci looks like a 'Sunshine' cat. She's orangey, has a little gamin face, and like my sisfur Bella, gets fluids and stuff.

Would everyone purr for her?



Beginning to feel better

December 5th 2011 7:44 am
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Hi everyone,
I'm beginning to feel better. This morning Daddy told Mommy I was playful, and of course, wanted extra for breakfast. Mommy noticed that I ate my second breakfast, but was hoping for more turkey. But it's gone! She fed the outside cats the rest of it! I wanted it!
I am still sniffly, and getting my medicine. Daddy still hast get the syringes to give me lysine. Mommy put some on her finger, tried to get it in my mouth. I was like 'what, are you crazy?' I gave her the squint eye and got away and hid under the end table til she went away.
I am eating well, and before mommy left, I leapt up on the window sill to enjoy the breeze.


Vet visit last night-I have a URI.

December 3rd 2011 4:48 am
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I'm sitting by the window now.
I have antibiotics.
I have eye medicine.
I have nasty Lysine I have to take but they forgot to give mommy and daddy syringes for it, so that might not happen til later.
I'm eating and drinking...and my appitite is still there.
Don't know how I got it.
Could be CK is a 'carrier' or something little Vet said.
He seems fine, don't know.
I don't feel bad really. Just not playing, want to lay around.
I like the fresh air by the window.
We're on the 4th floor-no other cats near.
Don't know how this happened.
Daddy has a cold,but they said he can't give his to me.
Not so sure...hmmmm...seems odd he has one and now I do too!
I got some ham yesterday cause Mom felt bad for me!
I don't need to go back unless I don't get better. Little vet said I should be feeling better in a few days.


Turkey! Urrp! Excuse me!

November 28th 2011 8:15 am
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Er...turkey last night....turkey this morning...
Mommy laughed because I sprawled out on the back on the couch in a turkey induced stupor! And this morning, on the window sill. I didn't want to move.

Ah, bliss.

Thanksgiving has to be my favorite time of year.

Sorry Trout town cats....

the birds the word!


Turkey is in the oven!

November 27th 2011 8:04 am
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I'm thankful!
Yes, mommy went out yesterday and bought a nice big 13 pound turkey!
I gazed at it lovingly last night when it was in the fridge!
This monning I got up and helped daddy when he put it in to cook! I'm going to have some later!
Thats the good news.
The bad news is mommy said that my mouth doesn't 'look right'. Sheeesh. She tried to grab me to see what was wrong, (nothing, Mommy, nothing!) but I jumped down and ran and sat there by the stove.
Mommy said that I'll probably have to go back to the VET this week. Sheesh.
That said, I am eating well, and just want some turkey!

ah....I can smell it cooking and it smells so good!


Things I'm thankful for....

November 22nd 2011 8:14 am
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Chicken! Daddy and mommy bring it home and I love it! I don't get it every day, but I get it!
My little brother, CK! He's fun! I love to play with him and groom him!
My friends here at Catster! I have so many great people I love, and so many, many furs!
My DADDY! I'm glad he's home and that he's working ! Sometimes they give him chicken to bring home for me! Yeah!
My mommy-because she's MOM. She takes care of me, and doesn't let Smokie pick on me.
A warm and cozy place to live and a comfortable sofa back to sleep on.
My Aunts who sometimes bring me food! Thanks Auntie Kitty and Mary!
A clean litterbox! Mommy and Daddy do alot of scooping!
Clean water to drink and water from a cat fountain, too!
Toys to play with!
Cat Food! Mommy and Daddy bring it!
As much as I don't like going there-good vet care!
Every day...and night...warm naps in the sun, and on the chilly morns I have a warm place to rest.

For Ingen, and Royalty, my Kaci Sunshine girl, Tink, and Chiquita, and Jezabel Emily and, oh, so many of the sweetet girlfurs one could consider.

For having people who love me and a home.

And I purr, this week, for all those kitties not as well off...and purr that they all find wonderful homes with good humans to serve them.



Daddy went to get CK....

November 17th 2011 12:43 pm
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He had to call his friend Vick, who drives a cab.
Daddy's car got towed this week for 'tickets'
Then, today, it got 'repo'd.
Daddy is lucky he has a good person who is taking him to get CK.
Mommy said 'Ruffy, this is why you don't play lotto!
And I said, 'Mommy, I don't know what lottos is! Lotto's what? Lottos chicken? I love chicken!
Mommy is worried Daddy will be able to get CK in time.
Mommy said we got 'buzzards luck!'
Buzzards is chicken?
Where's the buzzards then, cause I like chicken!

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