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Simone's say MRAT!

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I'm going to rally some troops!

April 21st 2011 11:31 am
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Hello kitties,

Now, we don't do stuff like this often. Mommy feels pretty strongly that our diaries should just be about us or our catster friends who need help or something like that, but this is important so I'm posting it anyways.

My daddy showed us something last night that he knew would make us very angry but he wanted mommy to know about it because there was something she could do to help change it.

Lots of you know about that football player Michael Vick. He's a very bad man. A VERY BAD MAN. We aren't big football fans in this house but we know enough to know we cannot support anything this man does. If you haven't heard about Vick you are very lucky because he did some horrible things to puppies. He ran a dog fighting ring. We won't go into the details because we know you all know how serious this is and how horrible the details are. Well, after his very short jail sentence, he's back playing football. We don't approve of this ourselves, but it isn't for us to make that decision I guess.

However, there is something going on we can't support and must fight. Michael Vick is one round away from winning a contest to be the cover a new football video game thing. Again, me and mommy don't do the gaming thing, we don't completely understand it, but we know that Vick DOES NOT deserve to be on the cover. He's won four rounds to be on the cover and is in the final match up. 4 times people consciously chose to honor a dog murderer on the cover of the game and this makes us sick. I don't have any doggy friends, we don't have any puppies in our family, but no puppy deserves what happened to Vick's dogs and he shouldn't be honored for this. Please kitties, rally your troops for the doggies sake and vote down this monster. Here is the link. All you have to do is click the red vote button and then select the other guy. I don't know who the other guy is but you know what... he probably didn't murder doggies. Please kitties, you can't want to see this man receive any more honors and awards.

Vote OUT Vick!

I'm sorry I wrote such a big post on it but it really upsets us. If you don't feel strongly about it please feel free to just over look this diary entry but if, like me and mommy, you think animals are important and shouldn't be mistreated and that Michael Vick got off easy for the horrible things he did, please vote against him.

I'm also including two links to video game reviewers my daddy pays attention to discussing the issue in case you want to learn more about it. I can't vouch for the material in it as clean or not profane, but I can vouch for the view points!

Do you Want a Dog Killer on Your Copy of Madden2012?

The Escapist - Madden 2012

Thanks for reading this kitties. I'm sorry it was so dark and so politically charged, but it's important to me and mommy. It won't happen again! Next diary entry will be about my beautiful belly being rubbed and sun puddles!


We need more colors!

April 19th 2011 2:13 pm
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Hi kitties,

Well, mommy was looking over my profile page the other day at all my pictures and she realized something. Our sofa, our carpets, our tables, everything is all the same color, and it matches me. This is both good and bad. The good thing is that my fuzzies don't show up very much, the bad thing is all my pictures look very boring to her, despite my beauties! And... let's face it, I have GREAT beauties! hehehe! So, mommy decided she's going to brighten up the house a whole bunch. She went out to the fabric store and bought lots of bright colored material. She's going to make new pillows and throws for everything in our house so that the colors are brighter. Mommy wants some pictures of me on a brighter background so that I stand out more instead of blending in. A lady as pretty as me should never blend in with the background! So, stay tuned for some new bright pictures coming your way of the one and only Simone! Also... I think once she's done making everything we'll have some left over fabrics... who wants a new mousie toy? hehehe!


Super Duper presents for us!

April 11th 2011 6:41 pm
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Hi kitties!!!

Well, first off, I want to assure the kitties who won door prizes and kitty congeniality prizes, they are being mailed tomorrow! HOORAY! They are all sewn and sitting on the buffer in the dinning room. River tried to steal one of them before it was done! hehehe, he ran off with it in his mouth, it was so funny! Mommy chased him down to get it back, so one of them will probably smell like River, sorry about that kitties! Mommy meant to mail them last week but stuff got out of control around here. Today mommy had her first graduate exam for her Masters. She was all loopy when she got home, it was a lot of work and she was very tired. Last night, she had a nightmare about it, I had to wake her up by bopping her on the nose with my little paw, I didn't want her to roll over on me! Sheesh mommy, there's a Moe Moe sleeping here, let's stop it with those nightmares!

So the super duper presents we got this weekend? They were fantastic! Petsmart was having a really big sale and there were bins and bins of stuff they were selling off really cheap, mommy and daddy found TWO brand new water fountains for us. You don't even want to KNOW how many of those things we have in this house but suffice to say River and I barely ever have to go very far for fresh running water. I think that's the way it should be! These are some pretty neat fountains too, I'm pretty impressed. I would have liked more toys from the store but hey, a girls gotta take what a girl can get! hehehe! Water fountains are expensive too so who knows when we would have gotten new ones if they hadn't found these!

The last thing I want to tell you is that mommy thinks we've taken pity on our new orange and white stray kitty who comes here for nom noms. Recently we've only been eating half of our wet food and then demanding fresh food. Mommy gets so sick of arguing with us that she puts the old food out for the stray and then gets us new food! Every morning the wet food bowl is licked clean! This works out great for all of us, the stray is getting super healthy nom noms that are extra tasty and River and I get fresh food more often! hehehe! I recommend you kitties try the technique! The nom noms aren't even being wasted! hehehe! We're just being nice kitties and sharing with those less fortunate then ourselves, we aren't spoiled! Oh no we aren't! hehehe!


The Results are in!

April 4th 2011 11:11 am
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Don't mind me kitties, I'm copying and pasting most of this from River, it was a lot of typing work!

Hi kitties!!!

Oh man oh man, you wouldn't believe how hard it is to put together one of these quiz things! I've been working my Little paws off trying to get this all done and get you guys the results before lunch time! hehehe!

First off, I want to say concats to ALL the kitties who played. We got a bunch of results back and we were so happy to have put together something that brought happiness to Catster and shared the memory of the beautiful Hazel Lucy.

Next, We want to give a BIG round of applause to the following kitties and their families...
L uke
Tink Hart

All those kitties got ALL of quiz questions right! That's right, if you ever need help finding a catster friend, talk to these kitties cause they knew all 103 of the kitties on the test! WOW! BIG round of Applause for them! HOORAY!!!

Now... for the moment you've all been waiting for, the drawing for the GRAND PRIZE! Now, since there are 2 of us in this family, mommy decided the only fair thing to do was to have 2 drawings. Brother and I BOTH get to pick a grand prize winner... my grand prize winner is...


HOORAY AND CONCATS TO YOU KIBBLES! I'll be sending you a pawmail about collecting your prize soon!

Now the last thing, brother and I both talked it over and we decided we also wanted to pick a kitty congeniality because some of you worked SO hard but just didn't get to 103 kitties. This kitty is going to win a heart catnip toy from us for all the hard work they put in, even if they didn't win a doorprize or a grand prize. My Kitty Congeniality is...

my little buddy MOE! (Maybe I'm partial to other Moe Moes but still, she's a cutie!

HOORAY to you Moe! We love you cutie pie!!!

Thank you to all the kitties who let us use their pictures and now for your enjoyment, below are the answers! You have no idea how long it took to put this together! hehehe! Please, if you see a kitty on this list you don't know, friend request them, and if you see an old friend you haven't chatted with recently, send them a message or comment! It means more than any prize we could ever give you.

Back in Black
1 Tasha
2 Karma Kitty
3 Jubilee
4 Natasha
5 TT
6 Pixie
7 Vivien

Classy Calicos
8 Rose
9 Cali
10 Monida
11 Callie
12 Coco
13 Calie
14 CaliMay

The Poof Cheeks
15 Bobbi
16 Newman
17 Colorado
18 Joselyn
19 Maedia
20 Henry

Outrageous Orangies
21 Finney
22 Dirty Harry
23 Punkin
24 Simba
25 Sammy
26 Sigmond
27 Merlin
28 Rusty

The Great Adventurers
29 Baby
30 Timmy
31 Ingen
32 Mietzi Katze
33 Gump
34 Sylvester

Meezer Madness
35 Samantha
36 Keisha
37 Milo
38 Simone
39 Pipo
40 Minko
41 Marshmallow

Totally Tuxies
42 Lacey
43 Bibi
44 Littleboy
45 River
46 Inky
47 Tully
48 Zach
49 Luke

Tremendous Tabbies
50 Abby
51 Tigger
52 Gleek
53 Reebok
54 Timo Katze
55 Simon

Lovely Ladies
56 Hazel Lucy
57 Samoa
58 Jezebel
59 Pixie
60 Nadia
61 Sofie

Handsome Mancats
62 Skylar
63 Wyatt
64 Bugsy
65 Sobe
66 Julius
67 Rex

Catster Originals
68 Charlie
69 Toki
70 Blizzard
71 Tate
72 Gidgit
73 Beepers
74 Violet

Loveable Sweethearts
75 Squeaker
76 Francis
77 Ivan
78 Micheal
79 Roni
80 Tiny Tot

Funky Felines
81 Ziggy
82 Ashlynne
83 Teebo
84 Spot
85 Skippy
86 Percy

Patchwork of Fuzzies
87 Booboo
88 Tigger
89 Napoleon
90 Riley
91 Sam

Kitties, kitties, kitties galore
92 Lady
93 Mrs Murphy
94 Moe
95 Skittles
96 Meep
97 Max

Mystery Kitties
98 Colorado
99 Zach
100 Inky
101 Timo Katze
102 Monida
103 Nadia


Beautiful Sun and Quiz time Kitties!

April 3rd 2011 12:42 pm
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Hi there kitties!!!

Well, my mommy has to go out for awhile because it is SOOOO beautiful out that she needs to go walking, she loves hiking! I thought I'd give you some appropriate hints before she left though! Remember, get your quizzes in tonight by midnight so you can be entered into the drawing! We sure hope everyone at least gets in a few guesses to be entered for the drawing, and, if you are still working on ALL the kitties! GOOD LUCK! We'd love to hand out a ton of door prizes, we all ready have several kitties are going to be wining them! All arrangements and announcements will be made tomorrow after the drawing!

Now, I myself don't see what's so exciting about being outside. I'm an indoors kinda lady myself. However, there seem to be some kitties out there that can't get enough of it. My friend Baby *hint hint* for example, just loves being outside! I think her whole family does actually. They sure are some adventurers.

If I were to go outside though, I think I'd rather approach it like my friend Gump *hint hint* While his sister stays inside, Gump does go out, but he seems to spend most of his time rolling leaves and laying in the sun. That's how you do this outside thing!

None of this running around and chasing butterflies stuff like my friend the lovely Mietzi Katze *hint hint* but laid back and comfy like good old Sylvester *hint hint*.

Well, I think that's enough hints for now! We'll be back later, may for a last round of hints to encourage kitties to get their quizzes in, maybe not, depends on the sun! Good luck to all of you kitties!


Belly Rubs and Hints

April 2nd 2011 11:38 am
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You know what I love? I love a good belly rubs, and I've noticed there are lots of kitties out there that seem to agree with me! The first thing I do when I see my peoples, is roll over for a belly rub! That's why there are so many great belly shots of me on my profile page! I should have used one of those on the quiz should I? That's how you all know me! Demanding belly rubs!

There is one kitty who made the test whose getting one satisfying belly rub though, my friend Michael *hint hint*. Man, does that guy seem to love a good belly rub!

Of course, it might also be a meezer thing to love a good belly rub! I think a lot of meezer pals have told me they like Belly rubs. I can't remember at this moment but either my good friend Minko *hint hint* or his adorable brother Pipo *hint hint* is a belly rub demander too! But really kitties... is there anything better than a belly rub in the morning? I don't think so!

Just a reminder kitties, get those quizzes in! You have till midnight on Sunday to get them in! That's still a whole day and a half! I hope we get lots and lots of quizzes in! We've been grading up a bunch, come on kitties! You can do it!

Take the Quiz!


Fantastic News!

April 1st 2011 7:48 pm
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Evening kitties,

At least mommy is posting this at midnight! Sheesh, my mommy needs to get to bed earlier. Doesn't she know I need snuggles to sleep? I can't sleep at night if I don't have a mommy to sleep ON! hehehe!

Well, we got some fantastic news today from some kitty friends that just made us so happy we had to smile from ear to ear... which looks a little silly when kitties do it! Our friends Tasha *hint hint* and TT *hint hint* sent us a pawmail with their quiz answers in it and told us that some kitties had stopped by while looking for some quiz answers and had asked them to be friends! That made us so happy! We are so glad that you kitties are using our quiz to make new friends! We hope you ALL make new friends from this quiz! We want to make Catster a happy loving community again full of friends playing together and having a good time!

Of course, Tasha and TT are a beautiful brother and sister. I wonder if Tasha also has to put up with nonsense from her brother like I do from River. I know my friend Bibi *hint hint* has to put up with it from her brother Meep *hint hint*. Those brother's are just too much to handle. I saw her posting in her diary about how nuts he is behaving right now. Naturally he tried to defend himself in his diary, but we gals know the truth about those crazy boys right?

I think all us ladies need to get together and take some lessons from Lacey *hint hint* because she's able to keep that great big brother Finney of hers in line with her smakey paw! We need to learn how to do that! I've tried learning mommies boxing tricks, I've tried watching those silly sports movies that daddy likes, but she's only got two paws, and so do the guys in the movie, I've got 4, so it just doesn't transfer over well to kitty boxing!

I guess we ladies are just stuck with our silly brothers in the end. Oh well, I guess all us ladies can be thankful that we aren't Samoa *hint hint* because her silly brother Newman *hint hint* is the king of all silly brothers!


Let's talk mancats!

April 1st 2011 12:26 am
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Good evening kitties,

My brother has been giving out lots of hints about for our quiz game recently. I guess he's been hogging all the helpful limelight. That's just not right, I'm a helpful girl! I want to help out too! I want our friends to get catnip mousies! I just finished helping mommy sew the eyes on a whole batch of catnip mousies for a shelter! I want to make mousies for my friends too!

On River's diary my recent Valentine Luke said that River's hints weren't helping him and his family finish up the quiz and was hopeful that the beautiful lady Simone could help him! (Maybe that isn't exactly what he said but you know me, every time I hear my name I assume you mean beautiful Simone!) I'd like to try to help him out a little so I'm going to talk Handsome Mancats!

For example... Have you all seen the Cat of the week this week? Kibbles? He's a pretty good looking mancat. Not only is he a good looking mancat, but he's got a cutie pie brother too named Francis *hint hint* hehehe! I love his little outfit!

Let's also talk about dreamboats! There's a super cute family with a bunch of dreamboats in it on here. You've probably seen them around. Have you seen this little dreamboat in training? He's a super cutie, I think that one day Percy *hint hint* is going to grow up to be just as handsome as his big brothers!

Let's give you one more good hint for the night shall we? hehehe! My mommy is a French historian, I've got a pretty classy French name myself, but there's another kitty on here with an equally classy French name *hint hint* and he has this brother! Well you know me, I'm partial to the fluffy fellows. His brother Colorado is so super poofy and handsome! Talk about Handsome Mancats! I know for a fact he can testify about our catnip toys too!

Well, I hope that helped you Luke! If not, we'll have more hints tomorrow so keep tuning in! We want you to win a watermelon toy Luke!


Circle of sibling life

March 28th 2011 5:06 pm
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This morning my parents took River away. Good. I don't like him anyways! Humph! Now I have the house to myself! At least I didn't have to go in the carrier to the vet this time, and if he thinks I'm demanding to go with him the way he does with me, he's VERY mistaken! Humph! I'm a superior girl.

Hey wait... where's River? He's still not back? The house is so quiet without him. I spent all day walking from room to room calling out for him. It wasn't my normal mrat so mommy knows I was looking for him. I just wanted my brother back. Where's my brother? I love my brother! I want my brother back! RIVER!!! Please come home! I'm sorry I said I didn't like you, I love you, please come back River! Mommy! Where's River? Bring River home! I miss my brother!

Oh my catness! It's mommy!!! She's got River!!! HOORAYS!!! River is home! He's a little woozy, and he's missing some furr on his paw, but I don't mind! He's home! Oh I missed you so much River, kissie kissie kissie! I love you River, let's play with our new toy and lay in the sun together! I love you River!!!

Ewwwwwwwwwww why is River home? Ick! Brothers are so gross! Why do we have brothers? River, get your own bed! You're so stinky, you smell like the vets! Stop hogging the new toy! I don't care if it's your present, I'm the Princess! MOM!!! RIVER'S BOTHERING ME AGAIN!!!

Such is the circle of sibling life...


how DARE you Mommy???

March 26th 2011 1:07 pm
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Oh my kitties, I'm just so flustered I can barely type! You'll never believe what my mommy did to me yesterday! It's so horrible, I can't believe it myself. She KICKED me! How could she? I was just walking around her feet while she was the computer like a good girl, I was being very quiet so that I didn't bother her. Evidently if I'm quiet, she doesn't realize I'm there. She stood up to walk out of the room and boom, right in the belly! It lifted me up and everything. She instantly dropped to the ground and reached for me saying "oh my god Moe Moe, I didn't mean to do that! I'm so sorry Moe Moe, are you all right? Honey girl please come here, I'm so sorry baby."

It's too late, the injustice had been done! I put on my best angry face and stormed off. Mommy chased me down the hallway, Man mommy, can't you take a hint, I'm MAD at you! Leave me alone! She just wouldn't let up! Finally she brought me an offering of cat treats and I showed her I was fine. She better feel guilty about this whole incident though! She kicked me! Me!!! Her little sweetie pie Moe Moe toes! Accident or not, I demand payment of cat treats every hour on the hour until this injustice has been repaid in full! MRAT!

I did kind of forgive her though. She's my mommy, I need her for snuggles, otherwise it's just me and the boys in the house, and that won't do one bit! I just want her to remember this moment! Always check your feet mommy, sometimes I'm quiet and well behaved, and those are the moments you have to watch for me!

Oh yes... and kitty friends, remember...
Take the Quiz!!!

hehehe! River posted a few more guidelines in his diary about it as well! I just want to keep reminding you! You have till April 3rd but we want to give out lots and lots of presents and have lots of kitties in the drawing, so even if you only know 1 of the kitties (River and I are both in there... so are some of our foster siblings!) Send in those quizzes for a chance to win something great!

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