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The Baboo Kitty Has Spoken

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We are worried about the New Orleans Kitties and our Mobile- friends.

August 28th 2012 5:24 am
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Hi Everyone

In 2005 Mommy remembers watching a very similar hurricane make it's way up the coast.
While Issac isn't taking the same route exactly, and is much weaker, we are concerned about our furrends and their pawrents on the Coast.

Would everyone please purr for them?

We know what this is to them, and we are concerned.

Purrs and loving energy to you guys,



Power of the Paw needed for my Sisfur, Bella

August 25th 2012 2:47 pm
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She's written about it in her diary, but my elder sisfur has lost a half a pound, is down to 5 and a half pounds and her anemia is getting into the bad range.

Bella is my mom's 'Kitty Girl'. She's our eldest here, and perhaps, really, the reason Mom works for us all so much.

Mommy said that little vet looked at her and said 'you are doing all you can do....getting old is not for sissies.'

Could I ask some power of the paw for Bella?

thank you all,
love and light,


A very special request for purrs

August 23rd 2012 4:46 pm
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Dear Furs and Folks,

Mommy got a call from Miss Kaci Sunshine's mom. Miss Kaci hasn't been well and is not eating.

Could we all purr and pray for her and her mom? Her mom has been quite sad and very worried. Miss Kaci is an only cat after her sister Miss Mittens went to the Bridge. Miss Mittens Rainbow Bridge day is fast approaching.
Miss Kaci's mom is missing her, and is so worried about Kaci.
She hasn't had the heart to come here, but mommy said she and I wanted to ask for purrs and she said that would be ok....

Would you all purr up a storm for our little friend, Miss Sunshine?

love and light,


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August 20th 2012 7:44 pm
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1) Tell me your funny Christmas story.
Well, 2 years ago the 'gran'baby' and her mother came for a visit. They are from 'down South' where Daddy is from. The 'gran'baby' that mom thouht would be a sweet little girl she could dress up was a wild beast. Mom said we were so much better behaved than she was. She woke up in the morning and would stomp around all day, thowing balls, breaking stuff, etc. She had two and off. And she was fascinated by us cats. But she didn't want to pull tails or anything. No...she would follow us around...if Smokie went up the cat tree...she would want to go up, too. Then one day Smokie was eating some dry food..and she came over and knelt beside him and put a piece of it in her mouth to try. And Smokie...who was very very tolerant of the 'gran'baby' finally had it. He looked at her and hissed, like 'this is just toooo much...I don't eat your mushy jar of food'. We liked her...her nickname was 'Alliecat' but we were sure glad when she left.

2) Where's your favorite hiding place when playing hide and go seek? Me? I only hide when Daddy's trying to give me medicine, and I don't want him knowing where I go...but psst...usually under the end table by the window.

3) What did you dream of being as a young kit? Orange Ruffy, one of Samoa's Dreamboats, with my face on CQ Magazine.

4) What's your favorite hobby? Eating chicken, beef, ham, or chicken.

5) What’s your one "bad habit" that you love and your Mom hates? Stealing food from whoever hasnt' finished it...but don't think mom hates it unless it's Bella's food.

6) If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? I would go to work with Daddy and eat all the steaks he cooked.

7) What is your guilty pleasure? Guilt? I never beleive in guilt! But my pleasure is a nice meal.

8) What is your favorite make believe monster? Hmmmm.....the big one on Bugs Bunny. He sort of looks like the BUB.

9) What is the one dreaded thing you have to do at home? Share my Chicken!

10) We are going to have coed ships this year so which ship do you want to be on mine, or Zoe’ don't know...can I ship hop?

tagging Zeus and Patches and little J


Mommy is home!

August 20th 2012 11:02 am
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Hi everyone,
Mommy is off t his week from her 'job'. She says this is her other job-us. We like that job.
We are glad she is here, even though she told us she wishes we could all travel. Daddy can't get time off, so mommy is home by herself with us...we wish they were both here...more attention, but this will do.
Today Mommy is here this afternoon and she told us she is doing 'cleaning'. So far she's on the puter, dictating for us, but she has that determined look in her eye. uh oh.
We don't much like it when she 'cleans'. Ususally it means that she gets out the vacum monster..and thats not good.
Mommy also was talking of doing laundry, but the laundry mat where she takes it is not air conditioned and she says right now it's too sticky.

Mommy is a little sad-she loves to travel, and this is the first year she has not been able to in awhile. We're glad she's here, though. Mommy also said that if she and daddy could, they would probably have to take us all with least Bella, because she gets 100mg of subq a day now, and 3 medicines. And she said that she's sitll puzzled over what to do about Natalie's tail stuff. During the day she is fine...but at starts.
Big Vet is on vacation too this week, so a message has been left.

enjoying the couch back here...



Something from Mango's mom...

August 14th 2012 3:00 pm
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Mangos mom said it would be ok if I posted her pmail to us...we hope that some furs will go over and say hello:

From Mangos Mom:

thank you so much. i'm really sorry that i haven't been on, life has been a little hard. new limiting diagnosis and acquisition of a wheelchair hasn't helped :(

we're okay. Mango is actually one year old now (!!!) she has a cataract developing in her good eye, though, which is the bad news. the really bad news is that she's gone into heat once already and is starting to again this week. she's considered a really high risk spay but right now it seems like every other week would be yowling and miserable for everyone involved.
don't really know what to do :( we might have to take a chance and spay her because it's not good for her either.

how are you and your family? how's all the kitties? i'm really sorry for disappearing, i kept wanting to come back and i kept thinking "it's too late now" and i'm forcing myself now before it's any more MONTHS.

_____________________________________________ __________________

We worry about my little niece, and her mom. We have a special place in our hearts for kitties who are 'special' and special folks who adopt them.



Radiant Band of Light-For Squeaker.

August 14th 2012 9:03 am
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Radient band of light....

There is a rainbow breaking through morning haze
A muggy August morning with showers today
Or so TV says as I stretch out on the floor
After my breakfast I'm hoping for more
But after pawrents leave it's quiet for awhile
I'm enjoying the morning in Mango cat style

And I sense there's a change in the atmosphere
Wait just a minutes, whats happening here?
And then I see him, with Angel Alex, a guide
And she says 'Wait, Ruffy, don't slink off and hide-
I bought your friend Squeaker from over the Bridge
To say hello and hail and maybe raid your fridge

And Squeaker stretched out and touched noses to me
Said 'Hi there Ruffy, you're resting, I see,
I wanted you to let Bliz know that i'm doing ok
I'm loving feeling well and I'm learning to play
with whiskers and wings, and oh I'm alright
Gliding along a Radient band of light

And Squeaker he sighed, and said I miss Daddy, too,
I always loved him, you know, Ruffy, thats true
He knows, understands, the magick of Cat
He's one of us, Ruffy, he's got it down pat
He's just without fur, but he's our Guardian here
Tell him I'm fine Ruffy, he's not to fear

Oh, Ruffy my friend, what can I say?
The Bridge isn't far, I'll be back to play
I've come back to Bliz, I told him it's so
That I'm not far away, never, and no
He put out a paw and pulled his brother tight
As we gazed up at that radient band of light

We can run, we can frisk, we careen all around
I've showed him magick, the energy I've found
But he's still missing me in my earthly form
I told him it won't be long til I'm reborn
But I'd rather wait til we can be together
Sliding down the rainbow across forever

And Alex closed the fridge door, munching a piece of steak
Said with her mouth full 'well, we can't wait-
We're meeting Big Harry and Tigger, Hazel Lucy and all
Buddie, and Simba, and Calvin have called
We're going to fly across stars tonight
So look up to see a Radiant band of light!

And with a leap and a great rolling purr
Squeaker touched noses and said 'Miracles Occur-
I'm watching over you all and my family
Tell Daddy I'm fine and all I could be
Tell Bliz we're brothers, forever and all
I'll send a message, he'll know my call.

And I watched them leave, Smokie did too
For magick surrounds all Russian Blues
And Alex's wings were colors in the haze
A magickal cat with important ways
And oh, Squeaker, yes, we'll connect tonight
As you fly across a Radiant band of light.

For Squeaker, Blizzard his brother, his Daddy and the Taneytown, Md cats. We send love and light, and it's true-magick is alive and afoot!


Mango's mom needs some luvs....

August 14th 2012 8:11 am
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Hello Furs!

Mango and her Mom just contacted us! Mango's mom is sounding a little sad. She's been coping with alot.

Mango is now a year old! The bad news is that because she is high risk, a spay is not recommended, but she is going in and out of heat, and is miserable and making everyone else so, too. Can anyone suggest a way to help?

Please, everyone, reach out to Mango and her mom...she sounds so sad, and we have all been there...

love and light,


The story of Alistar....for all who have watched a cat go to- the Bridge...and why Miracles surely occur.

August 7th 2012 8:05 am
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Hi Furs,
Wanted to try to cheer those of you and your folks who have seen one of their own take leave for the Bridge. It's never easy, but this is something that happened when Mommy was still working at the Humane, at the no kill shelter there.

They had a cat there named Alistar. He was a big orange cat with a rumbling purr and tattered ears. He had lived for a long time in back of the last of the warehoouses in the meat packing district, so was never hungry. But no one owned him, and when the warehouse closed the owner of the place bought Alistar to the Humane Society and asked if they would take him for adoption.

They did. Now most people coming in wanted kittens, but one day a lady came in, and saw Alister. She sat down right in the middle of the floor with him, and he rolled on his back and put his paws on her face.

She told Mommy that he was her cat, that they understood each other. The lady had two other cats, and she took Alistar home, and he was bigger than either, but he was very nice to them. She said he walked in and he was a part of the house, the cats came up and LICKED him. She said she was amazed.

Alistar was very mellow and friendly to everybody. He loved the lady and her husband, and the husband even got him to 'fetch' little toys and birng them to him. Alistar went everywhere with them. At the age of about 10 he was a big strong healthy cat with much purrsonality.

And he loved the lady's niece, a little girl named Amanda. She was 10, too, and would say to her aunt 'Alistar and me are the same age, we are best friends'.

Then one day the little girl passed out in school. She was taken to the hospital, and they did all sorts of tests, and then bad news came. The little girl was sick, she had Cancer and it was very very bad. They made an appointment for her to have surgery, but it 'didn't look good'. Everyone was sad. No one told the little girl, but Alistar was exceptionally affectionate.

And then, the week before she was to have the surgery, Alistar unexpectedly left for the Bridge. He was running across the kitchen floor and then all of a sudden fell to the floor. He was gone.

It was a double tragedy, and no one could stop crying. They told the little girl, very gently, and she cried too. She kept saying 'Alistar, come back. Alistar, I love you. Alistar, we are both 10, you can't leave."

To cheer the little girl up, and eveyrone else, too, before the surgery, the Lady and her husband decided to take the little girl and her mom and dad and all their cats to a house by the sea where they had a garden outside and lots of flowers and the ocean nearby to swim in.

Well, they all went, and the cats at once were plarying and frisking. The lady was surprised they did not seem to miss Alistar, and she thought how callous they were. Her husband was quiet and then one morning when they were making the coffee that weekend, that he had seen a flash of orange on the kitchen counter when he had come in. Now Alistar had always loved the kitchen counter, and was always in trouble for being there. The lady had looked at her husband and told him that it was just wishful thinking. But the husband said that the cats saw Alistar, and he had seen them playing with him.

She thought he was just mising Alistar and didn't say anything. And somehow, it seemed easier being there, in this house.

The day before they were to go back, the little girl was walking with her motehr in the garden. The garden was big, and they were right near the herbs and in back of them were the roses.

All of a sudden, the little girl stopped. She stared in front of her, and then pointed.

A few feet away stood a large orange cat with battered ears. He was solid, he was real, he was watching them with the look they knew.

Alistar! the little girl yelled.

And as she did the cat began to saunter towards them, a saunter that became a run.

Three feet away, he gathered himself and leapt high, as thoough he was going to leap into the little girls arms.

And then....there was only the breeze, all sound was stopped.

He was gone.

They looked in back of them, they searched around them. They looked everywhere.

There was no Cat.

The little girls mother knew what she had seen. So did the little girl. But no sign of the cat was anywhere to be found.

The Mom told the Aunt who didn't say anything. She thought they were suffering from delayed grief, but the little girl seemed to perk right up.

the next day, they drove back to the city to the hospital for the girl to have her pre op surgery prep.

She was there all day, and they had her in a room. Her mom and aunt and dad and father were there...and were puzzled and worried because the doctors did not talk with them all day, but kept them waiting downstairs.

Finally, the doctor that was to do the surgery came with the head surgeon and they told the little girls mom that he did not understand it, but they had run the tests three times and the reason they had been so long was they had a specialist from another place come to confirm it because they could not believe it....


The doctors couldn't explain it.

They told the mom they recommended a follow up for the little girl with her regular doctor monthly, but they could not explain it...but the little girl was fine.

She could go home.

The mom went up to the room. She saw the little girl on the bed, and the little girl looked up at her mom and smiled. The mother told the little girl that she was fine, she didn't have to have an operation, they could go home.

The little girl nodded. She said "I know Mom. Alistar told me I was fine. He went through me yesterday and made me better. He told me that I was ok." She laughed and told her mother 'You see, Mom, he was my angel. He needed to go back to make me well."

When she was helping the little girl get dressed, she saw a red mark on the little girls stomach. It looked like a pawprint.

Then years passed. The little girl grew into a college age girl who still has the power of the paw mark on her tummy. She was fine, and has never gotten sick again.

And just this year found an orange cat with battered ears and gold eyes in a local shelter.

She named him Alistar.

This story was told to Mommy by the Lady who had originally Adopted Alistar.

She now has 8 cats.


Catnip Cakes-thank you all!!!!

August 7th 2012 7:21 am
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Now how about Tuna Steaks for Caterday?

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