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Hi Effuryone!!!

December 2nd 2009 7:21 am
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Meowmy said I could write real quick before she goes out. She hasn't been on da pooter much lately, she is having a hard time wif feeling down in da dumps, but she says us kitties make her happy. She is furry much grieving Serena and it's a process she has to go thru.

To all my Catster furiends, please know me and my furmily love you furry much and we will be back writing regularly real soon.


My Girlfuriend Caleigh

November 22nd 2009 3:58 am
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is soooo special!!! She makes me feel all funny inside!!! And meowmy says I'm acting nicer, too!!!

I lost my collar yesterday but meowmy found it in da closet, of course da last place she looked!!! She had left da door open just a little and I went in and threw things off da shelves and knocked over whatefur I could. And I left da collar so dere was da evidence I was da culprit!!!

I love my brown velvet mousie.

Guess what? I have a middle name!!! Effuryone else here has one and it wasn't fair, so meowmy says my full name is Blue Gene. She even calls me Blue Jean Baby. I'm special!!!


I Love My Toys!!!

November 21st 2009 4:50 am
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We have alot of toys here and I play wif dem more den anyone else. I specially like dis one brown velvet mousie, I like to walk around wif him in my mouf. Meowmy says I look cute and funny. Meowmy is furry happy today because when she calls my name I come and I let her rub my head and I bump it into her hand. She says I'm coming around, whatefur dat means. Don't forget I'm ruff and tuff, meowmy. If she rubs me TOO much I take my paw and stick out my claws. Meowmy has scratches all over her hands. But she says I am worf it!!!


Guess What? I Got A Girlfuriend!!!!

November 17th 2009 4:59 am
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Her name is Caleigh and she is beautiful!!! She is 1 years old like me. She is Tanis' sisfur. I am so happy YAY YAY YAY


Well La Di Da!!!

November 17th 2009 3:25 am
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Effuryone in my furmily has a girl or boyfuriend or husband except fur me!!! And all dey do is talk about dem!!! Well, good fur them!!! I don't feel bad, I have meowmy to love me and when I get a little older I bet I'll find a girlfuriend too!!! So dere!!!


Kibbles asked me to play da Thanksgiving game

November 14th 2009 2:32 am
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I am going to tell you da 5 things I am grateful for, and effurybody is welcome to play.

1)- I am grateful to have been taken off da street as a baby
2)- I am grateful my furst home wif meowmy Serena was a wonderful one
3)-I am grateful my new home wif meowmy Leslie is a loving and caring home
4)-I am grateful fur my brofur Pumkin Pooh, my sisfurs Jasmine Delilah and Isabelle Love, and all my truly great furiends on Catster
5)-I am grateful fur my favorite toy, my little pink pompom. I lost it dis morning but meowmy found it fur me under da refrigerator. Thank you meowmy!!!


I Am A Big Boy

November 10th 2009 1:37 am
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Meowmy says I am getting bigger all da time! I think I like it here. I get alot of attention and I follow my brofur Pumkin around da house, and when he goes under da bed I go under da bed. Sometimes I play wif Isabelle Love. I have alot of toys, yesterday I was walking around wif a pink pompom in my mouf. Meowmy said I looked cute! Jasmine Delilah - well, her I'm not so sure of. Sometimes she treats me okay and other times she hisses at me. So I am careful around her, she is da Queen Bee around here.

But my new meowmy is super nice to me and gives me kisses and rubs and picks me up in her arms and holds me even though I'm a big boy.


OMC! Guess what happened!!!

November 8th 2009 6:46 am
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Meowmy went out to da store, and when she got back she hung up her jacket in da hallway closet like she always does. About 10 or 15 minutes later, she was playing wif da others when she noticed I wasn't around, but she figured I was behind da couch napping. Then she was sitting and reading and she heard a loud noise, but she thought it was me jumping off da top of da refrigerator. A few more minutes go by, now meowmy is in da kitchen and she hears CRASH BOOM BANG!!!! This time she goes to investigate and lo and behold, da noise is coming from da closet!!! It was me trying to get out, I snuck in dere when meowmy hung her coat up and I got locked in!!! OMC!!! Meowmy let me out and I ran to da back of da apartment. Meowmy caught up wif me and she picked me up in her arms and kissed me and rubbed me and told me she was sorry and she loved me.

It was scary when I couldn't get out!!! Meowmy gave us all treats.


I Love My Toys!!!

November 8th 2009 3:01 am
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My new favorite is a yellow and black striped bumblebee. It makes little squeaks just like a weal mousie would and when meowmy hears it she gets scared till she realizes where da noise is coming from!!!'s so funny!!!

I love to hang out on da top of da refrigerator, and I know as long as I don't knock anything out of my way, my meowmy will let me stay up dere. I like to be as high up as I can get. Sometimes I stare at da walls and try to figure out how I can walk up dem onto da ceiling!!!

Meowmy says I am giving effuryone good exercise because I run and play alot and they run wif me.

Also, effury single day meowmy holds me in her arms and tells me she loves me. She does it wif all of us. So I know I am part of dis furmily. I feel loved and it's a warm and fuzzy feeling!!!


I Feel Right At Home

November 7th 2009 2:54 am
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Yes I do, I feel like I fit in with my brofur and sisfurs. My meowmy gives me alot of kisses and rubs me all da time. She purrty much lets me do whatefur I want!!! She brushes all of us effury morning, and I bite da brush!!! I won't let her do my tummy, though, if she tries I grab her hand wif my paws and bite her!!! Gently though. I know she is furry loving to me and I do appreciate her. I miss my furst meowmy Serena but this is not so bad, I am a furry lucky kitty to be loved so much and I know it.

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