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March 21st 2011 1:01 pm
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Hooray Kitties everywhere, the sun has returned to the land of Moe Moe! I was starting to get really worried. It's been raining here in CA so badly. Absolutely down-pouring every day for the past several days. Our pool flooded, all the pathways are sinking, there are giant puddles, the parking lots are like lakes, and our gutters are like little waterfalls. River and I have no enjoyed this scary water noise at all. We sleep every night burrowed between the parents for safety and hide in the closets during the day or sit RIGHT next to mommy while she is reading. Today though, oh today! Mommy fished me out of the closet and said to me, "Moe Moe you're going to regret hiding in their all day!" She plopped me down on a pet bed in the sun and almost instantly I rolled over and showed off my belly! I've missed you mr. sun, don't ever go away again!


Rules for the upcoming game - clarifying what River forgot

March 18th 2011 2:24 pm
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Our friend Toki and his mommy inspired us to create a game and in tribute to Hazel Lucy we have come up with the theme so here are the rules plus a little clarification. River didn't quite remember everything, isn't that always the way with brothers?

River's Rules (edited for Moe Moe amusement)
1) The game will be posted in BOTH my wonderful diary and brother's inferior diary (hehehe) to make sure everyone gets a good chance to see it! It will be a link to an outside source, so hopefully all that will work.
2) The game will be about 50 - 100 images (WOW! That's a lot!) and they will all be pictures of Catster kitties that you will have to identify.
3) You don't have to know all the kitties to play. You just have to send in your answers to me and you will be entered in the drawing to win some catnip toys!
4) ALL the kitties pictures will be current members of Catster and friends of our family, so you no tricks!
5) Any kitty who gets ALL the right kitties will win a door prize! That's right! If you get ALL the kitty pictures right, you win a little prezzie AND are entered for the big drawing!
6) Once the game is posted, you simply follow the link, identify the kitties, and send me or sister a paw mail with the answers to the quiz. Anyone who sends in a message will be entered in the drawing.
7) The winning kitty / kitty family gets their choice of fabrics and toys. You will win a Big Bunny Foot Kicker, A Big Pillow, A heart, and a Mousie, plus a secret new toy we are working on right now!
8) No kitty pictures will be used without permission of the kitty and kitty family.
9) We may try to be a little sneaky with some of them, especially if we put ourselves in. For example, we might zoom in close on my beautiful blue eyes and you'll have to know WHICH meezer's eyes they are, they could be any of the baby blues of our buddies. Or perhaps a close up of River's tuxie self and you'll have to know which tuxie boy (or girl) it is! hehehe!

Moe Moe's additional Rules
1) If you don't know who one of the pictures is, just leave that one blank and send it in. We will post all the answers after the quiz is done and then you can make a new friend!
2) If you are the winner and you don't feel you need any more toys right now (if so you MUST be crazy! hehehe! We ALWAYS need more toys!) Then you can chose a different family to receive your prize or pick a shelter in your area and we'll send you a card with the prize that you can give to them explaining what they are! However, we do recommend keeping them! Our toys are PAWSOME! hehehe! You never know though, we want everyone to play if they want to, even if you parents don't think you need new toys! Silly parents!


Today is a sad day so many angels joining the bridge in one- day

March 16th 2011 5:08 pm
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Today is a very sad day. This morning we discovered the queen of Caster Hazel Lucy had crossed the bridge and we were heart broken. How could the day be any worse? We loved Hazel Lucy so much, she was so good to all of us. her advice on calming collars helped save me from the stress overloads I suffered a few months ago. Mommy didn't want to leave us today, but she had to go to work and a meeting. Now though, the day has become even sadder.

The beautiful Marrakech ( has crossed to the bridge as well today. Brother wrote a tribute to Hazel Lucy and told everyone that we have decided how to honor her memory and so I will write our thoughts to Marrakech. She is such a sweet little kitten with such bright eyes and an alert beautiful face. We know her mommy loved her more than anything and agonized over the decision to part with her. We were so hopeful she would pull through. We will miss you so much Marrakech and we are purring for your mommy and your family today, they are the ones who need it. You are free and in a beautiful place. You are at the bridge, all the angels will welcome you with open arms little one. Your mommy and family who are left here on Earth are the ones who need our purrs. There is no comfort when you lose a loved one and we know they miss you.

Please kitties, we know today is full of sadness for the beautiful Hazel Lucy, but don't forget to stop by Marrakech's page and offer her family some comfort and love too. We are all emotionally drained after all this sadness, but she needs our love right now too. We must be strong for the families who are losing their loved ones. Please stop by and send some kind words their way. She was a beautiful kitty.


Where's the Princess?

March 12th 2011 2:08 pm
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That's what mommy was saying last night. They went out to the movies and when they came home, they couldn't find me. Mommy was wandering all around the house. Where's the Princess? Where's the Princess? Where's my Moe Moe Toes? Where are you baby girl? River followed after her squeaking for attention but she had to find me, cause I'm the most important (at least that's how I feel about it)

Anyways finally I gave her a little hint... "mreeet" Mommy heard me make little noises and she came into the office. Still couldn't find me though. She turned on all the lights. Where's Princess Simone? Then she noticed River sitting in the middle of the floor staring up at the closet on top of all the fabrics where he likes to sleep. Mommy looked up and sure enough, there I was! I was hanging out super high! Just sitting up there looking very proud of myself! Mommy has no idea how I got up there. I'm not a good jumper. I don't have front claws, I'm kinda heavy, I'm a little on the older side. I don't jump much. This was quite the jump for me. She was so amazed and proud of me and surprised.

Well of course I'm amazing mommy, I'm Simone! I just had to show that brother of mine whose boss! Anywhere he can go, I can go better! Proud Moe Moe purrs!


Time to go Green!

March 9th 2011 3:38 pm
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Well we never really got Mardis Gras Pages with bright purple and jazz music marching the saints in, but at least we've got our St Patrick's Day pages up! River gets all the best music, cause he can River dance AND he's the Lord of the Dance, but I'm pretty happy with these new pages! Let's show off our green kitties! Mommy and Daddy say Saint Patrick's Day hasn't been as much fun since they left the east coast but brother and I are going to do are best to prove them wrong. Now... I just need to find one of those leprechaun things. Samoa says they taste like chicken! NOM NOM NOM!


barfs are so unladylike

March 4th 2011 1:51 pm
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Hello kitties,

I have always had a very tender tummy. Mommy and the vet lady suspect is has something to do with the over-breeding that I suffered before I cam here. I often eat nom noms very fast because I get worried about them disappearing and going hungry like when I was on the streets and then I can't handle it and I barfs up all my dinner all over the floor. Last night I was in bed with mommy at 4am and I went to get a snack. When I came back to bed I crawled back under the covers with her and all that jumping up onto their high bed had shaken up my tummy and I got sick. Mommy woke up to me heaving and losing all my nom noms. She was very worried about me until she saw the food was pretty much whole and I clearly had just snacked. She worries about me though.

Do any of you kitties have tender tummies too? Other than that I'm in pretty good healthy, it's just a constant problem for me. I'd appreciate any advice from kitties to keep nomies in my tummies. Every since the calming collar I have been doing better. I get less stressed and panic less so therefore I run less after eating out of panic and fear. I'd still love to be able to stop my sudden barfs. Mommy doesn't like being woken up at 4am to me losing my tummy all over her. Poor mommy. Luckily she takes good care of me and wasn't mad at me, just very tired!


so embarrassing...

February 23rd 2011 10:09 am
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Oh kitties, I'm so embarrassed. Mommy posted a really short video on my catster page of me doing something she call adorable. It might be adorable but it was a private moment we were sharing, and by 'we' I mean my tail and me. Sometimes when I sit on mommies lap, I hold onto my tail and I clean it while making funny noises. Mommy shot a really short video of me doing it and posted it here. If I had known that camera was on, I never would have looked so adorable!


button button whose got the button?

February 22nd 2011 11:47 am
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I have recently developed a taste for buttons. Any button will do but I am partial, of course, to the ones on the clothing my humans are currently wearing. I'm constantly trying to chew off the buttons on mommies shirts and jackets and pants. It's driving her crazy. What's a mommy to do? If she puts me on the floor or away from her I just cry and cry until I'm allowed back to snuggle, then it's right back to the button chewing I go. Nothing will ever be safe from me! hehehehe! Mommy is worried I'll chew one off and swallow it... well of course mommy that's the goal! What's she going to do with me?


This and that and this and that

February 18th 2011 7:15 pm
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Hi kitties,

Brother has written alot in his diary recently and I haven't had much to say so I thought I'd update to you all to what's been going on in my life recently.

First of all, I'd like to thank Luke. He was a fantastic Valentine and I'm so glad he asked me. That was extra special. I have never had a Valentine before so I'm really happy that this year I had one and that he was such a good friend. I don't know if he's had a chance to open the package I sent him yet, but I sure hope he gets the chance soon! I can't wait to find out what he thinks of them!

On a new exciting note, there is a new, great big fabric store moving to town right down the street from us! I am so excited. Do you know what this means? More fabrics, more toys, more beds, more home made lovies!!! I'm so excited! We live in a pretty residential area but right after you leave the residential area there is all this shopping area and a great big store has been empty for a long time. It is within walking distance! It will be open this summer and then mommy will be able to buy more and more to make more and more toys! I'm so excited. I love home made presents!!!

Let's see, what else is going on in my life, other than me slowly pushing the lap top off my mommies lap and making it harder and harder for her to type this for me. She needs me here, clearly, I'm far better than laptop and mommy was gone all night teaching or something. Doesn't she know she needs to be here to be my lap?

I guess otherwise life's been pretty slow for me. I'm really enjoying the heated pet bed mommy got me for Catmus because it has been so rainy out recently and therefore chilly for me the warm Moe Moe of fuzzy lovies! I've also been an ever so good girl recently with the calming collar and wall plug ins. I'm pretty happy about this. I like not being stressed out. We've had 2 fosters in the house, didn't bother me at all. How great is that?

I'm going to get going now, mommy needs to pay more attention to me. I guess pushing this laptop isn't getting the message across... maybe I'll try nipping at her fingers as she types!


My Special Valentine

February 10th 2011 5:54 pm
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I'm so excited to report the news, I have a Valentine! That's right, and he's a fantastic catch for Valentines Day I must say! My special Valentine is a very dear friend of both me and my brother. Well, really, he and his whole family are special friends with my whole family! That's one of the things that makes him so special! He asked me last night and I just couldn't say no, he's so handsome and sweet! What's more, he was recently declared by Samoa to be a dreamboat! What can I say? I'm a lucky girl! Do you know who he is yet? hehehe! His name is Luke! It's so exciting. Me and him are great friends and that makes this Valentine's day extra special, spending it with a friend and a cuttie dreamboat on top of that!

I know I'm a little bit older than Luke, but he's such a special guy! I'm so glad he asked me! He's such a catch, any girl would be overwhelmed to call him her Valentine and he asked me! What a sweetie! I'm so happy! This will be one of the best Valentine's Days ever! Thank you so much for asking me Luke! You're the greatest and so handsome too!

He and his family don't date or marry, but that's ok, cause me and brother don't either, but we can certainly have special Valentine's Day friends! Now I won't feel left out when brother shows off his beautiful Valentine cause I've got one handsome mancat to celebrate with!

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