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Simone's say MRAT!

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Looking for Advice

June 23rd 2011 4:32 pm
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Hello kitties,

Mommy is pondering with a big question. Do you remember us telling you all about River's outside girlfriend? The fluffy black girl with the little white toes? Well, she's still around. We are pretty certain she must have a home because that long hair of hers never gets tangled. How is that even possible? If she were a stray she'd be dirty and mattted, that's for sure. However, other than grooming her, mommy doesn't know what to think of wherever her family is.

She doesn't have a collar, break away or other, so there's no way to know where she came from. On top of that, this is a CA summer. It's hot out. It's been over 100 every day, and every day she's outside. Mommy doesn't think kitties should be outside in weather this hot. She has water out, but kitty's family can't possibly know that. Also, kitty is out REALLY late every night. This past weekend mommy and daddy got home after 1am one night, and kitty was waiting for them. Kitty shouldn't be out that late. It's dark out and she's black, she blends in. There are lots of cars that could hit her, traffic is heavy around here. There's also all kinds of bigger meaner critters out there. Every day kitty is here, rain or shine, to eat nom noms. She cleans the bowl. Does kitties family not feed her? Kitty needs a regular meal.

Mommy is very concerned about kitty. We use to have a big poofy gray nom nomer who came around late at night, then one day, he disappeared and never came back. Mommy doubts he just gave up a regular dinner. Something bad probably happened to him. We have an orange and white late nom nomer too but he's harder to spot, much sneakier. This girl is special though, and she's always here. The other day mommy locked me and River in the bedroom and opened the front door while kitty ate so she could check out the house. She walked up and sniffed at the threshold, she's nervous to come in. Mommy doesn't know what to do. What if there is some kid waiting for kitty every morning? She doesn't want to take kitty away from some kid, but kitty shouldn't be out in thunderstorms and 100 degree weather like this should she? Are we alone in thinking this is bad owner behavior? We don't like kitties being outside, some people don't mind it, just because we disagree doesn't mean some people who let there cats outside are bad pet owners, but this kitty feels like she has an irresponsible family.

Daddy told mommy if it bothers her we should take her inside. Mommy doesn't know though. What would your parents do? Mommy's family has a long history of unloved kitties re-homing themselves to family members, and when mommy leaves the door open for kitty that's what she's doing. Kitty all ready spends many hours here. If kitty chooses to re-home herself, mommy will take that as the sign. But ever day it gets hotter and hotter out and every night we see kitty out later and later. She's been out walking while there have been severe thunder storm warnings and she's always hungry. Maybe her family grooms her, but is that enough? We just don't know. I'm not thrilled about letting her in, but River seems pretty excited about the idea. What would your families do kitties?



June 20th 2011 11:59 am
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Brother is being honored AGAIN!?!? WHAT does a Moe Moe have to do to get a little attention around here! Somebody RUB MY BELLY!!! MRAT!!!!

Ewwwww now River is snuggling with me... gross... go away... ick... Oh the things I have to put up with in this family!


It's not THAT hot!

June 16th 2011 10:59 am
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You know what I hate kitties, I hate when it gets too hot out. Not because I can't stand the heat, I love the heat. The problem with it getting too hot though is the fact that once it gets hot, there are no laps for Moe Moe. No body wants to snuggle with me when it gets hot out. Sure I get to sleep with them at night once the AC is on, but what about when we watch The Daily Show together? Where are my laps then? If I try to climb onto someone they set me next to them again and again and again. At least last night daddy let me snuggle next to him, but still, it isn't the same without a lap. Sigh... I need laps!

I also wanted to share this with you kitties. Mommy found it on youtube, she remembers it from when she was a kid on sesame street. It's the story of my life, and I'm guess lots of yours too!

The Story of my Life


There is NO end to my Moe Moe suffering...

June 13th 2011 3:48 pm
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BROTHER is cat of the week??? WHAT is up with that? My BROTHER is not cat of the week material! He's a stinky boy! HUMPHS and MRATS big time to this kitties!

This has been a horrible week for Moe Moe. Everyone's been fawning all over River cause he's so special. Everyone loves his toys, everyone loves his article, everyone loves him and his cat of the week status, parents go to a baseball game to see the baseball team he got his name from. NO ONE thinks about the Moe Toes anymore!

What's worse, mommy won't just rub my belly anymore, she's always peeking at it to make sure there aren't any funny spots on it. Sheesh mommy the vet said it was fine... get over it! Why can't you just RUB the belly instead of looking for problems on it. I had to go to the vet and get poked and prodded... sure River came along to protect me but that isn't enough. I want more attention and love! SOMEBODY LOVE THE MOE TOES!!! MRAT!!!

I'm going to go make sure mommy updates the movie review column she writes cause that's named after me and I want more credit! MRAT!!! Interrupting cat away!!!


Your Purrs worked!!!

June 9th 2011 3:29 pm
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HOORAY! I'm home and I have a clean bill of health! Thank you so much kitties for purring for me! Those catster purrs really helped! I want to thank everyone who commented and sent me messages and gifts, especially Buddie who sent me one of his extra special pressies backed by so many kitties purrs. You guys are all the best!

So here's what happened! We went to the vet a little before three. Brother INSISTED on coming along! Rolling my little Moe Moe eyes! Don't I get ANY time to myself? Me and the vet ladies and mommy all joked about how I can't even get away from him for a few hours ever! (No really I was very happy he came. I crawled into his carrier in between moments out in the room and he protected me. He's a good brother.)

They weighed me and I haven't gained or lost any weight, so I'm holding steady. That's better than nothing. Last time I had lost weight so at least now I'm heading towards being a skinny minny again! All my other vitals checked out and my teeth look good too. They also clipped my dagger toes cause mommy warned them I can be feisty! Darn tooting I can be feisty!

Then the flipped me over and mommy pointed out the spots on my tummy. Really, they are back by my hind legs on my last nipples. After making the appointment mommy noticed they are on the other one too. So the good news is, the first thought that they were raised bumps was wrong because they vet and mommy confirmed that it is actually just dots ON my nipples and around them. The vet checked them out and then told us, to our great relief, that they were nothing to worry about. She said they weren't raised or crusty or anything bad so it wasn't a new growth. It is likely just skin discoloration or pigment. It might have just recently gotten darker with age and that's why it was noticed. It is pretty far back though so it would be hard to see if you weren't looking. She said keep an eye on it in case anything DOES change before my appointment in Sept, but she's pretty sure it is completely harmless and I'm good to go!



Cna you please purr some positive purrs for me?

June 8th 2011 2:45 pm
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Hi kitties,

Well, mommy didn't want to tell you guys this, because it might be nothing and she didn't want to worry our friends, but she can't keep it inside and she thought it would be good to have all you kitties positively purring for me. Today, while asking for a belly rub, mommy noticed a splotch on my tummy. It's a little tiny thing, barely as big as the head of a pin and while it is dark colored, it's not that much darker than my fur so it was well hidden. Who knows how long it has been there. She felt around it and I didn't seem to have any complaints or pain, but mommy is a worry wort. She took a close up picture of it and brought it to the vets this afternoon. She didn't want to pack me off to the vets and stress me out if it was nothing, but she wanted to play it safe. She just got home from there.

The girl at the desk took a look at it and wasn't sure what it was. She asked how my behavior was and mommy said she hadn't noticed any changes in my cat-attude recently. The girl said, if mommy thought so, she could bring me in. Mommy firmly believes it is better to spend 45$ to be told I'm fine than 1000$ in a month for something extreme, so she's bringing me in. I have an appointment tomorrow at 3. I'll let you kitties know how it goes. I'm not going to upload the picture right now because mommy doesn't want to hear any scary news right now from anyone. Since I have an appointment tomorrow it isn't worth it to worry about it right now. Besides, the picture makes it look REALLY big and REALLY brown and scary when in actuality it is very tiny and barely noticeable which is why mommy just found it. I'm still full of Moe Moe spunk and power too, so we're hoping it's just a kitty wart or something that isn't dangerous. Better safe than sorry though, right kitties?

Just do me a favor please? Purr that it really is nothing? We're pretty hopeful, but please purr all the same? We're going to stay positive till then, but positive purrs would help mommy calm down! We promise to let you know tomorrow what's up and if anything more has to happen. Don't worry about me yet kitties, I'm confident I still have a lot of crankies to get out of me!


Grand Opening

June 6th 2011 1:23 pm
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Well kitties, the big day finally arrived! My mommy opened her etsy shop! HOORAY! Although, I'm kind of cranky that she named it after River! Who does he think he is? Anyways, here you go kitties, link and all!

Happy River Dances Catnip Company

There are 4 available of each toy but she only has one listed. If you really want something and it isn't available just let her know and she'll re-list it for you. All toys are also available with custom orders if you want, just send her a message if you don't like the fabric choices but still want the toy!

I hope you all find the toy of your dreams, I promise, I only tried to steal one cigar toy!


Bad Moe Moe??? BAD MOMMY!!!

June 5th 2011 12:48 pm
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Oh kitties, the indecencies I have suffered! The indignities! The humiliations! The pain! Oh the pain! Have I suffered! Let me tell you kitties!

A few nights ago, I was feeling particularly chatty one night. I was talking up a storm. Mommy and daddy should feel honored that I want to talk to them so much but instead they complained I was giving them headaches! GASP! The NERVE! Me? Giving them headaches? I have a beautiful voice! humph!

That night after they had been in bed about 10 or 15 minutes, I jumped up and politely asked mommy for a few more nom noms. She tired to ignore me, humph again! Well, that's very rude! I walked up to her pillow and sat my butt down on it and poked her with my little tiny Moe Moe paws that she finds so cute and asked again. All I wanted was a little nom nom. Mommy finally relented. She got up and gave me a very little bit of nom nom which I promptly ate up! NOMMMY NOMMY NOMMY YUMMY!

Well, turns out, a half hour later I was hungry again. Since I had been able to wake mommy up once, I decided to try again. She reinforced the bad behavior after all! This time I was not successful however. Mommy got cranky and pulled me under the blankets to hug. ICKY! That wasn't what I wanted at all! We repeated this game all night long until finally around 3 or 4am mommy had had ENOUGH according to her. She sat bolt upright in bed and snatched me up, flipped me over, and looked into my eyes. "MOE MOE!" She snapped "You're being naughty! You're being a brat! STOP IT!"

I whimpered at her...'oh mommy... the pain... you're hurting me... oh mommy I suffer so... I know this is how you hold me all the time but oh mommy... this time it hurts so much... why are you abusing me mommy? don't you LOVE me anymore mommy? I'm SUCH a good Moe Moe!" I thought I was rather convincing, mommy didn't seem to buy it though. She says she knows what my pain mrats sound like and what my faking it mrats sound like. Faking it mrats? I don't have faking it mrats! I would NEVER fake it!

She put me down but this time she got up and picked something up from the kitchen and brought it back to bed. Well, of course I wasn't going to let this little incident go, so I jumped back up on the bed and started to walk up to her Mrating all the way when... SPLAT!

SQUIRT BOTTLE RIGHT TO THE FACE!!! I was in a state of shock! My MOMMY had SQUIRTED ME! She NEVER squirts me! I'm her good girl Moe Moe toes! River gets the squirt bottle cause he's got naughty toes! NEVER me! I NEVER get the squirt bottle. Then, to add insult to injury, she told me I was a BAD Moe Moe! I couldn't believe it! It was like she wasn't even my mommy anymore! My mommy would never call me a bad Moe Moe! I was so offended I ran away and hid. I did come back a little later, but this time I just slipped under the blankets to sleep with them. I was so chilly from that squirt to the face! I still haven't forgiven her. I'm thinking of moving out I'm so offended by all of this!

She's taken to sleeping with the squirt bottle next to the bed now. What's a girl to do? I don't think I deserved this! Last night she got mad at me and River cause I stole one of the cigar toys for her shop and River stole a heart and we ran away with them. She says she makes us toys all the time and we don't play with them, but once she's making them for someone else suddenly they are greatest thing in the world. We didn't get the squirt bottle for this but she did lecture us a lot, and that's almost as bad! I tell you kitties, the sufferings I have to put up with! Who wants to have me come visit for the week? I'm thinking of running away for a little while to scare mommy into appreciating me again!

*Note from Mommy*
Simone is clearly fine, and I would never hurt her. She always whimpers when she's unhappy about something after the yelling hasn't worked because she's figured out we respond fast when we think she's hurt. She does it all the time after she and River wrestle and she doesn't want to play anymore, she'll suddenly drop over in the middle of playing and whimper like he's hurt her. He looks as confused as we do. We've stopped falling for it, but it doesn't stop her from trying. It's like having a 13 year old teenage girl in the house. Since the squirt bottle night though, Simone has been much better about not waking people up. The diet she's on seems to be going decently well, and this was just her last staged offense in trying to beat us at it. I should never have relented and gave her food the first time, but I was so sleepy.
I also think Simone has finally forgiven me since this morning she slept snuggled in my arms again purring. I don't know what she wrote about me up there, but I'm sure she's over reacting!


Calling all kitty Models

May 26th 2011 1:17 pm
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Hello kitties!!!

This diary entry is pretty much targeted at our friends who have received some of our catnip toys, but there's some exciting news for the rest of your too... hehehe! I'm a shameless promoter as my mommy would say!

Calling all Kitties for the chance to be super amazing kitty Models!

Mommy is going to launch her etsy shop! That's right, after ALL this time mommy is finally going to make it an launch it! We're looking for some super duper gorgeous kitties to be the models for the pictures! Since all toys will be customized for each kitty who orders one, we want the pictures to feature a kitty friend playing with the toy! The picture must be a clear shot of the kitty and the toy. If you kitties out there want to launch your future careers in the gorgeous business, if you want to earn lots of nom noms and chin skritchies, and be told every day how amazingly good looking you are, AND if you have pictures of yourself with our toys... pawmail me or leave a comment here. Mommy will send your her email address and you can email her the high res versions of your pictures! The best looking kitties (well the kitties who fit our needs for each picture, we could never chose the best kitties among all of you!) will be featured on her etsy page! Come one, come all! Mommy needs your help to make this work!

And now... a French lesson!

What cats do!

Je Miaule = I Meow (Well you may meow... I MRAT!)

Je Ronronne = I Purr (I have a thunder purr!)

Je Dors = I sleep (oh oh oh!!! This one is my favorite!!!)

Je Reste assis et je regarde fixement dans le vide pendant des heures = I sit and stare at nothing for hours on end

Je cours rapidement d'une piece a l'autre sans aucune raison apparente = I run rapidly from room to room for no apparent reason (I.E. the zoomies! I think this is River's favorite)


Sweet Dreams last night

May 24th 2011 1:24 pm
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Hello kitties,

The ever sweet Lacey asked me how I had slept last night so I thought I should update everyone on it so that no one is left worrying about little old sweetie pie me! hehehe!

The good news is that I slept like a baby last night! I jumped right up on the bed and curled up like a good girl where I always sleep and went right to bed. I never woke up and cried or trembled until daddy was up and walking around this morning and I was hungry. I just needed some nom noms! hehehe! Sleeping really uses up all your energy! A girl's gotta eat doesn't she?

I'm snoozing in the closet again this afternoon but that's because I like to roam around sleeping in different rooms and places during the day. I was hiding from mommy when she was on the phone cause it was too loud for my little Moe Moe ears. The good news thought kitties is that I appear to have recovered from whatever scaries got me last night. I'm all better now! Thank catness! Mommy and daddy wish they knew what caused it, but I guess they'll never know for sure. It does appear to be a one time thing though, which is very good news as far as me and the family are concerned! Thanks for caring about me kitties and worrying about me. All your advice and love was very appreciated, especially with all the bad stuff going on in the world, to take time to care about me means a lot. Love you all!

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