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Skinny Minny-Mom's worried as I'm soooo thin and I'm eating

June 13th 2012 7:22 am
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Daddy made an appointment for the vet for me to get seen with Ruffy on Saturday. She's very worried, because I have lost so much weight-Mommy can feel my spine and ribs. I eat alot, so it's not that. I get my fluids, my azodyl, I lay in the sun, I can even climb up the back of the couch and go to my water dish if someone's in my way. I don't appear like I'm ready to call Angel Alex and run off with her...but Mommy is scared.

Mommy feels she is so afraid of losing me-I'm her kitty girl. I told mommy even when I leave my body behind and run off to play with Angel Alex, I will never leave her, but you know humans.

Can anyone send some purrs to Mommy and let her know about your experiences with your elder cats who were skinny like me?

I don't seem unhappy at all.


Back out in My Space!

April 10th 2012 7:14 am
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Hi Everyone!
I hope everyone had a good Easter!
Well, I have been a very happy girl! My daddy has been home all last week and this week he's still home! It's nice to have Daddy make much of me!

This morning I was very happy and active! I have been laying out in the sun on the end table, and even climbed the kitty steps to the window to look out our other window. Then I ate breakfast, nearly a full can of fancy feast. Mommy took away my dry food becuase I had vomited it last night. She's going to give me a little later. She thinks it may not be good for me-maybe it's too much, even though it is dry KD.

I am putting all my fur sibs in their place. Last night Ruffy tried to lay down on me! Mommy said it wasn't his fault, he just saw a soft blanket and sensed warmth-she had covered me over. She said 'No Ruffy!' and he went back to the back of the couch.

Imagine! His big orange self wanting to sleep on me cause I was under my pink blankie!

Mommy is worried about me being so skinny...she had to clip alot of the fun that was matted from me and I am nekkid underneath where they shaved me! Mommy said she's going to look for a little sweater or something, but I am not really cold much.

Well, us Turkish Angoras are tough kitties!!!!

Happy Spring All!

Thank you for purring and thinking of me,



Resting in the sun and naps are good things!

April 8th 2012 10:11 am
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Hi everyone!
I am holding my own. I am eating ok, still skinny, but I do eat, and I am resting in the wonderful sun! I am going to enjoy just lazing today! Mommy has my blanket here on the loveseat and I am enjoying the open window breeze and sunshine.
I want to wish everyone a very happy Easter!


Beginning to feel myself again.

April 4th 2012 1:17 pm
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Hi everyone,
Last night Mommy and Daddy bought me out front to the loveseat, and mommy put my blankie down. I laid down on it and went right to sleep. I was still warm and purring when they lifted me up to go to the cage. I was cranky and didn't want to, but Mommy is still concerned. Daddy thinks that tonight I will stay out front because I am comfortable there. Mommy is not so sure.
As for me, I am eating well, pooping well, peeing when I need to and I haven't thrown up in a few days. Mommy does give me some appitite stimulant and it seems to do very well.
I'm doing just fine, and am glad the sun is out shining on me as I stretch out here.


Spending time in the front room

April 3rd 2012 7:15 am
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Hi everyone,
Well, my eyes look a bit funny. Mommy is worried, but Daddy isn't. Daddy reminded Mom that if her allergies are bothering her, mine are probably bothering me. They are keeping a careful eye on me, though.
I am still in the cage, but not all the time. I have been spending some of my evening time out on my old spot in the living room. Mommy is anxious because I have been walking around alot. Daddy told her I'm re-familarizing myself with the space I know, and doing alot of rubbing my face against things to mark them as mine.
I've also growled and yowled at Ruffy when he jumped up on the couch back and I was there.
Mommy told Daddy (who is off this week-Mommy is a bit annoyed at that-it's withough pay-they are 'rennovating' the restaurant daddy works at-he's also job hunting because Mommy is 'fed up' with all this restaurant junk'!)...anyway, she told Daddy that I can be out if he's in the front room, but til I am a bit further away from my surgery, I should be in the cage. She is just worried with CK's antics and that Smokie can have a 'funny side'. I don't think it's funny-he's weird.
But Daddy agreed. He told Mommy that when he goes to an interview today he will make sure I'm safe and sound in the cage. The cage is not bad. When Mommy takes me out and puts me on the floor in the bedroom, I walk around a bit but then jump back up onto the radiator, and then back into the cage. Why? Because I can! Because it's warm in there with my heating pads, and it sits in front of a window, so I can watch the birds and squirrels just fine there. I have a Penthouse Suite with a view!

I want to say hi and I'm so grateful for all the purrs recieved. Thank you all for looking out for me.



the ups and downs of a cat of an Elderwise Angora

April 1st 2012 1:07 pm
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thank you all!
I am feeling better and had some supper.
Shortly after I posted I threw up...a big throw up. Then, right after, I felt better. I got Cerenia again tonight. I got Natural Balance because it's 'mild' and it's the venison and green pea.

i'm taking a nap again. Mommy has the cage open. I could come out and sit on the window sill if I wanted, but I am still in the cage. Mommy has been taking me out in the morning and evening. She has not yet let me go out in the front room with the 'boys' because I still have my healing ouchie and she feels the boys might be a bit much for me. This room is warmer and she thinks me having my own own 'penthouse suite is not a bad thing.

Thank you all for your purrs.

Mommy has not been able to get to Catster at work this week because there are problems with their puter system and it's frustrating to her-we have work for her, but she must fit us in as able.



purrs needed this morning-I am feeling sick to my stomach

April 1st 2012 5:32 am
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Mommy is worried because yesterday I started to be finicky again. Knowing I like fish, she got me some tuna blue buffalo...and it does not agree withme. Mommy thinks I want to throw up but have not done so. She's given me some cerenia, and I got my fluids, and apparently needed them, as my body sucked them right up.

I'm resting in my cage. I came out this morning, and scratched on the post that is the cranky Natalie cats. But I am feeling not as well as I have been.

Mommy still has me in the cage for the next few days....with 'downtime' outside of the cage just so those boys won't trouble me.

I'm still bunking in the bedroom with Natalie

love and purrs and many thanks to you all.


Enjoying the steam heat and feeling strong

March 27th 2012 6:54 am
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Hi everone,
this morning I am lazing in the cage-cocoon. I am lazy and sleepy this morning, the heat is hissing and it's so lovely and warm in here.

Last night I was allowed out again. Mommy had called the vet earlier, because she wanted to give an update. They told her that I could walk a bit, but not jump. So mommy asked Daddy to watch me, and guess what I did? I tried to jump! Daddy took me up on his lap and I was cranky cause the way he held me made my boo boo's sore. Mommy lifts me under my rump and around the front of my chest so as not to put pressure on my ouchies. She was annoyed with daddy about that he didn't stop me from jumping, but I don't see how he could have done so-I'm feeling alot better. Daddy is going to take me for my recheck this week. I'm really not feeling ill at all.
that said, I was not allowed out this morning. Mommy said that daddy has to take me for a recheck before I am up to any more would be gymnastics!
So, I'll just laze here an enjoy being waited is the due of all of us kitty girls!

love to you all, and thank you so much for your purrs,



Out of the cage for the first time

March 26th 2012 8:22 am
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Yesterday Mommy gently lifted me up by placing her hands under my chest and backside and lifted me to the floor! Wow! I was out of the cage-cocoon! And I could walk around!
Mommy left me out to walk around for awhile. I could smell that other cat, Natalie, but she didnt' bother me-she was on the bed, and I was on the floor. At first, I was a little shakey, but then I got my land legs back and was fine.
Mommy put me back after 10 mintues, and later on in the evening I was out for another 10 mintues. I was feeling much better, walking around and marking with my face against t ihngs, and I scratched on the scratching post.
This morning I did not get to come out because Mommy woke up late and was not feeling very well and she said later on I can. She was concenred last night that I was wanting to jump up to things, which I can't do yet, and she said Natalie and I might not like each other yet face to face and I am not strong enough to not be hurt by Nat, who has a fierce temper like me!
Mommy said that I look so skinny in my sweater, and she doesn't like that I have mats in my coat now! She brushed me as best she could under the sweater, but will have to wait for it to come off before she can do much more.
I am eating well, very well, in fact. The heat is on it the room in the morning, and my cage-cocoon is all covered in blankets and I'm comfortable.

Thank you all for taking such good care of me and sending me purrs.

love to you all,


It was nasty...but it's gone

March 22nd 2012 7:40 pm
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Hi everyone....
I had to go to the vet today for a recheck. I still have my shirt on. I am healing well.
The biopsies are back.
It was cancer.
They believe they got it all.
I must heal more before we do any more testing, but right now Dr. H is not thinking chemo til I'm more healed. She does accupuncture and she and daddy talked about that.

Mommy is relieved and worried at the same time.

I, however, am resting well. Dr. H said I don't need any more pain meds. I am eating, pooping, and peeing on schedule and appear to be feeling much better.

Mommy has asked if my angels could watch over me special?

I love you all-thank you for being there for us.


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