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Update on me

February 25th 2014 9:31 am
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Hello all,
This past Saturday I returned to my old vet and had blood and urine taken from me. They ran a pancreas panel, and are testing something in my pee. I don't know why they wanted it, but they did.
It was upleasant, and i had to go on the way home, and peed in the carrier. Daddy gave me a bath.
On the plus side, I have been having chicken daily, whenever I want just about. Mommy got a whole bunch of chicken breasts on sale without the skin or bones-and she has been steaming them for me-well, we all get some, which make the others happy! I couldn't believe in my wildest dreams that I could have chicken whenever I want.
Mommy is worried about me, and she and Daddy just want to know what the issue is. Mommy thinks that I might have pancreatitis, or that it could be my liver issues. She's somewhat frustrated that no vet seems able to figure out what's going on, but she told the vet that since I had a sonogram already, she thinks that running another one that costs so much money is something they should do only if it's really felt that it will show something-Mommy had asked a third vet who has alot of experience about the company that was used for the sonogram is good. Little Vet feels they miss things, but this other vet stated he had used them for 10 years, and they hadn't missed anything he knew about. Daddy is leaning towards getting it done anyway, he feels that he wants to know, and thinks that whatever they can find out is a good thing, but Mommy feels that the sonograms never showed anything conclusive in Bella or Natalie, and is waiting to see what is going on.
I don't have the appetite I once had, though I love chicken and with the pepcid in my tummy do seem to feel better. I can't eat the thing I once did, the days of having a cast iron tummy are over-ah, saying goodbye to not having fried chicken and fish.....sigh.
But there are worse things, I guess, and when Daddy dropped a piece of fried chicken-the inside part-on the floor by accident and I scooped it up and ate it, I threw up awhile later. Mom says we're going to probably be joining the website, as she thinks Auntie Lisa, who runs the site is 'brilliant'.
Today is a chilly, grey day here in NY, and I'm on Mommy's comforter on the bed. Yesterday was warmer, and I miss the sun-yesterday I was on the little table mommy put next to the window with a comforter on it, and I napped there most of the day. Today I'm just too chilly, I want to be where I can be warm.
Ah, well, it's naptime....purrs to every fur and good thoughts to all your folks!
love and light,


A gift for the Community and a thank you to those that made- it happen...

February 16th 2014 4:53 am
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Trust that Miracles Do Occur...

The power of that has always lain with the Powers of the Universe...
The key is we are part of that Universe.
We love Catster-we love the Community.
This week we made a slideshow video. It belongs to all of us.
It was meant to be an appeal to keep Catster's Community Forum here.
It has become a portrait, in moments, of what you all mean to us.
We share it with you.

I would also like to thank Watch Cat and all the 'Staff' who work so hard, as well as the Administrators of groups who work tirelessly to help us all to feel warm and wanted for various honors.

This belongs to all of you....You Tube link:


TRUST THAT MIRACLES OCCUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 12th 2014 4:49 pm
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We got the news last month
It could hardly be so
Losing a piece of us
Even those at Rainbow
For Catster, our home,
Where we met all our friends
Were taking away the Community
It was the end
But haven't I said it, in a world filled with purrs

Auntie Laura, Dana, Julie-Mazies Mom
Their angels got together and said
'This is all wrong-we need our folks to stay with their furs
We can't be gotten rid of-no-
'Trust that Miracles Occur!'

So they went to work-
They lit up the night
They purred it Real
They created a light
And tossed it high-energy made of fur
that drifted to San Fran

Feathers drifted here, they drifted there
They swirled in the snowfall
They were everywhere
Feathers to tickle, filled with magickal lure
For it's written down somewhere

And a Miracle Happened, in the midst of all
Our folks found each other, they answered the call
They banded together, the folks behind Furs
Working to save Magick

They learned a lesson, they found shoulders and friends
They shared beginnings, and they shared sad ends
They gazed into candles, they prayed on their knees
Sending out energy, sending out pleas
They reached up to those angels with rumbling soft purrs
Who answered with action

And so I sit here, on my couch back
Cheshire cats smile-me, I just snack
But I sit up and reach up, and say
Thank you Folks and Furs
I never doubted-

From Orange Ruffy, Warrior Poet of Catster



About me, and update on things-a second opinion reveals not- much

February 6th 2014 5:47 am
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Hi All,
Well, wanted to update you on my 'second opinion'. Basically, mom and dad don't have any more knowledge and mom isn't satisfied. Little Vet-who had been Natalie's Vet, and my vet before we 'switched over' needed the bloodwork, which she just got yesterday.

She told Mom and Dad that she really recommends a 'do over' on my ultrasounds as she doesn't much like the company that was used for my last one. Mom and Dad will probably get me a heart sonogram-I have not had one, but since mom and dad are a little 'strapped' with just dad working-and mind you, he has a good job-mom and dad don't know that they'll repeat the abdominal ultrasound.

Little vet said it could be my heart, but she didn't have any indication, as there was no 'official' diagnosis' and the results of the ultrasound from the other vet were 'liver cysts'. Little vet doesn't think that would play into my lack of appetite and nausea some days.

Yesterday was a wonderful day for me-mom said it was like I was back to me. No appetite booster, no-I felt well, ate well, rested well, and even ran around and played. Mom was making duck stock, so gave me a couple pieces of duck and that made me happy....however....

this morning, I was very unwell. I threw up twice and I peed next to the desk. Mom said she saw me go in the box again, and when she checked me, she saw I had dried poop on my backside. She thought I was constipated, but I may have had diarrhea, which is a new one for me. She had given me a little miralax thinking I might be constipated, and now she feels badly. She told daddy I'll get a little fluids tonight, just a bit, in case I'm dehydrated.

Mom called her friend who's a vet tech who's been practising for a long time. (she cant' get it right-she has to keep practising?) and mom's friend suggested the duck was too rich-but agreed this 'every few days' thing is not normal and she thinks there's a digestive or something else going on as well-she said 'the duck disagreeing-possible stomach issues-which may be from a more sensitive digestive system. I got pepcid and this morning an appetite booster, that mom calls the 'meow pill' because it makes me start meowing alot and being constantly at mom-wanting her to come with me to the kitchen to eat or to sit on the bed and pet me. I hate it when she's on the computer....

So that is where we are....

Now, we'll update again, but as we are 'losing' our virutal community here, we wanted to update you on where we will be after March can come to Facebook and Mom is on under 'Debra Knowles'. Mom and I and Natalie will also be on 'Cathugger'.

I'll talk more about this later.....we are very sad to be losing Catster, and mom isn't doing so well about this-but we aren't giving up or giving in. I have always believed in transition, Furs, and we cats know that we are forever the most adaptable we will adapt. But losing everyone...we don't want this to be an option. Mom wishes she had the money to buy Catster-the community and run it for everyone. Has anyone asked Say Media if they would sell it to all of us?

In the meanwhile, mom and we can be reached at as well-just put 'catster' in the subject line. There is a growing community of 'catster friends' on FB and at Cathugger.

I am working on a book with mom-one that features many of my diaries, my poems and stories....the last one will be written soon...

but no matter where we go-we take you all with us. We love you all-very much.

love and light,


Update on me

January 16th 2014 7:43 am
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Hi Furs and Folks,
Wanted to stop by and give up an update on me.
Mom and Dad have been concerned because my appetite is not what it was, and I've lost a pound. The vet listened to my heartbeat, and found that it wasn't as bad as last time, and took me off the cardiac medicine. He thought it might be effecting me negatively, as I had no appetite in the morning and threw up alot.
However, my appetite is still not great-I'm eating, mom has been getting me chicken, and raw beef ( I like it ground up, and the italian butcher she goes to does this for me!) and pretty much whatever I want. I'm still not ravenous, though I am now getting an appetite booster whenever I need it for my appetite.
No one is sure why. Mom had a 'senior panel' including thyroid done on me. My liver enzymes-one is a little better, one is the same, one is slightly worse. I'm to get Marin, which mom has to start me on later, and pepcid in the morning as needed. I have to have poop donated to the vet when she sees me go, because thats the only thing not checked. My thyroid, which mom thought might be off, was not. But the vet did feel my thyroid was swollen, so there is still that mystery!
It I had always been fussy, it wouldn't be such a concern, but I've always had a great appetite and would eat whenever I could.
I still want people food-especially chicken and last night-corned beef! I get some chicken, but mom and dad watch it with other foods....

Other than that, I'm about the same-mom is worried and dad is too...

I don't appear to be in pain, or uncomfortable, and have even been sleeping on the bed with them with the other cats the past couple nights. Without Natalie here threatening everyone, and everyone being put out in the front room, we're finding a new groove.

I know mom and dad are still sad, and I know my health issues aren't helping.

However, I do appear very comfortble and still love my Couch back.

Hope all is well with everyone else...

love, Ruffy


Happy New Year-love and light from Ruffy and the Ridgewood- Clowder...

December 31st 2013 4:03 pm
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From Orange Ruffy, Warrior Poet of Catster....

Dear Folks and Furs,
As the minutes tick down to the last of an old year, we cats take a step forward into the circle of light cast by the moon high above. We glance back into the shadows, but for a moment, and we feel warm in our hearts for every Miracle born of need. We leave behind the sadness of loss, we , as cats, in the now of meow, pacing through time....
We purr for our people, celebrating their triumphs, comforting their tears. We comfort them with the Knowledge that we hold deep within, and impart it to them with a soft gaze, and those who sit with us Know, sense that there is something beyond.....
leaping from the inbetween humans can't see, She comes. We touch noses and we leap high and frisk, dancing the timeless dance of all cats, celebrating with pure joy life and that it is endless, as those around her just out of focus join in, chasing each other and dancing, their wings neatly folded, all but invisible in this dimension. And for a few moments they and I forget the circle and chase each other through the sparkling night, and I am running and gliding through this place that is known to all cats, they have only to remember when the time is right...
And as a watch, a rainbow spreads across the dark night, and tiny stars in the heavens illuminate it, this shining colorful Bridge Across Forever. And I meet her as she comes to me again, purring and rubbing her cheek against mine. The others are crossing, as they do tossing from the surface of this light, tiny crystals of color that float out and away, to find those soul bound to them....a gift of love, of courage, of strength and hope. And She and I gaze into the darkness, and then, she leaps skyward, spreading before her sparks of light and warmth, and in her wake, Antares, the brightest star in the Winter sky shines with renewed glow....
Happy New Year My Friends, may the year ahead dance with you in joy, and lighten your cares. May she bring you blessing and prosperity, love and light. May Furs find the way to your door and into heart. May your pockets be full and your Souls fuller. May all the Goodness of Cat stand nose to nose with you and tickle you with her whiskers. May you know yourself the Heroes you are.

love, light and blessings,
Orange Ruffy


A Catster friend and family desperately need our help

December 19th 2013 8:49 am
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From Orange Ruffy, Warrior Poet of Catster,
Dear Folks and Furs,
I am calling in a MIRACLE for a friend. It seems our dear Blizz Catfather and his family are facing a CRISIS.
You see, Daddy John, who has a large feline household of rescues-mainly abandoned near his door-has been out of work for a year. He has enough money to pay his rent through the end of December, but that is it.
John has been looking for work-any work. His car died on him this year. He helps out with a side job that gives him use of a van on occasion, but that is it and he must rely on Public Transportation in Taneytown, Md, not known for it's getting around by bus.
Daddy John needs WORK-and is willing to do whatever it takes-but he told us this morning-he is frightened he will have to start REHOMING the TANEYTOWN CREW!!!!
Now, mommy is out of work at the moment, so we cant' do this alone....but we know this is a big community out there that can help....
Daddy John is very embarassed, and worried. He's taken in cats others have thrown away, and fed them and paid for vet bills by what little he has left-but it's running short and we ourselves are worried for him. Please, please Catster and cat family-lets keep a roof over this little family's head. Daddy John is not too proud to beg for his guys-he has already sold his TV, and most things of value when any of the Furs have required vet care.
Daddy John worked as a truck driver at his last job, but does not have a CDL license, which costs a bit to get as it inovlves trianing. He was supposed to have training through the state, but due to budget cuts it was 'cut' too.
Please...if anyone in any way can help-we know he'd appreciate it....this is devestating.

Bliz's Catster page... We know that he and his dad would appreciate any advice or help with jobs, or offers of temp foster care if it comes to that....


Updates on me, and a Video dedicated to the Rescue Saves,- featuring some Catster angels and US!

December 15th 2013 5:10 am
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Good morning everyone,

Purrs and loves to you and your Folks,

We are all doing well here. I had a check up and am doing ok. I take my heart medicine every day, and when daddy can catch me, get subq to help with my liver functions. However, I hate having this done, and it's like 'wrassling gators' as Daddy says. So I don't have it done as often as I should. I'm otherwise well, and I've been having some treats that Daddy brings home. Mommy is even talking about getting me some Chicken!

I'm eating well, and often, and have even been my old self, playing and running around, though on cold days when the apartment gets chilly if our landlords don't put up too much heat, I stay cuddled on the couch or a mat in the kitchen mom's put down for myself and Smokie, who enjoy them.

Mommy will be caretaking her neighbor's cats, and 4 cats in the city over the holidays who's people will be away-her friend asked her if she would do this, as a person supposed to take care of them has had to leave town . Mom of course said yes, she worries about kitties.

Mom and I created this wonderful video for the Rescues, Pets on Death Row volunteers, and Crossposters, as well as those who have seen their kitties off to Rainbow Bridge. Some are Catster cats, and we hope that you will go there, and have a look at the video-it's really about all of us who 'come in from the cold' and those who help to get us 'home'. It's all our story. I'm proud of being part of it, myself.

Mom is back to painting again, and has sold one of her paintings! We so hope the lady will love it! Its an oil pastel of her's actually not a painting but oil pastel crayons, which produce a very similar affect-mom took to using them as having real paints around with us is a challenge- (Calvin chews up everything!)

Here is the video link...thinking of all of you with joy and love.....Ruffy

Our Video


Hope is Ethernal

November 12th 2013 2:11 pm
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A Facebook'friend of mommy's has a very special lovely Mango cat. Last week the cat developed a swelling in it's nose area-a big swelling.

The kitty was taken to the vet-and the results weren't good when the test came in today-Hope has cancer. The cancer is fast spreading, and probably causing her to be uncomfortable.

Hope-that is her name-her mom has made the very difficult decision to see Hope off to the Rainbow Bridge.

Oh, I look at her, a sweet mango kitty, and I see so many lives in her eyes, and so many years of love, and happiness. She's FELV+, and this causes many people to hesitate, but not her mom and dad. They loved Hope, and her status was only a word to them.

It's always hard for our folks, probably harder for them than us, for unless we make the journey quickly, our bodies are such that we begin to shrug them loose, we meditate, and begin to make the transition and make our fare ye wells before we go-we're not afraid, for leaping up and out doesn't frighten us. But we of course worry for our folks. They are our lifelines, our folks.

and this evening, a very lovely pink painted the grey sky, coming up in the distance, shimmering and expanding as the sun went down...and as I reach up and out, my spirit connects with that of a lovely, soft, mango cat, who purrs into the Forever that we emerge from, and return to, with a last small playful purr, she turns and leaps, kitten like, straight up and into the beyond.

Love and Light gentle Messenger. Your work here is done....
Your mom and dad have been painted-the brushstokes you left fresh on their souls....marked as yours, as Guardians of Cat forever and always.

love and light,

her moms FB page: =stream


The fight for Andy....a radiant band of light..

November 10th 2013 4:11 pm
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Dear Folks and Furs,

A miracle is needed for one that is a living, breathing, and wondrous miracle...for a very kind, beyond belief family.

This family has made my mom cry. You see, they stepped forward, after two very special needs kittens were rescued from Death Row. The kittens, Andy and Bella were on 'the list' and were pulled by rescuers. But then came the hard part-finding a 'forever' home for them. You see, Bella is blind and Andy has hydrocephalus.

A family that should have come out of a fairy tale-with a little boy-a baby really-found out about these kittens and immediately WANTED them. You see, they are very special people. They have other animals, and wanted their son to know that love can be 'special'. And it is.

All should have a happy ending, right? Well...that's never how stories go...there always has to be the scary part..and there is a scary part...

A couple nights ago little Andy became non responsive. He went overnight from a playing, happy kitten to a kitten that appeared comatose. A vet suggested euthanizing him. But his mom and dad were not going to let that happen.

They reached out to the rescue community, and people began to share, and donate and share, and donate. Love and money flowed like honey.

And Andy got seen by a 'specialist' hours away...a picture shows a comatose kitten laying in the arms of a bewildered little boy...'Andy Come Back'.....
His kitten sister Bella, bewildered and blind searched for him everywhere, and cried and cried....but he had to be at the vet hospital-

and then.....the good vets, the amazing vets...made a miracle....

Andy revived!!! He came home yesterday.

This is a fragile situation. Tomorrow Andy is scheduled for surgery. The vets must relieve the pressure by placing a shunt. The vets are positive and hopeful, and his family are too. Andy is responsive, but it's fragile and without the surgery, this could happen again, as the fluid will continue to build. With the shunt, the chances are excellent that Andy will not have a problem again and will be a healthy little kitten.

What is love? Is it a little boy, his hands gentle on soft and white fur, a small kitten one vet at CACC deemed 'mentally retarded' and 'unadoptable', marking him 'New Hope' only, slating him for Death Row....and across the miracle of a million flashing circuits, an angel named Trudy and Lyn and Michelle and...well, angels who are folks working through the night to bring these kittens out of the bowels of hell...and succeeding....and that kitten, purring beside a smaller black and white one, also saved, in the arms of a little child...

Tonight, I reach across the universe to my Angels, my feline angels who are at the Bridge, and my Angels here, and my feline friends and their folks. I ask good energy, prayers, and if you can spare anything for this little cat's surgery, it would be a stairway of light towards someplace that wonder lives-a radiant band of light that surrounds this little kitten, and perhaps, really, all of us.

Tomorrow this little kitten goes in for surgery.....

and I will purr and reach up with power of the paw to add my purr to all of those who send love and light to Andy-to Bella-to the family.

I include the You Caring link....if you 'follow' Trudy Schilder on Facebook, you will see the details of what is going on with Andy.

For I must believe...Trust that Miracles Do Occur.....
And we are miracles in fur.....

love and light, my friends, love and light
Orange Ruffy

Andy You Tube Link: are y-needs-help-updated-3pm-sun-/104102

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