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10 years old?

October 27th 2011 2:20 pm
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Oh my catness! I just realized something, I'm about to turn 10! My Gotcha Day / Birthday is on November 1st and this year, I'll be turning the big 1 - 0, double digits, the big leagues! Oh nose! I don't think I'm ready to be 10 yet, I'm still mommy's little kitten (well... big kitten - but definitely a kitten!) What do I do kitties? You think there's anyway I can make myself permanently 9? I'm just not ready to be that old yet! I've only lived with my family for 3 years, I think I should only be 3. These are the only good years I had in life, I only want to count these years!

Oh yeah... it's also not fair that the brother of mine is the little brofur. He's only 7. What's up with that?


Worst hairball ever.

September 30th 2011 11:46 pm
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Any of you watch The Simpsons? You know how that big comic book guy is always saying "worst... (blank).... ever!" I had one of those moments last night. Worst.... hairball... ever!

It's the changing of the seasons and brofurs fur is starting to shed and grow his winter coat. This means he needs some SERIOUS grooming. I know mommy gave him a bath, but it just wasn't enough. I have been forced to groom brofur something serious though and he has some very long fur. Well, all this fur got in my tummy and was one heck of a hairball. It was terrible. I had just finished eating my dinner when I realized... uh oh... I gotta get rid of this hairball. Well I walked right into the living room and BLAH! Sadly... no hairball. Just all my nom noms. Oh it was a horrible night kitties. I vomited 3 or 4 times trying to pass that hairball. It was terrible. Mommy and daddy were so worried. They cleaned up all the barfs and sat with me all night, I just couldn't get that hairball out. I hacked something fierce, it sounded awful. Mommy gave me some hairball drugs to help pass it, but it just wouldn't come. That night I slept with mommy and at 5:30am I suddenly jumped up and ran out of bed. Mommy woke up and followed me. I was heaving and hacking and FINALLY... BLAH! GIANT HAIRBALL of River furs on the floor. Mommy was less than thrilled about being woken up early in the morning but was very happy I finally passed that crazy hairball. It had been a rough night. Since then, I've been very good. Mommy has decided until River's coat is done changing she's going to give me a hairball supplement everyday to make sure this doesn't happen again. She doesn't like me being in pain, even if it's just hairballs!

On a heavier note, I'm still purring for the beautiful Ingen who is missing in Madison right now after escaping from her mommy's motel room while moving with her family. Her family had to go onto the next stop, let's all purr that Ingen is found and brought back to her family, she's such a wonderful kitty. Mommy can't imagine how terrible it would be to lose a kitty on a move like that and have to leave without finding said kitty.

We're also still purring for our friend Tigger (from the catfather's family) who is in the hospital after having surgery. We hear he's been feisty today and even bit the vet tech! Good job Tigger! Those vet tech's are awful people, one called me fats! You get your feistys back AND get revenge on those vet techs for me! Hoping you make a full recovery.


Wait... vet trip?

September 22nd 2011 8:06 am
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When did this happen? I have to go to the vets today? To get shots? In my whats??? Did you know this kitties... I didn't know this! Mommy says I've had the appointment for months, so has River. Why weren't were warned? I guess I'm off to get my 6 month physical and to catch up on the vaccines. Mommy says don't blame her, the state makes her give me these shots, she has paperworks to prove it. I don't believe her. I think this is an evil trick and I won't be a part of it. No vet trip for Moe Moe! It has been decided. You think that will work?

On a side note, Mommy put together half of our Halloween pages for us yesterday. She changed all the pictures and uploaded some new ones as well as putting our names back to normal and adding some new music. She'll get around to doing it fully sometime soon. You gotta give the humans time, some of them aren't too swift when it comes to updating webpages (right mommy?) Evidently there are other things in this world she thinks she should be spending her time on than me. PREPOSTEROUS!

Oh well, I'll let you all know how my vet trip goes. I'm sure the vet will be abusive to me and torture me and call me fats again. This will NOT be a good day for Moe Toes!


Whose Sinoae?

August 29th 2011 2:40 pm
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Ok mom, whose Sinoae and why is petsmart sending us coupons for her? I'm the only lady in this house and my name sure isn't Sinoae! It's SIMONE! S-I-M-O-N-E! The precious Moe Moe toes! I don't know who this Sinoae is, but I want her out of my house! Can you believe it kitties? Petsmart sent us a birthday coupon for some kitty named Sinoae this month. It sure isn't my birthday yet and I'm not named Sinoae so that can only mean mommy is hiding a kitty around here somewhere, I better find her and let her know whose boss... then steal her birthday coupon and get myself some cat treats!

Last night was a rough night for mommy. She thinks I'm trying to take up boxing too! She was trying to fall asleep and I was sleeping in daddy's arms with my little head on the pillow by his. I never sleep with daddy so this was weird. Every time mommy was drifting off to sleep... POW right in the face! I bopped her in the face with my little paw and then went back to pretending I was sleeping. I did this SO MANY TIMES! It was TOO funny! Mommy didn't want to move me cause it's taken me years to bond with daddy and she's just so happy. Finally River came up and slept on mommy's pillow and bopped me every time I bopped mommy, that got me to stop! Spoil sport River! She's MY mommy! Mommy said to me this morning, "You know princess, I never would have de-clawed you in a million years but sometimes I can't help but be grateful someone else did before I found you. If you had claws my face would be a bloody mess this morning!" Darn straight! And mommy... don't you EVER be happy I'm de-clawed! Not cool mommy!



August 18th 2011 5:07 pm
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Oh my catness kitties am I one cranky Moe Moe lady today! So, there I was, minding my own business and suddenly mommy freaks out at me and grabs ahold of me, pinning me down. She pulls something off my eyebrow. EWWWWWWW What's that? Gross! A TICK? HOW did that happen? It was all swollen from my bloods. HOW DARE THAT TICK BITE ME? That was bad enough, but you know what she does next? She cleans the boo boo on my head with icky stingy stuff that smells REALLY gross, then she rushes to the vets because we're out of flea and tick drugs. I should have gotten it last week but we were out and I have a vet appointment in 10 days so mommy was lazy... bad move mommy! She comes home right away with a big box of drugs, River gets his round, but not me... oh no, that would be too simple. GUESS what happened to me kitties?

SHE DUMPED ME IN THE BATHTUB!!! That's right! Mommy DARED to give ME a bath! She said she wanted to make sure she got all the ticks off! Well, I tell you, I growled and hissed, I scratched and bit, mommy has some claw marks on her now, she deserves it! I cried holly terror on her, oh yes I did. Then when I got out of the bath and got all nice and dry and fluffy again, drugs on my back. YUCK!

Mommy's pretty confident I'll be ok, she's keeping a close eye on me but she's pretty confident. I however and super angry about all of this. That stupid tick... I hope mommy squished him like a bug for doing this to me!

Even worse, all my pet beds are being washed now, River and I are without comfy places to sleep. This has been the WORST day of my life!


Happy Bastille Day Every French Kitty!

July 14th 2011 4:51 pm
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Hello kitties!

Today is a very special day for those of us with French names, that's right, it's Bastille Day! Happy Bastille Day kitties! My mommy studies modern revolutions and her specialty is the French Revolution, so today is a very important day for us. Today, in 1789 the people of Paris stormed the Bastille prison, a symbol of the old regime and political oppression from their king in search of powder for their weapons. It is considered the official start of the French Revolution and was celebrated the next year as La FĂȘte Nationale. The French Revolution marks the birth of the modern era in the western world for many historians, and my mommy considers it to be one of the most important events in world history. For her, it is the moment of creation of the birth of democracy and liberty in western thought. My mommy gets very emotional about her histories don't you know.

So, there you go, a very mini lesson in history on Bastille day. Today, in honor of this holiday, River and I will play the French national anthem on our pages while our mommy walks around the house singing it over and over again. To all my fellow French loving kitties out there, Happy Bastille Day from the lovely citizeness Simone!


Good Morning Starshine

July 10th 2011 1:30 pm
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Just a little update on the Moe Toes today. This morning I woke up snuggled with my mommy, but I decided to be a good sister and get up and go groom brother who was sleeping at her waist. Well, up I got and I plopped down next to him to groom him, and wouldn't you know it, after only a few seconds of me cleaning his icky ears for him, he starts bopping me and biting me and trying to play and wrestle. What gives? I was TRYING to be a nice sister and he wouldn't let me. Humph! He even woke mommy up, now that wasn't nice! I was the good one, I was being good, it was ALL brofur. You can't trust him at all. Humph again! I say we get rid of him, then I can have his nom noms!


Looking for Advice

June 23rd 2011 4:32 pm
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Hello kitties,

Mommy is pondering with a big question. Do you remember us telling you all about River's outside girlfriend? The fluffy black girl with the little white toes? Well, she's still around. We are pretty certain she must have a home because that long hair of hers never gets tangled. How is that even possible? If she were a stray she'd be dirty and mattted, that's for sure. However, other than grooming her, mommy doesn't know what to think of wherever her family is.

She doesn't have a collar, break away or other, so there's no way to know where she came from. On top of that, this is a CA summer. It's hot out. It's been over 100 every day, and every day she's outside. Mommy doesn't think kitties should be outside in weather this hot. She has water out, but kitty's family can't possibly know that. Also, kitty is out REALLY late every night. This past weekend mommy and daddy got home after 1am one night, and kitty was waiting for them. Kitty shouldn't be out that late. It's dark out and she's black, she blends in. There are lots of cars that could hit her, traffic is heavy around here. There's also all kinds of bigger meaner critters out there. Every day kitty is here, rain or shine, to eat nom noms. She cleans the bowl. Does kitties family not feed her? Kitty needs a regular meal.

Mommy is very concerned about kitty. We use to have a big poofy gray nom nomer who came around late at night, then one day, he disappeared and never came back. Mommy doubts he just gave up a regular dinner. Something bad probably happened to him. We have an orange and white late nom nomer too but he's harder to spot, much sneakier. This girl is special though, and she's always here. The other day mommy locked me and River in the bedroom and opened the front door while kitty ate so she could check out the house. She walked up and sniffed at the threshold, she's nervous to come in. Mommy doesn't know what to do. What if there is some kid waiting for kitty every morning? She doesn't want to take kitty away from some kid, but kitty shouldn't be out in thunderstorms and 100 degree weather like this should she? Are we alone in thinking this is bad owner behavior? We don't like kitties being outside, some people don't mind it, just because we disagree doesn't mean some people who let there cats outside are bad pet owners, but this kitty feels like she has an irresponsible family.

Daddy told mommy if it bothers her we should take her inside. Mommy doesn't know though. What would your parents do? Mommy's family has a long history of unloved kitties re-homing themselves to family members, and when mommy leaves the door open for kitty that's what she's doing. Kitty all ready spends many hours here. If kitty chooses to re-home herself, mommy will take that as the sign. But ever day it gets hotter and hotter out and every night we see kitty out later and later. She's been out walking while there have been severe thunder storm warnings and she's always hungry. Maybe her family grooms her, but is that enough? We just don't know. I'm not thrilled about letting her in, but River seems pretty excited about the idea. What would your families do kitties?



June 20th 2011 11:59 am
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Brother is being honored AGAIN!?!? WHAT does a Moe Moe have to do to get a little attention around here! Somebody RUB MY BELLY!!! MRAT!!!!

Ewwwww now River is snuggling with me... gross... go away... ick... Oh the things I have to put up with in this family!


It's not THAT hot!

June 16th 2011 10:59 am
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You know what I hate kitties, I hate when it gets too hot out. Not because I can't stand the heat, I love the heat. The problem with it getting too hot though is the fact that once it gets hot, there are no laps for Moe Moe. No body wants to snuggle with me when it gets hot out. Sure I get to sleep with them at night once the AC is on, but what about when we watch The Daily Show together? Where are my laps then? If I try to climb onto someone they set me next to them again and again and again. At least last night daddy let me snuggle next to him, but still, it isn't the same without a lap. Sigh... I need laps!

I also wanted to share this with you kitties. Mommy found it on youtube, she remembers it from when she was a kid on sesame street. It's the story of my life, and I'm guess lots of yours too!

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