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The Baboo Kitty Has Spoken

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Feeling better

September 16th 2014 5:50 am
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Well, thank you for the purrs! They seem to be working! We went to the vet again on Saturday and I am up in weight a quarter of a lb. Vet tested my sugar, because it was a little high and cut the pred back to once a day. Mommmy said the pred and the fluids are helping me, and the vet explained to her that because I'm older, and have FIV+, that some of my health issues come from that. The vet told mommy I looked better, and I will go back in a couple weeks for anohter little check up and repeat bloods in a month.
Mommy likes this vet-he has a 'wholestic' approach, and encouraged mommy to even try the demarin with food for me-maybe in the afternoon after I've eaten. My liver numbers aren't good, but he's hoping to see some improvement, and as for me, I'm getting treated well with chicken and fresh steak-not to shabby if I do say so myself!
Thank you all for your purrs and power of the paw!!! It is helping!

love and light-


Back from the vet today

September 6th 2014 2:30 pm
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Dear all,
I went to the vet today and Mommmy and Daddy were pretty concerned as I was very quiet the whole way there and when I got there.

The vet looked at my bloodwork up from last year. It was nearly the same! I had dropped off a pound and a half then as well as now.

He took blood, and is running a CBC and a special liver panel. He says my liver is very enlarged. Mommy is afraid=but the vet told mommy I will get pred 2x a day and fluids once a day or every other day as needed. She's to try to continue the liver suppliment and he suggested also that I get whatever I want to eat-which is great!!! Ah the days of fresh chicken that lie ahead!
Mommy ttold him she is afraid of the 'big c' and he told her not to go places yet-and my wanting to eat is a very very good thing! He said it could be some sort of allergy that hits me harder this way because of my immune system. She has AD to syringe feed me as well, though I'm doing very very well eating-

Today I came home and had some lovely fancy feast and then laid down. I don't seem to be feeling quite as bad. A b12 shot may be in order.

The vet didn't stock clinicare, but said he has no problem with mom trying it. He also suggested the colutrum that mom bought for the kittens, a little at a time maybe. He suggested putting a bowl of it down and seeing if any of us would drink it as he says we'll come to no harm and some cats love the taste.

I still think I will prefer chicken!!!
love you all!
love and light-Ruffy


not feeling well, might I have some purrs.

September 6th 2014 7:14 am
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Dear furs,
I'm not feeling myself this week.Oh, I've been enjoying treats, but mommy and daddy both have noticed that I've lost some weight-a consierable bit of weight and I've been sitting on my little carpet in meatloaf position. This morning, despite pepcid, I didn't want to eat at all. Mommy said I was constipated-there was evidence I threw up and then passed a small hard poop. I wish she wouldn't discuss these sort of things.

Mommy is very worried. In a months time, I have grown scraggly, and I wasnt' to the vet all so long ago.

Today, to be honest, I'm not minding. Oh, I don't like going, not at all, but I'm feeling pretty miserable.

Purrs please furs and folks.

love and light-I've been through worse,


We lost a kitten, and 2 others leave for their 'furever'- home, sad week here.

August 15th 2014 1:55 pm
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Hello Furs,
Tomrorow will be a bittersweet day for me. I have a little foster kitten friend, and tomorrow, she and her brofur leave for ther furever home. She's very sweet, she comes and shares my plates of food with me, and sometimes sleeps beside me. But last week nice people came to meet her, and this week she had her spay surgery and will be leaving to go to her new home at West Point.
Mommy's sad about this, but Daddy keeps reminding her that they took on the kittens so save their lives, and now they will be able to save others. It's what it is about, after all. But for me, I told Mommy that I will miss her too.

Sadly, our youngest kitten foster passed away suddenly. It knocked momy for a loop-she had been fine that morning. Here is a link to a video mommy made for her-

Mommys vet friend told her that these things sometimes happen. Mommy and Daddy rushed her to the ER vet, and Mommy had to pay $354.00 to stabilize her. They got her to the Rescue's president that night (who is a tech) who sat up with her and gave her fluids, antibiotics, and fed her-then the next day she went to the rescue's vet who gave her fluids again, another anti inflamatory, and more medicine-but her fever was high and wouldn't come down. Mommy had fallen in love with her, it hurt her. The ER vet had suggested hospitalization but it would have cost the rescue $1600 and they told Mommy they didn't have that....Mommy put the ER vet on her credit card and it's been hard becuase with her not working, money is tight-but nice people donated towards Bethany's ER-and that's helped.

Mommy and Daddy were asked by someone-rather 'told' 'you wouldn't foster a little kitten like that again, would you?" Mommy said 'We would. If it meant giving them a chance at life, not being killed in the shelter, we woulld'.

Mommy said she hopes someday more people 'get it'. I get it-what if someone had felt that way about me-what if Mommy and Daddy felt that? I wouldn't be here-but I am here-and my life, and all our lives, furs, is precious. We need to help one another-and our folks, to understand that-which they must because I would venture that most of us here are adopted-we weren't bought in a pet store, thank goodness.

And those of us who were in 'shelters' made it out....

Purring tonight for those still facing death-and glad our Bethany had a little time with us...

On a happier note, Mommy made some chicken so I'm off to have some...

love and light,


Doing fine, had some chicken, 2 of the kittens have homes

August 11th 2014 1:50 pm
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Hi all,
Hope everyone is well-I'm doing ok, taking it easy these days and relaxing. I had some of my favorite chicken yesterday-Popeyes-Mommy and Daddy took the skin off and gosh it was good!

Two of our foster kittens will be going to their new home once the girl, Hemisphere Dancer, is spayed and they fix up her eye. Mommy tried to get an appointment this week, but they didn't have any room. We are on 'standby' in case someone cancels. The rescue was really surprised that they didn't have any appointments.

Their mom and sister came and met this this week, and mommy and daddy liked them! Their new mom is a Sargent in the army!!! But she was really nice and very gentle with the kittens. The daughter was 13 and Mommy liked her alot-she said they were about the nicest people. The lady told mom she hopes to retire in 5 years but will not be deployed-its one of the reasons she took the job where she did at West Point! So our two little fosters will be at West Point!

Mommy and I and Daddy and the rest of us will miss them. I will miss Hemi alot. She and I have alot of fun eating togehter-I even let her eat from my plate. But they will have a good forever home, even if mommy and daddy are sad....they were saved and will now have a home with people who will take good care of them forever.

Well, mommy jut put on the 'cool air' and I am going to go and rest in it's path. Have a good day all.


Good morning all-I'm doing fine and we have kittens here!

July 16th 2014 3:23 am
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Good morning all, I apologize for the delay in updating everyone-Mommy has been looking for a job, and in between that, looking after 2 new kittens we are fostering here! They came to us 10 days ago-they were going to be euthanized, and mommy, though our house is full, could not bear for them to be killed, so she and daddy took them. They are somewhat exhausting for mommy-they get into everything! They are very cute though, and mommy and daddy think they will be wonderful kittens for someone!

Is it hard to say they will get homes? Yes-but this way they have a chance at life, at getting a good home-and they are very endearing-and they will get great homes. And by fostering, their lives were saved.

As for me, I am doing ok. Mom and Dad decided to hold off on the biopsy for now til my vet has time to read the previous biopsy results. Mommy and Daddy both feel that since I'm eating pretty well, drinking and using the box, to put me through something I've already been through might be too much.

I worried mom the other day. I didn't wake for breakfast and didn't wake til almost 2pm. But this wasn't a big deal, when I did wake, I certainly wanted to eat and ate well! Mommy figures that sometimes I just like to sleep in, especially on cloudy, hazy days when I'm relaxing. Mommy's tech friend said that sometimes older cats do that-but since I did get up and eat well there wasn't anything to worry about.

I have a couple sleeping spots I love, one is the little table by the window in the kitchen, mommy puts a blanket on it and I like to nap there. So does on occassion Mr. Paws and he and Calvin have been known to share it with me. I don't mind too much. Another spot is a box that Mommy made daddy leave up for now-our cat tree came in it but it's a good sleeping spot. Another is my mat in the kitchen. It's in front of the fan and I get a nice breeze.

Summer is lovely, isn't it? I am doing as I usually do, in between resting and eating, writing to friends and about them...and communing with those who've crossed-but then all we cats can do that, as you probably have noticed!

It's nice having Mommy here with us, but I know that Mommy is concerned. She has been looking for awhile, but so far hasn't gotten a job. It sometimes makes her sad-she went back to school to get a Masters, and now it seems that no one wants to hire here even with it. It worries her-though Daddy is working hard-it doesn't leave them anything extra and it worries Mommy. We live in NY, so Mommy figures there would be jobs. She wonders if other catster parents had had this experience.

Other than that, we are having a lazy nice summer.

love and light,


thankyou for the DDP and an update on me!

June 10th 2014 7:11 am
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Good morning all,

About me-I had my vet appointment. Dr. K. is concerned about the spot on my nose as it's spreading-and I have a small one on my side. He's asked Daddy to get the results from the other vet, but it looks as if next Thursday I will have a small procedure done to remove these things and biopsy them yet again.

There was talk of it might perhaps be cancer, but as he said to Mommy, not all cancer is alike nor is all 'fatal'.

My liver values are back and are holding steady. He does want me on a liver suppliment and Mommy would like to know if anyone knows of a cat liver suppliment that comes in liquid=the demarin pills make me ill-I do liquids so much better.

My allergies are very bad-because of my liver, he asked mommy to do these things:

1) Dust and vacuum as often as possible
2) Mommy and daddy got an air purifier-it's 'hepa like' and does get dust and dander and lots of other stuff. They wanted the HEPA one but it was almost 300 dollars and they simply couldn't afford it. So this air purifier is going in our living room. we have another in the bed room
3) the air conditioner, which Dr. K explained works like an air purifer in many ways will help and mommy put it on for me this morning as i was coughing.

I am eating ok. I've been a little more quiet, but as Dr. K told mommy and daddy-cats do rest when the weather is humid or oppressive, as people do. I like to lay on my little mat in the kitchen and rest.

I will keep everyone updated on how things go...

love and light to you all,


My vet appointment is Saturday-black thing on my nose- getting larger-purrs, please?

June 4th 2014 6:16 pm
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Good evening all,

Forgive the absence-we have some exciting good news! But first-

Mommy and Daddy are taking me to the vet on Saturday. The black dot on my nose-seen by 2 different vets and biopsied twice-has grown and this concerns mommy and daddy, as does my wheezing and loud breathing. Mommy said this week she hopes to be able to get an air purifier for me-It really helps me and the dust in the air has always bothered me. Our old one broke last Summer-the young furs were racing around and knocked it down one too many times.

Mommy worries about me. This past week she had a 'flashback' of us, in another life-she and I-and I was sitting with her as she sat at a table and was writing something...she said 'we've known each other before, haven't we Ruffy?' And when she called me 'Anu' I gazed up at her. Of course we have Mommy!

Do any of you furs remember your folks from the before time?

So I will be going to the vet-but mommy worries. I have lost some weight, and mommy and daddy will probably have bloods run.

Might I request some purrs? I'm not feeling too unwell-I get my chicken, I eat with the help of ciproheptadine, which is also used as a antihistimine, so helps on two fronts. It's just that my fur isnt' what it once was, and mommy worries-she's a worrier, can you tell.

Now-the good news!

1) This week, Mommy and Daddy officially adopted Paws, Ringo, and Miracle. They signed the paperwork, so they are now officially Ridgewood Clowder cats. They are all good cats. I don't mind Miracle much at all-we tolerate one another. I've even slept on the bed with Mommy and Daddy and she.

Now, the other good news-we have a new foster. She is a tiny little black cat mommy saw on death row. Mommy's heart breaks when she see's these cats, but this little cat's friend was killed the night before. The little cat's name is Ma'at' and since Ma'at is Daddy's patron, and the Goddess of Balance, and this little cat was named after her-daddy told mommy to pull her. She's very small, and doesn't bother anyone at all-she weighs only 6lbs and is way too skinny. Mommy and Daddy will be showing her-with their rescue-for adoption....but they are glad that she's adjusting well and will have a chance to find the best home....we are now at 10, so she is a foster...and mommy feels she'll get a great home as she's very funny, chatty, and affectionate. Mommy can't believe she was found as a 'stray'.
Mommy says she's very loud and probably got put out for making so much noise-she's very chatty and holds conversations. She adores Daddy.

I will let everyone know's how Saturday goes-til then I'm relaxing, and having some chicken.

love and light,


Happy happy purrday Ringo

June 3rd 2014 6:46 pm
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It seems like yesterday.
Mommy saw your picture, a little kitten that said 'kitten must go today-she has ringworm'. You, as young as you were, on 'Death Row'. They-the people there said that you were 'cautious' and 'needs experienced home-rescue only' because you were 'cautious'.

Your name then was 'Baby Josie'. You were very very small, and right away, sure of yourself. You followed us around, you were a kitten who ran with the big cats. You weighed 2lbs.

How did the time pass so fast-I watched you as you grew-into a funny, fey little tomboy. You hated being 'shown' for adoption'. You would hide. No one else understood why you hid from such nice people. But you knew where your home was.

Calvin fell in love with you-I enjoyed watching you grow and run and play.

Can it be a year already. But it is. Sunday night Mommy signed the papers that said you are officially ours. The little kitten from Death Row who daddy named Ringo because he said you had ringworm and they said you had to go.

Now you watch other cats come-and go.
Do you know you're now a part of us-there will be no goodbyes.

You are much much loved-and as my youngest sister, I am so glad you're here, in from the cold.

Love and Light,


Pacing the portals of time...

May 16th 2014 1:14 pm
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My name was Anu.
I wore a coat similar to the one I wear today. It was often dusty as I lay atop the highest outcrop of sandstone, and gazed down and over my realm.
I was not 'wild'. My 'Master' was my servant. He bought me fish in the market place, the most succulent pieces of meat were mine, laid before me on a glazed plate. I was not a Prince, but in my realm I was a king and a jester besides.
I rode upon my Masters shoulder as he went about the compound piled high with stone, and when I grew weary, leapt off to find shade in the heat of the day.
The world was mine, a world filled with bright sun and the smell of a river.
I paced the courtyard, there were others, a cat with the softest coat, a female who wore an ankh on the softest loop around her neck, a jewel that shone in the middle of the pendant, but not as bright as her eyes. Then there was a sable male, who rolled upon his back and often fell off from the perch he lay upon, to turn quickly and land on soft paws, his expression amazed.
I was gathered in the early evening into my Mistresse's arms, but I did not stay there, I leapt down to the rough tile, and pace before her into the shadows as the evening turned to night and the wind from the water carried with it the softest hint of salt.
I leapt to the woven cloth atop the bed, I sat there, my own soft cushion padded with down and I gazed out and finally my eyes closed.
I was Anu. I was He who is Powerful, for I could see between worlds and even then, yes, it was known. I would wake and rise up and gaze at the Inbetween, and I would Know. I was Anu, and I was and still Am.
And I carry that Knowledge with me, all the Wisdom of light and shadow
that we, as Cats, wear as we wear the mantles of different colored fur.
For behold, we are Forever.

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