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The Baboo Kitty Has Spoken

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Today Delilah goes home!

February 17th 2012 4:03 am
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Daddy is happy and sad. Mommy is happy and sad. CK doesn't know.
Mommy went yesterday and the ladies are Lynne and Cheryl! They have a lovely apartment in 'the village' and a house in Vermont!

Lynne showed mommy pictures of her cats that had all gone to Rainbow. They looked well cared for.

Mommy's only 'concern' was that they don't feel real 'quality' food. She explained what is good and why, but at the end of the day, people do what they feel comfortable and good about. Lynne was able to listen and hear why grain free is better. She's actually going to consider Paul Newmans food.

Their last cat lived to be 21. Another they battled cancer with, and Mommy knows that is not inexpensive. Lynne had gone and bought cat toys.

They are coming over later, so we will get to meet them. Mommy had to explain that the foster was not around us....and that FIV+ is not easy to catch in any case. She said that we live seperately, and that Delilah plays only with CK, who's FIV-.

Mommy's glad in a way because Delilah is a climber, and wants to explore everything. She thinks that she wants more attention and Lynne is retired and has alot of attention for Delilah.


How do we tell him?

February 16th 2012 6:47 am
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Hi Furs!
Well, we have a bittersweet situation here. As many of you know, there is a 'Foster' living here, in Natalies room. She's a nice cat, from the little contact I've had with her. She wasn't hostile at all when I went in to visit the other evening. She's quite pleasant.
Now, this past week, a nice lady who's cat lived to be 21 and went to Rainbow Bridge called Mommy. They have been talking. Mommy is going to today to see her home. The lady and Mommy have said that if this goes well...and Mommy gets 'good vibes' from the lady...that Delilah will be 'going home' with the lady and her friend tomorrow.
Delilah will be an only kitty for awhile, but they are open to another animmal for her. They are nice people, and Delilah will accompany them in the summer to their home in Vermont.
The lady is retired. She misses having a cat.

Now this is good news, right?

Well....maybe for Delilah.

But CK has become Delilahs' little friend. They are playmates and play every morning and evening. He even seems to like her better than Princess.

He doesnt' know this. I know it's making mommy sad. Because Natalie sure won't play with him the way Delilah does.

We will be extra kind to him...last night we ran around and played and Princess and he played yesterday afternoon.

How do we tell him? What do we tell him?

Daddy is sad too. He told Delilah 'THIS IS YOUR matter where you go, you can always come back to us."

Mommy cried, but told Daddy that 'this is for the best.'

And it is. Because Delilah deserves to have a home where she can be afforded all the attention, and have the money there for vet care if needed, which right now is a little worrying to Mommy, with Bella-who by the way see's Dr. P on Monday evening about future surgery plans.

But when Delilah goes to her new home tomorrow evening....

What do we tell CK?


Why I believe in Miracles...

February 15th 2012 10:03 am
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Hi Furs,
Life is a funny thing, and this is why I believe in Miracles...
In January, Dot came to Catster. Dot's story, which can be seen in full on Facebook, is rather strange and wonderful. Dot was born with a rare condition in cats, Spina Bifada. She has little use of her hind legs, and other stuff that is different. But no one told Dot.
Dot was born in a gararge in Va. She was found by a kind person, who reached out on her behalf. One thing led to another and someone, a smart and wonderous someone, made a series of videos of Dot. Mom saw the first one-Dot Dynamite, which can be seen on Utube. Mom laughed and cried and watched it over and over and over again.
And apparently, so did many people and furs. Before you knew it, Dot was known all over!!!! In other countries, even!
And so the Miracle happened! People began to write to Dot and her 'Team'. People joined Team Dot! People and furs wrote and sent love and purrs and $ to help Dot to find a furever home.

And the Miracle: 2 Special Needs Cats were adopted from Tabby's Place in NJ. The Leaders of Team Dot applied for admission for Dot to Tabby's Place....and Dot was accepted!

Now, Tabby's Place is a very different and wonderful Cat Shelter and Sanctuary. It takes in only cats that might not be conventionally adoptable-cats that have issues that may make them harder to find homes for. Please go and check out their site....their wonderful Team believe in miracles daily...and help them to happen!

Dot has been garnering fans and friends there....she is the Star of the Sanctuary.

And so...a little kitten that some might have considered 'unadoptable' has become a Star, and now has a whole network of people to love and cherish her, and that includes us, my dear Furs.

Dot is the best of us. For myself, with FIV+, I think of the rescue who didn't want me there, because I was 'contageous' and I think....
Dot, way to go little girl!

Thank you, good humans, who never gave up, who believed, who would not take NO for an answer. Thank you for believing with your hearts, and for reaching out, stretching out. Thank you, Ceiling Cat and Bast, and wonderous Creator for the wonderful energy. Thank you for a Miracle!

Dot is one of us. She's US. All of US. She's the brown tabby with no tail and the biggest eyes. She's the little one born in a manger with no home. She's 'different' and as such, 'Special'.

We're all Special, Furs. All of us.

And we're all Miracles!

And if Dot can find this wonderful loving place that will devote time, $, love and care and find her a permanent home, or else she'll live there with her public able to visit and love on her...well, if Dot can do it....

Then all those Furs out there in need can too...

There is always Hope, Furs.


Thank you Dot! Thank you Tabby's Place! Thank you Team Dot!

And thank you Universe!


Here is a link to Dot's page on Tabby's Place. She and many other wonderful 'special needs' cats are available for sponsoring and even adoption...... 19

Love and light,
Shine bright little Miracle,


Why I'm proud to be a Rescue!

February 13th 2012 12:38 pm
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Proud to be Rescued...

I'm a little of this and a little of that
Lovely soft fur on a big orange cat
I have no 'papers' I came from 'the streets'
There were days uncertain of if I would eat
But I had resilliance, I had good grace
A strong sturdy body and sweet striped gold face
And I'm nobody's purebred, I'm a cat from the cold
Maybe in my ancestery theres shorthair or scottish fold
But I never had laurels, or ribbons or anything like that
You might just say I'm one lucky cat
I am a rescue, I'm proud to say
I hope that others like me get rescued today

We commited no crime, but we were turned out of our homes
To fend for ourselves, so all alone
We had to find shelter, find sometihng to eat
Life is not easy when you're out on the streets
Some of us young, too many of us old
Orange and tabby, even Persians, I'm told
Being a 'purebred' there's no guarentee
That a home is forever, or loving, you see

And I'm proud to be rescued, I'm lucky I know
For I lived through blistering summers and winters with snow
I ate out of garbage, I begged, went without
Lifes not easy on the streets, without a doubt

But one day some kind people, they stopped and saw me
They spoke in soft voices, I guess they could see
Beyond my rough coat, my dirty face
they got me into a carrier and out of that place

And now as I sit and look back at those years
Too many lost comrades, if a cat could cry-tears
For not all are rescued, some still roam the streets
Desperate for kindness, and a little sometihng to eat

So all my furs, purr deep and true
For those cats still out there are part of you
No matter your 'bloodline' or how you came home
Purr for those not rescued, so cold and alone

And I'm proud to be rescued, on my couch back
My coat glossy and shiny as I wait for a snack
And I send out my Magick, and won't stop til it's done
For all to have homes
Til we're all home-adopt one.


Lumi-a Tribute to a Black Cat

February 12th 2012 1:12 pm
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My sister Natalie told me that Big Harry's Sister, Lumi, has passed along to Rainbow Bridge.

I didn't know Lumi well...we still haven't been here long enough to come to know everyone as others do. But I wanted to say this...

Black cats are special. They have a magick to them that is absorbed into their coat, and comes from their little special souls. They absorb magick, and sendi it out as blessings, to warm and comfort those around them.

They are sheilds, they keep harm from their families.

They are resilliant, they find the warmest places to sleep, the best things to eat, and the most wonderous people to love.

Lumi was, as Natalie would say, 'Elderwise'. She was a tough survivor, with a heart of gold. We know here pawrents will miss her-for black cats have this other special grace-they are mystical, and create intense bonds with those humans who come to know them-understand them.

Lumi was a Familar.

Dear you fly out and across the earth, and break the barrier only those who are earthbound believe is there, glance back over your shoulder....the shadow of your wings....tender new things...won't keep you from seeing I stand up...and salute you, Angel Girl, with the Power of the Paw. And tonight, I know, as Antares, the brightest star in the winter sky shines bright and ethernal, so will you.

Love and light my dear,

and the Kew Gardens Cloweder


My Vet Visit

February 9th 2012 7:24 am
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Well, I got hauled off last night to the vet, as I had thought. It wasn't too bad. Glenn, the Manly Tech came in and weighed me and took my temp. I'm up a pound which I had lost when I was ill, and my temp was normal.
Big Vet looked at my eye, stained it. It's not a scratch, she thinks it's a virus and its reoccuring. Without testing she doesn't know what kind.
She gave mom and dad medicine for my eye to see if it helps. She told Mom and Dad lysine 2x a day for me (yuck, why can't there be lysine chickens, or trout, even-k, Tabbies?)
She said that I am such a lovely cat, and very mellow...which I always am.
She said she loved my big head.
She wants to see me back in 10 days.
She does think the virus thing of my eye is from my depressed immune system.
She said I should drink plenty of guiness and nip beer to keep up my immune system. (well, not really, but I think so!)
Mommy was glad to hear that it was not really bad....and wasn't surprised to hear that I could have recurrent flare ups...

I'm well, didn't get any c hicken this morning...and am relaxing on the couch back.



Eye can't seem to get away from eye issues.

February 8th 2012 6:59 am
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Well, I am going to have to go back to the vet. My eye is swollen again, and slightly weepy. Mommy is going to make the appointment.
This morning, she stuck that stupid lysine in a syringe in my mouth and made me eat it. YUCK! IT DIDN'T TASTE LIKE CHICKEN OR ANYTHING GOOD!
And she put some terrimycin in my eye from the last time I had conjuctivitis, and then got worried...she's aways worried that maybe it's from a scratch and not a cold. In which case she needs to use a different medicine. She she wants to make sure with a vet visit.
But she's going to call and have me seen. AGAIN!

Mommy scolded Daddy and told him that she needs him to be a more responsible kitty dad-I know she is just worried about me because my dad feeds us and gets us food and litter and takes us to the vet when mommy is in school or stuff. Dad works 6 days a week and starts his day really early, as he's doing the baking at the restaurant he's a chef at.

Mommy feels they can't catch a break lately. And sometimes, sigh, I wonder why I keep having this happen. I know it's my FIV+. Yet, Smokie doesn't have this. Just lil ole me.

I got chicken this morning, we all did. I wanted more but Mommy told me 'Ruffy, you have had enough-you had 2 feedings this morning. You are far from starving."


I'll just lay here on my windowsill-and it's chilly-and be cold.

I sure could do with a nice treat.



Mommy is home with us today because she's not feeling well,- and she gave us some CHICKEN!!!

February 6th 2012 5:20 am
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Hi Everyone,
We have a treat today! Mommy is staying home with us! She isn't feeling very well, so she got up this morning and made us breakfast and added chicken to it.

I love the days Mommy stays home. She usually spends more time with us and we're fed more often.

I had my plate then grazed evyerone else's leftovers. They tend not to finish-Daddy thinks they are 'spoiled' and getting very finecky with food.

Mommy said she's still worried about the thing on my nose, and she's probably going to have to have it looked at. She wants to speak with the Big Vet to find out what it is that Bella has. She's concerned because Bella took awhile to bounce back from her dentistry and she is worried that the anesthesia wouldn't be so good for her. But she wants Bella to be ok.

I'm purring for my Sisfur. She doesn't much like me, but we came here together, and she's my Sisfur.

Would everyone continue purring for her? She's my mom's 'kittygirl' and My mom has been through so much with her. I think she's really afraid to 'lose' Bella though I've tried to explain that we don't 'go away' or 'stop'. We just jump up and out...and we do, yes, we do, return.

I wanted to say thank you all for being there....and for being my friend.


A Tribute to My Friend and Fellow Dreamboat, Tiger

February 3rd 2012 2:05 pm
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Dear Tiger,
I read your diary today with meloncholy. And yet, perhaps a tough of wonder. For as I perused your page, I saw your age. At have had a cats lifetime of days and nights with your human Mom. You've had time to love, to purr, to curl beside her and to just BE.
And we are good at Just Being. We, Felines, have the ability to make Relaxing look as though it's what we were born for.
We are...and so much more. For we are wonderous, aren't we?
I was sad-and am sad that you'll be departing for Rainbow. I haven't been there....that I recall. But I know it's beauty, I sense, as I gaze up at the sky that just now changes from a bright and cold late afternoon to the beginning of evening that Rainbow is not unknown to me, or to any feline.
I lay here on the loveseat and Alex appears, her wings softly blurred in the sun as she grooms and purrs. Gossimer, like clear butterfly wings, she comes close and touches noses. "It's ok, Ruffy. You Know. For we don't say goodbye, Ruffy....just See You Later. For aren't I here, now, to tell you this myself?"
"But Alex, why Tiger? He's such a great guy? Why do we have to go?" I felt that anguished question rise up in me as Alex absentmindly groomed her front paw.
"Ah Ruffy.....Tiger's mission here was love. He changed his mommy's life for the better, and he's done such a good job. He's completed that mission, Ruffy. He's a Dreamboat. He's a Traveller. He's on a am I, Ruffy. He's done what he came here to do and more. His mom knows's in her heart. And you know this too...for you, don't you know Ruffy, that there is more to come...?"
I looked at her and signed and she flapped her wings lazily in time with her swishing tail. "Tiger will know when the time is right. Ruffy, we are meant to be Guides and Guardians....we need to do that from both sides,, we have a certain power...and across the Bridge we have a different sort of perhaps that goes further in it's own way...we are Miracle Makers."
"Alex, more time...."
"Ruffy, it's not my's always the cat who's to cross...their Guardian Angel simply guides, Ruffy. They lend their strength and magick to the Traveller, Ruffy.....and lead. They lend a wing, so to speak. But it's always the Cats Choice. No one is forced, my friend."
She licked my ear. "And so? Does your heart hurt less?"
"I feel for his human mom. She loves him so."
"She understands Ruffy. She's an Old Soul. She knows. She's walked this path with him, her Familar. She Knows."
I couldn't find words, and maybe none were needed. I looked at Alex. "Alex....and I'll ask you....would you do it differently?"
"What, Ruffy?"
"The way you left. Your mom....she was so devestated."
Alex sat down and crossed her paws. "I.....I wouldn't hurt my mom for the world. But my time had come. I was called to-I was needed. Another moment could not go by as it was. My mortal body in that life was fading. But I was not fading. I needed to cross faster than I had hpeed to, But I knew Mother was strong.She had purpose. I knew that I had sown a seed and that she would never be parted from me...that somehow, she would understand. She was beyond grief, of course. Yet....with a nudge and a purr I sent the Spirits to her that are Finney and Lacey. She goes on do I."
She purred more loudly.
I sat and looked at her. "And how do I cope with saying hail and farewell to this friend in this space, this life?"
"You never do, Ruffy. Just 'See You Later'. And you do as you do always, you sit up and take that breath and intone your blessings, for you hold it within, the Song that Is Theirs, and you breathe it up into the Sky, so it finds it's way to the Universe and creates a Universal Purr to all that Is Goodness and Cat.....'
And she rose up on her hinds, her wings fluttering faster and a breeze was created....and I sat up as well...

"I salute you Tiger...with Power of the Warrior Cat with the brightest blaze of coat, Firecat with bright eyes and swishing tail, and with a rumbling purr. I salute you with all that I am, all that we all are, and I send you with love and Speed on your way to your next mission, your next destination, and tell you, no matter where you will always be a part of all that is US, all that is Good....for you are Cat."

Alex touched my nose...and then, with small burst of starlight, perhaps...she was gone. I watched as a tiny light rose up and dissapeared into the Universe.

And I bowed my head and sent with all my heart, my love to Tiger and his Mom.

See you Later my Noble Friend...till we meet again
May God Hold you in the Palm of Her Hand.

love and light to Tiger

Orange Ruffy


Welcome Pumkin Latte

February 3rd 2012 6:18 am
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From yesterday....Mommy couldn't post it because of 'fleas'.

Today.... I sit by my's open and screened. After awhile I move to the back of the loveseat, and I begin the low rumble of a purr....and with Mommy this morning, watch two ground hogs in two different states emerge from their says we will have an early spring....the other that we will have 6 more weeks of winter....
And I know that coming in from the cold means this freedom to Be Cat in the best of imitate Bast as she is curled in statue form on the small altar, her purr audible only to my ears...
And I look at another Catster Profile of a small orange Tabby with eyes that could have been mine so long ago...a fur still between worlds, not quite in from the cold, but not fending for himself, either.
And I stretch out a paw across the distance, and I say 'welcome' Pumpkin Latte, for you remind me of myself when young, wanting to be loved, and cautious at the time time. I remember meeting Daddy, wanting so to trust, to believe that someone could love me and want to take care of me, and at the same time wondering when this would end.
But as I sit here, in a warm home, with food before me at meal time, and I look curiously at the small, furry form of the BUB as she plays, I know that I am lucky. I am Home, with my people, with my Furs, and indeed within myself.
Here, as I write, I have found friends and met others who have come in from the cold, who have reached out a paw, and who have rumbled purrs in welcome. I have felt the berift feeling as a good friend bounds off to the bridge, to run behind sometimes, only to have them stop at the threshold, touch noses to mine and say 'Someday, Ruffy, you'll know why. Til then, tell my folks I send love and will guard and guide them and send them miracles...'
And we are Miracles ourselves, warm coats, lovely eyes, soothing purrs, zany antics.
I welcome you, new ones, young ones, Elderwise...and you, innocent fur with the widest eyes and most wonderous expression...Pumpkin Latte. For here, the road changes, and you...dear little cat, no longer walk alone.

Love, light and many purrs...
May your days ahead be filled with good things...

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