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Purrty Quiet Halloween Here

October 31st 2009 9:36 pm
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No dat many kids came, but we ran out of candy wif da last bunch. Meowmy bought big bags of candy for da trick or treaters. She loves to see da kids in dere costumes. I stayed in da back cause da doorbell kept ringing and it made me nervous.

I got a new collar, blue of course. Da other one was no good and da tags hung too low, meowmy was afraid it could get caught in da furniture or sumthing, she worries about me (yay!!!)

I haven't got in any trouble or fights wif da others. All is peaceful. I am happy.


What is stress? I don't think it's a toy or something to- eat...

October 30th 2009 7:55 am
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Meowmy told me she is "stressed out" and I need to "stop it" and that she loves me. Do you suppose it has something to do wif me hanging off da curtains and pulling dem down at 3 in da morning, or me jumping on shelves in da wall unit and shattering things made of glass, or me reacting badly when she wanted to examine my nails fur cutting. She picked up one paw and I scratched her purrty good wif my other paw. I made her bleed in a lot of spots. Several scratches. Meowmy said maybe she has to buy those long rubber gloves or the kind construction workers wear. She says she is trying to let me feel safe and secure and I do purr and rub against her legs, but I am also extremely playful and my nails are CLAWS big time and I'm just a little bit wild. (well, maybe a lot of bit.)

Meowmy says she will love me up and pick me up and rub and coo and kiss me until I give it up, whatefur dat means. I don't want to be giving her da stress stuff she talks about, it's just me being me. Also, I am integrated into the group wif all the cats in da house, it is definitely more comfortable. Like Precious' meowmy said, da furst 2 weeks are "kitty hell" for the furmily. Now is better and Pumkin even hangs out wif me. I have a bad habit of wanting to sniff effuryone's butt, meowmy said it's not nice. She says I remind her of a baby tiger more than a kitty cat.

But she said to me she will NEVER give up on me even if I nefur change, she will accept it because she loves me.

Thank you meowmy.


I'm Sorry Meowmy

October 29th 2009 6:00 am
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I scratched meowmy. Twice. Now she's gonna cut effuryone's nails.

It all started wif my collar. See, I'm not used to wearing a collar and I take it off, and then she puts it back on. So when she went to put it over my head, I scratched her. Now she knows to unclasp it furst and then put it around my neck and close it. Treat me like a civilized cat and I'll act accordingly.

Last night I was leaning over the washing machine and my collar fell off. Meowmy didn't know it at da time, she just saw me and thought I wanted to jump behind da machine, but I was trying to get my collar back. After all, it feels good to have a collar and be a part of the furmily. Later on she noticed I wasn't "jingling" cause my collar was missing. She searched high and low but couldn't find da collar. Finally as a last resort she pulled da machine away from da wall, and TA DA, there it was!!! So now meowmy knows what I was trying to do back there behind da machine.

Anyway, sorry fur the scratches meowmy. I do love you.


I Have A Big Brother!

October 28th 2009 3:05 am
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Meowmy found me and Pumkin Pooh laying together on da bed last night. Then we lay side by side right next to da toy area, in front of da entrance to da bafroom. Meowmy says we look so sweet together. Last night when Pumpkin was sleeping on da bed wif meowmy I jumped up and took a spot next to him. It feels so good to have a big brofur, I never had one before! Yesterday he played wif me too, we kept chasing each other and running back and forth, back and forth.

I hope the girlcats here will start to like me, maybe I'll grow on dem. I tried to be furiends wif Jazzy but if I get too close to her she slaps me and walks off in a huff. Isabelle will let me sniff her but that's for a few seconds and den she walks away from me. But Pumkin is my furiend!!! I feel so happy to have a kitty on my side now!!!


What A Noisy Morning!

October 26th 2009 4:28 am
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Well, meowmy got to sleep late and woke up early because someone was making a whole lot of noise.....ME!!! See, just cause I turned one I'm still a baby and I like attention!!! Alot!!!

Things were nice and quiet and then you heard......PLOP!!! I had landed on top of the refrigerator. Then you heard swish and swoosh and bang, I was getting rid of whatever was sharing the shelf with me. BOOM, I jumped down and up on da windowsill to nibble some plants. Next came a CRASH!!! Meowmy jumped up fur dat one!!! She says she doesn't know how I did it but I cracked a plastic water mister all the way into two pieces!!! Meowmy mopped up da water and just shook her head at me.

I tried to bother Isabelle a few times but she smacked me and hissed. Women are so unpredictable, I tell you.

OMC, I furgot to tell you. Meowmy was checking out my nails fur clipping da other day and she is not gonna have an easy time, let me tell you. When she examined my paw, I scrunched up and meow-growled and bit her and punched her wif my feet!!! I am a big boy and big boys are big trouble!!! But also big fun!!!


I'm Big!!!

October 25th 2009 2:59 am
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I am bigger than my sisfurs, that's fur sure! My brofur Pumkin Pooh too! Meowmy says we come in all shapes and sizes and we are all beautiful.


Guess What?

October 23rd 2009 11:17 am
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I'm happy!!! I'm just wandering around and bumping and sniffing effury cat I run into!!! And even Jazzy is letting me!!! Effury time meowmy comes in da door I'm da furst one to greet her!!! She is furry generous wif da headrubs!!! This rocks!!! I feel so loved!!! She picks me up and says "I love you Bluey." It feels SOOO good!!!


Starting To Fit In

October 23rd 2009 12:24 am
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I am starting to have a routine. I eat in da morning and hang around awhile, then I disappear fur hours. Meowmy figured out I catnap behind da couch when she can't find me! I come out when I'm ready and I meow so meowmy knows I want some pets and rubs, which she is furry good at Both Isabelle Love and Pumkin Pooh are purrty furiendly at me and dey let me sniff dem, but not so much Jasmine Delilah. She hisses if I get too close to her. She is da Alpha Cat here and I wish she would like me already. I can't help it that I'm a big boy, maybe I scares her or something..


Dis Collar Thing Is Crazy

October 22nd 2009 3:33 am
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It's got stuff hanging down dat dangles and gets in my food dish. Last night I got my paw stuck in it!!! Meowmy took it off me as soon as she noticed, and when she went to put it back on I hissed and backed away. But she didn't give up and guess what? It's back around my neck!!!

I like my new sisfur Isabelle Love. I gave her a nice headbonk dis morning. Meowmy saw and got furry happy.

It's not so bad here. I think I'm gonna like it here, this meowmy is furry nice and gives alot of treats.


Guess What?

October 21st 2009 12:43 pm
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I got a new blue collar wif a purrty red heart hanging on it wif my name and telephone number. Momcat sent da heart, thank you Momcat!!! I never ever had a collar before, I feel so special! Now I fit in wif effuryone here.

My meowmy was our fur several hours wif Frances to da doctors appointment. And guess what? Meowmy thinks we all got along fine. Maybe not best furiends (yet!) but certainly not enemies. We all lay around a few feet from each other. Sometimes one of da cats sniffs my face and sometimes I hiss, but weally cause I'm scared. But I am starting to fit in a little. Yay.

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